Chapter 0338: Dao Treasure

There were three types of immortal treasures: ordinary immortal treasures, spiritual immortal treasures, and supreme immortal treasures!

On the other hand, dao treasures were on a level even higher than these immortal treasures. The simplest difference between the two was that immortal treasures were all made from copied spirit designs, whereas dao treasures were all made from actual spirit designs. The latter were all drafted with primordial spirits, and were not just copies. 

Of course, the spiritual power of these dao treasures far exceeded that of supreme immortal treasures.

A true spirit design had the ability to wipe out the heavens and destroy the earth. If one were to use primordial spirits to draft an immortal treasure with it, the dao treasure made in this process would naturally be overwhelmingly strong. 

"The strongest weapons in this mortal world are all dao treasures. Unless you truly have the potential of becoming an immortal, it would be extremely unlikely for you to obtain an immortal weapon that is more terrifying than a dao treasure," Ming Long explained with a stern expression.

Unexpectedly, this Beishan Mo not only had the legacy of the Green Depths Sword Emperor, he even had something as mystical as a dao treasure. If he treated Wu Yu as an enemy, then all that he had today made him an extremely difficult opponent to deal with. His puerile face was not a good indicator of how difficult it would be to deal with him.

"You don't have to worry, this lad is still far from being able to utilize his dao treasure. The dao treasure can at most only protect him slightly for now. What you have to be more careful about is the spirit remnant within that dao treasure. It could be the Green Depths Sword Emperor. Reaching as far as the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao before perishing is already considered a great honor to any martial cultivator. It is merely a single step away from becoming an immortal after all. Under the guidance of the Green Depths Sword Emperor, this boy could very well become an immortal. His future achievements should be even greater than that mistress of yours."

Wu Yu was stunned by such information, but first had to reply, "Can you not use the term 'mistress?’"

"Keke." Ming Long laughed dryly.

Wu Yu never expected that a historical figure such as the Green Depths Sword Emperor could actually be handed down in this dao treasure.  On second thought, this seemed entirely reasonable. Ming Long still existed after all. They were both at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, so in theory, as long as their primordial spirits did not perish, they could exist forever. Additionally, dao treasures, like the Ruyi Jingu Bang, could serve as the perfect vessels to preserve the lives of their spirit remnants.

Ming Long had mentioned that Beishan Mo could potentially become an immortal, whereas becoming an immortal had been Wu Yu's dream as well. He could at least sense that this youth before him was an opponent unprecedentedly stronger than anyone else he had met on his path to become an immortal!

The key thing was that Beishan Mo was not stupid either. He even had the backing of the Seven Immortals of Shushan and the constant guidance of the Green Depths Sword Emperor. A person like this had to have a flawless level of wisdom as well. A wise opponent who was also skilled in combat was definitely one that was hard to deal with.

As they made eye contact with each other, Beishan Mo slowly stood up, and the white robe that he was wearing billowed around him. Beishan Mo looked rather peaceful and plain. Every action of his naturally reflected the simple dao enlightenment in his heart. It was clear that the level of enlightenment he attained was exceptional. 

Wu Yu reckoned that this Beishan Mo was originally very poor as well. He had probably turned his entire life around after meeting the Green Depths Sword Emperor, just like how Wu Yu had changed his after coming across the Ruyi Jingu Bang and Ming Long. Furthermore, the Seven Immortals of Shushan may have accepted Beishan Mo as their disciple only under the directions of the Green Depths Sword Emperor. If that was truly the case, it may even be true that Beishan Mo was more important to the Mizar Sword Immortal than Nangong Wei.

He was simply the descendant of former generations; the pride of the heavens! 

"Wu Yu." Beishan Mo called out to him. His voice was clear and bright, yet it still shook everyone to the core. The echo of his voice seemed to ring out from right beside every ear in the crowd.

He had clearly been waiting here for quite some time. There was an antagonistic air about him.

As expected, his next line was spoken in a harsher tone. He said, "I've heard about your past deeds. While you do have some skill, you're far from qualified to be with Big Sister Nangong. I'd advise you to quickly break off your ties with Big Sister Nangong and myself. If not, I'll be sure to bury your corpse right here. Do you understand?"

This youth looked so delicate, yet his words were exceedingly cold. With an imposing demeanor, he got right to the point and made himself clear. While he spoke, his azure eyes never left Wu Yu. From behind those eyes, his strength surged like the violent waves on a vast ocean. This was evidently another person who was able to defeat Shen Xingyu.

In this very moment, Shen Xingyu was actually only a short distance away from Wu Yu. She was short of breath and had a panicked expression on her face. She kept looking at Wu Yu with a meaningful glance, as though instructing Wu Yu to back off for now and discuss his options rather than stubbornly going against Beishan Mo right here and now. 

Wu Yu understood her good intentions, but he was a grown man after all. There were some things that he could not back down from. His eyes blazed with determination as he met Beishan Mo's forceful gaze and replied, "And who might you be? Are you perhaps the Mizar Sword Immortal? If you're not, then you have no say in my relationship with Wei Er. If the two of us are willing, then we'll become dao companions. How does this concern you? Since you call Wei Er ‘Big Sister,’ you're going to have to call me brother-in-law in the future if things go as planned."

Wu Yu's words immediately resulted in an uproar. The crowd did not expect Wu Yu to dare to say such words even in the face of someone like Beishan Mo. Actually, Wu Yu already knew his identity. He just pretended not to know.

After all, everyone had been singing the praises of Beishan Mo, so Wu Yu had a clear idea of who he was. As for who would eventually be able to become an immortal, that had yet to be decided. 

