Chapter 0343: Yin Yang Mountain

Mu Lingche was unconscious and sweating heavily. She was continuously having nightmares as well. Beishan Mo passed the beauty in his embrace to Li Chuxue before locking eyes with Wu Yu. Wu Yu saw that his eyes had already become blood-red and he was giving off a menacing aura.

"It seems like he's still young after all. His emotions are easily affected, and anger seems to overtake him easily," Wu Yu thought to himself.

However, Beishan Mo's countenance quickly recovered even in the face of such a challenging situation. It did not take him long to calm back down. He even cupped his hands in respect toward Wu Yu and remarked, "I never expected you to have such skill. It seems like I've underestimated you. Fine, I won't stop you from following us on our practical training expedition this time."

In just a short while, Beishan Mo had changed from a raging man on the verge of lashing out and shredding others to pieces to a tranquil and even-tempered person.

"All I can say is that with the Green Depths Sword Emperor helping him, it's really hard to get into Beishan Mo's head. It's really hard indeed." Wu Yu felt like he had come across his predestined mortal enemy. While Wu Yu was improving, his rival had improved so much more!

"Big Brother." Nangong Wei cheerfully smiled. Under everyone's watchful eyes, she wrapped her outstretched arms around Wu Yu's muscular waist and affectionately said, "That's great. With you accompanying me, this expedition will no longer be that boring."

With how things ended up, even the leader of the group, Li Chuxue, felt depressed. She wanted Beishan Mo to continue rejecting Wu Yu, but Wu Yu had defeated Mu Lingche as Beishan Mo requested. Beishan Mo had no choice but to concede, so she could do nothing but sigh with a gloomy expression on her face. In an instant, she put a beautiful smile on her face again and stood beside Beishan Mo and quietly talked to him.

After the two of them finished their conversation, another disciple carried the unconscious Mu Lingche and they prepared to set off.

They were all of high enough standing to not have to go through the main passageways, so they directly flew out from the mountains. Their actions were stealthy and it was clear that they did not want to be too conspicuous about their departure.

Just as they left Shushan, Mu Lingche came to her senses. Even though she still had a throbbing pain in her head, she was able to discern what had happened from Nangong Wei and Wu Yu's cheerful conversations behind her and Li Chuxue's expressionless face. This caused her emotions to undergo a severe turmoil. With lifeless eyes, she looked at Wu Yu as her heart trembled. The intangible pain that she felt was certainly too heavy a blow to her.

"This has to have been caused by a Heaven Earth Void technique. This Wu Yu not only managed to control supreme immortal treasures, he even managed to use a Heaven Earth Void technique! There may as well be no difference between him and an average disciple at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea!"

The more she compared herself and Wu Yu, the more hopeless Mu Lingche felt. She felt that in this lifetime, there would no longer be another chance for her to attain revenge.

"However, there's always a mountain that's taller. Wu Yu is becoming too much of a high-profile individual. It's only a matter of time before Beishan Mo kills him. Beishan Mo may look like a soft and immature person, but he's actually exceptionally cruel!" Compared to Wu Yu, Mu Lingche was even more afraid of Beishan Mo. As such, she made sure to be extremely careful. She was extremely discreet about her waking up, and persevered in following behind the group even with her splitting headache. 

The group rode forth on their swords in the midst of the dense clouds around them. They were heading north. North of Shushan was the Endless Demon Seas…

Wu Yu was slightly alerted by this. He said to Nangong Wei, "I think it's about time for that Heaven sword rank disciple to announce exactly what type of mission you guys are going on this time."

"Mm." Nangong Wei actually had similar thoughts too. Together with Wu Yu, the two of them accelerated and quickly caught up to Li Chuxue. Nangong Wei said, "Li Chuxue, are you not going to tell us more about this mission's details? I don't want to be left muddle headed in the dark."

If not for Wu Yu, she would actually have explained everything clearly back at the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode.

Li Chuxue did not dare to oppose Nangong Wei She slowed down and said, "The destination for our mission is Yin Yang Mountain."

The larger purpose of their so-called mission was actually to provide their group with an opportunity to train. A cultivator who spent their entire life hiding within the sect could never achieve much. This was because they would be lacking in practical battle abilities, perception, and the skills to handle various matters. This was the reason their elders had arranged this mission for them, to gain some practical training in the field.

Of course, even an idiot would know that the moment Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei left the Shushan Immortal Sect, they were definitely surrounded by the strongest of cultivators covertly guarding them from nearby. Wu Yu naturally knew this too. Li Chuxue was merely a Heaven sword rank disciple that acted as their guide and would help with some trifling matters. 

As for the Yin Yang Mountain, Wu Yu had a vague understanding of it. This was an unbroken mountain range that was close to the Endless Demon Seas. On the side that was facing Shushan, the sun constantly shone and it was lush with vegetation. The other side, which was closer to the Endless Demon Seas, was a withering, pitch black scene instead. The mountain range had two entirely opposite faces, hence it was known as the Yin Yang Mountain. This barren wasteland served as a buffer zone between the two opposing forces of humans and demons. There was usually not a single soul on it. 

The previous encounter Wu Yu had with the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu occurred close to this Yin Yang Mountain.

The so-called mission was to provide the group with practical training. As for why they had to train in a place that was so close to the Endless Demon Seas, Wu Yu had no idea. However, it was clear that this was a place where one could easily come across a demon.

"Why are we going to Yin Yang Mountain?" Nangong Wei asked.

