Chapter 0327: The Phoenix Fairy

The lady from the Heaven Sword Domain had landed with great impact and seemed to be someone of great influence. The fireball that blazed with nine colors resembled the feathers of a large bird. It spat out breaths of fire to the left and right, creating a bubbling sea of flames that made the temperature rise.

The crowd could vaguely make out the tall silhouette of a woman. Her imposing and majestic presence was overbearing to those around her. 

"Who is this person from the Heaven Sword Domain?"

"She did not come from the normal passageways and broke through the barrier instead. I wonder which Sword Sage brought her here." 

The nine-colored flames quickly drew the attention of the Earth sword rank disciples. Even the four Sword Sages took note of it as well.

She naturally did not disappoint the crowd's expectations. When she arrived beside the colorful, ancient bell, the nine-colored flames were swiftly swallowed back into her body. When the flames vanished completely, an otherworldly beauty appeared before the crowd.

This beauty was slender and stood with a straight posture. Her height reached about Wu Yu's eye level, and the fiery red sword lanyard she wore billowed in the wind. Although it was wide, it was not able to conceal her exquisite figure. On her sword lanyard danced colorful phoenixes, enhancing her somewhat domineering presence. Out of the sword lanyard and around her tender, white hands, a bright blaze swirled. It seemed as though a flaming bird was twisting around her hands, letting out a sharp, piercing cry as it did so.

On her head was long, black hair that flowed like a waterfall. While blowing in the wind, the ends of her hair were lit by a vibrant blaze as well. This further enhanced her gorgeous beauty.

However, the thing that caused Wu Yu to catch his breath was her face. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there were some whose beauty certainly triumphed over others. Even the beauty of someone like the ever so popular Mu Lingche could not match up to hers. Mu Lingche would at most be considered a foil to this beauty. 

Her clear eyes and fine nose matched her cherry lips and willow brows perfectly. The combination of her features resulted in an overall appearance that blew everyone away. Even in a field of 10,000 flowers, she would be the most exquisite of all.

This beauty had a slender figure and a mature charm. With a slightly powdered face, she was the envy even of other beauties. Her gaze and movements bewitched everyone easily. her appearance reminded Wu Yu of the Ninth Spirit. He was surprised that there was someone as beautiful as the Ninth Spirit in this world.

However, her beauty was slightly different from the Ninth Spirit's.

Even though they had similar appearances, the Ninth Spirit gave off a gentler vibe. Like a clear spring in the middle of the mountains, she refreshed one's mind.

On the other hand, this beauty had a fiery gaze and an imposing air of nobility. Despite their similarities in physical appearance, it would be hard to confuse the two of them if they were placed side by side. They were of two entirely different temperaments.

Even before all these martial heroes, she did not seem intimidated at all. Her face remained calm, but her blazing eyes hinted that there was a volcano waiting to erupt within her. One could not imagine the extravagant amount of resources one would need to stockpile to achieve such an otherworldly sense of presence. Even without knowing the extent of her powers, she was already able to draw everyone's attention just by standing still.

She reminded Wu Yu of a legendary immortal beast. Like a flame-wreathed phoenix, her empress-like disposition left the entire world at her mercy. 

Of course, Wu Yu was certain of her identity.

She was undoubtedly Nangong Wei.

She was all grown up now, and was close to 20 years old.

When Wu Yu first met her, she was but a young child. Her expressions and movements were still that of a young and innocent child. Now that she had appeared before Wu Yu once again, she had definitely matured with age. She had grown from a young girl to a lady. All things considered, she had undergone a sea of change. 

Wu Yu would never expect for them to reunite under such circumstances.

What should he say? As he fixed his gaze on this completely different Nangong Wei, he was stunned and at a loss for words.

She had indeed changed by a great deal. Despite having met her before, Shen Xingyu was unable to recognize her.

Wu Yu finally understood why Shen Xingyao had suddenly invited him here. It was not for him to watch these Earth sword rank disciples battle. The true reason was her. As for the four Sword Sages, they probably came only because they heard that Nangong Wei would appear here today.

"Who is this beauty?" This was the question on the minds of many.

With the Lunar Flower Sword Sage at the helm, the three Sword Sages other than Shen Xingyao appeared beside Nangong Wei in a flash. They briefly greeted her with smiles, and the Lunar Flower Sword Sage beamed as she introduced her to all. "I believe that everyone is curious about who this is. I shall not keep you all in suspense any longer. This beauty before your eyes is known as Nangong Wei. She is none other than the daughter of the Mizar Sword Immortal, one of the esteemed Seven Immortals of Shushan! She is 19 this year, and has never appeared in public anywhere on Shushan. Today is her first time challenging the Leaderboard of Earth Sword Immortals. All of you are in for a treat."

With these words, an enormous uproar rose through the small crowd of 100 or so!

The Seven Immortals of Shushan were the protectors of the vast immortal sect. The sect was under their control as well, so they were of extremely high standing. They were the seniors of all these disciples, and everyone strove towards becoming one of them. 

Every single one of the Seven Immortals of Shushan played a decisive role in the entire divine continent.

Most of them did not have a dao companion. Unsurprisingly, even more of them did not have an heir. As such, the crowd truly understood that this girl before them was undoubtedly the luckiest individual in the entire Shushan Immortal Sect. She was naturally the youth of the highest standing in the entire Sect. Even the Shushan Sword Sages had to speak to her respectfully. This level of treatment was something that even Xiao Huanshan, Mu Lingche, and the other Sword Sage descendants did not enjoy. 

