Chapter 0330: Thoughts

At this point, Nangong Wei clearly looked stumped. She hesitated for a while before answering, "Big Brother, I have promised my father to not tell anyone about my encounters in the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. All you have to know is that I have experienced some tough training and managed to hold on till the end. Through this training, I have obtained generous results. The Shushan Reincarnation Realm concerns highly confidential information about the Shushan Immortal Sect. If you can reach the level that my father has in mind, you will also learn about the details of the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. 

"Oh." Although Wu Yu was disappointed to not learn about the experiences that had spurred her growth and change, Wu Yu understood that this was confidential information in Shushan. As he wasn't part of the core of the Shushan Immortal Sect currently, it would indeed be better if he remained oblivious to it. 

Nangong Wei pulled her hand and said solemnly, "Big Brother, don't you ever leave me. Although my father has set restrictions on me, I see you as my man. For your future cultivation, I will help you out too. You don't have to feel pressurized by it."  

As a girl, Nangong Wei had expressed how she felt about Wu Yu openly. Therefore, Wu Yu felt that he shouldn't be acting wishy-washy. He stretched his hand over, pinched her face and answered, "Rest assured. In our cultivation path, for as long as you don't find me a burden, I will always accompany you and will never leave you behind." 

"That's great!" Nangong Wei smiled gently. That satisfied smile was like a blossoming flower in the cave abode. Her fire-like passion raged strongly in the cave abode. 

After enjoying each other's companionship for some time, Nangong Wei broke the silence and asked, "Big Brother, are you still using the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column?" 

Wu Yu nodded his head and answered, "That's something Wei Er gave me, so of course, I'm still using it. Even if I wasn’t, I would have kept it with me." 

The truth was that she did not know about Wu Yu's current battle strength. All she knew was that he was roughly at the seventh tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. After giving it some thought, she felt that the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was just appropriate for the current Wu Yu. 

Nangong Wei smiled contentedly and said, "I just like it that you are always using what I gave to you. When you reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and can use a supreme immortal treasure, I'm going to give you another treasure so you will think of me and can see my shadow in it at all times." Her gaze was burning with enthusiasm. 

Suddenly, Wu Yu felt like Nangong Wei's personality had become much more domineering. It was as though she wanted Wu Yu just for herself. However, Wu Yu was not against this idea. He smiled and replied, "If you are talking about when I can use one, the truth is, I can use a supreme immortal treasure right now." 

"Huh?" Nangong Wei was taken aback. She shook her head and continued, "Big Brother, you don't understand how difficult it is to control a supreme immortal treasure. I have only managed to handle the Scarlet Phoenix's Bloody Sword recently after expending much effort." 

Wu Yu smiled slightly, saying, "Are you looking down on me?" 

Naturally, he was joking about it. 

However, this aroused Nangong Wei's curiosity. In the past, Wu Yu had always been a freak in her eyes. It was also unprecedented for a sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivator to live in the Xuan sword domain. Therefore, she became interested in Wu Yu's combat capacity. 

With the thought in mind, she suddenly struck. Her finger was like a sword with flames circulating around it like snakes. Out of the blue, she attacked Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu knew she was testing him out. Therefore, he flicked out his finger too. Their fingers clashed in mid-air and in close distance. Although the other party had the incomparably boundless power of a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator behind her strike, Wu Yu's physical body was well-refined. He withstood Nangong Wei's attempt to test his strength, and the contest ended in a draw. 

"How can this be possible?" After a brief attempt to test his strength, Nangong Wei understood his combat ability. 

Wu Yu answered, "Although my improvements aren't as great as yours over the years, I did achieve something. I was only allowed to enter the Xuan sword domain, despite rules and customs, after I challenged and defeated the ninth ranked cultivator on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals." 

Nangong Wei thought about it. The upper echelons of the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals were definitely 10th tier Jindan Dao cultivators. For Wu Yu to defeat a 10th tier Jindan Dao opponent when he was at the sixth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, it was an unbelievable achievement even in the eyes of Nangong Wei. Therefore, she was both shocked and elated. "Big Brother, it appears that I have really underestimated you. I did not expect you to always surprise me!" 

She seemed content. However, when Wu Yu recalled the difference between him and her, he understood that his improvements were nothing much. After all, he had inherited the legacy of an immortal and should be stronger than Nangong Wei. 

"Let's go and choose a supreme immortal treasure." Nangong Wei pulled him along. 

Wu Yu immediately said, "Wei Er, this wouldn't do. A supreme immortal treasure is too valuable. It's better if I earn it myself. Leave your cultivation resources for yourself. You will need them too." 

As a man, Wu Yu was still uncomfortable with the idea of using her wealth. 

Nangong Wei gave him a stare and said, "What are you talking about? I'm just getting you some gifts. Furthermore, my father is giving me 200 Inner Sea Essence Pills each month. I was still worrying about how I was going to use all of them!" 

200 Inner Sea Essence Pills were equivalent to 20,000 Golden Essence Pills. When Wu Yu heard her, he suddenly felt the urge to spit blood out. Comparison would indeed infuriate oneself. It was especially so if you compared yourself with a rich second-generation like Nangong Wei. 

He was in dearth of resources while she was worrying over not being able to spend all her resources! 

"Follow me. I'm not accepting a wishy-washy attitude. In my heart, you are a decisive hero with an indomitable will." Nangong Wei chewed her lip and stared at him. Under her brutal threat, Wu Yu thought to himself, "She will be with me for eternity. I just have to make it up to her after spending some of the resources that is worrying about failing to fully utilize." At the thought of this, he nodded his head. 