After Wu Yu finished speaking, Shen Xingyu's face turned white as a sheet. She moved behind Wu Yu and her face had lost all color. She said, "You haven't heard about his identity?  Wu Yu, listen to Big Sister here. This is someone you cannot afford to provoke. You'd better admit your mistakes to him and concede. After you get past this hurdle, I'll tell you more about him. Let me remind you that he's the disciple of the Seven Immortals of Shushan. The way they treat him is unprecedented!"

Wu Yu casually waved his hands behind him, signaling to her to mind her own business.

Wu Yu always felt that there were some situations where one had to stand their ground as long as they were alive. It did not matter who he was facing. Even the Mizar Sword Immortal could not make him back down. 

In fact, Beishan Mo did not show any signs of anger after hearing Wu Yu's words. His personality was actually rather mellow, and even the words “brother-in-law” did not cause him to throw a fit of rage. He remained cold instead, and said, emphasizing each word, "I understand. I see that you're not ready to listen to my warning, so I shall kill you today and explain what happened to Big Sister Nangong and my masters later."

This Beishan Mo was quick to act! After he spoke, he leapt onto his sword and flew over. Around him was a terrifying chill that made the surrounding Xuan sword rank and Earth sword rank disciples disperse quickly. The crowd had startled expressions as they escaped far away. The only ones left right outside the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode were Wu Yu, Shen Xingyu, and Beishan Mo.

"This Beishan Mo is such a tyrant. He's willing to kill a genius like Wu Yu with almost no hesitation at all!"

"Duh, he's the disciple of the Seven Immortals of Shushan. For someone as treasured as him, killing even a Sword Sage would not result in any punishment from the Seven Immortals, much less Wu Yu. I heard that the Seven Immortals want to groom him into the next Green Depths Sword Emperor. That's why they collectively accepted him as their disciple in the first place!"

"Right now, the ruler of the Yan Huang Imperial City and the Shangyuan Dao Sect's Taixu Sage Master are both exceptionally powerful individuals. Each of them could single-handedly fend off all seven of our Shushan Immortals. In this generation, our Shushan still lacks a strong individual who is of the highest level. This is why we're oppressed by the Shangyuan Dao Sect. If Beishan Mo becomes someone like this, then our Shushan can definitely turn the tables on the Shangyuan Dao Sect!"

To put things simply, the Shushan Immortal Sect had many strict rules. Every time someone weak broke these rules, they would have committed a serious crime. However, for someone like Beishan Mo, these rules were meant to be broken. He was privileged enough to be the exception to every single rule. 

This did not apply to others. It was simply because he was the one and only Beishan Mo.

Now that he wanted to kill Wu Yu, the crowd felt like it was entirely expected. At this point in time, there was no one who dared to come forward to help or offer advice. Their lives were no joking matter, so no one was willing to take the risk.

Even at this stage, Shen Xingyu had not left. This was sufficient for Wu Yu to feel thankful towards her. She stood beside Wu Yu with an expression of worry. She said, "Beishan Mo, Wu Yu still doesn't know your identity, that's why he blurted out such nonsense. Please show him some mercy and let me make things clear to him."

Beishan Mo did not hesitate even one bit and replied, "Stop protecting him. From his gaze, I can tell that he recognizes me.  Before I decide to slaughter you as well, you should get lost."

He was indeed clever enough to know how to read others.

Soon after, Beishan Mo unfolded his bounded and imposing presence. In an instant, it seemed like the entire Xuan sword domain was surrounded by a vast ocean. Before Wu Yu's eyes was an endless mass of waves, with the master of these waves being Beishan Mo himself. Before everyone else, he was high and mighty and occupied the high ground. A vast ocean that was incomparably heavy seemed to directly flow towards the top of Wu Yu's head. It brought with it a terrifying amount of suppressing power, and crashed straight into Wu Yu's stubborn body. 

"If you kneel down before me and tell me that you're willing to leave Big Sister Nangong, then I won't kill you. I also want 3,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills from you," Beishan Mo said indifferently.


This wasn't Golden Essence Pills, it was Inner Sea Essence Pills. That was worth 300,000 Golden Essence Pills! It would be almost enough to purchase dozens of supreme immortal treasures! The vast majority of Earth sword rank disciples didn't even have a net worth of 3,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. Even a significant number of Heaven sword rank disciples did not have that many assets either.

Despite this, Beishan Mo was still able to arrogantly say those words.

On one side was the danger of death, and on the other was being 3,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills in debt but staying alive. It was clear to all what Wu Yu should choose, especially under the heavy pressure of Beishan Mo.

"How strong!" Wu Yu had to admit that this youth's level of ability and battle prowess far exceeded his own. Just his intimidating presence was enough to pressure Wu Yu to the point of finding it hard to breathe. Furthermore, his flesh was at the brink of collapsing under the pressure of his opponent.

Despite this, Wu Yu raised his head to look at Beishan Mo, and had yet to take even a single step back. At this point, he was unsure of how many others could even help him. All he knew was that if he backed off now, it was akin to his dao wavering. Even if he were to die, he would not concede.

Some battles had to end in death!

With extreme difficulty, he drew out Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword and the Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword. This was as clear an answer as Beishan Mo needed.

"Nicely done. You've picked an unwise choice. I expected this though. Big Sister Nangong would not regard you with special respect if you did not at least have a little backbone." Beishan Mo remained calm, but his hands were preparing for a massacre. 

Such a genius was being challenged!

Wu Yu took a deep breath. His body started to heat up and bubble with rage. When it came to the dao he inherited, the more pressure it was placed under, the more valiant it became. In just a short amount of time, he felt like he had made strides of improvement on the path of dao. He had an unprecedented breakthrough, and it was as though his body was an entirely new world. 

Right now, this very world was rising and erupting! 

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