Chapter 0365: Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff

Wu Yu now possessed the natural ability to use these staff weapons.

Since he was picking out was an immortal treasure that he would be using for a long time, he was extremely meticulous throughout the whole selection process. As long as the price was appropriate, he continued to filter through these weapons. 

Zhang Tiande followed behind Wu Yu and explained, "Old Brother Wu, you too know that this is the Shangyuan Dao Sect's business. I'm just the caretaker of this place, and am powerless to give you stuff for free. The best I can do is charge you 70 percent of the original price, how about that?" 

70 percent was already quite a low price.

Wu Yu hurriedly replied, "Old Brother Zhang is too kind. A 30 percent discount is already good enough to me. I can't help you with anything, so even if you gave me stuff for free, I'd be unable to accept."

"Don't stand on ceremony, just take a look at whatever you want, haha..." Zhang Tiande laughed.

He directly made things clear in order to help Wu Yu in his browsing of these immortal treasures. Now that Wu Yu was ready to spend up to 40,000 Golden Essence Pills to buy an immortal treasure, his words would make it possible for Wu Yu to consider supreme immortal treasures that cost up to 60,000 Golden Essence Pills as well.

The supreme immortal treasures back at the Xuan Sword Domain were considered cheap. In this Hall of Clouds, not even half of the thousands of staff-type immortal treasures before Wu Yu's eyes cost less than 60,000 Golden Essence Pills.

He could only pick from half of them.

You get what you pay for, and with such limited funds, Wu Yu did not dare ask for too much. As he continued to carefully ponder over his decision, he found that the deeper he walked into the hall, the higher the prices of the goods. When he was around halfway in, the display prices were already all over 60,000.

This meant that the 500 or so immortal treasures at the front were what he could pick from.

Among these, there were some that Wu Yu was more satisfied with. The Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs on these were mostly spirit designs focused on direct offense, such as the Nine-Directional World Shatterer Design.

Their offensive capabilities were certainly strong.

For instance, Wu Yu had just come across one such immortal treasure that had a list price of exactly 60,000 Golden Essence Pills. It was known as the Staff of Three Thousand Flames, and it had a Three Thousand Flame Spirit Design, which had frightening strength. Once it was used, its killing power was different from the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique, yet its offensive capabilities probably exceeded the latter.

As he walked to this point, Wu Yu had more or less made his choice. He wanted to pick this Staff of Three Thousand Flames.

However, there were still 500 or so immortal treasures that were worth more than 60,000 waiting behind. Their might was boundless and vast! They even inspired a sense of reverence in others, and some dared not go forth to look at them.

"It's alright if I go further and take a look, right?" Wu Yu asked.

"Of course," Zhang Tiande replied.

He had a rough idea of the price level that Wu Yu was considering.

The further in Wu Yu walked, the more stunned he became. It was certainly true that the supreme immortal treasures that cost over 100,000 were far more terrifying than the ones that cost 60,000 and below. Not only did they have an immense amount of power, but practically all of them also had long and illustrious histories. Basically all of their previous owners were prominent figures and the stuff of legends.

Some of them even had five or six different types of spirit designs. Wielding an immortal treasure like this practically eliminated the need to cultivate any dao techniques.

The further back Wu Yu went, the higher the prices became. Wu Yu was curious about exactly how high these prices could reach. He basically could not afford any of these in the back anyway, so he walked straight ahead. Along the way, he took occasiona glances and continued to be stunned by these immortal treasures. He eventually reached the end.

To be honest, Wu Yu really wanted all of these immortal treasures at the back.

The problem was that he could not afford them!

Of course, that was only true for the time being. As long as he hung around in Yan Huang Imperial City, Wu Yu's talent and skill meant that it was not impossible for him to eventually afford these some time in the future. This would be even more true if he joined the Yan Huang Immortal Army. That would definitely improve the resources he had access to.

"How powerful." The feeling of only being able to admire these immortal treasures and not take them away was certainly too much to bear. 

To a martial cultivator, immortal treasures were masterpieces that were the desires of their dreams. Just upon obtaining an immortal treasure, they would be so excited that they would not even be able to focus on cultivation. They would even hug their immortal treasures daily and admire them, laughing secretly with glee as they did so.

This was the itching desire that Wu Yu felt in his heart right at this moment.

He was like a child that was coveting a particular type of toy.

The prices for the ones at the back were over 200,000, so they were even more unaffordable for Wu Yu. When he finally reached the end, he unexpectedly found that there was a small room there.

Zhang Tiande explained, "This small room only contains a single immortal treasure. This is the king of all staff-type immortal treasures, so it deserves such special treatment. Do you want to take a look?”

Of course he wanted to take a look at a king of immortal treasures!

Wu Yu realized that he shouldn't have walked toward the back. After he saw all the immortal treasures here, he realized that he no longer felt any enthusiasm whatsoever for the Staff of Three Thousand Flames.

Zhang Tiande took a step forward and pushed open the door of the small room. In an instant, a wave of tyrannical qi rushed out and surged forward to immediately shake Wu Yu and push him back a step!

Wu Yu's face was full of shock. As he raised his head to take a look, he saw that within this small room, two clouds of black and dark gold mist respectively were swirling about. The clouds seemed like two giant beasts as they galloped, gnashed, and let out waves of screams.

This was the spirit of the immortal treasure!

It was apparent that this king of immortal treasures had a spirit that took an exceptionally tangible form. It had progressed to almost the level of a dao treasure.

Roar! Roar!

The moment the door was opened, the black and gold giant beasts turned to Wu Yu and Zhang Tiande and let out angry roars. Feng Er's face turned pale and she immediately retreated to somewhere far away.

