Chapter 0375: Three-headed Demon

Looking ahead, over 10,000 beautiful ladies were distributed on the city walls around Wu Yu. They occupied the area under the Great City Protecting Spirit Design and were supporting the activation of the Great City Protecting Spirit Design to protect their homes. 

Among them, there were young teenage girls, girls in their prime years, beautiful ladies, and old grannies. 

It was easy to tell that they were looking a little fatigued. However, the arrival of Wu Yu and the group had undoubtedly brought them hope. Therefore, the 10,000 ladies were on their knees before Wu Yu and the group as they remarked, "We are the cultivators of Yunxi City. Greetings, Yan Huang Immortal Army." 

Qin Fuyao chose not to step forward at this moment and simply smiled and looked at Wu Yu. As such, Wu Yu could only harden his will before the two beautiful ladies and remarked, "Everyone, please don't be so courteous. We have accepted the mission and will be receiving rewards from everyone. Now that we are here, you all don't have to be so courteous. No matter what, we will try our best to resolve the difficulties you are facing." 

He was straight to the point and made things clear. As such, the citizens of Yunxi City were able to be more at ease. After all, they did not request aid from Yan Huang Imperial City frequently. 

Requesting aid from Yan Huang Imperial City came with a price. 

Soon, Wu Yu and the group met the City Lord, Muxue Yunxi. 

She was a beautiful and kind lady with a gentle smile. However, it was clear that she was resilient to her core. The sight led Wu Yu to recall the memories of his mother, whom he only had a vague impression of. 

As such, he also had a good impression of City Lord Muxue Yunxi. 

The truth was that Muxue Yunxi had the most respect for Qin Fuyao amongst the three of them. However, since Wu Yu stood at the front and had addressed Yunxi City on their behalf, she led the group of girls to Wu Yu. After paying the customary respects, she said, "You guys have come at the right time. Over the last few days, I've been feeling restless, and I can feel that danger is about to befall us." 

Actually, she had not described the mission clearly. Wu Yu looked around him and noted that the surrounding crowd seemed to be fearful of something. Therefore, he asked, "City Lord, we are entirely fine with defending and protecting Yunxi City. However, you have to explain the matter to us clearly so that we can better understand and thus defeat our enemies." 

Muxue Yunxi nodded her head and replied apologetically, "I was flustered and had not explained the matter clearly when I sent the request to Yan Huang Imperial City. I'm really sorry about that. Regarding this matter, my younger sister is clearer about it than me. It's better if she explains to the three of you." 

After finishing her words, a lady at the first tier of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm stepped forward. Her age seemed similar to Muxue Yunxi’s and she looked just like her sister. However, she did not have the same solemn vibes as her sister and looked a little more melancholic. She said, "This happened about 10 days ago. I went out with a few good friends from the sect to a place called the Frenzied Valley after hearing about the appearance of an immortal essence that we happened to need. To our surprise, we met three suspicious characters. They had a strong demonic auras around them, so we believed them to be demons. Therefore, we tailed them in secret. To our astonishment, we overheard them saying something...." 

"What did they say?" Qin Fuyao had a direct personality and therefore interrupted at this point. 

The lady continued, "They said that they had heard Yunxi City was full of girls and that they are most fond of tasting the internal organs of girls. Therefore, they were making preparations to annihilate Yunxi City in a few days' time! I... I was shocked at that moment and alerted them carelessly. At that instant, my friends and I decided to flee in separate directions. There were four of us, while there were only three demons. I happened to be the lucky one with no demon chasing after me. I was able to escape from the Frenzied Valley, but my three friends have been entombed there. When I returned to look for them, not even their remains could be found...." 

After speaking, her eyes turned red. Clearly, she felt responsible for the deaths of her friends. Only she had managed to survive among the four of them. 

Upon hearing the explanation, Wu Yu asked, "Did you see what kind of demons they were?" 

The girl shook her head and replied, "They were in their human forms, so I couldn't tell at all. However, they are undoubtedly demons, considering the dense demonic aura around them. Only demons would be so devoid of morals and rationality and would set their eyes on our Yunxi City. The other cultivators around here are all very respectful towards us." 

Wu Yu thought about it before asking again, "Do the demons know that you have escaped? Do they know that you have overheard their conversation? If they know about it, they might not come again. Alternatively, they might know about us coming to help and therefore will delay their actions until we leave."

Although this was his first time executing a mission, he had accepted payment for it. Moreover, this payment was most likely pooled together by this group of girls. It wasn't easy for them to protect themselves and therefore Wu Yu didn't wish for any mishaps in this mission. 

He definitely couldn't act like he did in the incident with Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain, where he showed no initiative at all. 

The girl pondered for a moment before answering, "I believe they wouldn't know how many of us were there then. I had hidden myself well, and it's unlikely that they discovered me. Those three demons are all ruthless beings and I believe they will definitely come here." 

Wu Yu nodded his head and said, "Our mission stated clearly that we will be protecting Yunxi City for two months. Therefore, we will remain here for at least this period of time. If the demons don't appear in these two months, we can discuss about any subsequent actions. Oh, right. Can you confirm if the demons are not stronger than the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm?" 

This time, Muxue Yunxi answered. She said, "We have tailed these three demons for some time and can vaguely confirm that two of them are at the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, while the remaining one is at the second tier. Rest assured. I can deal with one of the demons at the third tier of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. The three of you just have to...." 

