Chapter 0341: High Level Mission

This time, Wu Yu and Nangong Wei spent a whole year in the Unrivaled Sea of Swords. Wu Yu defeated around 100 Shadow Puppets and earned 60,000 merits, whereas Nangong Wei only defeated half of that number. However, Nangong Wei's enemies were stronger and their remains were worth more, so she obtained around 60,000 merits as well. She wanted to give these 60,000 sword cores to Wu Yu, so she framed her words differently, "This is not from my father. It's the merits that I've earned with my own hard work and I want to give them to you. You're not allowed to reject me."

Nangong Wei looked at him expectantly. She was sincere about this, so Wu Yu felt like he had to accept this “gift” from her.

Nangong Wei did not actually need to kill any Sword Puppets here. However, the fact that she did so for Wu Yu's sake was something that Wu Yu took to heart.

As such, Wu Yu now had 120,000 merits. He was richer than ever before.

He first traded 40,000 of them for immortal medicine refining materials, and the two of them returned to the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode. Nangong Wei continued to work on her second mystique, whereas Wu Yu focused on refining immortal medicines in the medicine refining room. He spent a period of two months continuously refining Golden Essence Pills and was about to repeat the entire process.

After making each Golden Essence Pill, he almost always directly refined his doppelgangers with it.  

As he became more familiar with his craft, his speed of refining Golden Essence Pills became faster and faster. At the start, it took him half a day to make one furnace's worth, but towards the later stages, he took merely a quarter hour instead.

This meant that he had made remarkable advancements on the path to dao enlightenment. Even though the medicines he continuously made were just normal Golden Essence Pills, each step required meticulous control. He had to repeat these steps tens of thousands of times, so he naturally became exceptionally good at it.

After three months, he had used up all the refining materials. He had spent a large amount of immortal essences, and his failure rate had been low. He had successfully made approximately 70,000 to 80,000 Golden Essence Pills.

However, these Golden Essence Pills were quickly all eaten up by his 10 doppelgangers. Providing for 10 doppelgangers was already tough, so Wu Yu could not imagine how difficult it would be to sustain the infinite amount of doppelgangers he would eventually be able to make…

Thankfully, the end results were amazing!  

The Jindan essences of these 10 doppelgangers were practically equal in level to Wu Yu's own. Although they were lacking in defense and were easily defeated, their offensive abilities were shocking.  In theory, the 10 doppelgangers would be able to defeat Mu Lingche if they surrounded her and attacked together. As for what their limits were, that could be determined after the experience of an actual battle. 

Unshackled Doppelganger had not let Wu Yu down. The performance of his doppelgangers thus far exceeded Wu Yu's initial expectations. In particular, they were exceptional in terms of Jindan essence. Any one of them could match up to Wu Yu in this aspect.

After all, they were the accumulation of all of Wu Yu's exorbitant expenses and hard work.

As for Nangong Wei…

After so many days of cohabitation, they were already treating each other as though they were together. 

The Mizar Sword Immortal did not seem to interfere in Nangong Wei's matters, so she was able to continue staying in the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode. However, there seemed to be signs of worry on her face recently. Wu Yu dreaded that she could only continue to stay by his side for a little longer. The Mizar Sword Immortal definitely wanted her to experience more effective practice and improvements. For instance, Beishan Mo had recently continued to slay even more demons, and he was at the peak of his power. Apparently, he was closing in on the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, and was improving at a faster rate than Nangong Wei.  

The Mizar Sword Immortal would probably be anxious about this.

Wu Yu was not stupid. With how things currently were, the Mizar Sword Immortal definitely resented him. If not for Wu Yu, why would Nangong Wei waste her time by following him around?

Sure enough, it did take that long for something to happen. On a day when Wu Yu was pondering about the eighth tier of Jindan Dao and Nangong Wei was progressing towards the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, a voice rang out from outside the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode, "Nangong Wei, I'm here on orders of the Mizar Sword Immortal. He has a mission for you."

This female voice was cold and pure. It reminded others of a white lotus flower, holy and inviolate.

One could obviously tell that the person behind the voice was exceptionally powerful. She was at least superior to Nangong Wei.

"I'm not going." Nangong Wei was resolute and decisive. She replied without even opening her eyes.

"Big Sister Nangong, you can't afford to squander your time away any longer. This isn't good for you all. This time, sixth master is getting a little angry as well. If you're still so stubborn, I'm afraid he may even personally show up. This Heaven's Equal Cave Abode is like a barren pile of land. It'll only delay your progress. You should go out to kill demons like me. Wasn't slaying demons your wish all along?  How can you let such a piece of trash hold you back during your prime?"

Beishan Mo's anxious voice that was full of resentment followed up closely.

He had arrived as well.

On Nangong Wei's end, every word of Beishan Mo's undeniably caused turmoil in her heart.

She opened her eyes and stood up. Wu Yu was standing before her as well.

"You should go. You and I are connected by our hearts, so we don't need to see each other every single day. I don't want to delay your progress either. Just remember to come look for me once you return." Wu Yu gently pat her feminine shoulders and smiled.

"Big Brother." Nangong Wei hesitated for a moment, but she agreed in the end after giving it some thought. If she continued to spend her time here, it was true that her father would not approve of it. She had already been with Wu Yu for over two years this time, and her improvements had certainly been slower than Beishan Mo’s. 

Rumors had already been spreading that Wu Yu's actions would only cause harm to Nangong Wei. Many people felt resentful against Wu Yu now. 

