Chapter 0333: War of Vengeance

Wu Yu was perplexed. This group of descendants of various Sword Sages roamed the streets with swagger daily and acted completely without scruples. Why were they so fond of poking their noses into other people's business? 

He wasn’t in the mood to entertain them, but the other party was domineering and constantly targeting him. If it was just the four guys, Wu Yu could understand. However, even Mu Lingche saw him as an eyesore. Wu Yu couldn't remember a time he had offended her. 

Initially, she might be standing up for Xiao Huanshan and the rest. However, she had defeated him once already. 

Could it be that she couldn't stand the fact that someone she had defeated was doing better than her? 

Wu Yu wouldn't care what Xiao Huanshan or Chen Fuyou said. They had long been left behind by him, so he would simply treat their comments as rumors spread by petty people. However, the other party included Mu Lingche, the number one ranked on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals. He was feeling a little indignant since the previous defeat. Now that they had met and clashed, he wasn't thinking of leaving. His eyes stared right into Mu Lingche's as he said, "What happens to me should have nothing to do with you, right? As for how it’s going with Wei Er, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with you. What gives you the right to meddle with us? You aren't interested in me and I'll never be interested in you. Why are you clinging onto me obstinately?" 

Mu Lingche sneered. "Nothing. I'm just feeling that Shushan is our Shushan. Creatures with lowly bloodlines like you must be dreaming to consider competing with us and fighting for our resources. Forget about gaining a meteoric rise by becoming a dao companion to the daughter of a Sword Immortal. You are just someone I've defeated. What qualifications do you have? You aren't even qualified to carry my shoes, let alone Nangong Wei." 

Wu Yu rarely got angry. However, Mu Lingche's words infuriated him instantly. Initially, he had no intention to spoil his mood today. However, the other party clung to him obstinately. Wu Yu wasn't afraid of trouble and had thoughts on how to deal with people like them. Therefore, he shouted, "Fine! It's a fact that I was defeated by you before. In that case, I'm challenging you, Mu Lingche, again. Let's go by the old rules of 20,000 Golden Essence Pills or 200 Inner Sea Essence Pills. Does this Shushan orthodox dare to accept the challenge?" 

Having claimed to be the orthodox descendant of Shushan, it was clear that she wouldn't be able to take this taunt lying down. 

Chen Fuyou laughed and said, "Wu Yu, have you become too rich recently? Can you even take out 20,000 Golden Essence Pills? Or are you going to beg Nangong Wei shamelessly? This isn't the Immortal Battleground, but the Unrivaled Sea of Swords. If Junior Sister Mu wanted to cripple you, no one would stop her. Do you believe it?" 

Mu Lingche smirked and said, "Stop boasting and putting up a strong front. If you can really take out 20,000 Golden Essence Pills, I'll just defeat you again. This time, your defeat will be more utter." 

Wu Yu didn't say a word. He retrieved the Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword and the Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword and said, "Their value is 45,000 merit points. If you win, choose either one of them. You can sell it at the Yi Treasure Vault for at least 20,000." 

These were the tokens of love Nangong Wei had given him as rumored. When she saw the two swords, Mu Lingche couldn't help but turn around and smile at her companions. 

"This Wu Yu must have gone nuts from anger to wager these two treasures. This is perfect!" The group conversed secretly. 

"Junior Sister Mu, win his weapon over. When Nangong Wei learns about this, she will definitely be infuriated by his uselessness. Perhaps she might just cast him aside. At that time, we will have the opportunity to become the son-in-law of the Sword Immortal. Junior Sister Mu, we are relying on you!" 

"That's right. Wu Yu has the personality of a gambler. If I were Nangong Wei and learned that he had lost a gift from me in a bet, I'd definitely not forgive him." 

Although they were conversing in secret, their thoughts couldn't escape Wu Yu's eyes. 

Wu Yu was indeed more intelligent than them. Whatever they were thinking about at the moment, Wu Yu had expected. Therefore, he wasn't worried that Mu Lingche wouldn't take up the challenge. What happened today had to be settled through battle. Otherwise, this group of people would just linger around him just because Mu Lingche had once defeated him. Only through battle could he shut their mouths permanently. 

Mu Lingche smirked with disdain and replied, "Alright, I'll play with you again. However, don't cry on the spot after you lose. Besides that, this isn't the Immortal Battleground. I'm not going to be merciful to you anymore."  

"Junior Sister Mu, our chances of wooing Nangong Wei are all in your hands now." 

"If we make it big in the future, we will definitely not forget about you." 

Mu Lingche rolled her eyes at them and commented, "With what you guys are capable of, even I'm not interested in you. Don't embarrass yourself." Although that's what she said, Mu Lingche wasn't pleased with the sudden appearance of Nangong Wei. She was once the princess of the entire Shushan. However, this had changed. Nangong Wei was a notch higher than her in terms of status and standing. 

The next instant, the group of guys retreated. However, they surrounded Wu Yu in four directions and appeared to be preventing him from escaping. 

On the peaceful and silent surface of the sea, Wu Yu and Mu Lingche stood face to face. Facing the same opponent for the second time, Wu Yu had made lots of preparations. He knew exactly why he had lost before. He would always review and ponder every loss. The main reason why he had lost was because he didn't understand his opponent well. 

Mu Lingche's long dress moved without wind blowing. Colorful petals appeared out of nowhere and danced around her. At the moment, it was like having 100 flowers blooming at the same time, making Mu Lingche appear like a fairy with intoxicating beauty among the flowers. 

