Chapter 0335: Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique

Within the Unrivaled Sea of Swords, core-tail talismans could not be received.

Once Wu Yu left the Unrivaled Sea of Swords, a piece of talisman paper that seemed to have been floating in midair for quite some time flew into Wu Yu's hands.

This was Nangong Wei's hand-writing.

"Big Brother, have you entered the Unrivaled Sea of Swords? Have you come out from there? I am not sure when you'll see this. I've gone to complete a mission that my father has given to me. Once I'm done, I will come looking for you. Don't worry. (I can't receive any core-tail talismans at this point in time. Please do not reply).”

"I wonder what this mission is that the Mizar Sword Immortal has arranged for her." Shushan had too many secrets. Wu Yu was not of high enough standing to be in the loop for most of them.

However, the fact that Nangong Wei still worried about him made him feel pretty good. After obtained the core-tail talisman, he flew up the Clear Sky of Shushan, passing through the Huang Sword Domain and Xuan Sword Domain before arriving at the Xuan Sword Domain's Dao Arts Hall.

This was Wu Yu's first visit to the Dao Arts Hall here. It was set up similarly to the Immortal Treasures Hall. Within the Xuan Sword Domain's Dao Arts Hall, there were around 200 or so Heaven Earth Void techniques. Heaven Earth Void techniques were of a higher level than Jindan Dao techniques. These were developed from the combination of the hard work from earlier generations. These dao techniques had an illustrious history and could only be created with deep enlightenment and considerable practice. As of now, Wu Yu still lacked the ability to do so.

"Heaven Earth Void techniques require one to be at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Only cultivators of that level have the sufficient level of perception to learn these techniques. You are still some ways off from that level, so I urge you to not be so impatient," the Earth sword rank disciple showing him around advised. 

"It's alright, I'll just pick one to think over." Wu Yu strolled around as he searched through his options. Since there were over 200 Heaven Earth Void techniques, this took a considerable amount of time.

"Heaven Earth Void techniques transcend the heavens and earth. Even Mu Lingche was unable to practice these Heaven Earth Void techniques. If I'm able to do so, then their prowess will surely be enough for me to surpass my current limits."

Since he couldn't progress that quickly through the cultivation level, Wu Yu had to think about how he could improve in other aspects. He wanted to give himself the best and most well-rounded options.

Seeing how Wu Yu truly wanted to trade for a Heaven Earth Void technique, the Earth sword rank disciple was left speechless. Under his breath he muttered, "He's now in the good graces of a Sword Immortal's daughter, so he can afford to be so extravagant. He's already got his hands on two supreme immortal treasures, and now he even wants to get a Heaven Earth Void technique. I am truly envious."

As he said this, the disciple thought of how he still had to suffer so much for countless years after attaining the Earth sword rank before being able to finally own a supreme immortal treasure and learn a Heaven Earth Void technique. He could not help but shed a tear. 

Wu Yu, on the other hand, was still engrossed in the introduction of these Heaven Earth Void techniques.

"Seven Stars Spirit Snatching Sword Technique. The user will be able to channel their Jindan essence to call upon the power of the stars and forge the Seven Stars Spirit Snatching sword qi. They will no longer face any unbreakable entity, and every strongholds can now be overcome.  As long as the Seven Stars do not perish, this sword qi will not fade.

"Spirits of Blood Core Sword Technique."

This technique utilized the Spirits of Blood and was a technique of utmost cruelty that resembled the methods of the ghostly cultivators.

This was not only unsuitable for Wu Yu, but was also rather low in value as well. It could be obtained for a mere 11,000 merits.

After checking out all 200 Heaven Earth Void techniques, Wu Yu weighed the pros and cons of each one in order to find the technique with the highest value that also attracted him. Wu Yu's primary concern was finding a technique that could cause the most damage to his opponents. 

"Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique, 19,000 merits."

The crux of this sword technique was the “spirit petrifying” aspect of it.

Before the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, spirit and flesh were of one combined entity. Even though the spirit existed, one would not be able to see or come into contact with it. A person's perception and understanding of dao resided mostly in their spirit. There was also the saying that as long as the spirit was alive, one would live forever without perishing. For instance, Ming Long's current state was essentially that of an undying spirit being absorbed by the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

This Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique was said to be able to suppress one's spirit, or even harm it. With enough practice, a single move would be able to penetrate through the entire spirit, bringing instant death to the enemy. Even in the earlier stages, this technique was able to cause heavy damage to the enemy.

The key thing was that most cultivators would have no way of blocking the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique at all. They could only count on the innate strength of their spirit to withstand the technique.

Of course, the Spirit Petrifying ability was only one aspect of this sword technique. The other aspect was the flesh rending sword qi associated with it. If one attempted to block this part of the sword qi, it would greatly diminish their strength.

This sword technique was truly terrifying!

After more detailed research, Wu Yu decided to trade for this technique. As the Earth sword rank disciple jealously looked on, he obtained the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique and left without another word.

He spent a couple of days doing some more research in the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode and gained a decent understanding of the technique. With this basic understanding in his back pocket, he set out for the Unrivaled Sea of Swords once again.

"The Sword Puppets don't have spirits, so the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique may not be that effective against them. This is a weakness of this type of technique. If I were to fight against living things instead, its offensive power would be much stronger.

"It is only because these things don't have spirits that I can repeatedly practice against them. If I were to practice on an actual cultivator instead, I may accidentally end up killing them. Things would become troublesome indeed. After all, I probably can't fully control the strength of this Heaven Earth Void technique yet."

