Chapter 0315: Shadowless Realm

"I have defeated you. Do you still want to continue?" Despite obtaining the 10,000 Golden Essence Pills, Wu Yu still relished the opportunity to let his mischievous self loose. 

In the world of dao, background and standing were naturally important. However, the most important of all at the end was still oneself. Therefore, Wu Yu had not paid attention to this son of a Shushan Sword Sage from the very beginning. 

Chen Fuyou was indulgent in materialistic items and was easily distracted. There was no way he could understand the core principles. 

It was only natural that cultivators were differentiated according to their cultivation level. 

When being told he was defeated, the anger in Chen Fuyou rose to a new high. All the pride he had in this lifetime had been trampled viciously by Wu Yu. 

There was a saying that went: "He was so angry that his hair stood up." This was an utterly apt description for him at this moment. Chen Fuyou looked just like he had been struck by lightning as his hair stood up. At that instant, his Jindan essence raged rapidly in his body. The Jindan essence of a ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivator was like the waves of the seas. It was majestic and vigorous as it raged in the body. 

On his Jindan, the only Mystique Insignia engraved upon it was activated. At this moment, Chen Fuyou's eyes were bloodshot. He had exhausted almost all his strength in a bid to crush Wu Yu and reduce this hateful person to dust. 

"Shadowless Realm!" Wu Yu had heard about this Great Dao Mystique from Li Yijun. This was the mystique that the Shushan Sword Sage had chosen personally for his son. It was naturally going to be extraordinary. This was the final trump card of Chen Fuyou, and he had used it not more than three times in his life. Everytime he used it, he impressed the rest and his name became known by more people. 

At the split moment, the color of Chen Fuyou's skin started changing. In an instant, he had become completely black as though he had walked out from the black skies. The next moment, with his body as the core, a stream of mystique power erupted and swept across the arena. Wu Yu immediately felt like he was in the Core Heart Cell. With Chen Fuyou as the center, darkness spread and shrouded the entire Mortal Arena in it. 

This Great Dao Mystique seemed capable of creating a region that belonged only to Chen Fuyou. Within this region, everyone other than him would lose their sight. Or rather, no one would be able to see his shadow existence within the darkness. 

It was dead silent in Wu Yu's view. He couldn't see Chen Fuyou, but he definitely existed somewhere. He might just launch a deadly strike any moment. 

Those who stood outside the Mortal Arena could see Wu Yu shrouded in a pitch-black sun. As for what was happening inside it, no one could see a thing. However, they could sense that Chen Fuyou's Great Dao Mystique was undoubtedly horrifying. It was rumored that this was the Great Dao Mystique of the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage too. 

"Wu Yu probably isn't lucky enough to get away unscathed, right?" 

This horrifying Shadowless Realm was a region completely under the control of Chen Fuyou. When Wu Yu was caught in it, he lost all initiative. 

Amidst the darkness, Chen Fuyou was like a child of the darkness. As he moved within it, he was silent and undetectable. He was a naturally born assassin and killer. The moment the Shadowless Realm shrouded Wu Yu, he lost track of his opponent. Instantly, he felt a chill down his spine. 

"In that case, I'll play along with you." 

Wu Yu repeated the trick. The next moment, three Wu Yus appeared beside him once again. This was a different offensive style other than purely focusing on attack. At this instant, the four Wu Yu swapped their positions and weapons. Wu Yu just had to hide himself a little in this process. Truth be told, when the four of them separated, even stronger cultivators would not be able to tell one from the other. 

"Chen Fuyou, how is it?" the four Wu Yu said in unison. 

The truth was that Wu Yu could also summon the other seven of him. It was just that he didn't want to fully expose his trump card. 

Amidst the darkness, Wu Yu could sense Chen Fuyou leaking with anger. It was clear that he had encountered another tough issue when Wu Yu executed this mystique once again. Apparently, he only had one sure-kill opportunity on one of the Wu Yus. If he chose the wrong target, he might very well expose his location. 

What he might not know was that his anger and grievances would expose his location. Despite having turned into shadow and moving within the darkness, the moment he got furious and angry, the anger shrouding him would expose him in the darkness. 

Despite having such an extraordinary Great Dao Mystique, Chen Fuyou was still too weak and could not utilize it to his full potential. The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage was probably an assassin. Wu Yu had seen quite a number of assassins in the mortal realm. The most basic requirement was to not expose one's emotions while waiting for an opportunity to strike. However, Chen Fuyou was young and full of vigor. After being taunted by Wu Yu, he instantly exposed himself. 

In that split moment, Wu Yu had a rough estimate of his location. 

Everything erupted at that instant. 

The three doppelgangers held spiritual immortal treasures and executed their killer moves instantly. They did not attack Chen Fuyou directly. Instead, they had chosen to seal the paths that Chen Fuyou might escape through. At the same time, the real Wu Yu struck instantly. He switched the spiritual immortal treasure in his hands to the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. As the nine columns merged into one, the power merged as one. 

"Nine-Directional World Shatterer!" 

The Shadowless Realm was also a world of its own. 

The Nine-Directional World Shatterer Design was best at shattering worlds. As the rod swept across, golden rays shot through the sky. The golden rays transformed into a ferocious dragon, ripping apart the Shadowless Realm violently. This savage power was supported by Wu Yu’s bountiful Jindan essence and tough physical body. The speed of the column was unprecedentedly quick. Moreover, Chen Fuyou happened to have been trapped by the three doppelgangers. 