Wu Yu shook his head and answered, "Since you have paid us, all you have to do is to remain here and guard the Great City-Protecting Spirit Design. If the enemies appear, we will deal with them." 

Disregarding Qin Fuyao and Luo Pin, Wu Yu wasn't fearful of going against a being at the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. He still had many hidden cards in his hands. 

"Thank you." Muxue Yunxi's eyes turned teary upon hearing Wu Yu. She had heard about Wu Yu and found this young man to be rather pitiful. Now that she had seen him with her own eyes, she found him to be stunningly impressive. He wasn't arrogant or impatient and did things by the rules. He wasn't demanding and was indeed a young man with his own thoughts. 

Muxue Yunxi soon returned to maintain the Great City-Protecting Spirit Design. As for Wu Yu and the two girls, they hid themselves within the spirit design while waiting for the demons to show themselves. Luo Pin sat on the roof of a building, closed her eye, and rested. Perhaps she was trying to grasp a dao that Wu Yu couldn't understand at his current cultivation level. The truth was that Wu Yu had the urge to understand more about her. However, Qin Fuyao was pestering him.... 

Qin Fuyao was rather relaxed. Based on the description, she probably wasn't concerned about the demons at all. 

She tried on various hair ornaments and pins. After styling for half a day, her eyes lit up as she looked in anticipation at Wu Yu. "Little Brother, what do you think of Big Sister's hairstyle?"

"It's pretty good," answered Wu Yu. 

"Insincere! I'm asking you to comment about the details. I know that it's good!" 

"Uhm... That... This hair ornamental goes well with your clothes and bring out your personal demeanor...." 

"What kind of demeanor are you talking about?" asked Qin Fuyao as her lips curved into a smile. 


"Sacred? I thought you would say ‘flirtatious.’" She chuckled once again. Her smile was alluring. Being so close to her, Wu Yu wasn't able to keep himself calm. 

Wu Yu estimated that she would likely not stop teasing him even after the end of this mission. 

For the next two days, Qin Fuyao kept changing into various clothes, hair ornaments, shoes, and makeup. However, after just two days, dense demonic aura erupted from the south of Yunxi City. That tumbling, black aura was similar to the Endless Demon Seas and was exceptionally eerie. Seeing the dense demonic aura floating towards them, the girls in Yunxi City were all terrified. A large number of young girls even broke down in tears. 

As the girls panicked, it affected the Great City Protecting Spirit Design. Muxue Yunxi was a little anxious as she shouted, "My kids, do not be alarmed. Muster your courage and strength and fully show them the might of our Mystical Heavenly Cloud Spirit Design. With all our strength, the demons wouldn't be able to make it in and harm you all. Moreover, I'll protect all of you with the three great soldiers from the Yan Huang Immortal Army and defeat the demons." 

After experiencing the initial wave of terror, the girls were emboldened by those words. 

At this moment, Wu Yu, Qin Fuyao, and Luo Pin had arrived at the city wall facing the south. 

"There are indeed three of them." Wu Yu took a closer look at the three balls of black fog. In the middle of each ball of black fog, there was a person with a pale and white complexion. They had long incisors like devils, looked savage, and were extremely ugly, with raging demonic aura emanating from them. They also wore loose, black robes that seemed to have camouflaged with the tumbling fog. 

"Let's take on one each. Leave the one on the right to me." This was probably the first time Luo Pin had spoken over the last few days. After finishing her words, she charged out of the Great City Protecting Spirit Design towards the ball of black fog at the right, forming a stream of dullish golden rays along the way. 

Among the three enemies, the one on the left seemed to be the weakest. It was most likely the demon at the second tier of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm that the sister of the City Lord had mentioned. Luo Pin was leaving the easiest one for Wu Yu. After all, Qin Fuyao was the strongest in the group, so there was no way she should be dealing with the weakest. 

"Let's go out. There are only three pathetic creatures. This mission isn't difficult at all." Qin Fuyao chuckled and reached out her arms to pull Wu Yu along as she followed closely behind Luo Pin. Soon, the three of them left the Great City Protecting Spirit Design and went to engage the three demons directly. 

"Where are you demons from? How dare you kick up a ruckus in the territory of our Yan Huang Imperial City. Are you too eager to die?" shouted Wu Yu loudly. 

Wu Yu had said this in hopes of intimidating the demons from ever returning to the territory of Yan Huang Imperial City if they managed to escape today. 

"Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers from Yan Huang Imperial City!" 

The three demons had stormed here, and rumors suggested that the three demons were exceptionally savage. However, Wu Yu was surprised to see them turning around and running away the moment they encountered Qin Fuyao, Luo Pin, and him. Moreover, the key was that they had each escaped in entirely different directions. If they were to give chase, it would also mean that Wu Yu, Qin Fuyao, and Luo Pin would be separated. 

"There's no place for you to escape to!" Qin Fuyao made the first move as she dashed forward and chased the demon in the middle. 

"Don't let them escape." Seeing how the situation had developed, Luo Pin also chased after her opponent. 

"Catch up and stop them as soon as possible to prevent a fourth demon from using this as a distraction to attack Yunxi City." Wu Yu knew about this possibility clearly, and he could also catch up to his opponent in the vicinity of Yunxi City. 

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