Chapter 0316: Huang Sword Domain Domain Master

His voice was loud and clear. As the number of spectators increased, his voice soon reverberated around the entire field.

This response, "scaredy cat" and "coward," was a vivid description of Chen Fuyou's actions thus far. 

After being humiliated in front of the public, Chen Fuyou instantly spat out another mouthful of blood.

The truth was that Wu Yu wasn't afraid of him at all. Public sentiment was an invisible killing force. Wu Yu had defeated Chen Fuyou in front of public eyes with his own strength today. After experiencing this battle, his title of being a genius would definitely shine even brighter. 

Even if the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage arrived, could he possibly disregard all reason and attack Wu Yu in front of everyone? That was not possible unless the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage wanted to leave an irremovable blight in his life.

The Shushan Immortal Sect was a place governed by rules. Even if he was a Shushan Sword Sage, how could he rashly kill when Wu Yu wasn't in the fault at all? If he did, how would the common disciples feel? One should understand that the majority of the people in this sect were like Wu Yu, people without background. 

Everyone wanted things to be fair. 

Not only did Chen Fuyou lose in battle today, but he had also lost in terms of character. 

Having been triumphed over by Wu Yu with just a few sentences, Chen Fuyou spat blood once again and almost lost consciousness. Even Qin Fengling didn't dare to make rash decisions. 

The thousands of people around them were all witnesses. When the first person seconded Wu Yu's remarks, everyone responded accordingly. 

"Wu Yu is right. You should be grateful that he didn't kill you after you signed the Mortal Pledge and stepped into the Mortal Arena. If you alarm the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage, aren't you embarrassing the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage?" 

"Indeed, reason stands with Wu Yu in this." 

Chen Fuyou was notorious for being overbearing. When Wu Yu managed to put him down, the rest wouldn't be courteous with him. Chen Fuyou probably had not expected to be humiliated to such an extent in his lifetime. 

"Give it to me!" He snatched over the Message Talisman in anger, threw it to a girl behind him, and roared, "Get my father here to kill him!" 

"Yes, yes!" That girl was horrified. Just as she was about to activate the Message Talisman, the Message Talisman flew out of her hands, towards the sky, and into the hands of a person. The next moment, it turned into flames and disappeared. 

This person was none other than Shen Xingyu. 

"Chen Fuyou, you have lost in battle and I have seen it clearly. Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough? Do you think the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage wouldn't cripple you if you called him over?" 

When it came to standing and status, only Shen Xingyu could be a match for Chen Fuyou.


Her words instantly made Chen Fuyou even paler as he staggered several steps back. He naturally knew the high hopes the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage had for him. His father had hoped that he would surpass him one day. Yet he had fallen to such a state today.... 

As his father, would the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage throw up three liters of blood? 

Shen Xingyu stared at him and remarked, "If I were you, I'd hand over 10,000 Golden Essence Pills right away. No one can rely on others in the Mortal Arena. If you lose, you die! If you survive, you are just lucky. Your defeat today has been set. If you are a real man, go back and cultivate diligently so you can ask for a rematch in the future. You shouldn't act like a maniac and draw ridicule upon yourself and your father." 

Every word from Shen Xingyu was like a blade cutting deep into him. 

However, this was indeed the best thing Chen Fuyou should do. His loss today had been clear. If he could defeat Wu Yu in the future, that would be true redemption. 

"Wu Yu, I, Chen Fuyou, will remember the feud today! I'll challenge you on the Mortal Arena again in the future. I'm going to feed your eyeballs to fish!" Chen Fuyou gritted his teeth, retrieved a Sumeru Pouch, and threw it at Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu had finally gotten his hands on 10,000 Golden Essence Pill. 

Wu Yu chuckled and said, "Sparring is a common thing and I naturally welcome it. However, remember to bring 100,000 Golden Essence Pills when you challenge me in the future. I'm a simple man. If the reward is small, I won't be willing to risk my life. Now that I have defeated you, my life is naturally more valuable." 

Ever since he mastered the Unshackled Doppelganger, Wu Yu knew he would stay poor. 

However, it would be silly to not scam a sucker like Chen Fuyou. 

As for the future, he wouldn't have to worry. If Chen Fuyou was crushed by Wu Yu at this moment, Wu Yu would be able to destroy him in the future. 


Chen Fuyou shouted loudly and left. However, he still required Qin Fengling to help him. Otherwise, it would’ve been hard for him to even take off on his sword on his own, considering his current condition. 

Whilst Chen Fuyou left the Mortal Arena, various cultivators turned to Wu Yu. They couldn't help but greet him respectfully. Wu Yu's performance today was full of guts, and he acted unafraid of the powerful, It was indeed deserving of their respect. 

"Xingyu, you are here!" Li Yijun immediately ran over. 

"Get lost." Shen Xingyu gave him a stare. 

"All right, I'll get lost right away!" Li Yijun moved to the side quickly. Looking at his expression, he looked just like a daughter-in-law who had angered her mother-in-law. 

When the crowd saw this, they couldn't help but giggle. 

There were too many people chasing Shen Xingyu. Even people like Li Yijun had to give their all in their pursuit. 

Shen Xingyu walked to Wu Yu. She scrutinized him from top to bottom and said with a solemn expression, "You were a little rash today. Although the rewards are great, it was filled with dangers. It's better if you contemplate your decisions a little longer before acting in the future." 

Wu Yu nodded his head and answered, "I'll take note of that. However, the rules in Shushan are clear and well-defined. It's much safer than when I was in the Endless Demon Seas. If I can survive there, it shouldn't be a huge problem here." 