Chen Fuyou was caught by surprise. Even the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword couldn't possibly stop it in time. Moreover, Wu Yu's attack was too overbearing. In that instant, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column swept the spiritual immortal treasure away from his hand and smashed heavily on the Silver Moon Armor. Sounds of cracking erupted and cracks appeared on the Silver Moon Armor. As for Chen Fuyou, he was smashed aside heavily. He threw up blood instantly. Under such an impact, his bones and internal organs were scrambled. There was even fresh blood being squeezed out of his pores. 

Severely injured in a single strike. 

The entire Shadowless Realm shattered like glass breaking.

It was then that the crowd managed to get a good look at the battle. When the Shadowless Realm shattered, they saw Chen Fuyou spewing blood and being sent flying. They saw Wu Yu shattering everything with a single strike. Chen Fuyou fell to the ground and trembled violently. At this instant, Chen Fuyou's eyes had rolled back and he had suffered a miserable defeat. 

The next moment, Wu Yu landed on the ground silently. He retracted his doppelgangers and kept his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. Everything looked easy and under his control. 

Truth be told, Wu Yu could probably defeat other ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivators in a single strike. He had only taken so long to beat Chen Fuyou because Chen Fuyou was able to reach the level of a 10th tier Jindan Dao cultivator with his excellent immortal treasures, dao techniques, mystique, and Jindan essence. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu had not fought with all he had yet. 

If he had used the Violent Art, he clearly could kill Chen Fuyou with a single strike. It was just that there was no reason for him to kill this man. 

As for Chen Fuyou, he might look severely injured, but Wu Yu had restrained himself. He simply made him lose all strength for retaliation. In fact, Chen Fuyou probably didn't even have the strength to pull out a talisman at this juncture. Nonetheless, with the wealth he had, he probably could run and jump around after recuperating for half a month. 

"Wu Yu!" Baili Feihong and Li Yijun had come forward. They stood beside Wu Yu in shock and quickly took a look at Chen Fuyou’s condition. Their hearts were palpitating rapidly. When they looked at Wu Yu again, they felt like they were looking at a monster, and even their voices were trembling. 

"Oh my gosh! With your current strength, you could even hold sway over the Xuan sword domain, let alone being the first among Huang sword rank disciples. I have cultivated for over a hundred years and I'm almost not a match for you?" Compared to the worries he had for Chen Fuyou’s injuries, Baili Feihong was more in awe of Wu Yu's strength. 

Li Yijun was also scared out of his wits. He stared with his eyes wide open at Wu Yu and even desired to split Wu Yu apart to see what he was made of. The truth was that they didn't really understand how Wu Yu had defeated Chen Fuyou.... 

Qin Fengling had turned pale from shock and had rushed to Chen Fuyou to take care of him. 

The battle had finally ended here. More than a thousand people had arrived. Most of them had just arrived and happened to see the last scene. At this moment, the entire field was dead silent. Everyone looked at Wu Yu blankly before looking at Chen Fuyou. All they felt was that they were in a dream.... 

"Did I see a ghost in broad daylight?" That's the feeling many people had. 

"Wah!" Below the Mortal Arena, the group of beautiful girls were as white as sheets as they cried. They surrounded Chen Fuyou and made it seem like Chen Fuyou had died. When they turned around and saw Wu Yu, they were intimidated initially and didn't dare to meet his eyes. However, when they noticed that Chen Fuyou was not dead, they were emboldened and started chiding. 

"Wu Yu! You are dead! How dare you injure the son of the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage! You must be crazy!" 

"If the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage finds out about this, you will definitely be dead! If you get on your knees and apologize immediately, you might be spared!" 

"Oh gosh, he even dared to injure Prince Chen! He must be crazy and courting his own demise!" 

In front of the crowd, Wu Yu walked towards Chen Fuyou emotionlessly. The girls who were furiously scolding Wu Yu scattered like a flock of alarmed birds, moving aside when they saw Wu Yu approach them. 

The truth was that Chen Fuyou had not lost his consciousness. He knew what was happening around him. At this moment, he stood up with the help of Qin Fengling. However, he no longer had the strength to continue the battle. 

When their eyes met once again, only deep hatred lingered in the eyes of Chen Fuyou. His anger seemed to have turned into a blood feud against Wu Yu. Wu Yu knew that people like him, descendants of experts, could never live such humiliation down. 

"Chen Fuyou, as the son of a Shushan Sword Sage, I believe you aren't someone who can't accept his own defeat." Wu Yu looked at him intensely as the corner of his lips curved into a faint smile. 

Chen Fuyou's eyes were bloodshot and his body was still shivering. He did not answer Wu Yu. Instead, he retrieved a Message Talisman, handed it to Qin Fengling, and ordered, "Ask my father to come over. This person must die today!" 

Wu Yu had overestimated him. After losing his battle, he had actually called his father over. 

Qin Fengling felt complicated. If this matter alarmed the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage.... 

Baili Feihong was also flustered as he quickly interrupted, "Prince Chen, this isn't a good idea. The battle between Wu Yu and you is something between juniors and is an ordinary spar. How could you alarm the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage? Wu Yu has also gone a little overboard. However, he won't be claiming the 10,000 Golden Essence Pills. Please don't blow this matter out of proportion." 

Chen Fuyou was too lazy to listen to Baili Feihong as he gestured at Qin Fengling. 

Wu Yu held Baili Feihong back and said, "You don't have to worry. Even if the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage comes, will he kill me? His son provoked me and made the wager with me on the Mortal Arena. I spared his life and he's still going to call his dad over. What a joke! I have never seen such a coward in my entire life! A scaredy cat like him isn't qualified to be my opponent! Haha! Everyone here, don't you feel the same way?" 

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