Chapter 0347: The Black Smoke God Descends

Shen Xingyao had mentioned that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had not pulled any tricks on him. If he really wanted the curse to do anything, it would probably be targeted at Jiu Ying instead.

But Jiu Ying was no longer here. Right after the Crimson Blood Demon's bat demon appeared, he had wanted to kill Wu Yu without any negotiation whatsoever. He had even said some slightly strange things that made Wu Yu suspicious. After some more thought, Wu Yu felt that the whole thing was probably just a coincidence. The bat demon had probably realized that there were others excavating precious treasures near the Endless Demon Seas and had come forward to force their retreat. He probably wanted to slaughter all the Shushan disciples that were defending the place in order to snatch all the treasures for himself. 

"If this wasn't the case and he was truly obeying the orders of the Crimson Blood Demon, then he wouldn't want to kill me on sight. After all, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu probably still needs to use me in some sinister plot of his."

After he dissociated this event from the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, things did not seem that complicated anymore.

Wu Yu had gained new insight from the practical experience of this mortal battle. He continued to refine his Jindan with his newfound knowledge. 

As of now, danger lurked around every corner. There were demons from the outside and Beishan Mo and friends from within. The enemies on both fronts all had heavy murderous intents, so Wu Yu was unable to feel a sense of safety.

Today was a good example of this. Besides Nangong Wei, truly no one else came to save him. If he had failed to put his strength to use, then the one lying on the ground now would have been him instead of the bat demon.

Things went according to what Wu Yu had guessed. The bat demon's appearance was truly a coincidence, for in the next month or so, not a single demon appeared again. Wu Yu and the rest had been guarding the place for such a long time, but no one else besides him had to face off against a demon.

On the Shushan Immortal Sect's end, they had almost dug to the grand blue jade ore while excavating blue jade gold at the same time. Wu Yu had been down to the mine a few times. The grand blue jade ores' radiance dazzlingly shone through the mines. Apparently, this was the most central piece of grand blue jade ore, and it truly had six clearly discernible spiritual marks.

It was said that even the best of treasures in the mortal realm, be it immortal essences or precious treasures, had at most 10 spiritual marks. The fact that this grand blue jade ore had six of these spiritual marks meant that it had truly been in the divine continent for a long time. It was only through an extended length of time that spiritual qi could accumulate to form such a prized treasure. 

Even though he did not come into direct contact with the grand blue jade ore, Wu Yu was able to feel the boundless amounts of spiritual qi from within it just by standing at the side.

Dao treasures and the best precious treasures could definitely be smelted from it. It went without saying that in the entire divine continent, there were only a handful of people who could draft the spirit designs for dao treasures.

Beishan Mo, Mu Lingche, and the rest were full of lofty aspirations as they embarked on this mission, yet they had yet to meet even a single demon. This made them feel rather unfulfilled, and they even suggested going deeper into the Endless Demon Seas to slay a few demons to vent their anger. Nangong Wei had similar intentions as well, but Li Chuxue was concerned about their safety, so she took the risk of offending Beishan Mo and convinced them to give up on such activities.

As such, Beishan Mo was rather displeased these days. After all, even Wu Yu had managed to defeat a demon. He had even killed him as well. On the other hand, he had bragged about wiping out all the demons for Nangong Wei. After so much effort, he finally managed to work together with Nangong Wei, yet there was not even a single drop of blood on his sword thus far.

"Once the grand blue jade ores have been excavated, the blue jade gold will probably be close to completely extracted as well. We'll only have to stay here for a bit longer. Our next order of business is to escort the grand blue jade ore back to the Shushan." Li Chuxue announced her arrangements.

This was the original plan as well.

Beishan Mo coldly remarked, "Where have all the demons gone? How about we cause a commotion to lure some demons over?"

Li Chuxue exasperatedly replied, "This Yin Yang Mountain is really close to the Endless Demon Seas, yet it's considerably far from our Shushan Immortal Sect. It'd be wise for us to avoid being too brazen. If we're too brash with our actions, demons that are too difficult for us to deal with may appear. After all, you are all the future of our sect. If there was an opportunity to slaughter all of you, the demons would definitely not hold back."

"Why are you so cowardly?" In the face of Li Chuxue's repeated rejections, Beishan Mo was quite unhappy. As he was about to ignore Li Chuxue and head out looking for demons, waves of an imposing demonic aura suddenly surged over and interrupted their conversation. Their expressions hardened as they flew to the sky to survey what was going on. From afar, there were rolls of black smoke rushing toward them from the direction of the Endless Demon Seas. The ground started to rumble and shake as though an earthquake was occurring. There were even fissures in the ground forming across many areas of Yin Yang Mountain.

Such damage was definitely not caused by only a single demon.

"Why have these demons come only after a month of silence?" Wu Yu was standing beside Nangong Wei as he began to have some suspicions in mind.

The thick, black smoke truly had a vast presence. As it rolled over, it covered a large area of both the sky and the earth.

At least the entire distance from the foot of Yin Yang Mountain to the Endless Demon Seas had been completely engulfed by this thick smoke.

At this very moment, everyone was able to get a clearer look at what was going on. In fact, this black smoke was emerging from an endless horde of wild boars as they charged forward. Looking across the entire land, one could see over 10,000 wild boars. Some of them were as huge as a small hill, and as they trampled on the ground, they caused a resounding rumble that split the surface of the earth. They had bloodshot eyes and sharp tusks, and the dense, spear-like furs on their pitch black bodies made others tremble with fear. Even the smallest of these wild boars was almost as large as an elephant.

Of these 10,000 wild boars, it went without saying that each one had gained sentience. They were definitely formidable demons!