As such, the details of her background made Mu Lingche and friends blush in embarrassment.

On this day, Nangong Wei had formally appeared in public. In just the span of one day, she was able to become a figure of great importance across the entire divine continent.

Her level of influence was quite similar to that of Jiu Ying.

Of course, the fact that she was able to challenge the Leaderboard of Earth Sword Immortals at the tender age of nineteen meant that she had at least reached the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. She had reached this cultivation level at an even younger age than Shen Xingyao. In terms of innate ability, she had to be the best in Shushan.

Even though the crowd had yet to see Nangong Wei demonstrate her skill, they already knew what to expect. The fact that the Mizar Sword Immortal had let her appear at the Leaderboard of Earth Sword Immortals today meant that she was about to leave everyone in awe.

As fervent discussions echoed through the crowd, Wu Yu's world was one of silence. Perhaps Nangong Wei's face was devoid of expression because she had not noticed him. Nevertheless, he could tell that her expression was much colder than what he remembered. Maybe the suffering she had endured in the Shushan Reincarnation Realm made her this way. Wu Yu was still slightly unaccustomed to the fact that she was no longer the lively and amiable girl he once knew.

He could sense that Nangong Wei had indeed already entered the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

"It seems like the Shushan Reincarnation Realm was really effective after all. It actually led her to surpass me by so much in such a short time. I can't believe that she's already at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm." Wu Yu felt a tinge of regret. He never expected that she would not only obtain her ancestor's legacy, but even surpass Wu Yu's own cultivation level by such a large amount.

The rate at which Wu Yu had advanced the first to sixth tiers of the Jindan Dao Realm was already exceptionally fast. The fact that she surpassed even that was unbelievable.

Of course, Wu Yu felt glad that she was able to achieve such great heights. The timid and faint-hearted girl in his mind's eye no longer seemed to require his protection…

"She is probably fulfilling her duty by challenging the Leaderboard of Earth Sword Immortals. I better not let her notice me now, just in case she gets distracted." Wu Yu thought to himself as he hid behind Shen Xingyao to block himself from Nangong Wei's line of sight. 

At this moment, Nangong Wei did not comment any further. She went over to the colorful, ancient bell and gave it a light poke. The bell rang out with a resounding weng. Her nonchalance left even the Sword Sages impressed. 

"Congratulations, the bell has rung. Wei Er, you can pick your opponent now." The Lunar Flower Sword Sage beamed. She was cold and stern to her own daughter, but was full of smiles when interacting with Nangong Wei. This irked Mu Lingche and caused her to feel slightly bitter about Nangong Wei

On the other hand, the other four men, including Chen Fuyou and Xiao Huanshan, could not help but stare. They could not believe that such a flawless girl existed in this world! 

As soon as the Lunar Flower Sword Sage was done, the East Mountain Sword Sage added, "You can choose anyone as your opponent. Beyond rank 90, the 91st to 95th place are slightly weakened for now. You can choose from among them as well."

The crowd suddenly went silent; the ones who had a high chance of being picked especially so.

As the crowd looked on anxiously, Nangong Wei opened her crimson lips and uttered a single number. "92." 

The crowd looked over in unison.

"Me?" Shen Xingyu's expression immediately turned bitter. Nangong Wei seemed to have been picking at random. What an unfortunate coincidence.

As Shen Xingyu became the center of everyone's attention, Nangong Wei finally raised her head on the Immortal Battleground to look in Wu Yu's direction. Wu Yu stayed hidden behind Shen Xingyao. He was unsure if she had noticed him.

Shen Xingyu did not feel intimidated. After being randomly chosen, she did not hesitate to go over. She quickly landed on the Immortal Battleground and stood face-to-face with Nangong Wei. As Wu Yu peeked out, he noticed that Nangong Wei was now looking at Shen Xingyu instead. She seemed to be slightly entranced by Shen Xingyu as well.

"Junior Sister Nangong, please." Shen Xingyu took a few steps back. She indeed felt like this girl before her was rather familiar, but was ultimately unable to associate her with the young girl she had met before. 

“Mm. Please.” Nangong Wei's reply was short yet full of impact. Before the crowd's eyes, the battle between these two beauties was about to start at any second.

"Why are you hiding from her?" Shen Xingyao turned to ask.

"Let her finish fighting first." Wu Yu also wanted to know exactly how much Nangong Wei had improved over these years.

Before he even finished his sentence, Nangong Wei and Shen Xingyu had already drawn their immortal treasures. In Shen Xingyu's hands was a blue longsword that was smelted using the steel from stars. This longsword was as dazzling as the Milky Way itself. It was vibrating ever so slightly in Shen Xingyu's hands, giving off the impression of a strong thirst for battle. The surface of this immortal treasure was densely packed with over 80 spirit designs; it was obviously a supreme immortal treasure! 

Wu Yu recalled that this sword was known as the Heaven's Melody Meteor Sword. In the Immortal Treasures Hall, it would be worth up to 30,000 merits. Moreover, it was a perfect fit for Shen Xingyu. 

As she wielded this sword, Shen Xingyu gave off the impression of a meteor drifting through eternity. 

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