Chapter 0324: Mu Lingche

Apparently, this person had already entered the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. It was rumored that it would only take her about half a year to leave the Xuan Sword Domain and head to the Earth Sword Domain. She was already on a different level from the other Xuan sword rank disciples. 

It seemed like this Xuan sword rank disciple had a high standing in society. She was also the strongest in the Xuan Sword Domain not only just in name. The issue was that Wu Yu had already promised to take on any challenge. He feared that he would become the laughing stock of others if he were to go back on his words.

Of course, he was not too worried. After all, he had only just arrived at the Immortal Battleground. It was unlikely that the first one to challenge him would be the rank one on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals. 

Alas, just as Wu Yu was thinking about this, a sharp and clear female voice rang out from the sky. This voice gripped the attention of the entire Immortal Battleground. "Who is talking about me? Who wishes to challenge me?"

In a flash, a group of people landed from the sky. A prestigious group had landed before Wu Yu's eyes!

The group consisted of around six people. They were all young cultivators with sprightly faces. With one glance, everyone was able to tell that they had to at most have been cultivating for 50 or so years. There was no way they would be able to retain such youthful appearances otherwise. 

Wu Yu would probably be the same. Within 50 years or so, he would probably be able to maintain his youthful appearance of around 17 or 18 years old.

This group of youngsters was not to be trifled with! The group consisted of Chen Fuyou and Xiao Huanshan, but it was clear that these two sons of Shushan Sword Sages were standing to the side of this group. They were not the key members at all.

Wu Yu's eyes swept over them. They consisted of four men and two women. They all seemed to possess an endless amount of Jindan essence. Even the weakest member was at least as strong as Chen Fuyou. While youths tended to have imposing presence and passionate hearts of dao, this group took it one step further. Their vigor and energy rivaled even the best of the Shushan Immortal Sect. Their gazes and movements revealed their noble upbringing, and the detailed accessories they wore were all actually spirit designs that served to protect their bodies. 

However, the most exceptional was the girl in the center of them all. This girl did not wear a sword lanyard; she wore a long dress instead. On her skirt, 100 life-like flowers bloomed. In the mortal realm, this girl would be considered a national grace. Both her figure and face were exquisitely beautiful, and her skin was as white as snow and smooth as jade. She wore a red flower in her hair which served to decorate something that was already perfect. She seemed as though she had emerged from the midst of 100 flowers; the fragrant aroma of 100 flowers that lingered around her made everyone intoxicated. 

However, her gaze revealed an aura of arrogance. Her proud eyes made her rather unapproachable.

The other girl of the group was also an exceptional sword cultivator, but she was unable to rival this girl at all.

From the earlier descriptions of the Xuan sword disciples, this girl's family was no less important than Xiao Huanshan's. In fact, her background was even more impressive. Her mother was the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and her father was the Distant Fire Sword Sage. Her mother, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage, was apparently the stronger and higher ranked of the two. Her skill exceeded that of the East Mountain Sword Sage by quite a considerable amount. She belonged to the highest tier of skill among the Shushan Sword Sages, and even Shen Xingyao's ability was far below hers.

Her daughter here was the Xuan Sword Domain's rank one. Her name was Mu Lingche. She had spent her entire childhood in the Shushan Immortal Domain. As far as everyone knew, she was able to directly enter the Xuan Sword Domain. The Lunar Flower Sword Sage permitted her to directly challenge the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals. From the beginning, she was already ranked within the top 100, and after a period of 10 years of so, she was able to quickly advance to first place. She seemed to almost have entered the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Her innate ability was considered excellent by all. After all, just like Wu Yu, her first challenge was when she was only 12 years old.

Mu Lingche was known by another nickname - Flower Fairy. 

Besides Mu Lingche, the other members of this group, excluding Chen Fuyou, ranked among the top 20 of the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals. They were all young and full of promise, with positions in society that commanded respect. They were all at least the disciples or children of Heaven Sword Leaderboard disciples. Together, they formed a small group in the Xuan Sword Domain that had Mu Lingche at the helm.

Of course, Wu Yu only viewed them as just a bunch of Shushan talents with prestigious backgrounds that were lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

The six of them were all looking at Wu Yu. At this moment, Mu Lingche raised her eyes to examine Wu Yu. With an arrogant tone, she said, "Earlier on, was it you who said that you would be willing to challenge even the rank one of the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals?"

Wu Yu glanced at Xiao Huanshan and Chen Fuyou. They obviously knew about Wu Yu's previous visit to the Huang Sword Domain's Immortal Battleground. They also knew that Wu Yu was poor right now and would eventually come to the Xuan Sword Domain Immortal Battleground as well. They had probably invited Mu Lingche to ambush him here in order to get back at him. 

As expected, Chen Fuyou chimed in. "Wu Yu, you're a grown man after all. If you were to look like an untrustworthy and spineless man before these two damsels, I'm afraid that you would become a laughing stock as soon as the news spread."

As for Xiao Huanshan, he coldly glared at Wu Yu as well. As he looked at this opponent that had destroyed him so badly, there was still a trace of fear in his eyes. However, he still held a strong sense of dissatisfaction and desire to attack as well. The other four simply looked at Wu Yu with eyes full of amusement.

Things were starting to escalate quickly. The Xuan sword rank disciples by the side exchanged looks with one another. It was plain for all to see that this group had something against Wu Yu. Some members of the crowd shot secret looks toward Wu Yu, imploring him not to accept.

Unexpectedly, Wu Yu did not back down even half a step. He replied, "You're right. As long as I'm here, anyone of Xuan sword rank is free to challenge me in order to take home these 2,000 Golden Essence Pills."


