Chapter 0321: Eight Prison Mountain Godsword

Wu Yu only realized from the murmurs in the crowd that this rank nine on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals was actually the son of the East Mountain Sword Sage.

When Shen Xingyao was interacting with the East Mountain Sword Sage, this Xuan sword rank disciple known as Xiao Huanshan must have been present as well.

Wu Yu was starting to get bored. Back at the Common Sword Domain's Immortal Ascension Hall, he had been hampered by the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage's son, Chen Fuyou. Now at this Immortal Ascension Hall, the son of the East Mountain Sword Sage stood in his way instead. 

Perhaps he was just fated to be always at odds with the sons of Sword Sages?

Being born to the royal family, he garnered a considerable amount of respect from the general populace back in Dong Yue Wu. However, he soon realized that his status was equal to that of a lowly peasant ever since he entered the world of dao. When it came to one's birthright, there would always be someone of a higher standing. 

For instance, even above Chen Fuyou and Xiao Huanshan, there existed Nangong Wei.

There were no longer any oriole-like ladies flocking around Chen Fuyou. Around him were merely some of his followers from the Xuan sword domain. They all looked at Wu Yu with unpleasant expressions on their faces. 

The angriest looking of all was none other than Chen Fuyou himself. His eyes were burning with rage. When he caught Wu Yu's attention from afar, he made a gesture of strangling Wu Yu's neck.

One would reckon that he had been painstakingly plotting to take his revenge on Wu Yu.

His defeat at the hands of Wu Yu had instantly eradicated the reputation that he had built up over tens of years.  

In the overbearing heat of the Immortal Ascension Hall, the crowd eagerly anticipated the arrival of the other challenger. As the crowd anxiously awaited, Xiao Huanshan finally graced everyone with his late arrival. The Xuan sword rank disciples immediately quieted down and cleared a path for the number nine ranked cultivator on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals. 

Wu Yu took a quick glance at him. He had a tall and thickset physique and was even taller than Wu Yu. This sturdy youngster had a crew cut and was bare to the waist. With only a pair of long trousers on, he wore countless scars on his tanned and muscular body. They were impressively displayed like badges that commemorated his many battles.

His eyes held a piercing gaze that was as sharp as a blade. As he walked over, the ground seemed to shake with his every step.

Wu Yu realized that the son of the East Mountain Sword Sage had inherited many things from his father. In tradition true to his father, he held the very earth at his mercy with his every step. His every move felt like he was shaking the very blood vessels of mother earth.

When Xiao Huanshan passed Chen Fuyou, Chen Fuyou gave him a firm nod. Xiao Huanshan understood and casually smiled back. Seeing this, Chen Fuyou smiled as well, but this smile faded back into an expression of contempt as he looked back toward Wu Yu. 

"We're both sons of Sword Sages, and are brothers from the same circle." Xiao Huanshan wanted to avenge Chen Fuyou. Wu Yu was not surprised by this at all. It seemed like Xiao Huanshan had volunteered himself as the challenger during Shen Xingyao's negotiations with the East Mountain Sword Sage.

"Move aside." Xiao Huanshan was somewhat of a brute. His voice matched his heavyset physique. Every word he uttered sounded like rocks rumbling as they shattered on the ground.

In the face of such an imposing presence, the Huang sword rank disciples all backed far away. The Xuan sword rank disciples made some space as well. In the vast interior of the hall, only Wu Yu was left face-to-face with Xiao Huanshan. Xiao Huanshan quickly created a heavy atmosphere in order to try to suppress Wu Yu.  

"A 10th tier Jindan Dao cultivator, and ranked among the top 10 among the Xuan sword rank disciples. He even has the ability to defeat Baili Feihong. This is undoubtedly the strongest opponent I have faced thus far!"

As he came face to face with Xiao Huanshan, Wu Yu's long dormant desire for battle started to erupt. To be honest, ever since he faced off with the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, Wu Yu had yet to face an opponent that truly challenged him!

