Chapter 0374: Yunxi City

Qin Fuyao's beauty was picturesque, and she wasn't trying to mask it at all. As she swayed her hips as she walked forward, she was naturally more attention-grabbing than Luo Pin, who tightly covered herself up. 

As she emerged from the crowd's attention, she swayed her slim waist, walked up to Wu Yu and Luo Pin like a fairy, and said coquettishly, "Why are you two only here now? I have been waiting for some time. Sister Luo, I believe we have met before. I'm guessing you should know me too? As for this suave little brother, you must be the famous Wu Yu. How good-looking you are! Remember to take care of me in the future. If you don't mind, you can just call me Big Sister Qin." 

She was actually not much different from Wu Yu when it came to age. However, she had asked Wu Yu to call her “Big Sister” the first time they met. While she spoke, her eyes were flickering and seductive. Before she finished her words, her eyes seemed to have explained everything she wanted to express. 

As long as she didn't have animosity towards Wu Yu, Wu Yu wouldn't retort her. Therefore, he nodded his head as he replied, "It is nice to meet you. Please take care of me too, Big Sister Qin." 

Judging from appearance, the graceful and alluring Qin Fuyao was at least a little more mature than him. 

"How cooperative!" Qin Fuyao chuckled. She did not interact with Luo Pin, and Wu Yu believed that Luo Pin wouldn't be fond of listening to her. Stuck between the two girls, Wu Yu noted that their interactions would likely not be fluent. Therefore, he said, "Since we are all here, let's head out!" 

Qin Fuyao replied, "Alright! I have to interact with and get to know this new little brother along the way~" 

Every intonation and expression of this girl was full of seduction and mesmerism. One would have to possess a certain level of discipline to even be able to control themselves. 

Despite being her focus of attention, Wu Yu wasn't alarmed and could have been considered as doing well. Most of the young people at his age wouldn't know how to respond to Qin Fuyao. 

Luo Pin didn't show any discontent towards Qin Fuyao. She was quiet and cold and was simply too lazy to talk. 

Therefore, Qin Fuyao reached out her long and slender arms to pull Wu Yu along while Luo Pin led the way at the front of the group alone. Soon, the three of them jumped into the vortex. Suddenly, Wu Yu felt a strong disturbance that pulled him along frantically. This was the effect of the spirit design. The spirit design was powerful and was probably going to send them to a faraway place. As the force acting on them was pointing in a different direction, the three of them were pulled in different directions too. 

However, Qin Fuyao still held on to Wu Yu's left hand before entering the vortex. While in the vortex, her long dress was fluttering, revealing her fair and white skin. This was an amazing sight to behold, especially her smile, which would send any guy's heart racing. 

The next moment, Wu Yu felt someone grabbing his right hand. That palm was cold and slender but soft as though it had no bones. It was also this cooling sensation that calmed Wu Yu down substantially. Turning his head over, he saw Luo Pin, who only revealed a pair of dazzling blue eyes behind the helmet. However, she wasn't looking at him. 

Cleary, they had held on to him because they didn't wish to be pulled into different places, which would end up complicating matters. 

However, he had the talented beauty of Yan Huang Imperial City on his left and the mystical dragon immortal beast to his right, who was definitely an unmatched beauty. With two beautiful girls holding to his left and right hand, even Ming Long couldn't help but whined that he was lucky with the girls. 

"As I said! Leaving Nangong Wei was the right decision. Take a look. It has only been a short while and there are already two great beauties who aren't any inferior to her by your side. One is so graceful that even I, your old mother, would want to bed her. The other one is a little female dragon! Just imagine them in your embrace and sharing a bed. How satisfying would that be!" 

The moment Ming Long completed her words, the three of them had charged out of the turbulence. 

There was a stream of turbulence beneath Yan Huang Imperial City that could send them to a further place to facilitate their execution of missions. 

The moment the three of them charged out of the turbulence, Luo Pin and Qin Fuyao released their hands. Qin Fuyao had a faint smile on, raised an eyebrow, looked at her own fingers, and said, "My good little brother, you were really lucky with girls just a while ago! Both of us are unmatched beauties~" 

Wu Yu forced a smile. He had a clear mind at this moment, but Qin Fuyao had been trying to seduce him from the very start. 

Luo Pin, who was at the side, had taken off. Wu Yu didn't know what kind of technique she was using. Without any help, she was able to cruise above the clouds and head towards the direction of Yunxi City. 

"I heard that Shushan disciples are all fast when travelling on their sword energy. If you don't mind, can you bring me along? Let me experience it once~" Qin Fuyao saw him take off on his sword and immediately jumped onto his sword energy. 

Indeed. Shushan disciples were known to be quick while travelling. Riding on sword energy was the fastest way to move around. 

Having an additional person wouldn't slow Wu Yu down. It was just that he had a stunning beauty closely behind him. Despite moving against strong winds while travelling, her scent still circulated around Wu Yu. That black and red long dress fluttered in the wind and her black hair flew wildly. This made her look cold but elegant and unmatched in beauty in this world. 

Luckily, Wu Yu still had a mystical dragon, Luo Pin, leading the way in front of him. 

Luo Pin was focused on navigating, while Qin Fuyao was happy to be relaxing. She was just behind Wu Yu with her face less than a foot from him. She leaned on Wu Yu's back and even wrapped her hands around Wu Yu's waist as she said softly, "Big Sister is afraid of falling. I hope you don't mind me hugging you."

If she fell off, the sun would have to rise from the west. 

