Chapter 0329: The Rules of The Sword Sages

"Shen Xingyao, what is this about?" The Lunar Flower Sword Sage, the East Mountain Sword Sage, and the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage could only attempt to get an answer from Shen Xingyao. 

Shen Xingyao didn't attempt to hide anything as he said, "A few years back, Nangong Wei went to the Common Sword Domain to play for a period of time. She also stayed with Wu Yu for some time." 

So that was why. 

Seeing that they were hugging too tightly, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage felt bottled up and anxious. She said, "They must have been young and ignorant when they developed affections for each other. Does the Mizar Sword Immortal know about this...?" 

Shen Xingyao replied plainly, "You don't have to worry about that." 

"Alright." Since Shen Xingyao had said so, this matter wouldn't concern her. As this matter concerned the future of Nangong Wei, the Mizar Sword Immortal would most likely handle it himself. 

Wu Yu was recently defeated by Mu Lingche. Because of Nangong Wei, he was right back at the forefront of gossip. Looking at them staring at each other lovingly, every single person would be able to tell what the relationship between them was. 

With the beautiful girl in his embrace and her feminine scent assailing his nostrils, Wu Yu subconsciously held her tighter. 

Nangong Wei leaned against his chest, opened her red lips, and said, "Big Brother, after returning from the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, I was under some restrictions. Please forgive me for not being able to meet you on time." 

This was just as Wu Yu had expected and therefore he wasn't particularly concerned. He replied, "If it's convenient for you now, let's find a quiet place before we talk about this further." 

"Yeah!" Nangong Wei nodded her head. She looked at Wu Yu and said, "You must have become a Huang sword rank disciple by now. In that case, let's head to your cave abode." 

With her cultivation level reaching the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, she naturally could get a rough grasp of Wu Yu's current Jindan Dao Realm tier. In terms of cultivation level, she had far exceeded Wu Yu. 

"My cave abode is in the Xuan Sword Domain. Let's go." Considering Nangong Wei's status and cultivation level, she would definitely be able to roam the entire Clear Sky of Shushan as she wished. 

"Xuan Sword Domain?" Nangong Wei was a little surprised. She had not expected Wu Yu to have improved so substantially. With his current cultivation level, it would be an exception for him to be in the Xuan Sword Domain. 

The couple no longer had others in their eyes. After agreeing, Wu Yu allowed Nangong Wei to pull him along. Without bidding farewell to the crowd, the couple dived down. She was astonishingly quick and soon reached the barrier with Wu Yu. That barrier did not stop her as they entered the Xuan Sword Domain. 

Currently, she had many things on her that Wu Yu couldn't understand. 

However, Wu Yu wasn't concerned about it. Seeing that Nangong Wei had become so unfathomable, he was sincerely happy for her. 

After they witnessed the couple leaving with swagger, the remaining Shushan disciples exchanged glances. Everyone wore a spectacular expression. 

"Wu Yu, that brat, is pretty good! He has taken down the sole daughter of the Mizar Sword Immortal so easily. Why can't I find such charisma on a rascal like him?" Shen Xingyu was probably the only person who was elated by this event. 

The other Sword Sages were all looking gloomy. 

"Shen Xingyao, are you sure the Mizar Sword Immortal won't restrict them?" In the eyes of the Lunar Flower Sword Sage, the current Wu Yu wouldn't deserve Nangong Wei if they were to come dao companions. 

"That would be the Mizar Sword Immortal's own concern." Shen Xingyao didn't wish to elaborate further. After speaking, he left immediately and was probably heading towards the Domain Master Palace of the Huang Sword Domain. 

"Sigh! Brother, wait for me!" Shen Xingyu dashed forward in a hurry. 

After they left, the remaining Earth sword rank disciples and Shushan Sword Sages felt complicated. 

"I don't think well of their future. The Mizar Sword Immortal would definitely not agree to this!" Mu Lingche sneered. 

 Chen Fuyou gritted his teeth and said, "That's definite. Wu Yu is really shameless to punch above his own weight. I believe Nangong Wei must have been deceived by him when she was young. Soon, she will be able to tell the difference between Wu Yu and her!" 

Regardless, the first battle of Nangong Wei today and her relationship with Wu Yu would likely spread throughout the entire Shushan Immortal Sect and even the entire divine continent in a short period of time. 

However, Wu Yu and Nangong Wei weren't concerned about this. They arrived at the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode, entered it, and activated the closure spirit design. Only the two of them remained within the Heaven's Equal Cave Abode filled with spiritual qi. 

Burning with lust like kindling set ablaze, Wu Yu felt flushed from seeing her alluring, cherry lips. Without a further word, he wrapped his arms around her slim waist and kissed towards those red lips. 

That instant felt suffocating. 

"Argh!" The moment they contacted, a black flame burnt towards Wu Yu's mouth, causing him to cry out loud. He released Nangong Wei immediately. Without the need to look, he could tell that his lips were probably badly burned. In fact, he could even pick up the hint of a burnt scent with his nose. 

The black flame burnt with such ferocity that even his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body ulcerated. Clearly, this wasn't any ordinary flame. Wu Yu had never expected her to harm him and therefore was dumbfounded. 

However, Nangong Wei was taken aback too. Subsequently, she looked flustered, walked towards Wu Yu, and asked anxiously, "Big Brother, are you alright?" 

"I'm fine." Wu Yu felt a little gloomy. Luckily, he dodged in time and therefore it wasn't too serious. It would probably take two hours for him to recover. It was just that his lips currently resembled two burned sausages and were unsightly. 

Nangong Wei was furious and said, "This must be the doing of my father. He's the best at these types of strange measures!" 