Ever since he became a sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivator, even opponents such as Chen Fuyou were of no challenge to him.

On the other hand, Xiao Huanshan's arrival was enough for Wu Yu to feel his strength. He would definitely push Wu Yu to his limits.

With such talent and such concentrated Jindan essence, this opponent also had an iron will. With the best immortal treasures, talismans, dao techniques, and mystique, the strength of his opponent had to be at the peak of the Jindan Dao Realm, and as close to the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm as it could be.

This opponent was handpicked by Shen Xingyao to test his limits. In such a battle, even Wu Yu himself was not certain about his own victory. How could he not be burning with passion and excitement in anticipation for this fight?

At this very moment, fire was blazing in Wu Yu's eyes.

This Xiao Huanshan was a simple and violent brute. While the two faced off with each other, he did not even bother to greet Wu Yu. Without a word, he directly took out a spiritual immortal treasure from his Sumeru Pouch. 

This was a dusk-shaded sword. Its hilt was shaped like a mountain. On its giant blade were eight vortexes. These were actually spirit designs. From afar, the spirit designs looked like bottomless pits that led straight to the depths of hell. As these eye-catching vortexes spiraled around, the entire Immortal Ascension Hall started to shake. This weapon truly had a significant impact on the surrounding earth.

Eight Prison Mountain Godsword! Xiao Huanshan did not even wait to use this sword. He clearly saw Wu Yu as a serious enemy!

The moment he unsheathed his sword, the heavens fell and the earth was shattered. 

The crowd respected its power and quickly dodged away. They did not want to suffer any collateral damage from Xiao Huanshan.

Xiao Huanshan stared at Wu Yu as though he was his prey. As he raised his giant sword, his lips curled into a sinister smile. He still declined to utter a single word. At this very moment, the mystique insignia on his Jindan started to stir. A brilliant, yellow light shone from it and illuminated the entire place. This light engulfed even the Xuan sword rank disciples watching from afar. Half the Immortal Ascension Hall was filled with this light. 

“Heart of Earth!" Several of the disciples caught in the light exclaimed in shock.


The ground trembled.

His Great Dao Mystique had been used immediately.

When Wu Yu was caught in its effects, he felt as though a giant mountain peak was being pressed onto his head. If he were to face his opponent under the effects of this giant mountain, all of his movements and actions would be extremely restricted!

He was still considered to be fine. Around him, the Xuan sword rank disciples in the vicinity were all pushed to the ground. They were unable to move at all, and had to be pulled to safety by the various attendants of the Immortal Ascension Hall. It was only then that they heaved a sigh of relief. They were all scared half to death by this.

"This is a Great Dao Mystique of the highest level!" Wu Yu immediately understood this. The primary effect of this Heart of Earth Mystique was to increase the effect of gravity around its surroundings. Under such immense weight, Wu Yu would be practically fighting Xiao Huanshan while carrying a mountain on his back. 

On the other hand, Xiao Huanshan was naturally like a fish back water under the effects of his own mystique. 

As he noticed that Wu Yu still remained standing despite the effects of Heart of Earth, he smiled and said, "Not bad, you clearly have what it takes to attempt to enter the Xuan sword domain."

However, he quickly reverted back to the expression of a tyrant. With Wu Yu trapped under the effects of Heart of Earth, he abruptly made his next move. With a flourish of his Eight Prison Mountain Godsword, he demonstrated his exceptional sword cultivation dao techniques without a second word. As he rushed towards Wu Yu, the heavens fell and the earth quaked once again. Even the ever so sturdy Immortal Ascension Hall started to shudder. 

“Sword Shattering Ten Thousand Mountains!”

"Xiao Huanshan is already going all out from the very start. I guess he wants to slaughter Wu Yu in a single blow."

