Chapter 0358: Sun

Eighth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. 

At least on this occasion, Wu Yu was finally faster than Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo as he caught up to them a little. 


However, Wu Yu knew clearly that this was far from enough. He had to become even stronger. Otherwise, how was he going to make those who asked him to scram realize their mistakes? 

Or how could he change the Mizar Sword Immortal’s view of him?

Although he had lost his supreme immortal treasures, Wu Yu had still improved in battle strength due to the increase in his Jindan essence. Even so, getting new weapons would be at the top of his to-do list. 

However, he had absolutely no money with him now. He couldn't even afford a spiritual immortal treasure, let alone a supreme immortal treasure. 

In a place like Yan Huang Imperial City, sword cores would be useless. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu was still looking forward to Yan Huang Imperial City despite being totally broke. 

He had let go of the incident in Shushan and wasn't thinking much about it. Currently, his attention was solely on Yan Huang Imperial City. 

Shen Xingyu smiled and asked him, "Do you know how many Golden Essence Pills you have to pay to stay within Yan Huang Imperial City as an eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivator?" 

Wu Yu shook his head. At this point, the moment he heard the words "Golden Essence Pills" and "Inner Sea Essence Pills", he was completely helpless.

"500 a month." 

Although it wasn't as exaggerated as Wu Yu had thought, it was still a rather huge sum. After all, that was equivalent to 6,000 in a year. For other eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivators, or around the level of Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain, 6,000 Golden Essence Pills was an exorbitant amount. 

To remain in Yan Huang Imperial City, one had to refine their jindan fervously while earning money at a frantic pace! 

"Do you still have Golden Essence Pills?" Shen Xingyu stared at his Sumeru Pouch. 

Wu Yu smiled bitterly and answered, "Nope...." 

"Come, this is for you." Shen Xingyu was rather decisive as she took out a Sumeru Pouch. It was as though she had prepared for it as she gave it to Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu immediately rejected and said, "Sister Shen, this won't do. I have to rely on myself in the future. I will think of ways to remain in Yan Huang Imperial City. You definitely shouldn't give this to me...." 

After receiving so many things from Nangong Wei previously, Wu Yu finally realized how emotional debt could pile up. When they were separating, he could no longer separate his from hers. 

Therefore, he was afraid of others helping him in this aspect currently. Emotional debt was the hardest debt to repay. 

"What are you worried about? Are you thinking I'm giving you 10,000 Golden Essence Pills? There are only 500 Golden Essence Pills in it, or a month of capital for you to remain in Yan Huang Imperial City. You still have to rely on yourself in the future. Your Sister Shen is still extremely poor. Don't depend on me to spend my money on you so that you can stay there...." 

Shen Xingyu gave him a glare. 

Wu Yu had really thought she was giving him lots of Golden Essence Pills. So there were only 500. What a miser! All he could do was smile bitterly and put away the 500 Golden Essence Pills. After all, he wouldn't even be able to get into Yan Huang Imperial City without these 500 Golden Essence Pills, let alone earning money within it. 

Poor. He was just too damn freaking poor. 

Luckily, he still had some things he could sell with him. Other than these, he had some remaining materials which he could create some Golden Essence Pills with. Based on his estimation, these should last for a few months. 

At this point, Wu Yu had a vague feeling that they should be reaching Yan Huang Imperial City soon. 

Yan Huang Imperial City was the largest city in the entire divine continent. 

At this moment, he was close to the more central region of the divine continent. The landscape here was high and surrounded by jade green mountain ranges. Within these mountain ranges, trees and plants were growing exuberantly, and various precious beasts lived in them. Naturally, there were beasts who had gained sentience and became demons. It was said that even a thousand-year ancient tree could also become a demon after absorbing the essence from the sun and moon over time. 

Looking across, the divine continent was vast and limitless. Although the central location of the divine continent wasn't as tall as the Clear Sky of Shushan, the view was still limitless and majestic. 

