Chapter 0334: Accept Defeat After Losing a Bet

This was the most opportune moment!

After holding back for so long, now was the time to go all out. Moreover, it was the moment where Mu Lingche would be the most complacent and careless. 

The two supreme immortal treasures that Wu Yu had subdued appeared in the real Wu Yu's hands. At this very moment, Wu Yu had the slender and scorching hot Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword in his right hand. As he held it before his chest, heat circulated from the hilt of the sword and spurred the activation of the Immortal Treasure Spirit Design on it. 

His left hand was behind his back. Behind the scorching heat, an eerie, blue killing opportunity was hidden behind him, ready to strike lethally at any moment!

Flushing Jindan essence into each supreme immortal treasure, all 99 Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs on each weapon were activated around a main offensive design. Using the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, Wu Yu separated his will into two. Therefore, the two swords released their power at the same time. Their combined effects were stronger than the sum of their parts! 

"Cloudless Day's Scorching Sun Sword Design!" 

As Wu Yu launched the strike, domineering sword qi gushed out with the heat of the sun and formed a sword formation. Tens of thousands of golden scorching flames surrounded by sword qi were raging furiously on the peaceful sea surface towards Mu Lingche! 

Suddenly, waves of heat had appeared on the Unrivaled Sea of Swords. Even the peaceful sea started to boil. 

"Moon Waltzing Withering Sword Design!" 

Under the tumbling, hot sword qi, Wu Yu's other sword released an abundance of azure blue sword qi. This dense, blue sword qi was hidden within the shadows and had a mysterious, moon-like glow. As it merged with the scorching hot wave of sword qi, the two sword qis crossed and wove into a large net! 

The two main sword formations had truly left Mu Lingche completely trapped. 

It was as though there were countless suns and moons within these sword formations. As the suns and moons cycled around each other, they had completely trapped Mu Lingche. In an instant, the strength of these sword formations was revealed in a targeted explosion!

Bang, bang, bang!

As the violent Cloudless Day's Scorching Sun Sword Design and the Dark Moon Waltzing Withering Sword Design overlapped with each other, Mu Lingche was immediately imprisoned in the world of these swords. She had already fallen into Wu Yu's trap, and it was too late for her to respond. She was barely able to bolster her defense before she was engulfed by Wu Yu's attack! 

What a reversal!

Ping, ping, ping!

Wu Yu fully understood that he would be able to kill Mu Lingche on the spot this time if he wanted to. However, he had no need to do so. Of course, not wanting to overdo it didn't mean that he wanted to hold back completely either. He wanted Mu Lingche to at least suffer an adequate amount of heavy damage. A large amount of blazing fire sword qi passed through Mu Lingche's body, and the sword qi of the Moon Waltzing Withering Sword also pierced her flash. As the sword formations of moon and sun rushed through her body, the brutality of their power twisted her flesh and scorched her bones. Mu Lingche let out a painful scream. The miserable sound of it was world-shaking. 

This scene played out all too fast, so Xiao Huanshan and the rest were not able to react to it quick enough. They were still smugly grinning to each other, for they were unaware that such a big change could occur in such a short time.

Mu Lingche was definitely seriously hurt.

She had been thoroughly defeated by Wu Yu.

As things became clearer, the five others quickly shook off their sense of disbelief and immediately drew out their spiritual immortal treasures. They tapped into their sword cultivation dao techniques and charged towards Wu Yu from all directions. These individuals of noble descent gave off terrifying auras as they began to use their various mystiques.

Wu Yu was obviously no match for their combined forces. His actions were wilder and quicker than theirs, and after severely hurting Mu Lingche, he summoned the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column to transform it into nine pillars. These nine pillars lodged themselves into Mu Lingche's surroundings, and Wu Yu entirely locked her under his control. In this moment, Wu Yu effortlessly entered the area cordoned off by the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment. He then lifted Mu Lingche by the neck with his outstretched arm.

Mu Lingche was truly in a sorry state now. The sun and moon sword formations had left their marks on her body, and her body's efforts at recovering were repeatedly thwarted by the effects of Wu Yu's sword formation. In order to fully heal, she would have to spend an exceptional amount of energy to expel these effects. A full recovery could only be made after a period of recuperation. 

Her face was white as a sheet. She could see the scorching, golden sword qi and the sinister, azure sword qi pulsating beneath her skin. How brutal!

"Wu Yu...!" Mu Lingche's struggling gaze was fixed on him. Her flowing, white skirt of a hundred flowers and enticing figure were quivering within Wu Yu's hands. She was either angry, afraid, or perhaps even not admitting her defeat. 

Mu Lingche's life was entirely within Wu Yu's hands. The five others wanted to surround Wu Yu and attack, but they were hampered by the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment's strong defense. They were unable to easily overcome it, and if they made a wrong move they could end up hurting Mu Lingche instead. 

Wu Yu continued to hold Mu Lingche up. He pulled her right before his face and emphasized each word loudly and clearly. "You should accept your defeat after losing a bet. Losers have to resign themselves to fate. Trying to do anything else is useless." 

The ones outside started to cause a commotion and curse at Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu, let go of her, or I'll send you to the nine depths of hell!"

"Mu Lingche is the daughter of the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the Distant Fire Sword Sage. If you dare to lay a finger on her, you're dead!"

Xiao Huanshan gnashed his teeth in anger and ferociously remarked, "Wu Yu, don't force us to kill you. Our patience is limited."

Wu Yu was calm in the face of their threats. He continued to hold Mu Lingche up, and his brute strength rendered her entirely motionless.

