Chapter 0314: Crimson Shadow Sword Sage

The sword in his hand at the moment was the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword. Its value was more than two times that of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column.  

This was because Chen Fuyou couldn't handle immortal treasures of a higher level. Otherwise, he wouldn't be limited to the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword. 

Other than that, he wore a suit of armor that was worth over 2,000 merit points. It was also a spiritual immortal treasure and was known as the Silver Moon Armor. As long as one injected Jindan essence in it and activated the Silver Moon Indestructible Spirit Design, even a ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivator would find it hard to injure Chen Fuyou. 

Furthermore, he possessed tough dao techniques and mystique. 

The only good news was that Chen Fuyou was just a ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivator and hadn't reached the 10th tier yet. His Jindan's quality was also the fourth tier, which caused phenomenon to occur around it. 

It was said that his father had the title of Crimson Shadow Sword Sage. 

At this moment, Chen Fuyou had the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword in his hand, his shadow doppelganger by his side, and the Silver Moon Armor for protection. His comprehensive strength would likely be slightly stronger than the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey or equivalent to a normal 10th tier Jindan Dao cultivator. 

If he did not have such capital, Chen Fuyou wouldn't be that furious. An ordinary dan disciple at the sixth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm would most likely only be able to defeat a seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivator. How dared Wu Yu speak to him in such a manner. 

Soon, there were several hundred people swarming in and discussing fervently.


Chen Fuyou was too lazy to move his own body. Therefore, he manipulated his shadow doppleganger to attack Wu Yu. When he held the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword in his hand, his shadow doppelganger would also hold a sword in its hand. 

"The principle behind this shadow doppelganger is a little similar to my Unshackled Doppelganger. However, it was formed from an immortal root and will have little moldability in the future. It's still a far cry from my Unshackled Doppelganger." 

From the speed and intensity of the attack, Wu Yu determined that the shadow doppelganger didn't pose much of a threat to himself. Therefore, he easily summoned the Yin Yang Dao Sword and held one in each hand. The glow of the swords shimmered strongly. 

Although the Yin Yang Dao Sword was far inferior to the weapon of Chen Fuyou, the sword qi was dense and not any inferior when in Wu Yu's hands. 


The shadow doppelganger launched several slashes. In that instant, Wu Yu's vision was occupied by the afterimages of the sword slashes. From the ground, these slashes swept towards Wu Yu. Although they seemed formless, the destructive force was immense. 

"Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike!" 

When Wu Yu faced Chen Fuyou, he was casual and relaxed. As he shot chilling qi forward, the chilling qi moved like sword qi and instantly froze Chen Fuyou's shadow doppelganger and attacks, causing them to slow substantially. 

"Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike!" 

After which, he swung out another sword. Yang energy erupted and formed a golden tornado. After a series of intense slashes, Chen Fuyou's shadow was ripped apart. In the blink of an eye, the shadow returned to Chen Fuyou’s feet.  

The match had just started and Wu Yu had easily broken through Chen Fuyou's attacks. 

Wu Yu swung his swords casually and locked at Chen Fuyou mockingly. At this moment, the several hundred people burst into discussions. They thought Chen Fuyou would easily finish Wu Yu off. 

"Prince Chen, stop fooling around with this guy. Look at that nauseating, cocky face. Send him to hell quickly and spare us from having to dirty our eyes by looking at him." 

"Yeah, look at how arrogant he is right now!" 

That group of beautiful girls chattered below the Mortal Arena. 

Seeing that his immortal root was destroyed, Chen Fuyou realized he had underestimated his opponent. Not only had he failed to gain the first-move advantage, but Wu Yu had also managed to handle it easily and saw him as a joke. At that instant, intense anger erupted and raged in his heart. 

"Lowly scum!" Chen Fuyou roared angrily. He finally released his extremely high quality ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivator's Jindan essence abruptly. The spirit design of the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword was activated and the sword disappeared from sight. Chen Fuyou seemed to be holding on to a non-existential object. Despite not being able to see or hear it, Wu Yu still felt that he was surrounded by the formless killing sword. 

That Crimson Shadow Heart Sword could appear from any place. 

As he manipulated the Crimson Shadow Heart Sword, Chen Fuyou entered the shadows instantly. He was like an assassin without material form. Although his figure had shortened, his speed was astonishingly fast. In the blink of an eye, he surfaced beside Wu Yu like a phantom. For the audience, some had not even manage to spot the location of Chen Fuyou. 


Thousands upon thousands of shadows made of sword qi formed a tornado surrounding Wu Yu. Every sword could easily pierce through one's heart. 

"This is the Shadow Blitz Heart Killing Technique!" 

Li Yijun introduced. This was the sword technique that Chen Fuyou specialized in, and it allowed him to kill others silently. 

At that instant, Wu Yu couldn't find Chen Fuyou. As for Chen Fuyou, he had used an amazing dao technique and far superior Jindan essence to lock Wu Yu into a deadly spot. He might just be able to take Wu Yu's life the next moment! 

Even the beautiful girls below the arena got excited. 

"What a pitiful dumbass to offend Prince Chen. He still isn't aware that he's going to die soon." 

"Haven't you see how pale he is looking now? I guess he's on the verge of crying out loud!  However, it wouldn't help his case. The Shadow Blitz Heart Killing Technique will instantly punch a thousand holes on him. It is said that a 10th tier Yaodan Realm demon was ripped apart by Prince Chen like this, let alone a guy who has just become a Huang sword rank disciple." 

Truth be told, even Baili Feihong didn't know how to get out of this dao technique safely. He was utterly flustered because Shen Xingyu wasn't here yet.  

