Chapter 0363: Mystical Dragon!

Faced with such a frank and direct person, who dared to offer such an arrangement in public, Wu Yu quite liked this Jiang Xuechuan's style.

However, he still said, "Commander Jiang, I have just left Shushan. In any case, please give me some time to consider things." He needed to think things over.

Shen Xingyao had said that it was no problem for him to join the Yan Huang Immortal Army. After all, as long as he was not in the inner city's core, one could give up the status of Yan Huang Immortal Army soldier at any time.

For example, those troops at Yan Huang Imperial City’s gates.

Actually, there were many disciples from other sects that would attach the status of Yan Huang Immortal Army to themselves.

But Jiang Xuechuan was offering to recommend him into the inner city. This would give him the best resources, and had even mentioned the City Lord of Yan Huang Imperial City as a potential teacher.

After all, Wu Yu was a young martial cultivator favored even by the Ursae Sword Immortal. If he was at Yan Huang Imperial City, then it was entirely reasonable that he would be watched over by someone of the City Lord's level.

The Yan Huang City Lord, fabled first in the divine continent!

The Taixu Sage Master of the Shangyuan Dao Sect was, of course, also hailed as the first in the divine continent! 

As for who was stronger, nobody knew. After all, they had never battled before. And even if they clashed, they would not let ordinary people know.

But without question, these two were widely acknowledged as the strongest in the divine continent.

As for the other experts, such as the Seven Immortals of Shushan, Ying Huang, Zhu Huang, the two race leaders of the Tianyi Race, the Eight Emperors of Emperor Yan's Hall, they were all elite martial cultivators who dominated the divine continent.

But no matter what, even the first in Shushan, the most enigmatic Dubhe Sword Immortal, was still a notch lower than the Yan Huang City Lord.

Besides, Wu Yu had heard that there was another expert in Yan Huang Imperial City besides the City Lord, who was the Generalissimo. He was also kin brother to the City Lord, and was reckoned to be stronger than the Ursae Sword Immortal.

People called him the Imperial General.

Wu Yu roughly guessed that the Seven Immortals of Shushan together could not overcome the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General.

Yan Huang Imperial City was truly the foremost in the divine continent.

All of this held great attraction.

But the problem was that even if Yan Huang Imperial City did not mind, Wu Yu had just left Shushan. If he immediately entered the inner city, then he would become one of the core of Yan Huang Imperial City. This was equivalent to him joining a new sect the moment he betrayed another.

How would anybody perceive this Wu Yu?

Traitor? An ingrate? One who forgot his benefactors?

These words were difficult for Wu Yu to bear.

Towards Shushan, he felt both guilt and hate.

That was why he had rejected the olive branch that Jiang Xuechuan had thrown to him.

Jiang Xuechuan immediately knew what he was thinking about. He gave a light laugh and said, "No matter. But the great doors of my Yan Huang Imperial City will always be open to you. Once you straighten out your thinking, head to the inner city and report your identity. As long as I am still in Yan Huang Imperial City, I will recommend you in."

"Many thanks to Commander Jiang." He did not give Wu Yu any untold pressure, giving him time to think. That was also a sign of his favor.

Wu Yu also understood that to the various powers, young talents were very important. Shushan had cast Wu Yu out, and even the Shangyuan Dao Sect found it inconvenient to take Wu Yu in. But Yan Huang Imperial City did not care. They were practical. All they needed to know was Wu Yu's worth and naturally would open their doors to him.

Wu Yu was preparing to take his leave. He would find a place to stay and then carefully consider the path he would walk.

The gazes of Jiang Xuechuan and the others followed his departure.

Suddenly, Ming Long was extremely worked up. Wu Yu had barely taken two steps when she began hollering at the top of her lungs from within Wu Yu's body. "MY GOD, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? HOW IS SHE HERE! MY GOD, MY DEAR MOM, MY DAD, AND ALL MY ANCESTORS!"

"Are you insane?" Wu Yu was feeling goosebumps just from her screaming.

After all, she had suddenly begun hollering.

"You're the one who's sick in the head. Your entire ancestry must have been sick. Are you blind? You didn't even recognize her? Oh, right, you can't possibly recognize her. After all, you've never seen an immortal beast."

"What do you mean?" Wu Yu saw that her hopping was abnormal.

"That woman, the one standing behind that Jiang Xuechuan. She's not human!"

Wu Yu caught a fright. He turned back to see Commander Luo still staring at him. Those azure blue eyes were like the deep sea. Wu Yu had truly never seen a woman with eyes so beautiful.

But Wu Yu clearly sensed that she was a human, and not a demon.

"She's not a demon. Although similar to demons, immortal beasts and demons are worlds apart. She's an immortal beast! Her bloodline is pure immortal beast, and it's probably rare in the mortal world. And her ability has already reached the level where she can completely transform into human form and roam the human world. It is very difficult to detect her. I reckon that there aren't more than two people in the whole Yan Huang Imperial City who can tell that she's an immortal beast," Ming Long said.

"Immortal beast!"