"I can't be bothered to deal with you all. We've agreed on 20,000 Golden Essence Pills. At present, Mu Lingche is no longer a match for me. She has lost to me, so she has to cough up the 20,000 Golden Essence Pills. Otherwise, I naturally can't let her off easy."

As Wu Yu said this, he slightly increased his strength, causing Mu Lingche to become red in the face from being unable to breathe.

"Are you handing it over?" Wu Yu did not bother to humiliate her further, and stretched out his other hand to demand his payment. 

From a resounding victory to a miserable loss, Mu Lingche was probably experiencing a complete mental breakdown. She recalled that she had tossed Wu Yu's 2,000 Golden Essence Pills to the Common Sword Domain as if it was the natural thing to do. Now, however, she was being gripped by Wu Yu like a chicken. This was indeed absurd and pathetic. In her current state, she was like a dog that had fallen in the water, and was no longer the elegant Flower Fairy she once was.

Xiao Huanshan and the rest still wanted to attack, but Mu Lingche was in Wu Yu's hands, so they were helpless for now.

"You will regret this." Mu Lingche's face was getting redder.

"You're insane!" Since she was so disagreeable, Wu Yu decided to take things into his own hands. After all, her Sumeru Pouch was simply hanging by her waist. Wu Yu took it out. He was able to deal with the simple spirit design on the Sumeru Pouch. When he opened the pouch, its contents filled his eyes with glittering jewels. He did not look for anything else, and noticed that there was a considerable number of Inner Sea Essence Pills in it. With a flick of his wrist, 200 Inner Sea Essence Pills flew out of the Sumeru Pouch like fish out of water and landed in Wu Yu's hands. Wu Yu transferred these straight to his own Sumeru Pouch.

"Thanks." Now that the wager was in his hands, he looked at Mu Lingche mockingly. She was naturally angry with rage, but was still within Wu Yu's grip. After settling the matter, Wu Yu stretched out his hand to pat her cheek. As the slaps sounded, he remarked, "The next time you come across me, try to avoid me, or else I'll get 100 Inner Sea Essence Pills each time I meet you."

After this, Wu Yu exhausted what was probably all his strength to throw Mu Lingche to the far ends of the earth. As Mu Lingche let out a shriek, she vanished from everyone's field of vision in a flash. One could only sense that she had been tossed to the furthest reaches of the sea, and a splash only rang out after quite some time.

"Are you all not going to save her?" Wu Yu wiped his hands as he taunted Xiao Huanshan and the rest.

"Or do you all still mean to challenge me? I don't fight if there's nothing to be gained. If you want to fight me, prepare to offer at least 10,000 Golden Essence Pills." Wu Yu faced them with a relaxed expression. 

The truth was that if they actually ganged up on Wu Yu, he could only run from them. However, it would not be easy for them to harm Wu Yu either. As such, Wu Yu was no longer intimidated by them after he had defeated Mu Lingche.

"Wait and see!" Chen Fuyou was the first to retreat. He was far from being a close match for Wu Yu. He hurriedly added, "I'll go find Junior Sister Mu first."

The moment he left, the others did not stay either. They all set out to find Mu Lingche.

"Wu Yu, you've caused a huge disaster for yourself today. One day, you will come to regret your arrogance and despotism today!"

Lastly, Xiao Huanshan gnashed his teeth and roared at him angrily.

"What I've accomplished today is not even worth mentioning. I wouldn't dare overestimate myself. You bunch of losers are basically nothing to me anyway." Wu Yu smiled. He understood the situation clearly and did not treat them as significant opponents.

"Hmph! What a lowly disciple!" Xiao Huanshan let out a final curse before leaving to check on Mu Lingche's injuries.

Wu Yu had finally obtained a large amount of valuables. he had lost 2,000 Golden Essence Pills only to win 20,000 instead. He was in a good mood, and the moment the others left, he was already thinking about how to best use these newfound 20,000 Golden Essence Pills.

"The two swords that Wei Er gave me are certainly very powerful. Even Mu Lingche was unable to defend against them at all. I have even managed to control these two supreme immortal treasures. I am certainly not lacking in this aspect.

"According to the original plan, I should exchange my money for a new sword cultivation dao technique that is stronger than these two sword formations now."

With such a thought, Wu Yu had already set his mind on this goal.

As he looked across the vast Unrivaled Sea of Swords, he suddenly thought, "In this Unrivaled Sea of Swords there are many Sword Puppets. This would be a great place to train a new sword cultivation dao technique. If I obtain a new sword cultivation dao technique now, I can practice it while I further my cultivation as well."

He felt that the ideal course of action for now would be to leave this place and obtain a new sword cultivation dao technique before returning. Practicing in the Unrivaled Sea of Swords was probably a more focused way of developing one's sword technique.

There was a problem though. Every Unrivaled Token only allowed for two entries in a single year. If Wu Yu were to leave and return, this would be considered one entry. This probably meant that he would be left with only one more chance of returning for the rest of the year.

Thankfully, Wu Yu's calculations told him that there only three more months till the new year, so his two entries would be recharged by then. Him leaving today would not affect him that much.

"If that's the case, let me first return to the Xuan Sword Domain."

His decisive personality meant that he would always stick to a plan that he had decided on. Without a second word, he immediately left the Unrivaled Sea of Swords.

In all these years, he was probably the only one who had wasted an entry by leaving the Unrivaled Sea of Swords before even coming across a Sword Puppet.

Of course, Wu Yu knew that this was not a waste at all. Not only had he obtained his revenge, he had also earned a huge sum of money. Even spending three or so months in the Unrivaled Sea of Swords may not have earned him as many merits.

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