Chapter 0331: Unrivaled Sea of Swords

Although Wu Yu claimed to be able to handle the supreme immortal treasures, Nangong Wei wasn't that certain until Wu Yu had really succeeded in doing so. 

Moreover, Wu Yu wasn't just getting one supreme immortal treasure, but two. 

The concept of two supreme immortal treasures was very different from one supreme immortal treasure. 

These two supreme immortal treasures were a little unique. Due to the relationship of their previous owners, they had formed a certain degree of bond. The sentience of supreme immortal treasure could be considered as rather mature. When they formed a bond, Wu Yu would likely have to form a blood bond with them consecutively. Otherwise, they were unlikely to be willing to form a blood bond with Wu Yu while the other was cast aside. 

Therefore, they were much more difficult than ordinary supreme immortal treasures. 

After returning to the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode, Nangong Wei said coquettishly, "Big Brother, you can focus on forming the blood bond. Let me protect you." 

"No problem." 

The path of cultivation was a lonely one. If you had someone with the same thinking and dao to accompany you, it would be a different cultivation path. 

When you opened your eyes after trying to gain dao enlightenment, you would see a companion by your side. 

Perhaps this would make one feel loved. The process of enlightenment might also originate from her. 

It would be especially so for a couple with exceptional talent. They could interact, communicate, and fight side by side with each other. It would be hard for ordinary brothers or even father and son relationships to reach this level of closeness.


With her by his side, Wu Yu also felt more at ease. Therefore, he placed all his attention on the two supreme immortal treasures. 

Wu Yu placed the two supreme immortal treasures before him. One was long and golden, while the other was short and blue. The entire training room was illuminated by these two sources of light. As they shone, the two glows didn't clash at all. Instead, they were in perfect harmony. Between the two swords, it was just like having two small beasts leaning against each other while conversing. 


In an instant, Wu Yu grabbed the hilts of these two swords at the same time. 

One on the left while the other on the right. 

With Yin Yang Sword Wheel, he could separate his attention into two. At the same time, he injected the same method of forming blood bonds into the two supreme immortal treasures! 

Wu Yu instantly felt that there was a vastless world within the supreme immortal treasures. Suddenly, he felt like he was separated and entered two different worlds. One world was the interior of a scorching sun. Raging, scorching flames were distributed around him. In the other world, he felt like he was in the middle of the moon. The moon was calm like water and surrounded him in coldness. Eerie murderous intent appeared to have nested itself within the atmosphere. 


Due to Wu Yu's entrance, huge changes instantly swept the two worlds. Within the scorching sun, angry flames spewed as the earth shook and split. Within the moon, a cold wave swept across and sword qi erupted from all directions. The moon was like the water and tumbled ferociously. 

At this instant, Wu Yu was expelled from the worlds. The two swords in Wu Yu's hands trembled violently to break free from his control. 

"Big Brother...." 

Nangong Wei was a little worried. She knew how difficult it was to subdue a supreme immortal treasure. A few days ago, she had to spend several days subduing the Scarlet Phoenix's Bloody Sword. 

For Wu Yu, the difficulties were clearly greater. 

However, Wu Yu didn't give up despite being expelled time after time. With his boundless physical strength, he held the two supreme immortal treasure with vice-like grips. The supreme immortal treasures were trembling furiously in his hands. They even activated their spirit designs to attack Wu Yu. Raging flames and cold waves swept across Wu Yu's body through his arms.

One should know that a spiritual immortal treasure wouldn't react as such. Only supreme immortal treasures possessed the capabilities to attack on their own will. 

"Vajra Transformation." Wu Yu wasn't gentle with them and turned into the Inner Vajra Buddha.The six-zhang-tall Buddha fully wrapped his hands around the two swords, making it even harder for them to break free. As the powers of the spirit designs on these two swords crept towards Wu Yu, the entire Vajra Buddha was set ablaze. That eerie sword qi also rampaged on Wu Yu's body as it moved disorderly. However, it would be difficult for them to break down the Inner Vajra Buddha within a short timeframe. 

This transformation also put Nangong Wei at ease by a little. However, she still didn't really believe Wu Yu would succeed. 

At this point, Wu Yu re-entered the spiritual worlds of the two supreme immortal treasures. The moment he entered this time, he visualized the Inner Ape. Wu Yu felt a mysterious change. The Inner Ape he had visualized had appeared within the world of these supreme immortal treasures! 

Bang, bang, bang!

The supreme immortal treasures were attacking the Unparalleled Monkey King, covering him in flames. 

With the Inner Ape ahead of him, Wu Yu was better prepared this time. The truth was that he just had to withstand the waves of attacks from these two supreme immortal treasures. After all, supreme immortal treasures didn't have a supporting source and would wear out easily. 

The flames of the scorching sun raged violently and crashed down towards him. However, Wu Yu remained unmoved like a mountain. He was immersed in the world of the Inner Ape. His will and spirit remained unmoved and focused on finding and engraving his insignia within the worlds of the supreme immortal treasures. 

Time passed slowly. Looking from the outside, the Inner Vajra Buddha seemed to be cracking under the attacks of the two supreme immortal treasures. 

Nangong Wei's eyebrows knitted together unconsciously. She felt that Wu Yu had risked his life a little too much. 