At this moment, the sun had just risen. The rays illuminated the vast land and dyed the surface of the mountains with a layer of gold paint. 

Wu Yu immersed himself within the scorching sunrays. The vitality of the sun was just like his inner self after feeling reborn. 

It was beautiful and majestic. 

Having stayed in Shushan for so long, he had not come out often to witness the wondrous sceneries of the divine continent. 

At this point, a thought struck him. Cultivation shouldn't be just about staying within the spiritually bountiful lands. Sometimes, coming out to roam around would enlighten oneself too.

"We are almost there, and I can see Yan Huang Imperial City." Although Shen Xingyu had been here several times before, her eyes were still wide open and brimming with desire. 

"Why can't I see it yet?" Wu Yu looked ahead and only saw plateau ahead of him. Although it was very tall, it was rather flat. Looking from where he was to the end of the land, he didn't spot any city! 

Shen Xingyu chuckled upon her response and replied, "How silly! Who told you that Yan Huang Imperial City is built on the land? Look to the skies!" 

Wu Yu was taken aback and shifted his line of sight. Instead of looking far, he looked up. Above the vast and limitless sky, white clouds were tumbling and the place looked just like an immortal region. 

In that instant, Wu Yu suddenly noticed an incomparably huge city hidden amidst the clouds. He couldn't see the end of the city that appeared to be levitating above the clouds. Right before him, he could see one corner of the city. When looking afar to the faraway skies, he was still seeing a portion of this city. 

"Yan Huang Imperial City is one-third the size of the Common Sword Domain. However, the density of the buildings within it is over a hundred times that of the Common Sword Domain. Rumor has it that the entire Yan Huang Imperial City is actually an indestructible Dao Treasure. There are even some who claim that an apocalyptic demon is still suppressed within it. However, I've been to Yan Huang Imperial City several times, and these rumors are not true at all. These are just gimmicks to attract foreigners to visit Yan Huang Imperial City," said Shen Xingyao. 

When Wu Yu heard that it was one-third the size of the Common Sword Domain, he was already greatly shocked. After all, this was a city, and unlike a place like Shushan. Moreover, this city that was one-third the size of the Common Sword Domain was levitating in the sky!

It was as though this city had grown wings. 

The city was shrouded in clouds. No matter how one saw it, he could just see the tip of the iceberg of this snow white city. 

Despite being just the tip of the iceberg, it still resembled an immortal region more than any part of Shushan. It was just like.... palaces in heaven! 

That's right. The levitating city that was shrouded in clouds was just like the sky palaces that were recorded in mythology. There was no difference at all! 

Those pure and graceful-looking palace pavilions, countless winding corridors, green bricks and tiles - they were just like a huge divine dragon hidden within the clouds.... 

When the sun rays shone on Yan Huang Imperial City, they dyed the clouds golden, making for an exceptional visual shock. It was as though they had ascended into heaven. 

"Yan Huang Imperial City!" 

Wu Yu couldn't understand why it was called that. 

As for the Yan Huang Immortal Army, he did not give it deeper thought. All he wanted now was to find a new place to start anew. He had nothing else in mind other than focusing on cultivation. 

"Each city gate of Yan Huang Imperial City is heavily guarded by the Yan Huang Immortal Army. Nonetheless, you can enter by paying a sum, unless you are wanted by various major sects, or a treacherous demon that is recorded by Yan Huang Imperial City, or a cultivator that has been blacklisted. You could choose to cultivate, trade, search for treasures, or do whatever you please after entering."

The reason why people entered it to cultivate was because Yan Huang Imperial City possessed Ancient Spiritual Qi. This was the only place in the entire divine continent that had Ancient Spiritual Qi. It was said that Ancient Spiritual Qi’s effects on cultivation made the exterior city similar to the Xuan Sword Domain and the Earth Sword Domain of Shushan. There were even some locations with effects equivalent to the Heaven Sword Domain. As for the interior city, it would likely have effects similar to the Immortal Domain of Shushan. 