After some rough estimation, Wu Yu found that the Heaven Earth Void technique was of significant difficulty to master. He was not even sure if he would manage to master it in the Unrivaled Sea of Swords.

Wu Yu did not come across Mu Lingche and the rest when he entered the Unrivaled Sea of Swords. He did not know if they had gone deeper into the place or left it altogether. Wu Yu walked alone as he left the cottage and headed towards the depths of the Unrivaled Sea of Swords.

Beneath his feet lay the peaceful ocean. White clouds rolled past in the sky above him as they continually transformed into different shapes of swords.

In a place that stretched out for as far as the eye could see, Wu Yu gently stepped on the sea's surface. Wu Yu had already memorized everything regarding the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique, and now his primary task was to seek out the essence of this sword technique.

In order to kill the spirits of others, one had to first understand and contemplate the existence of their own spirit. One had to be able to truly grasp and perceive it.

Cultivation was often a perplexing task. Even with diligent meditation and painstaking study, one may not be able to obtain any results. Sometimes, however, one would unexpectedly find a breakthrough during ordinary day-to-day life.

In order to comprehend the Heaven Earth Void technique, one had to have exceptional perception. As Wu Yu reached the later stages of cultivation, he increasingly found that perceptive ability was something that was at least as important as the innate strength of one's body. 

Perhaps because he had received the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy, Wu Yu was more interested in Visualizing the Inner Ape. Looking at the Inner Ape, Wu Yu could imagine that the fiery golden exterior that covered the entire ape was not simply hair, but was also formed by a concentrated amount of dao. A single strand of hair encompassed many things. Even if Wu Yu were to use his entire enlightenment of dao now to refine his Jindan, it would not even compare to a single strand of this hair.  

The cultivation of the Heaven Earth Void technique was naturally more difficult than mastering supreme immortal treasures, but Wu Yu was not anxious. The path of dao required one to restrain their frustrations and anger. Violent emotions were only sometimes appropriate for battle. 

Only with a peaceful mind could one come in contact with dao.

"As dao revolves, the spirit shall not perish.

"The spiritual comes before the corporeal

"Three souls and seven spirits form the foundation of man. With energy and determination and a memory like a palace, one controls the body through the spirit."

"In the troubled seas of this life, flesh serves as a ship with the spirit aboard. If the ship sinks, the spirit aboard drowns with it. A plummet to the nine springs of hell.”

These cryptic words could only be fully understood when one finally experienced death first-hand.

In moments between life and death, some of these words seemed to reveal themselves.

Before even half a day had passed and while Wu Yu only scraped the surface of this Heaven Earth Void technique, he came across the first Shadow Puppet on the tranquil sea surface. As he was deep in thought, a human-shaped figure made entirely out of metal materials emerged from the water before him. As it rose up gradually, water dripped rapidly from its soaked body back to the ocean. When these water droplets reached the surface, however, there was not even a trace of a ripple. 

Wu Yu took a closer look at it. Other than the fact that the Sword Puppet was made of treasured metal materials, it was no different from an actual body of flesh. It was identical to an actual person in other aspects. With its lifelike eyes, nose, and lips, it looked like an armored soldier.

Of course, the most magnificent thing about it was none other than the spirit designs on its body. These were all special Puppets Spirit Designs. In the middle of its chest was a central spirit design with a complex central array. It acted as a channeling hub for the numerous other spirit designs of various shapes and sizes that surrounded it. The bigger spirit designs spanned the Sword Puppet's entire chest, whereas the small ones were merely dots on its body. There were over 100 spirit designs in on this Sword Puppet in total.

That Immortal Treasure Spirit Design whirred and drew in spiritual qi from the surrounding air, granting it virtually unlimited power. As the spirit designs arranged themselves perfectly, the symbols on them started to flash with brilliantly compatible colors. This was the first time that Wu Yu had seen one of the Grand Architect Sword Sage's creations. He was extremely surprised by the art-like masterpiece in front of him. From this work of art, he could sense the Grand Architect Sword Sage's passion for the pursuit of enlightenment and dao. 

"This spirit design has to be one of the most intricate ones in this world!

"The Grand Architect Sword Sage's dao has to be closely connected without even so much as a small tear. Sometimes, true meaning gained in the path of art can be closely related to the path of dao as well."

The strong were strong for a reason. 

The Sword Puppet before Wu Yu reminded him of this. This was particularly emphasized when the Sword Puppet drew out its sword and pointed it at Wu Yu. That demeanor and posture revealed an imposing aura that left others envious. The Sword Puppet could even speak, and it said, "I am the Grand Architect Sword Sage's creation, Water Ruler. I am eager to learn from you."

How interesting.

Challenging one of these was identical to duelling an actual person. There was virtually no difference at all.

The Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword appeared in Wu Yu's right hand. He wielded it before him and faced Water Ruler. "I am the Xuan sword rank disciple Wu Yu. Please teach me your ways!"

His counterpart did not stand on ceremony. Suddenly, Wu Yu could feel that the Sword Puppet was absorbing spiritual qi at a rate that was 10 times faster than before. As the spirit design whizzed and rotated, violent waves started to form on the once tranquil sea. The water transformed into an angry dragon. It coiled around Water Ruler and glared at Wu Yu with menacing eyes. 

The arrays on this Sword Puppet were probably all related to water.

One of the arrays started to shift. In an instant, Water Ruler's body started to transform. It became three times larger than before and was now colossal before Wu Yu's eyes. Even the blade of its sword had grown larger.

The next rotation of the array was accompanied by a lethal move. 

This spirit design was similar to the Cloudless Day's Scorching Sun Sword Design.

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