It was said that spiritual beasts were the progenies of immortal beasts. Immortal beasts were things of legends. Although they were beasts, they were born purer than demons, their bloodlines prestigious. The dao they cultivated was not much different from that of martial cultivators. Ordinary immortal beasts were already very rare. The most ordinary of immortal beasts already had bloodlines comparable to the elite demons of the divine continent.

Could Ming Long's words be true?

This girl with the unspeakably beautiful hair and eyes, an immortal beast?

"What kind of immortal beast is she?" Wu Yu asked, a little unnerved.

If she was an immortal beast, and was concealed amongst these people; did it mean that those with her knew her identity? But from the way that she stood, she seemed not to be receiving much attention. It did not seem likely.

It was more likely that she was still hiding it.

She was born as an immortal beast. Why hide it?

At this moment, Ming Long gave a deep sigh. "If I my guess is correct, she's a dragon! And a dragon with a fairly noble bloodline! It doesn't seem likely that such a dragon would appear in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent! And it's also impossible that she's only at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. When such a dragon appears, it's definitely at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. I reckon that she might have suffered grave wounds and is therefore hiding here. If not, she is very likely very, very strong. Perhaps even stronger than I was at my peak!"

Wu Yu had not expected that this Commander Luo would be a mystical dragon. And even Ming Long herself had acknowledged that she might be stronger than herself if she was not seriously injured. Did this mean that she was even stronger than the City Lord of Yan Huang Imperial City? What was such an immortal beast doing in a place like this?


He had seen the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu before. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu nominally counted as a dragon, but it was a dragon with a sinister bloodline, one who was not acknowledged by the true mystical dragons. In front of the mystical dragons, it was an inferior breed.

For example, the torch dragon was a bit higher in level, but still not acknowledged.

And the low-profile commander Luo in front of him - she was the true immortal beast mystical dragon! Wu Yu found this mind-boggling!

Of course, he was very inclined to believe Ming Long.

Ming Long had no need to deceive him. And seeing her so worked up, it did not take much effort to see the truth.

"Let's go. Don't let her realize that you've discovered her identity, or there will be murders." Ming Long hurried him on.

Actually, Wu Yu's emotional state was in turmoil. His mind was reeling even harder than when he had met the Mizar Sword Immortal and the Ursae Sword Immortal.

Their eyes met for one last time, then Wu Yu hurriedly looked away, silently leaving the Wind Flower Snow Moon Palace. His footsteps were light as he left - after all, it was his inner state that was shaken.

Looking at Jiang Xuechuan and the others, they evidently did not know Commander Luo's true identity.

Wu Yu was racking his brain. This mystical dragon with an esteemed bloodline. What would she be doing here? Where had she come from? From a world outside of the divine continent?

Ming Long was chattering away as well. "The dragon tribes of the four seas suffered a disaster. They were already few in number. I met a few mystical dragons before, but in terms of purity and nobility of bloodline, none compare to this little female dragon. It's too uncanny. Why would this little female dragon be here? Strange! Strange!"

"Little female dragon?" Wu Yu was speechless upon hearing this rather cute label.

In his mind, her hair and eyes indeed set one's heart aflutter.

No wonder she had to conceal her own appearance. If she didn’t, she would be the center of attention everywhere she went.

"Wu Yu, compose yourself. Why not enter the inner city? Reputation and name, all that is gas from the ass. Shushan doesn't want you anymore. So what if you join Yan Huang Imperial City’s inner city? If it were old mother, and Shushan treated me that way, I would immediately join Yan Huang Imperial City. One day, when I became strong, I would return to Shushan and burn it clean to the ground. I'd even chop down that Clear Sky of Shushan!" Ming Long said, aggrieved.

"Wu Yu, every man for himself! What the hell is Shushan even! Join the inner city!" Ming Long was looking at him with eyes wide open.

"What are you so worked up about?" Wu Yu had not immediately answered Jiang Xuechuan. He truly felt that it would be not too good for his reputation if he immediately joined Yan Huang Imperial City's inner city after being kicked out from Shushan. If news got back to Shushan, he would definitely be hated and cursed by many.

Especially if Nangong Wei knew....

"Nangong Wei is currently thinking about whether she should kill you. Are you still in any doubt about how she perceives you?" Ming Long sniped.

"What's your hurry?" Wu Yu stared at her.

Ming Long was very brusque. "I want to know what this little female dragon is up to. She is masquerading here as an ordinary Yan Huang Immortal soldier, and she must have a reason. If you follow her, you might meet with some marvelous stroke of fate. I'd advise you to seduce the little female dragon and make her fall in love with you while she's injured. Haha, maybe the time will come when you can ride a dragon and roam the lands. Ride a dragon to the heavens!"

"Fuck off." Seeing how elaborate her tales were becoming, Wu Yu could not help but to retort vulgarly.

But he considered it carefully. The inner city of Yan Huang Imperial City was a gold mine. To go or not to go?

The mystical dragon aside, Wu Yu only had his own future to consider right now.

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