Ordinary sects definitely wouldn't have training grounds with spiritual qi similar to Shushan. Therefore, they would spend to enter Yan Huang Imperial City for cultivation and to seek a breakthrough. 

A place like Yan Huang Imperial City had countless ways of earning common currencies, as long as one could endure it. These common currencies weren't limited to just Golden Essence Pills or Inner Sea Essence Pills. Any immortal medicine had a clear price assigned to it, and one could use these immortal medicines or trade them for items. 

Shen Xingyao brought Wu Yu towards one of the city gates. 

Yan Huang Imperial City had a total of 99 city gates. Even so, there were still many people who entered and left Yan Huang Imperial City each day. When Wu Yu arrived at one of the city gates, they descended on the platform beyond Yan Huang Imperial City. Although the platform wasn't big, there were several hundred people queuing to get in and a few hundred other people registering to get out. 

The Yan Huang Immortal Army had undergone multiple trials and worked for Yan Huang Imperial City. The core portion of it was comprised largely of people from the interior city of Yan Huang Imperial City. For those responsible for registration at city gates, they were largely fringe members of the Yan Huang Immortal Army. 

It was a cultivator army that had adopted a military structure. 

Wu Yu came from the army. Looking at the sharp-looking neat row of troops stationed before the city gate, it was clear that they had undergone training. Subconsciously, he was looking forward to it. 

Suddenly, he realized this might be a more appropriate place for him. 

He wasn't focused on becoming a sword cultivator in the first place.


Every soldier of the Yan Huang Immortal Army was wearing Yan Huang Immortal Army armor. Huang Yanwu was wearing it too. Yan Huang Immortal Armor was a type of defensive immortal treasure specially made in Yan Huang Imperial City. 

Yan Huang Immortal Armor was black and golden. When worn, one would look extremely sharp and mighty. 

Although they were similar in cultivation levels as others, Yan Huang Immortal Army soldiers were more outstanding in the aspects of spirit and disposition. Even Shushan sword cultivators who were known to be sharp didn't possess the powerful battle will embodied by the Yan Huang Immortal Army. 

Wu Yu followed the rules and went to the back of the queue to enter the city. 

The truth was that he hadn't seen the full view of Yan Huang Imperial City till now. Perhaps there were spirit designs that were masking his vision and preventing him from seeing the most majestic view of Yan Huang Imperial City. 

"Goodbye, Wu Yu." Shen Xingyao waved his hand. 

"Wu Yu, don't forget about your Sister Shen. If you really want a woman, you should give Sister Shen a deep consideration. I wouldn't mind being accused of going for someone younger than me." Shen Xingyu gave Wu Yu a playful wink. 

Wu Yu was taken aback and shivered. Luckily, she was just joking. 

Nonetheless, Shen Xingyu was also extremely charming. Her mature appeal was even more alluring than that of Nangong Wei. 

The truth was that she was just trying to make Wu Yu feel more at ease before entering Yan Huang Imperial City. 

"Thank you. I will never forget the kindness you two have shown me today. I will definitely return it some day." Wu Yu took a deep bow before them. 

"Alright, don't be so uptight. You're just like an old man. We are leaving!" Shen Xingyu chuckled. 

It was really about time that they had to leave. 

Wu Yu followed the queue and went closer and closer to the city. 

He was feeling a little unwilling to part with them. 

Suddenly, Shen Xingyao's voice sounded in his ears. 

"Wu Yu, strive for vindication! I'll be waiting for your return to Shushan!" 

When Wu Yu turned around, both of them had left. 

"Striving for vindication? He’s probably encouraging me to not give up and not forget the shame and humiliation in Shushan.... When I return to Shushan, it won't be for me to become a Shushan disciple again. Instead, I'll be relying on my strength to return with pride...." 

Shen Xingyao knew him well. 

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