Chapter 0323: Sun and Moon

Since Wu Yu was already in the Xuan Sword Domain's Immortal Treasures Hall, Ming Long's advice was enough to convince Wu Yu to take a look. There was no harm in doing so anyway.

"Supreme immortal treasures far exceed spiritual immortal treasures in terms of spirit designs and materials. Only precious treasures of at least four spiritual marks and above are able to serve as the vessel for these supreme immortal treasures."

It could be said that as long as a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator wielded a supreme immortal treasure, they would be able to roam the entire universe unchallenged.

In practice, there were not that many supreme immortal treasures in the Xuan Sword Domain. This was because no Xuan sword rank disciple was skilled enough to control a supreme immortal treasure.

The supreme immortal treasures displayed here were mainly used to defend the hall. At the same time, they served to motivate the Xuan sword rank disciples to strive for the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. 

These supreme immortal treasures were displayed in the most prominent location of the Immortal Treasures Hall. They were placed right at the entrance.

As Wu Yu was about the leave the Immortal Treasures Hall, he just happened to pass by this area.

There were about 100 or so supreme immortal treasures displayed in the hall. Over 95 percent of them were swords. They varied in thickness, size, color, and spirit designs. They differed in function and power as well.

Standing in this hall with supreme immortal treasures suddenly made Wu Yu feel different.

These supreme immortal treasures were like a pack of small beasts. They did not seem to be too well-behaved either. Whenever a stranger approached, most of them exhibited hostile intentions. They rang out loudly and swung around. They provoked Wu Yu in the same manner. In the face of such a threatening atmosphere, most of the Xuan sword rank disciples would surely feel afraid. 

"Heaven Fault Sword. This supreme immortal treasure has the Heaven Fault Ultimate Spirit Design and Heaven Fault Killing Spirit Design, among 93 other spirit designs. Its strength is known far and wide.

"Heaven's Ascension Thunder Sword. This supreme immortal treasure harnesses the power of thunder. It can summon thunderclouds in the nine heavens, and possesses the Heaven's Ascension Thunder Spirit Design and more.”

Although Wu Yu was simply taking a cursory look, his heart was heavy with regret. Of course he desired to take one of these with him. He could not help but frown when he checked the prices of these supreme immortal treasures.

After surveying around 10 of them, he found out that even the cheapest cost more than 10,000 merits. The most expensive cost close to 30,000 merits.

He only had 2,000 Golden Essence Pills on him now. At most, he would only be able to buy half a sword hilt.

The strength of each weapon usually corresponded to its price. There was a significant difference between a spiritual immortal treasure that cost 2,000 and a supreme immortal treasure that cost 10,000 and above. In terms of strength and utility, the latter was probably superior by about three to four times, or perhaps even five to six.

Back then, the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts' Tian Yijun was able to go toe to toe with Jindan Dao cultivators with just a spiritual immortal treasure.

Looking at all these supreme immortal treasures, Wu Yu naturally relegated the spiritual immortal treasures that he once wanted to the back of his mind. After checking out these supreme immortal treasures, the spiritual immortal treasures that Wu Yu once desired were now a dime a dozen to him. 

After a round of looking at them, however, he came to a halt before two supreme immortal treasures in particular.

The one in charge of this area was an Earth sword rank disciple. He naturally recognized Wu Yu. He was also the one that had been introducing each supreme immortal treasure to Wu Yu. Of course, when Wu Yu came to a halt, he did not hesitate. "This pair of swords was previously owned by a dao companion couple. The couple later perished in the East Sea. Only after wandering for about a thousand years did these two swords manage to make their way back to Shushan. Apparently, this couple loved each other very much. Despite their disparity in status, they insisted on being with one another. This was once a famous fable. Under the control of expert users, these two swords worked together harmoniously. The couple was exceptionally talented, but they unfortunately lost their lives to a sinister plot."

Perhaps due to the fact that they were once used by such a loving couple, these swords seemed to get along with each other very well. They were linked in countless ways and also possessed the same transcendent resolve. As such, these two supreme immortal treasures moved around each other like two loving beasts. 

The compatibility between the two weapons was extremely advantageous for Wu Yu since he possessed the Yin Yang Sword Wheel immortal root.

With how intimate they were with one another, this synergistic pair of swords would probably be greater than the sum of their parts if they were to be used together.

As the Earth sword rank disciple introducing these weapons, Wu Yu was completely immersed in the story behind the two swords

The sword on the right was slightly longer than the other one. It was also longer than the average immortal treasure longsword by about half a foot. Its entire body was a mix of golden yellow and fiery red, making it resemble a sharpened fire crystal. A spirit design was installed on its hilt. As the spirit design whirred, a sun-like fireball was embedded in the sword hilt. As it roiled, it spat out live flames. Despite how far Wu Yu was from the sword, he could feel the overbearing heat on his body. 

This was no ordinary sword. It was over tenfold stronger than the Yin Yang Dao Sword.

The full name of this longsword was Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword. On it were 99 slots for Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs, with three of these serving as the primary slots.

The sword on the left was shorter than the average immortal treasure longsword by at least half a foot. This shortsword was an elegant blue, and it gave off a brilliant glow that reminded one of the moon. It resembled an elegant, precious gem, and its hilt also had a spirit design installed. As the spirit design whirred, a blue full moon was embedded in the sword hilt. As it flickered with silver moonlight, it was as silent as snow.