Li Chuxue explained everything in full detail, "At the foot of Yin Yang Mountain, there are blue jade mines that belongs to our sect. However, we've never extracted any ore from these mines. The sect has recently sent men to carry out some mining there, and apparently they've found that the ores from these blue jade mines are of exceptional quality. In the outskirts of the mines are three lines of spiritual marks, whereas deeper into the mines there are apparently even grand blue jade ores that have over five or even six spiritual marks. In light of this, we've been tasked to watch over this large-scale mining operation until most of the ores have been successfully extracted."

Many of the treasures of this world were plants that were found in nature. They were known as immortal essences, and while most of them were used to refine immortal medicine, some of them had standalone uses as well.

There were also minerals and metals that could be found beneath the earth. These were formed with the moisture of spiritual qi over countless years and were known as precious treasures. The closer the spiritual qi moisture ended up to the core, the more spiritual marks would appear. 

These blue jade mines were precious treasure ore veins.

When a sect found a precious treasure ore vein, they would usually extract resources from it in secret. If they sent a huge amount of people to occupy the area, things could escalate to a state of war between the various sects. After all, these were materials used in the making of immortal treasures. As such, this was a matter of extreme importance for every sect. For instance, many of the Shushan Immortal Sect's immortal treasures were smelted by the elders. In the process, they used precisely these precious treasure materials.

Nangong Wei was slightly taken aback as she replied, "If a grand blue jade ore has five spiritual marks, I think it can even be used to make many supreme immortal treasures. If it has six spiritual marks, it may even be used by the Seven Immortals in the creation of top-level supreme immortal treasures, or even dao treasures as well…

“If you put things this way, our practical training mission this time is actually rather important."

Ores with five spiritual marks were run of the mill. If they had six spiritual marks, they were certainly of a higher level, because if news leaked about the existence of these, there was a possibility that demons would show up to covet these goods. This place was right beside the Endless Demon Seas after all.

Of course, a precious treasure with six spiritual marks was definitely not as important as the lives of any individual in this group.

As such, while the ores were important, it was apparent that the focus of this mission was to let Nangong Wei and the rest gain practical training experience.

"All we have to do is defend the area and ensure that the mining operation at the blue jade mines is completed successfully," Li Chuxue said. 

After understanding what was going on, Nangong Wei and Wu Yu returned to the back of the group.

After some thought, Wu Yu felt like this was no big deal. However, ever since they heard that the destination of their mission was Yin Yang Mountain, Nangong Wei's expression seemed to change. She became quieter and continued to fix her gaze in the direction of the Endless Demon Seas. Her gaze gradually intensified with a bloody aura, and feelings of hatred seemed to rise up in her. 

Wu Yu tugged on her snow-white palm and asked gently beside her ear, "What's wrong?" 

"Big Brother, I've been dreaming of my dear mother very often lately. Perhaps she wants me to do something." Nangong Wei looked into the distance as she clenched her teeth slightly.

Wu Yu hesitated for a moment. He recalled that her mother had been killed by a demon. That was the Mizar Sword Immortal's wife, so what demon was able to kill her?

"My father told me that the one that killed my mother was the king of the demons, Ying Huang. There will come a day where I will rend Ying Huang's flesh into thousands of pieces so that he will never be able to reincarnate ever again. This will let my mother close her eyes in peace in the depths of the nine springs." At this point, Nangong Wei choked with sobs a few times and her gaze seemed less bloody with rage. Avenging her mother's murder. In her mind's eye floated images of the countless beautiful memories she had with her mother, as well as her father's constant anguished crying.

Ying Huang!

Wu Yu's heart trembled for a second.

It was indeed a prominent demon.

This was Jiu Ying's father.

Wu Yu felt dispirited by this. He suddenly felt as though the heavens were playing a huge joke on him. Jiu Ying was a decent person. However, his father was rumored to be ruthless and violent, and was a big enemy of all cultivators. It was not difficult to believe that he would kill the Mizar Sword Immortal's wife.

"Big Brother, if such a day ever comes, will you lend me a helping hand?" Nangong Wei suddenly stared at him with a rather emotional expression.

Wu Yu seemed lifeless for a moment as his mind was deep in thought. Killing Ying Huang - would this not make him Jiu Ying's father-killing enemy?  How would he be able to face Jiu Ying then?

As a result, he was unable to immediately give an answer.

Nangong Wei was disappointed, so she asked again, "Actually, I understand that you may be afraid or scared. He's the king of demons after all. He's even stronger than any of the Seven Immortals of Shushan. Then, Big Brother can at least show me some support, right?"

Wu Yu knew that Nangong Wei's feelings for him were not weak at all. Such affection was hard to come by. She had ignored Beishan Mo and defied her own father and even went against all of Shushan just to be together with him. She was someone that he definitely could not let down. On the other hand, Jiu Ying was a friend that was hard to come by. Despite this, he was not as important as Nangong Wei. If he had to make a choice between the two, he had to support Nangong Wei. It was only showing support for revenge after all. 

After all, everyone had the right to seek revenge.

As such, he gave Nangong Wei a satisfactory answer. "A life for a life, this is heaven's law and earth's principle. Ying Huang heartlessly killed your mother, so he naturally can't escape from retribution for his sin."

She was the just and honorable one here.

Wu Yu was not familiar with Ying Huang at all. He could only hope that if such a day ever came, Jiu Ying would not be involved in the matter. He was innocent after all. Wu Yu understood him. Jiu Ying was an extremely unique demon, and Wu Yu felt that he always behaved as though his life was his own. Even though he was the son of Ying Huang, it did not mean that Ying Huang would end up as someone who had to be avenged.

Tears were streaming down Nangong Wei's face. "I'm only afraid that after I've given up so much for you, you'll ultimately end up stopping me due to the benevolence in your heart. If that's really the case, I'll be really disappointed and inconsolably hurt. I'll..."

"Say no more. I won't stop you." Wu Yu covered her mouth.

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