"That's the way!" Nangong Wei was finally satisfied. Subsequently, the couple left the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode. When they emerged from the cave abode, they suddenly noticed a number of Xuan sword rank disciples peeking at them. The next moment after they left the cave, these disciples left. Clearly, they must have been loitering around for some time. 

As such, Wu Yu deduced that the rumors of Nangong Wei and him had probably spread throughout Shushan. Most likely, it had caused a huge uproar and he was once again the man of the hour. 

"Why are these people so curious about others? How annoying." Nangong Wei rode her sword beside Wu Yu as the two headed towards the Immortal Treasures Hall together. The two of them moved in a row. At least from their appearance, they were a good match. 

When they left, many Xuan sword rank disciples began discussions about them. 

"Look at their relationship. They must be really close." 

"I'm really envious of Wu Yu. Not only does he have exceptional gifts, but he is also lucky with girls. He's probably going to enjoy instant ascension this time.” 

"Don't read too much into this. I don't have high hopes for them. Truth be told, with Wu Yu's current state, he's far inferior to Nangong Wei. The Mizar Sword Immortal would definitely not agree to them being together. Not everything has been cast in stone. 

"That's true." 

"However, they are both young and full of vigor. If they are going to move around as a couple all the time, a lot of things could happen...." 

Wu Yu didn't have to hear them to know what they were discussing. 

Perhaps there were many who felt that he wasn't deserving of Nangong Wei at this moment. However, Wu Yu wasn't feeling pressurized by it. Although Nangong Wei might be better and more dominating at this moment, Wu Yu was confident in his potential and was certain that he would overtake her someday. 

Along the way, Wu Yu and Nangong Wei were under the attention of all the Xuan sword rank disciples. In fact, there were even Earth sword rank disciples paying attention to them. Soon, the couple arrived at the Immortal Treasures Hall. After landing, Nangong Wei said with dominance, "Big Brother, I've failed to keep to my end of the promise. Pick anything you like from the Immortal Treasures Hall and I'll get it for you as an apology." 

This time, she was resolute. Wu Yu didn't want to disappoint her again and therefore said, "Just don't repeat it in the future. If it happens again, a meagre supreme immortal treasure wouldn't appease me!" 

Naturally, it was a joke. 

"I understand." She wrapped her arm around Wu Yu's, leaned on him, and walked into the Immortal Treasures Hall with Wu Yu like a couple. When the surrounding crowd witnessed this, they couldn't help but be envious of them. Everyone around knew how lofty Nangong Wei's status was. In comparison, they were actually envious of Wu Yu. Not only was he able to be with a beautiful girl at all times, but the purpose of their trip here was likely to get Wu Yu some immortal treasures.... 

Instantly, many people had the impression that Wu Yu was living off a woman. 

Any man would probably be envious and jealous at the sight of this. 

Since she was generous with him, Wu Yu didn't stand on ceremony. He happened to be at the poorest moment he had ever been and therefore wasn't concerned about other matters. He walked to the Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword and Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword directly. He didn't have to say a thing and Nangong Wei could tell how much these two supreme immortal treasures meant to Wu Yu. Together, these two supreme immortal treasure were worth more than the Scarlet Phoenix's Bloody Sword. 

"I remember that these two swords were owned by an immortal couple of Shushan. They roamed the world together and shared life and death." Nangong Wei was still a young girl who was fond of such stories about supreme immortal treasures. Seeing them, she felt more attracted to them. 

One was a mixture of golden yellow and fiery red like the sun in the sky, while the other was dreamy blue like the moon. Through life and death, they remained together. 

"I'll be taking them," Nangong Wei said to the Earth sword rank disciple who was stationed there. 

"That... It would be 45,000 merit points...." When facing the daughter of the Mizar Sword Immortal, even the Earth sword rank disciple was nervous. He was also the one who had given an introduction about the two swords to Wu Yu. Looking into Wu Yu's eyes currently, he was really envious of him. 

"Catch." Nangong Wei was generous. After a brief count, she threw a Sumeru Pouch to him. In the Immortal Treasures Hall, immortal medicines could also be used in placed of sword cores. 

"Yes, yes." 

Soon, Wu Yu received the weapons that he dreamed of getting. 

It was easy and casual. 

Through this process, Wu Yu finally understood how lucky it was to have someone backing you. No matter what she wanted, there was almost nothing she couldn't get. 

After putting the two supreme immortal treasures in his Sumeru Pouch, Wu Yu still felt as though he was in a dream. 

"Big Brother, let's go." Nangong Wei saw his reaction and found it hilarious. 

Many people had witnessed this. Wu Yu was clear that the news of Nangong Wei getting him two supreme immortal treasures as gifts would soon spread throughout the entirety of Shushan. As such, he felt a little like he was being kept as a "mistress,"

"Big Brother, do you need dao techniques? If you really can handle supreme immortal treasure, do you want to give the Heaven Earth Void technique a try? I have only just mastered a Heaven Earth Void technique." After spending a large number of Inner Sea Essence Pills, Nangong Wei wasn't feeling the pain at all. 

"I'm fine, this is enough." Although this was convenient and Wu Yu had such needs, Wu Yu wasn't comfortable with getting things he didn't earn through his effort. He also knew clearly that he wasn't Nangong Wei. If she were to arrange everything for him, he would likely lose his own self. His intuition was telling him to not push further. 

"Alright then! Let's talk about it again after you form a blood bond with these supreme immortal treasure." Nangong Wei wasn't insistent on this. Subsequently, the two left the Immortal Treasures Hall before the envious eyes of a huge crowd of Xuan sword rank disciples.

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