The full name of this shortsword was Moon Waltzing Clear Sky Sword.

"Even though this pair of swords look as though they came as a pair, they were actually smelted by different individuals. They were made in different generations as well. They were only brought together by the power of fate. A such, the Immortal Treasures Hall has chosen to display them together. Due to their harmonious coexistence, they can only be traded for together. Usually, they can only be traded for by a pair of dao companions. These two swords add up amount to quite a hefty sum of merits after all."

In other words, these two swords had to be purchased as a pair.

The price of these two swords made Wu Yu feel like an idiot. The two of them added up to 45,000 merits. This was a price that was entirely out of the question for now. Wu Yu was starting to regret wasting his 10,000 Golden Essence Pills early on….

The Earth sword rank disciple stroke his beard as he commented, "Actually, this is already quite a steal. After all, each of these swords would be worth around 30,000 Golden Essence Pills if they were to be sold individually. Ah, just admire the primary spirit designs of these swords. They're both amazingly strong indeed. I too would like to own this Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword for myself, but I currently don't have a dao companion. Perhaps once you've entered the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and found a dao companion, then you can consider coming back for it." 

He didn't have a dao companion even at this age…

"To be honest, with the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, you may even be able to wield these two swords at the same time. Too bad you're way too poor, haha..." Ming Long teased.

45,000 merits was indeed an insurmountable amount. Even though Wu Yu had a tingle in his senses that reminded him of the first time he came across the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, he knew that it would take him forever to earn so many merits. There would not be that many reckless spendthrifts that he could take advantage of. As such, he decided that this was a matter of consideration for another day. 

He couldn't even afford an immortal treasure that cost 2,000.

Fortunately, this managed to motivate him to visit the Immortal Battleground. After leaving the Immortal Treasures Hall, he immediately hurried towards the Immortal Battleground. All he wanted to do was beat up a gullible spendthrift and take his money for now.

Even though he would not be able to earn 45,000 in a single go, even earning about 7,000 would bring him closer to his goal.

Even though the Xuan Sword Domain's Immortal Battleground was only a tenth as crowded as the Huang Sword Domain's one, it covered a far larger area. The spirit design that kept the Immortal Battleground afloat was also far more magnificent and complicated. No matter how much damage the Xuan sword rank disciples caused, the floating island would never fall to the ground. 

"Wu Yu is here!"

Wu Yu was a prominent character. He drew a great deal of attention the very moment he arrived at the Immortal Battleground. Over 100 Xuan sword rank disciples gathered around him. There were only two or three arenas that had a duel going on, so before long, more people started to gather around him as well.

"Wu Yu, have you come to the Immortal Battleground today to entertain us old fellows?"

"I just want to let you know beforehand that I'm an old man who doesn't think he can match up to you. My old bones can't withstand the beatings of a young man like you. I'm only here to have a good time with the crowd. I just wanted to enjoy my later years, haha..."

Many of the Xuan sword rank disciples were advanced in years. Even though they were so old, they had yet to enter the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. The average lifespan was 300 years or so. If one did not make it by the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm by 250 or so years old, they basically had almost no hope of doing so anymore. 

To a Jindan Dao cultivator, the first hundred years was the era of youth. The middle hundred years was one's middle-aged years, whereas the final hundred years were the autumn of one's years right before death.

If one was lucky enough to advance into the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, they may even live up to around 400 years old.

This was one aspect that the demon race was superior in. Even though their rate of cultivation was much slower, once one became an actual demon, then it was considered commonplace to live to be 1,000 years old. This was also the reason that the demon race was able to somewhat contend with the human race.

At least half of the people hanging around would not even dare to dream of facing off against Wu Yu. After watching Wu Yu's bout with Xiao Huanshan, everyone knew that it would not be that easy to win Wu Yu's money. 

"Once I put out some bait, even if the average person won't bite, I'm sure the top eight disciples of the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals will show up." Wu Yu made his intentions clear to all. He laughed with the crowd as he got onto an arena. He threw down the 2,000 Golden Essence Pills that he owned and said, "I, Wu Yu, issue a challenge to all. I will accept even the most ordinary Xuan sword rank disciple as my opponent."

At this moment, someone asked, "Well said. Are you also willing to challenge the number one on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals?" Wu Yu did not even know who was the number one on the leaderboard was. He replied, "Of course. I am a man of my word."

The crowd burst out in laughter. Someone asked, "Wu Yu, do you even know who the number one on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals is?"

The rankings of the leaderboard shifted very often. Wu Yu truly did not know who currently held first place. Based on a question like this, it seemed like the current number one was really strong, right? Or perhaps they were of some significant standing?

Wu Yu shook his head.

As he shook his head, the crowd burst out laughing again.

"This young one sure is careless. Even without understanding his potential opponents, he has come to the Immortal Battleground."

"If she really came, then Wu Yu would realize the error of his ways after paying for a good lesson. After all, she is an entire level above Xiao Huanshan. Although her standing is about the same level as Xiao Huanshan's, she is treasured in the Shushan Immortal Domain. She has only come to the Xuan Sword Domain a handful of times. She's probably still training in the Shushan Immortal Domain right now."

"Other than her, I'm sure that Wu Yu could really rival ranks two through eight."

Such discussions made Wu Yu very curious. Who was this number one? Was she really that impressive? 

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