Shen Xingyu smiled helplessly and said, "That's true. Speaking of which, you haven't explained how your battle strength has improved to this extent. To be able to leapfrog three tiers above yourself and defeat a genius like Chen Fuyou, you must be the first in history. After today's battle, your reputation is likely to resound throughout the lands. If given more time, you might just overtake me!" 

She knew and recognized that her improvements weren't as huge as Wu Yu’s ever since she met him. 

"It’s likely that no one in the Huang sword domain is a match for you now. Despite this, you are here today because you mastered a mystique and plan to head towards the Huang sword domain, right?" 

Wu Yu nodded his head. 

Shen Xingyu turned around and asked, "Li Yijun, why isn't this done yet?" 

"Definitely right now! Immediately! This very moment! Wu Yu, follow me!" Li Yijun acted like he was on steroids as he pulled Wu Yu along and dashed towards the Immortal Ascension Hall. 

Shen Xingyu chuckled as she looked at the disappearing figure of Wu Yu. She mumbled to herself, "This kid has created miracles time after time. Brother's foresight is really much better than mine. His personality is likeable too and he is mature in thought. Perhaps he could strengthen Shushan with my brother in the future. Also, he might be able to help my brother in other ways too. I have to keep a lookout for him and not let him die prematurely." 

"Wu Yu will definitely be an exceptional person in the future. Today, he did many things that even I wouldn't dare to. Moreover, he handled them well. Chen Fuyou was crushed in terms of both strength and mentality today," said Baili Feihong emotionally. 

"The Huang sword domain is my brother's territory. Now that he is heading to the Huang sword domain, no one will dare to touch him from now onwards, not even the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage. My brother is improving rapidly. That Crimson Shadow Sword Sage is probably not a match for him anymore." 

"Boss is that incredible?" Baili Feihong was in awe. 

When they left, the spectators around the Mortal Arena also dispersed. However, the details and truth of today's battle would propagate throughout the Common Sword Domain and even the four main sword domains through their mouths. After all, the four sword domains were all connected on the Clear Sky of Shushan. 

Chen Fuyou was overbearing and had been acting arrogantly. Almost all the four major sword rank disciples knew about him, but few could do anything to him. Now that he had been beaten to the brink of death, many would likely feel placated. 

"The advantage of Wu Yu's physical body is too overbearing. Moreover, his mentality is mature and he possesses a resilient spirit. He is just like a copy of the Galaxy Sword Sage. Although the Galaxy Sword Sage didn't take him as his disciple, it is clear from his actions that he will be watching over him. Given time, he will likely be another rising star in Shushan and will impress the entire divine continent." 

"It's still a little hard to tell now. Let's talk about this again when he has the strength to protect himself in the divine continent. Potential is just potential. Before it is converted into true strength, any Earth sword rank disciple could kill him a thousand times over. And the value of an Earth sword rank disciple is ten times his." 

Comments about Wu Yu were everywhere. 

At this moment, Wu Yu had arrived at the Immortal Ascension Hall to update his Disciple Amulet to one of a Huang sword rank disciple. After the data was entered, he would have the qualifications to enter the Huang sword domain in the future. 

"Let me bring you to the Yellow Sword Domain Master Palace. They will allocate an accommodation for you on the Huang sword domain." Since Shen Xingyu was around, she led the way for Wu Yu. As for Baili Feihong, he returned to Warring Immortals Hall, while Li Yijun remained on the Immortal Ascension Hall. 

"Domain Master Palace?" Wu Yu pondered. He seemed to be able to recall from the Orientation Log that each of the four major sword domains had a domain master. They were all experts at the level of the Shushan Sword Sages. Their main responsibilities would be to manage the disciples in the domain, be their leader, allocate and administer their work. 

After leading Wu Yu past the the tunnel behind the Immortal Ascension Hall, Shen Xingyu smiled and asked, "Yeah, the Domain Master Palace is the core of each sword domain. Do you know which Sword Sage is the Domain Master of the Huang Sword Domain?" 

"I don't know." Wu Yu shook his head. 

He only knew two Sword Sages. One was Galaxy Sword and the other was the Crimson Shadow. 

"It's Shen Xingyao. He was just assigned there. His master was worried that he was becoming too engrossed in cultivation. Therefore, he found him some miscellaneous matters to occupy him and told him that this would be beneficial to him," said Shen Xingyu. 

Wu Yu had never seen the Galaxy Sword Sage before. He was surprised he was the Domain Master of the Huang sword domain. 

"You don't have to worry. We are just going to get an allocated cultivation residence. We won't be meeting him directly. It will be done quickly since I'm going with you. However, you have to rely on yourself for your cultivation on the Huang sword domain in the future." 

"Thank you, Sister Shen." Things were just easier when the correct person was helping you.


Shen Xingyu smiled and said, "You don't have to be so courteous. We have a long cultivation path ahead of us. Cultivation should be about mutual assistance. As long as we are fine with each other, it would be alright." 

Soon, they were about to reach the Clear Sky of Shushan. 

Standing at the bottom and looking across at the towering mountain range, Wu Yu found that being on the Clear Sky of Shushan made a huge difference. 

After pining to be here for a long time, he finally had the right to enter the Clear Sky of Shushan. Even though he would just be in the Huang sword domain, it was still a huge step forward. 

Above the sky, colorful clouds circled the place. Sword qi filled the air and thick chains surrounded the sky. One could seemingly hear the cries and angry roars of demons. 

Everything before him was a membrane of light. 

After Wu Yu passed through it, he felt as though he had entered a different world. 

The Clear Sky of Shushan! He had finally arrived!

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