However, Wu Yu still felt that the beauty of Mu Lingche was a little too immature compared to Nangong Wei's beauty, which resembled a phoenix dancing in the sky. 

To put it simply, Mu Lingche didn't have the same demeanor. 

Wu Yu was prepared for this battle. the moment the battle started, he used Immortal Ape Transformation immediately and turned into a golden ape. Appearing on the peaceful sea surface, his violence and fervor formed a stark contrast with the peaceful sea surface. 

Subsequently, Wu Yu plucked five strands of hair and blew at them softly. All of a sudden, six identical golden apes appeared before Mu Lingche. 

Every golden ape held a sword in his hand. However, none was using a supreme immortal treasure. As they swapped their positions, the golden rays masked the vision of Mu Lingche and the group, making it difficult for them to tell which was the real Wu Yu. 

"Isn't the limit of doppelgangers just three? Why are there five now?" 

"He might have hidden them previously. So what if there are five? In the face of Mu Lingche's mystique, these are just small little tricks." 

While Chen Fuyou and the rest were baffled, Mu Lingche simply smirked disdainfully at the doppelgangers. Considering their battle strength, these five doppelgangers weren't particularly strong. 

She twisted and danced as countless petals surrounded her. Her graceful figure was incomparably alluring. The next instant, petals filled the entire atmosphere. Just like before, she activated her mystique, the Hundred Flower Fantasy. A dense aroma of flowers shrouded towards Wu Yu. 

It was as though the entire world had become a sea of petals. 

Wu Yu held his breath and sealed his connections with the spiritual qi in the heavens and earth throughout his body. For him, this battle had to be finished rapidly. Therefore, he launched his attack the moment the Hundred Flower Fantasy was shrouding towards him. 

Whoosh, whoosh!

Six golden apes split up abruptly After which, they charged towards Mu Lingche from different directions. Instantly, they executed various sword techniques, such as God Eclipsing Void Sword, Killing God Void Sword, and others. Their might were huge as they could distort space and obliterate a substantial number of petals. 

"Severing your connection to the surroundings? Let's see how long you can last." Mu Lingche smiled mockingly. She naturally knew she wouldn't get her way so easily this time. However, this wasn't all she was capable of. 

At this moment, a sword suddenly appeared in her hand. 

That sword resembled an elongated petal. It was red and especially stunning. There were various Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs on it which were activated and circulating rapidly under the propulsion of her vast Jindan essence. 

"Supreme immortal treasure!" Wu Yu had not expected another person other than himself to be able to form a blood bond with a supreme immortal treasure while still in the Jindan Dao Realm. It would appear that the reason why Mu Lingche was ranked first on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals wasn't simply because of the effects of the Hundred Flower Fantasy. 

The Hundred Flower Fantasy still affected Wu Yu. First, Wu Yu wouldn't be able to replenish his Jindan essence. Secondly, the aroma of the flowers would still forcefully penetrate into his body. There was no way to avoid them. 

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Six golden apes surrounded Mu Lingche. As they jumped and moved around, they waved their swords and clashed directly with Mu Lingche. Clearly, with a supreme immortal treasure in her hands, Mu Lingche was more ferocious and was pushing back the golden apes. 

When Chen Fuyou and the rest witnessed this, they smiled. "Wu Yu won't last long in the face of Junior Sister Mu's Peony Immortal Sword." 

"Yeah. The Hundred Flower Fantasy is Junior Sister Mu's realm. Anyone who fights with her in it would be greatly disadvantaged." 

"Haha, Wu Yu isn't going to make it!" 

While they were laughing, Mu Lingche increased the intensity of her attacks abruptly. At that instant, she executed a new sword cultivation dao technique. 

"Hundred Flower Fantasy Heart Piercing Sword Technique!" The moment she executed this, she easily destroyed a doppelganger. After which, she locked down on the other five and started her slaughter. Mu Lingche looked relaxed and her attacks were casual. 

"Crush!" Petals danced around as she struck out a stream of sword qi through the doppelganger's heart, killing it. 

At this instant, she pressed forward domineeringly and crushed another doppelganger of Wu Yu. 

At this moment, Wu Yu's real body was positioned diagonally from Mu Lingche. This was an opportunity. Since the beginning of the battle, he had not used his full strength. All of this was for this instant. 

The truth was that the group didn't know that Wu Yu had succeeded in forming blood bonds with the two supreme immortal treasures. Therefore, they felt that Wu Yu was at his wit’s end in the battle. 

At this moment, Wu Yu leapt into the sky violently with the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column in his hands. Activating the Nine-Directional World Shatterer, he smashed towards Mu Lingche. 

Mu Lingche snorted. "I already knew that you would attempting an ambush in the midst of the chaos!" She was prepared for this. The moment she finished her previous move, she launched another strike. The sword qi was incomparably fearsome and pierced through Wu Yu before he was able to smash the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column at her. 


Wu Yu exploded! It was just a doppelganger! 

Unfortunately, Mu Lingche had not expected this. She had deduced that Wu Yu would be waiting for an opportunity to strike. However, she had not expected the first Wu Yu to attempt an ambush to be just another doppelganger. 

At this moment, the real Wu Yu was holding the Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword and the Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword in his hands. He was right behind Mu Lingche and had waited for this moment for a long time. 

This was the perfect moment, where Mu Lingche was still feeling proud about destroying Wu Yu's doppelganger that held the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. 

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