Wu Yu took a closer look, and he finally managed to look past the mist to see the king of immortal treasures! A staff was slotted in the middle of a slate of golden gravel within the small room. Its length was around Wu Yu's height, and it was around two fingers thick. The staff comprised of two colors - black and gold - and this tyrannical gold and tenebrous black complemented each other perfectly to form this king of immortal treasures. From the first moment one laid eyes upon this staff, they would immediately feel a wave of strong and despotic qi that was extremely oppressive. 

This was a wave of resolve. The immortal treasure's resolve was practically identical to Wu Yu's own - disdainful, cruel, and unyielding even in the face of death!

Bang! Bang!

An immortal treasure like this certainly made Wu Yu's heart throb along with the tremors, and his heartbeat even started to accelerate as well. The ferocity of its black and gold colors looked succinct yet complex, and this was undoubtedly a world-class treasure to Wu Yu.

It was rare for him to be able to see himself in an immortal treasure.

Zhang Tiande was very pleased as he asked, "Can you feel its strength? This warrior god is known as the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. From its name, I'm sure you can guess that it's originally from Yan Huang Imperial City itself. It only arrived here after passing through a couple of hands."

The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff!

A staff that could raise the heavens was certainly a domineering one.

Wu Yu seemed to recall coming across such a name in his dreams, and right now he could not take his eyes off this immortal treasure. He had a singular thought on his mind - to fulfill this strong sense of desire that he had never felt before and obtain this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. He would no longer count on the favors of Nangong Wei, and would count only on himself!

"I have to obtain it!

"Before it, the thousand other supreme immortal treasures are merely officials in the feudal court. Only this is the true king!"

Zhang Tiande was satisfied by the burning passion in Wu Yu's eyes as he continued to explain, "The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff's entire body is made from five-spiritual mark Yan Huang Imperial Gold. This Yan Huang Imperial Gold is a precious treasure that isn't easy to find, and apparently the core of this immortal treasure is even made from six-spiritual mark Yan Huang Imperial Gold. On it are 999 spirit designs, with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Design acting as the main base, supported by the God-Surpassing Heavy Design and the Great Explosion Design as second level spirit designs on the side. There are 10 or so third level spirit designs and 100 or so fourth level spirit designs, totaling to almost 1,000 in all. They work together to give the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff its tyrannical strength. Among them, the God-Surpassing Heavy Design makes the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff extremely heavy to wield. I've heard that your corporeal strength exceeds that of demons, and you're even able to match up against Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators with it. Based on what I know, an average first tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator has to rely on Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to barely lift this treasure up, so they can't even begin to use it."

In light of how heavy this immortal treasure was, ordinary people truly could not use it.

However, this also meant that being struck by the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff would result in considerably lethal damage for sure.

Zhang Tiande continued, "On the other hand, once the Great Explosion Design is put to use, it can cause your opponent's flesh to immediately explode into fine dust. It's a spirit design with extremely lethal prowess too. Despite this, the most well-known of spirit designs on the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff is neither of the God-Surpassing Heavy Design, nor the Great Explosion Design, but two different Offensive Spirit Designs instead. These Offensive Spirit Designs can bring into play the effects of the other 997 spirit designs, including the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Design at the center of it all. Once they are put to use and exhibit their potential, they truly have the god-like strength to raze the heavens and destroy the earth.

"These are the Yan Emperor Heaven Splitting Design and the Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design respectively."

These two powerful Offensive Spirit Designs had extremely frightening names. They were able to split the heavens and shatter the earth!

"In fact, there's something else that makes this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff special." Zhang Tiande gave a contented smile.

"Please say more." Wu Yu was ready for this.

Zhang Tiande cut straight to the chase and immediately explained, "This supreme immortal treasure was smelted by none other than the Yan Huang Immortal Army's Generalissimo, Di Yi, also known as the Imperial General. He once used it for some time as well, and to put things simply, this is a work of his. In this immortal treasure, the resolve of this figure of world-class strength still lingers. When using a weapon made by this legend, even perceiving a little of his strength will have a significant effect."

This immortal treasure sure had unexpected origins.

The two strongest in Yan Huang Imperial City, the City Lord and the Imperial General, were both legendary figures.

Wu Yu was currently studying spirit designs, so the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff would be good reference material for him.

Despite this, there was a wide chasm between the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and him.

He asked, "How can I purchase this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff?"

Zhang Tiande replied, "The listing price is 600,000 Golden Essence Pills or 600 Inner Sea Essence Pills. If you eventually reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and want to buy it, I'll probably still be able to charge you 70 percent of its price, so around 400,000 Golden Essence Pills or 400 Inner Sea Essence Pills will be enough."

A single Inner Sea Essence Pill was able to be traded for over a thousand or so Golden Essence Pills.


Wu Yu only had 40,000 merits now, and that amount was tenfold this!

He started to feel downcast. An amount like 400,000 was probably only able to be forked out by someone like Beishan Mo at this time. Back then, he even dared to brag about giving away 1,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills just for Wu Yu to leave Nangong Wei…

"Wu Yu?" Zhang Tiande noticed that his expression had changed. He was an old hand at this, so he could easily see that Wu Yu really wanted this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff.

He continued, "I don’t think you should be so anxious right now. After all, this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff has the God-Surpassing Heavy Design on it, so you probably won't be able to use it comfortably right now."

Wu Yu shook his head and replied, "There's no problem on that end."

"Want to give it a try?" Zhang Tiande raised his brow.


After Zhang Tiande granted him permission, he did not utter a second word and walked into the room. As he got closer to the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he was almost entirely breathless, and his heart started to palpitate violently.  

In no time at all, he grasped the staff.

In this moment, his heart felt a sense of excitement that he had never experienced before. It was as though his blood vessels were connected to this immortal treasure. This Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff was even more compatible with Wu Yu's willpower than the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column.

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