"Heart of Earth, Eight Prison Mountain Godsword, and Sword Shattering Ten Thousand Mountains. Who amongst those below the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea would be able to withstand such a succession of attacks?"

Those that had bet on Xiao Huanshan's victory could not help but feel pleased about themselves. Even though they wouldn't win much, a win was a win nevertheless.

The moment that sword cultivation dao technique was unleashed, Wu Yu entered a world that was surrounded by the earth on all four sides. As Xiao Huanshan brandished the Eight Prison Mountain Godsword, Wu Yu could even see 10,000 mountains exploding behind Xiao Huanshan. All the soil and debris from these explosions were sucked into the Eight Prison Mountain Godsword. This sword now had the inexhaustible power of the earth. With just a single slash, it would be able to slice an entire mountain range in half.

This attack together with the Heart of Earth's pressure was probably even at the same level as an average attack from a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

Even in the face of such pressure, Wu Yu was not afraid at all. His passion for battle only raged on as he became fiercer, crazier, and more violent. He could not help but let out a thundering cry of anger. In that moment, his body transformed into that of the Immortal Ape. A majestic ape that was larger than Xiao Huanshan appeared. From his expression, it was clear that this ape was far more violent than Xiao Huanshan!

Violent Art!

Pitter patter!

It had been a long time since Wu Yu had used this Ground Demon Transformation Art. This time, Wu Yu's body had reached its limits. His arms were even thicker and his golden veins were far more savage-looking. In this very moment, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column became thicker and nine mythical dragons whistled through the air, circling around it.  


“Nine-Directional World Shatterer!”

The stronger the pressure of Heart of Earth, the more violent Wu Yu's explosion was. In this very moment, the designs on the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column started to swirl. His Jindan essence, physical body, and Violent Art combined together to create the greatest and most direct impact up till now! 

Xiao Huanshan was sticking to his original plan of attack. As the power of 10,000 mountains concentrated into his one blade, he was about to chop off Wu Yu's head with the help of Heart of Earth. Just as this was about to happen, Wu Yu suddenly exploded and rushed toward the sky. Wu Yu's column was able to tear open the chains of the Heart of Earth. In this fatal moment, the column swung towards with Xiao Huanshan with a collision that would be remembered for centuries to come! 


The entire Immortal Ascension Hall started to shake and several swords adorning the walls started to become dislodged. The attendants were already beginning to regret not moving the battle outside in the first place.

How did it end?

During the mess of their collision, the crowd believed that Wu Yu was probably the one who had been defeated, and with heavy losses. However, the moment of revelation soon came and the victor became apparent. The one was smashed within the ground was neither Wu Yu nor that golden monkey, but Xiao Huanshan.  

The Eight Prison Mountain Godsword flew into the air and landed right in front of Chen Fuyou.

Xiao Huanshan was savagely wedged into the floor. Both his arms had blood flowing down them. After such a huge impact, he had passed out completely.

On the other hand, that golden monkey let out a resounding cry from above that shocked everyone. Its violent posture made everyone cower in fear. The crowd only calmed down once Wu Yu had transformed back to his human form and gently landed on the ground. 

It could not be more obvious who the victor was.

However, everyone was still finding the result hard to believe. Wu Yu had far exceeded their expectations once again. They were all unwilling to believe that the one who suffered a severe defeat was not Wu Yu, but the ninth rank on the Leaderboard of Xuan Sword Immortals, Xiao Huanshan, instead.

This had nothing to do with technique, it was just a clash of strength. Like two charging bulls, they had collided with one another. The weaker had crumbled to the ground, whereas the victor was king.

At this moment, the Eight Prison Mountain Godsword was still trembling before Chen Fuyou's eyes. Although it was worth more than the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, it had been smashed to the ground as well. There were even a few cracks on its surface.

Chen Fuyou, on the other hand, had been white as a sheet for quite some time now. Just like the Eight Prison Mountain Godsword, he was trembling as well.

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