Suddenly, the two supreme immortal treasures held their attacks and became gentle. As for Wu Yu, he transformed back to his human self. He held the two supreme immortal treasures in two hands. On the left, it was the image of a scorching sun raging, while on the right, it was the image of a peaceful moon. His expression was changing between golden and eerie blue. One could tell that he was getting paler, but his gaze was fervent and confident. Looking at the two supreme immortal treasures in his hands deferentially, he had undoubtedly succeeded.


It was over.

Seeing this, Nangong Wei was shaken and couldn't hold back her curiosity. "How did you do this?" 

After all, she had just gone through this experience. 

"Nothing special. You just need to have a strong spirit and determined will." Wu Yu said what he felt, and this was truly his secret for his success. 

"Unbelievable." Nangong Wei was slightly stunned. That shocked expression was a little cute and resembled her younger self. However, she soon accepted this outcome. She laughed lightly and said, "I knew Big Brother wouldn't disappoint me." 

"Of course. It's just two supreme immortal treasures. They are nothing," Wu Yu replied with a smile. 

"Big Brother, continue getting familiar with them. I have to focus and take the next step too." Nangong Wei sat down with her legs crossed before Wu Yu. She probably wanted to face Wu Yu while cultivating with him. 


The couple sat face-to-face. Despite not conversing, they were able to sense each other's temperature and breathing while cultivating. This was also an incredible experience for them. 

Between the Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword and the Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword, there were close to 200 Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs. Among which, most of them were Supportive Spirit Designs to enhance the potency of their attacks. They were also two main spirit designs that supported the supreme immortal treasures. Similar to the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, the two supreme immortal treasures each had an Offensive Spirit Design that could activate all other spirit designs to form a direct killing strike. 

On the Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword, there was the Cloudless Day's Scorching Sun Sword Design with formidable force. On the Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword, there was the Moon Waltzing Withering Sword Design with strong destructive force. Together, they could easily send chills down their enemy’s spine. 

Wu Yu was currently studying these two spirit designs. He was fully engrossed in this process. After mastering the two supreme immortal treasures, this step wasn't difficult at all. He just needed a little more time.

Occasionally, he would find Nangong Wei still cultivating when he opened his eyes. Dazzling flames of nine colors shrouded her. Within the flames, she was just like a fairy girl that was reborn. Every detail of her face was so alluring. Wu Yu was a little emotional. It had just been a few years and the little girl had grown into a girl everyone would envy and the dream dao companion of all guys. 

Being able to stay with her was also a chance encounter. He could probably save 10 years of diligent cultivation. 

Time passed. 

Along the path of cultivation, cultivation seemed to be much easier with someone always accompanying you. Soon, Wu Yu had largely completed his discoveries of these two treasures. Currently, the three main treasures he had with him were all given to him by Nangong Wei. He treasured them dearly. 

Although he came from eastern extremities, Nangong Wei and him were just like childhood bosom friends. 

Approximately a month had passed. On this day, Nangong Wei woke Wu Yu. After he opened his eyes, he saw her with a bitter expression. "Big Brother, my father asked me to return to the Immortal Domain for a period of time. He has arranged a mission for me and I have to complete it." 

Looking at her expression, Wu Yu immediately knew it was instructions from the Mizar Sword Immortal. She had to complete it. Therefore, Wu Yu didn't hold her back. Even dao companions would not be together all day and night. He nodded his head and replied, "It's alright. If you miss me, you can always come and look for me." 

"Let's keep in contact through the core-tail talisman." Nangong Wei handed over a thousand core-tail talismans to him in a specialized Sumeru Pouch. As such, they could almost use these to have a normal conversation. It was also because she was loaded that she had bought so many core-tail talismans in one go. After Wu Yu learned about it, even he felt like she was a spendthrift.... 

Wu Yu saw her off the cave abode. It was still the same as before, with many people paying attention to them. The fact that they had been "living together" for over a month had long been leaked out. At this moment, the entire Shushan had both envy and hatred for Wu Yu. 

"Oh, right, there's another matter." At the entrance of the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode, Nangong Wei pushed Wu Yu back into it and closed the door. She retrieved an entirely white, sword-shaped token from her Sumeru Pouch and said, "This is an Unrivaled Token for you, and it shall be yours from here onwards."

"What's the use of this?" Wu Yu took it, examined it, and didn't find anything special about this token. It was just that the spirit design on it was hard to replicate. 

Nangong Wei replied, "This gives you the right to enter the trial of the Unrivaled Sea of Swords. You need to have the Unrivaled Token to enter the trial of the Unrivaled Sea of Swords." 

Wu Yu had not heard of this place before. Therefore, he didn't interrupt her and allowed her to continue explaining. 

"The Unrivaled Sea of Swords is a land of trials established by the sect for outstanding young disciples. There aren't many people who know about this. Those with Unrivaled Tokens keep this confidential. I believe that even if I had not given you this, Shen Xingyao would likely bring one to you in the next few days. Compared to the other lands of trials of the immortal sect, the Unrivaled Sea of Swords will undoubtedly earn you the most merit points and will give you the best training. After all, one needs to be classified as a genius to qualify to enter. For example, people in the class of Zhao Xuanxian would have to approach the ninth tier Jindan Dao Realm and above to barely qualify for a chance to enter the Unrivaled Sea of Swords. As for He Taiyao, she isn't part of the core of our Shushan Immortal Sect. Therefore, she likely wouldn't qualify." 

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