They all wanted the sect to become stronger in the future after all.

After bidding farewell, Nangong Wei reluctantly turned to leave. After taking just two steps, her eyes suddenly sparkled. She turned back immediately and said, "Big Brother, I'm so stupid. I could totally bring you with me. We can train together, and check out the wonders of the divine continent together. This wouldn't hinder your cultivation, right?"

Wu Yu had indeed not left Shushan in a long time, so he was wanting to take a look as well. After all, the Shushan Immortal Sect was a natural harbor for them, and it was a place free from any mortal danger. The outside, on the other hand, was different altogether. Crooks were mixed in with honest folk, and other than demons, there were subtle battles of strength between other parties going on all the time. It was truly dangerous. 

Before this, he was only focused on progressing to the next cultivation level and improving his doppelgangers.

After hearing Nangong Wei's suggestion, Wu Yu gave it some thought. He did not really want to allow Beishan Mo to be so close to Nangong Wei. He nodded, "If it's possible, I'll go with you."

"That's great." To Nangong Wei, this was the best of both worlds. She hurried over and locked her arms in Wu Yu's. While she leaned on Wu Yu's shoulder, the two of them walked out of the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode. Before their eyes were six people waiting, and Beishan Mo was one of them.

These five who could stand with the Shushan genius Beishan Mo were naturally top-level talents in their own right! Other than the woman at the helm, who was probably over 100 years old, the rest seemed to be Earth sword rank disciples. The oldest was not more than 50 years old, and they all had a natural aristocratic poise. It went without saying that these were descendants who were at least at the level of the Shushan Sword Sages. There was another familiar face. Mu Lingche was here too.

In this group, Mu Lingche stood by the side, probably because she was the weakest of them. However, it was clear that she had been working hard these past two years. She had successfully entered the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and became an Earth sword rank disciple. With these great improvements, her social standing had suddenly risen as well. She had vaulted from the social circle of Xiao Huanshan and friends to Beishan Mo's social circle instead.

The woman at the head of the group seemed to fit the role of He Taozi. However, her level of skill was certainly a world's difference from him.  This woman wore a long, white dress that was as pure as a lotus flower. Even though she had at least 100 years of experience as a cultivator, her outer appearance looked like that of an ordinary 26 or 27-year-old woman, which were the most charming years for a woman. Her round buttocks, shapely thighs, and flirtatious countenance could arouse any youth around her. However, her stern expression and pure poise also garnered respect, and no one dared to transgress her. 

Along with Nangong Wei, the team would be made up of Earth sword rank disciples. This leader was probably responsible for their protection, or she may be involved with coming up with the group's strategy. Based on Wu Yu's best guess, such a figure would probably be a Heaven sword rank disciple.

Of course, despite the fact that she was the leader of the group and the team's strongest member, she was not the center of this group. This was Beishan Mo instead. Even at this moment, she was facing Beishan Mo while standing at his side. She basically had an indifferent expression towards everyone else, but with Beishan Mo, she had a gentle countenance instead. She looked at Beishan Mo with what could even be considered a flattering and sycophantic gaze, and her actions seemed to revolve around him too.

Beishan Mo still did not know about Nangong Wei's decision. The moment she left the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode, his face suddenly became full of smiles. He now over 20 years old, so he gave off a youthful aura that was more mature than before. His impressively suave appearance was accompanied by an extraordinary disposition. Even though he was a man, he was at Nangong Wei's level. In a crowd of 10,000 his arrival alone would make him the center of attention. 

"Big Sister Nangong, you've finally come to your senses. I'm certain that you'll be able to feel the obvious difference for yourself." Beishan Mo smile reflected the happiness in his heart. 

"Cut the nonsense." Nangong Wei glared at him before looking to the woman at the helm. She said, "Li Chuxue, I want to bring him along with me on this mission."

Nangong Wei's words had an air of dignity about them. Even in the face of this Heaven sword rank disciple, she was resolute and decisive. It was not easy to turn her down.

The woman known as Li Chuxue was taken aback. She did not dare to offend Nangong Wei, so she looked to Beishan Mo for help. As expected, Beishan Mo was the first to object. "This definitely can't be done. This mission was personally arranged for us by Sixth Master. Only the six of us are allowed to take part in it. Also, the mission involves some confidential matters related to Shushan, whereas Wu Yu is only an ordinary Xuan sword rank disciple who is far from qualified enough to join the core of our Sect. Nobody's sure about his background either. What if he's a mole of some demon or ghostly cultivator? As such, it is unacceptable for him to go with us.”

Li Chuxue added, "That's right. I don't agree with his addition either. He is far from eligible for a mission of this level. After all, the Mizar Sword Immortal has personally arranged this for you all. Even Mu Lingche's addition was due to a special favor."

Mu Lingche's parents were both Shushan Sword Sages, so that was why she qualified for this. As for Wu Yu…

The others waited quietly. Even though they did not speak, it was clear that they were reluctant as well.

Nangong Wei's gaze turned cold. She looked Beishan Mo in the eye and said, "Fine. If he's not going, I'm not going either. Come find me only once you've changed your mind."

After this, she lead Wu Yu back even without turning for a second look.

Wu Yu saw that Beishan Mo was shaking with anger, so he winked at him mischievously.

When one became angry, their heart of dao would not be as stable as before.

"Fine, but I want to check if he's actually capable enough!" Beishan Mo replied.

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