Wu Yu understood he had wronged Nangong Wei. This wasn't Nangong Wei's doing. Instead, it was the Mizar Sword Immortal who had placed a spirit design or other measures on her. If Wu Yu had wanted to kiss her, he would be roasted before succeeding. Therefore, Wu Yu could forget about deeper interactions if he couldn't even kiss her. 

At the very most, he could only hug her. 

Wu Yu calmed himself down and stared at Nangong Wei, who had immortal fog circulating around her. At this moment, she was as alluring as a ripe peach and as hot as a flame. 

"The Mizar Sword Immortal probably knows about my existence, right?" asked Wu Yu. 

Nangong Wei nodded her head and continued, "He definitely knows about it. There are few things in the Shushan Immortal Sect that he wouldn't be aware of. In fact, he might be just beside you and you had yet to even notice his presence." 

Wu Yu suddenly felt goosebumps appearing all over him. He was surprised to learn that there was a Sword Immortal who was paying attention to him. If he were to get together with Nangong Wei in the future, this father-in-law would be truly frightening. Based on current circumstances, he was benevolent to not have killed him with a single blow. 

As such, he could very well forget about touching Nangong Wei until they actually become dao companions. 

The two of them sat with their legs crossed in the training room with their backs against the wall. After not seeing each other for several years, there were naturally many things each party would like to know about. 

"Big Brother, I have something to apologize to you about," Nangong Wei suddenly said. 

"Say it.” 

Her beautiful eyes stared at Wu Yu. She wanted to speak but faltered and stopped. After pondering for some time, she finally said it with a solemn tone, "A few years back, I was still considered young and naive. The words I said and the things I did were largely without consideration for the future. Those words that I have written, I believe you would have seen them.... For now, my father hopes that I won't be that rash. Therefore, he has set rules that I must follow. Otherwise, it would’ve been hard for me to get my freedom." 

At this point, Wu Yu wasn't feeling comfortable. He asked, "What are the rules?" 

Nangong Wei replied, "He wouldn't restrict me from seeing anyone. However, if I wish to become dao companions with him, he must fulfil a condition. Otherwise, it will not be possible. If I go against his wishes on this matter, he will be very disappointed with me and probably won't allow me to leave the Shushan Immortal Domain...." 

After all, this wasn't something she could influence. Moreover, that was her father and her only kin. Wu Yu wasn't angry about it and asked, "What's that condition?" 

Wu Yu would never forget the girl that gave him the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column which he had could only dream about in the icy-cold environment that year. He would never forget about how anxious and nervous she looked while doing so. 

Nangong Wei said, "He told me that the guy must be of a similar age to me and not exceed a difference of 10 years. Moreover, he needs to have the strength to defeat me." 

Although this was a single condition, there were probably less than five guys who would fulfil such conditions in the entire divine continent, considering where Nangong Wei was at currently. 

Wu Yu was at a similar age as her. However, he couldn't even defeat Shen Xingyu at this moment. For Wu Yu to catch up with her and defeat her, it would at least be 10 years. 

After listening, Wu Yu sank into deep thought. The current circumstances weren't similar to what he had visualized. However, after giving it deeper thought, he couldn't blame Nangong Wei. She was also not in control of this. Therefore, Wu Yu was able to see past it. He smiled faintly, held Nangong Wei in his embrace, and answered, "That's simple! In a few years’ time, you won't be a match for me!" 

Seeing that Wu Yu wasn't furious about it, Nangong Wei felt more assured. She smiled gently and said, "Don't boast about it. My father told me that there are fewer than three people on the entire divine continent who are lagging behind me currently and can possibly catch up to me in the future." 

Although it was a little difficult, Wu Yu didn't find this an issue. He looked at Nangong Wei with adoration and said, "In that case, shall we go to the Immortal Pair Hall on the very day I defeat you?" 

"Alright!" Nangong Wei nodded her head. However, worries were still visibly gleaming in her eyes. Perhaps she felt that the day appeared to be a little distant from now. 

Amidst the circulating immortal fog, Wu Yu stared at this stunning lady before him. Her gaze and demeanor had shown that she was no longer the same little girl. She was more attractive, could think for herself, and had become more independent. After all, she had gone through the trials of the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. If she had retained the little girl's personality, she would definitely not have achieved anything significant from the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. 

Just as he was about to ask, Nangong Wei asked, "Big Brother, when I first got out of the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, I heard you had gone missing. Subsequently, I heard about your return from the Endless Demon Seas. Can you tell Wei Er what have you experienced over the past few years?" 

The truth was that Wu Yu was more curious about her experiences. 

He suddenly recalled Nangong Wei's deep hatred for demons. A character like Jiu Ying was something he could never tell her about. In the past, she wouldn't say much even if Wu Yu chose not to kill demons. However, she was no longer that soft and gentle. 

Therefore, Wu Yu chose to skip everything about Jiu Ying and elaborated his encounters in the Supreme Hunting Ground. 

"It must have been really tough to return alive from the devilish Supreme Hunting Ground. It's all my fault. At that time, I wanted to go and look for you. However, my father established rules for me and demanded me to first reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and to obtain a ranking on the Leaderboard of Earth Sword Immortals before he was willing to return me my freedom." 

"It's all right. I got out alive after all." Wu Yu laughed. 

A scowl gleamed in Nangong Wei's eyes as she said, "I'll definitely take this out on the demons one day!" 

Knowing he wouldn't be able to change her perspective, Wu Yu diverted the topic and asked, "Oh, right, what were your experiences in the Shushan Reincarnation Realm for the last three years? I heard you have even inherited the legacy of the Radiant Phoenix Sword Emperor." 

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