Liu Jin's voice cracked as he yelled out, "Wild boar demons? The Black Smoke King is here!" 

Wu Yu had heard from them that close to Yin Yang Mountain, the territory within the Endless Demon Seas that was closest to this place was seized by a wild boar demon. This wild boar demon called himself the Black Smoke King, and apparently he had over 10,000 young wild boar demons at his command. These countless cliff tops were the wild boar demons' turf. They wandered around the Endless Demon Seas and frequently came out to capture cultivators. Even though they were not that intelligent, they were tyrannical in their actions. As a matter of fact, Liu Jin was always trembling in fear here because he was afraid of the Black Smoke King finding them.

No one could have guessed that the Black Smoke King would come just as they were about to excavate the grand blue jade ore and retreat from the area entirely. The fact that he was causing such a huge uproar as he came meant that he specifically wanted to come here. This also implied that he knew what the Shushan disciples were up to here. Who had told him about this? 

"Even though this Black Smoke King resides in the place that is closest to us, it's still quite far away. Our movements have been so discreet, so how was he able to discover that we are in Yin Yang Mountain?" Li Chuxue's face was slightly pale and her eyes revealed a puzzled expression.

On the other hand, Beishan Mo did not mind at all. He gave a cold laugh as he said, "There's no need to care so much about that. We've been here for ages, yet it took so long for them to come and court death here. Even though it's just a bunch of stupid boar demons, this is still a rare opportunity for us to practice our skills."

The younger ones started to give off an eager impression.

"Big Brother." Nangong Wei was close to Wu Yu. Her expression was slightly strange. It was filled with both repugnance and hatred. A nauseating sense of disgust towards demons welled up in her as though she was faced with a bunch of filthy insects. She rarely faced so many demons at once, so there was still some sense of innate fear in her. However, she quickly quelled this with the determination to slaughter them all. Even though her hands were still trembling, her inner strength was already on the verge of exploding. 

"Calm down a little." Wu Yu naturally did not like these boar demons either. However, he did not want Nangong Wei to lose control.

At this very moment, the group could make out a few figures riding atop the largest wild boar demon's back. Even though they were human-like, they had ugly, dark faces and yellow teeth. There was no question at all that these were all wild boar demons as well. It was just that they received special treatment due to their higher levels of prowess.

Wu Yu swept his eyes over these individuals and realized that they were all at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. They all had the Violet Kingdom within them, and one of them in particular seemed like the most domineering of all. He had the darkest of skin and a robust body, and even had a tusk sticking out of the corner of his mouth. With two eyes that were as huge as copper bells, a cloud of smoke rotated above this young man's head. This was probably the Black Smoke King that could even rule of mountains in the Endless Demon Seas.

The other Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea demons were probably generals under his command.

"Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh brothers! We've arrived at Yin Yang Mountain!" As Wu Yu was guessing the identity of the others, the Black Smoke King let out a passionate roar to the other humanoid boar demons behind him.

"Yes, Big Brother, we've arrived at Yin Yang Mountain!"

"Brothers, we've arrived at Yin Yang Mountain."

"Yes, we've arrived. Look, there's a few people in the sky. It's those grandchildren of Shushan"

As a matter of fact, the six remaining ones were all younger brothers of the Black Smoke King. This explained why they all looked so similar. It was clear to all that they were all born to the same parents. The seven of them were all probably born in a single birth as well.

"Big Brother, these Shushan grandchildren have come to snatch away our precious treasures. What shall we do?"

The Black Smoke King growled as he replied, "You're asking me what we should do!? You tell me what we should do! Of course we have to charge forward and eat up this group of grandchildren! Eat, eat, eat, eat! Eat them all, even the hairs on their heads!"

"That's right, you're correct indeed. We even have to eat their clothes and swords. We'll eat them all!" one of the other wild boar demons replied.

Another one savagely knocked them on the heads and said, "Eat your fart, more like! Sword hilts and blades can't be eaten, they'll scratch your mouth!"

Yet another demon came to hit the head of the wild boar demon who spoke and said, "You're even more dumb! Sword hilts are made from precious treasures - do you really think they can be eaten!? You can't poop them out after eating."

"All of you, shut up! Stop talking about eating. I want to defile a Shushan woman and make her give birth to a half man, half pig son for me!" The Black Smoke King gave a cruel guffaw as his eyes swept over the area. He set his sights on the one at the front of the group. This was none other than Li Chuxue, who seemed the most seductive, yet the hardest to violate. The Black Smoke King said, "That is who I want. That size and perkiness fits my tastes perfectly. I want her to be the Black Smoke King's woman!

"Big Brother has great eyesight!"

"Not bad, that woman is not bad! I want that one. She looks fresh!" the Black Smoke King's third brother remarked.  

"Look carefully, you moron. That's a guy!" the Black Smoke King's second brother knocked him on the head, because that wild boar demon was pointing at Beishan Mo.

"How can that be a guy? Look at that white skin!"

"He's not of our wild boar race, of course he's white!"

"Ah, so that's it. Old boar, I've seen too few humans to know."


The group of wild boar demons clamored noisily as they conversed without much logic. Additionally, there were 10,000 wild boar demons stirring with them. As they hurtled forward, the entire scene was that of chaos. Such riotous sounds could drive anyone mad.

Li Chuxue was the angriest of all. She had actually just been insulted by a boar. With a sharp voice, she angrily yelled, "Shut up, all of you!"

This ear-piercing sound swept over and stopped the wild boar demons in their tracks. Many of the wild boar demons were in a complete mess as they rolled off their mounts directly to the ground.

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