On the other hand, Wu Yu wasn't feeling the least bit of anxiety. While the other party was looking for the best opportunity to kill him, Wu Yu smirked and said, "Forget it. I'll let you take a look. What can you do about it?" 

He plucked three golden hairs off and blew at them casually. Instantly, three figures identical to Wu Yu appeared. Almost no one around could tell them apart. Wu Yu and his doppelgangers quickly crossed paths and even exchanged the spiritual immortal treasures in their hands. Even Li Yijun, the only Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator around, couldn't tell which of the four Wu Yu was the main body, let alone Chen Fuyou. 


With just a thought, the four Wu Yu tried to break out in four directions. As it was difficult to tell the four Wu Yu apart, and this action disrupted Chen Fuyou's tempo when he was about to assassinate Wu Yu. With this sudden development, where was the real Wu Yu? 

"All of you! Die!" 

He couldn't care anymore as he had missed the best opportunity. Therefore, he triggered the various shadow sword qi and directed them together suddenly. In a sky-shattering manner, he struck towards all four Wu Yu. The sword qi that each Wu Yu was hit with was roughly the same.  

"Hehe." Wu Yu chuckled. The truth was that he wouldn't even feel pressured if he had to take on all the sword qi. However, he wanted a complete victory. 


In an instant, the four Wu Yu executed their dao techniques to clash with the thousands upon thousands of shadow sword qi. Wu Yu first activated various defensive sword techniques to withstand Chen Fuyou's attacks. To everyone's astonishment, the hidden and razor-sharp sword qi failed to kill even a single Wu Yu! 

In the next instant, the real Wu Yu among the four suddenly erupted. He had exchanged the spiritual immortal treasure in his hand for the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. After which, he charged out of the shadow with his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body. The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column enlarged instantly and swept towards Chen Fuyou, who was 100 zhang away. 

Chen Fuyou was controlling the Shadow Blitz Heart Killing Technique and didn't know about Wu Yu’s savageness. In a hurry, he retracted the shadow sword qi to defend himself. After which, he relied on the Silver Moon Armor to withstand this sudden violent strike from Wu Yu. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Using the thick and huge Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, Wu Yu landed three consecutive strikes. The third strike broke a black barrier and smashed directly on the staggering Chen Fuyou. At that instant, the spirit design of the Silver Moon Armor was activated and appeared before Chen Fuyou to protect him. However, the impact of Wu Yu's attacks shook the spirit design violently and sent Chen Fuyou flying back violently and off the Mortal Arena! 

Ping, ping, ping!

At this point, Wu Yu's other three doppelgangers finally exploded into smoke and disappeared.  The truth was that they had turned back into golden hairs and had returned to Wu Yu’s head. 


Wu Yu rested the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column on the Mortal Arena. The moment it impacted the iron-made arena, the entire arena shook and trembled. Wu Yu was relaxed and leisurely at this moment. His upright and mighty stance on the Mortal Arena formed a stark contrast with Chen Fuyou, who was in an embarrassing position after being knocked out of the arena.  

From the moment Chen Fuyou struck and surrounded Wu Yu with the Shadow Blitz Heart Killing Technique, to Wu Yu using his Great Dao Mystique and turning the tables around against Chen Fuyou, it was only a few breaths' time. Therefore, when people were still worrying about Wu Yu's life, Chen Fuyou was already knocked to the ground and covered in dirt. 

As everything had happened too quickly, most of the spectators hadn't reacted to the situation. 

Li Yijun, Baili Feihong, and Qin Fengling were all shocked and didn't make a move. As for the crowds, many had their eyes popped wide open and were filled with disbelief.


"Wu Yu... Is he going to defy all common sense again?  Chen Fuyou is the son of the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage and is very loved and protected by his father. He is 20 years older than Wu Yu and has had ample resources since young. Moreover, he was raised personally by the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage. How did Wu Yu even defeat someone like him?" 

"Wu Yu's physical body is extremely strong and unrivalled by others. However, he is probably at the fifth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm... Oh? He has reached the sixth tier.  This pace could be considered really fast.  However, Chen Fuyou is a ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivator after all. It is said that some 10th tier Jindan Dao cultivators still aren't a match for him...." 

"How can this be? Am I getting myopia? How am I seeing this?" 

Many people had witnessed this battle. To them, this was even more shocking than Wu Yu defeating He Taiyao and Zhao Xuanxian at the Battle of Swords and Immortals. 

Disregarding them, the female companions of Chen Fuyou looked as pale as sheets and as though they had swallowed houseflies. In fact, some of them fell to the ground in shock and embarrassed themselves in the process. Saying they had turned completely pale wouldn't be an exaggeration.

They really wanted to treat this as an illusion. However, the truth was right in front of their eyes. Even heaven couldn't change this fact. 

"This Wu Yu... Could he actually be a monster that fell from the sky? Otherwise, how could he possibly achieve this?" 

Just as they were whispering pitifully, Chen Fuyou, who had avoided grave injuries because of the Silver Moon Armor, had completely erupted. He had heard all the comments while he was lying on the ground. At this moment, blood flushed to his face. This was probably the most infuriated he had been since he was born. 

For Chen Fuyou, he was just like the cub of a lion. He could walk proudly on the plains and the other beasts would move away in fear when they encountered him. However, a wolf pup had appeared out of nowhere and completely destroyed him. How could he possibly swallow this humiliation and quench his anger? 

"Wu Yu!" 

Chen Fuyou growled furiously and charged up the Mortal Arena. He was panting heavily and his eyes were bloodshot. 

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