Wu Yu returned a customary chuckle. The truth was that he felt a little bottled up. This lady was a great beauty and was constantly teasing him. However, he clearly knew he couldn't fall for her. Otherwise, she would be even harder to deal with than Nangong Wei.... 

Indeed, her next question was, "I heard that Nangong Wei of Shushan is an unparalleled beauty and just like a phoenix that is born in the mortal realm. In that case, who do you think is more beautiful? Nangong Wei or Big Sister Qin?" 

The two of them were not the same type, so it was hard to compare them directly. 

"Wu Yu, you cannot bluff your way through this. You've got to answer this honestly. Otherwise, Big Sister will throw you down from the sky," said Qin Fuyao in his ear. 

Wu Yu couldn't let this go on further. He thought about it for a while before answering solemnly, "You can stop playing tricks on me. I have nothing to do with Shushan now and would prefer not to talk about matters of Shushan. After all, I'm part of the Yan Huang Immortal Army now!" 

Qin Fuyao chuckled and said, "Don't be so uptight like a little old man. Does this mean that you don't find Big Sister good-looking~?" 

"You are." Wu Yu really had no other way to deal with her. After all, she was just playing with him. 

"That's right. Big Sister likes this kind of simple and direct answer." Finally, Qin Fuyao was willing to release her arms around Wu Yu's waist. 

However, she didn't stop talking. Although she was no longer teasing Wu Yu, she still chatted with Wu Yu along the journey. To sum it up, she had asked about everything Wu Yu had gone through. 

"Aiya. I'm finding you pretty cool. This is bad! If I'm mesmerized by you, what should I do? Will you become dao companions with me? Let's spite Nangong Wei till she spews blood. Should we do it?" 

Wu Yu's mind was completely blank. Suddenly, a thought struck him. Yunxi City seemed to be right before his eyes. Therefore, he immediately said, "We are reaching Yunxi City soon. How fast! Haha...." 

"That goes without saying, right? Yunxi City isn't too far from Yan Huang Imperial City in the first place!" said Qin Fuyao coquettishly. 

This lady was an exhausting demon. Although they hadn't fought, Wu Yu felt absolutely drained after the journey. Luckily, they were indeed approaching Yunxi City. Within the mountain range a far distance away, there was a snow-white city built on the tall mountains. It was shrouded in clouds and looked just like a blooming flower at the peak of the mountain, just like the name “Yunxi City” suggested. 

Luo Pin had arrived before them. Wearing the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, she looked majestic. The moment she landed, she had undoubtedly proven the identities of the three of them. 

Immortal fog was everywhere around Yunxi City. One could vaguely see lightning flashing within it. Flames and deluge swept before the three of them and blocked off the route towards Yunxi City. 

Clearly, this was because the Heaven and Earth Spirit Design protecting the city was activated upon sensing a potential impending attack. 

When the three of them arrived, Luo Pin didn't like to take the lead. As the only man in the group, Wu Yu reluctantly stepped forward and took up the responsibility to communicate. He shouted clearly, "To all citizens of Yunxi City, we are from the Yan Huang Immortal Army. We have accepted the request you sent to Yan Huang Imperial City and are here to protect Yunxi City. Please release the spirit design and let us in." 

Looking out from within the spirit design, it was easy to tell the appearance of Wu Yu and the group. Perhaps Wu Yu and Luo Pin didn't know many people. However, Qin Fuyao was known throughout the entire divine continent. 

Moreover, her stunning beauty was also a topic of discussion of many people. 

Therefore, even the citizens of Yunxi City could recognize her in an instant. 

The truth was that Yan Huang Imperial City had sent Yunxi City a message through Message Talisman to inform them that Wu Yu and the group had accepted their mission. 

They were all centurions. Among them, Wu Yu was still an eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivator and Qin Fuyao was at the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. As for Luo Pin, the information she showed suggested that she was at the third tier of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. However, no one really knew her true cultivation level.... 

Qin Fuyao was likely to be even able to handle a fourth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm expert. 

Therefore, when the citizens of Yunxi City heard that the super genius of Yan Huang Imperial City, Qin Fuyao; Wu Yu, who had made his name in Shushan; and Luo Pin, who was ordinary but undoubtedly not weak, had accepted this mission, they were completely at ease. Some were even in ecstasy. 


From within the Yunxi City, a gentle female voice resounded. 

Wu Yu had seen the information regarding Yunxi City before. Yunxi City was actually a sect, and the name of the City Lord was Muxue Yunxi. Muxue Yunxi had cultivated for 100 years and was at the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm currently. 

A sect like this would be considered as fifth-class in the divine continent. It couldn't be considered as strong and would be just average. As for the Heavenly Sword Sect, it would be considered as one of the lowest classes. 

However, this sect was slightly unique. Yunxi City was a city of girls, and it had never taken in male disciples. In fact, guys were completely restricted from entering Yunxi City. Naturally, there wouldn't be people with dao companions in Yunxi City. 

The entire Yunxi City had over 10,000 cultivators, and they were all girls. Despite being a group of girls, they were self-sufficient and unique in their own ways. 

At this moment, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Design was released, revealing a pathway. Wu Yu and the group quickly entered the city through the path. 

Now that they were at a life-and-death juncture, Yunxi City couldn't care further that Wu Yu was a guy. 

Speaking of which, it had been a few years since a guy had entered Yunxi City. 

Therefore, Wu Yu instantly noticed thousands of beautiful female cultivators staring at him the moment he entered Yunxi City. Considering that he had two other female companions on this mission, he started feeling like this would be hard to handle. 

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