The six of them could not help but scoff. The crowd looked between Wu Yu and the bag of Golden Essence Pills on the floor. They could not help but look at Wu Yu with expressions of pity and concern. 

Chen Fuyou laughed. "It's obvious that this imbecile wanted to earn some money here at the Immortal Battleground, but he's way too poor. He's only able to cough up 2,000 Golden Essence Pills. What a pitiful thing.”

Wu Yu laughed back and addressesd Chen Fuyou directly, "Chen Fuyou, I beat you till you pissed your pants in terror the last time. I have indeed spent all of the 10,000 Golden Essence Pills that I won from you. Have you come to give me more?"

"You!" Chen Fuyou really felt like killing him. 

The Xuan sword rank disciples around them were starting to feel uneasy. Thankfully, a few Earth sword rank disciples were around the Immortal Battleground. These experienced elders gathered around them. The Immortal Battleground strictly forbade challengers from severely harming or killing each other. The elders were there to prevent such incidents from occurring. 

However, these Earth sword rank elders were actually rather afraid of these youngsters. Firstly, these youngsters would definitely become accomplished individuals in the future. Secondly, they all had powerful backgrounds. As long as any of the figures backing them were to intervene, it would be game over even for these Earth sword rank disciples. 

At this very moment, Mu Lingche had a silent expression on her face. She took out a Sumeru Pouch and threw it towards the Earth sword rank disciple. She glanced at Wu Yu and said, "This contains 10 Inner Sea Essence Pills. If you defeat me, they shall be yours."

Inner Sea Essence Pills!

This was an immortal medicine of extremely high grade. One had to possess great power in order to refine such a medicine. In fact, only a cultivator in the later stages of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm would be able to do so. This type of immortal medicine was far better than the ordinary Golden Essence Pills. It was also known as a supreme-grade miracle medicine!

A single Inner Sea Essence Pill was able to provide a plentiful amount of spiritual qi that exceeded even 1,000 Golden Essence Pills. Of course, these terrifying effects could only be withstood by one who was in the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

In the Xuan Sword Domain, a single Inner Sea Essence Pill cost 1,000 merits.

Mu Lingche was showing off her might. She had nonchalantly coughed up 10 Inner Sea Essence Pills just like that. They were equal in value to 10,000 Golden Essence Pills, and far exceeded the 2,000 golden pills that Wu Yu had provided.

According to the Immortal Battleground's rules, each party's wager only had to be of equal value. Mu Lingche had willingly provided an extra 8,000 Golden Essence Pills worth.

She said, "The extra 8,000 Golden Essence Pills worth is for you to bow three times and apologize to Chen Fuyou and Xiao Huanshan."

Wu Yu had yet to come across any supreme-grade miracle medicines. As such, he was taken aback. Such medicines would be of great use to him, given his current pursuit of the refinement of immortal medicines. With just a single Inner Sea Essence Pill, he would be able to research how these pills were made. 

However, there was no need for such apologies. He said, "If so, then please take back eight of them. I don't need to take advantage of others."

Chen Fuyou laughed. "It's more like you're afraid of losing!"

"Every battle has a winner and a loser. Both winning and losing are common occurrences for a warrior. Why should I be afraid?" As Wu Yu observed Mu Lingche's mannerisms and might, he could tell that she had already achieved half of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Against such a strong opponent, he only had about a 50 percent chance of winning.

Battling was also a means for Wu Yu to cultivate his dao. It would be out of character for him to retreat in the face of battle.

"Enough, step down!" Mu Lingche impatiently waved for Xiao Huanshan and the rest to leave the arena. Her long dress swayed in the wind. A fragrant aroma lingered around her as flower petals danced around her delicate frame. In this magnificent scene, she was as beautiful as a lady in a painting. 

Her arrogant demeanor was the only thing that ruined the scene.

She had no intention of taking back the eight Inner Sea Essence Pills, and was already preparing for battle. She glared at Wu Yu and remarked, "Wu Yu, I understand that things have been going well for you recently. After using two of my friends as stepping stones one after the other, you've managed to advance forward by leaps and bounds. On this very day, I, Mu Lingche, have come before you to teach you that there will always be someone who is superior to you. You should not be so pleased with yourself just because you've achieved something so small. This does not give you the right to trample over and disrespect others!"

Wu Yu was calm and indifferent. He faced Mu Lingche and replied, "I already know this. Why would I need you to teach me? I know that you just want to avenge your friends. There's no need for you to put on such airs."

"Hmph, you're clearly an uncultured swine who can't tell right from wrong!"

From the words “uncultured swine,” Wu Yu truly understood that these people who grew up in the Heaven Sword Domain or even the Shushan Immortal Domain were disdainful of Shushan disciples that had made it on their own from the Common Sword Domain. From their point of view, only their parents were true members of the Shushan Immortal Sect. They were the legitimate ones, whereas those like Wu Yu were just uncultured swine that were beneath them.

As for the cultivators outside the Shushan Immortal Sect, such as the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Southeast Thoroughfare, they were held with even lower regard. 

Even though Mu Lingche had sprung to action quickly, her moves were strange. Unlike other sword cultivators, she did not draw a sword. Instead, she spun around as she advanced with a turbulent Jindan essence. In a flash, a whirlwind surrounded her body and 100 flowers started to bloom. Countless petals swirled with the whirlwind and danced throughout the entire sky. In no time at all, Mu Lingche and Wu Yu were both enveloped. Wu Yu had been transported to a sea of flowers. 

Everywhere he looked, he could only see a flood of flowers around him.

A whiff of the heavy scent of these flowers made one feel like they had ascended an entire mountain.

This was truly a unique battle technique. However, after he had been intoxicated by the scent of the flowers, Wu Yu came to a sudden realization. "Perhaps this is a Great Dao Mystique!"

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