Chapter 0313: Shadow Doppelganger

To be honest, there were not that many people in the Immortal Ascension Hall.

This sudden conflict that sprung out from nowhere shocked everyone present. Chen Fuyou had a high standing and even had the right to grow up in the Shushan Immortal Domain. Both his natural talent and the resources he had access to were far superior to others. He was practically unrivaled beneath the Shushan Immortal Domain.

The Common Sword Domain was the lowest ranked place in the Shushan Immortal Sect after all. The fact that someone from here dared to challenge him…

Not only that, he had placed a wager on it as well.

Wu Yu's tenaciousness surprised not just Chen Fuyou, but the girls around him as well. They stared at him with expressions of bewilderment.

"This idiot, what's going on..."

"Could it be that he still hasn't realized who Prince Chen is even now?"

"My gosh, what an imbecile. How in the world did he become number one on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals..."

They were all at least Huang sword rank disciples, and did not deign to learn about the Common Sword Domain's happenings.


Chen Fuyou did not want to lose face in front of all these beauties. He was already very frustrated and harbored intentions of killing Wu Yu. While he did not think anything of Wu Yu at all, the fact that Wu Yu dared to recklessly challenge him…

"Well done. You dare to speak to me like this. Then I shall make you an offer. If you really manage to defeat me, I'll give you 10,000 Golden Essence Pills. How about that? I have so many of them after all." Chen Fuyou stared at Wu Yu intently. After a short pause, he continued, "However, if you lose, what shall you give me?"

Wu Yu fearlessly laughed and gave his straightforward reply. "What do you want? Regardless, I have no Golden Essence Pills." 

The girls watching him were all disgusted by how shameless Wu Yu was. 

"Prince Chen, I think you should not worry yourself with this idiot. Let me beat him to a pulp quickly and save the trouble of people calling you out for being a bully."

"That's right. This fellow is as dull as a donkey. He doesn't have the right to challenge you. Let me teach him a quick lesson."

Given the large disparity in their reputations, people would naturally think that Chen Fuyou was bullying others once again.

The advice of the beauties fell on deaf ears. Wu Yu's provocative expression angered Chen Fuyou greatly as he exclaimed, "Then let me use 10,000 Golden Essence Pills to wager against this worthless life of yours! If you lose, I'll kill you. Do you dare accept?"

His had revealed his intent to kill.

Not just anyone could provoke him. Especially not in front of all these beauties.

However, this was not all unexpected to Wu Yu. To Chen Fuyou, the only thing of equal value to 10,000 Golden Essence Pills was Wu Yu's own life. For someone that was a descendant of a Sword Sage, however, a single breath of bad air from them would already be worth over 10,000 Golden Essence Pills.

As such, he was not taken aback at all. He replied, "If you want my life, then we can't battle here. We have to go to the Mortal Arena."

Within the Shushan Immortal Sect, murder was naturally prohibited, and the Disciple Amulets were being monitored at all times. If one had hatred and desire for revenge that concerned mortal combat, the only place to go was the Mortal Arena! Of course, having a battle there truly required strong justification that was subject to a thorough auditing process. Given Chen Fuyou's standing, however, as long as he wanted to go to the Mortal Arena, no one could stop him.

"Ah, the Mortal Arena it is then."

The Common Sword Domain's Mortal Arena was not far from where they were.

Things had escalated to a point beyond Li Yijun and Baili Feihong's control. Baili Feihong felt rather helpless, but the confident Wu Yu reassured him, "Don't worry. I'm rather poor these days, so I'm just going to get some money from this spendthrift."

"Are you sure?" Baili Feihong knew how strong Chen Fuyou was after all.


Wu Yu nodded.

Despite this, Baili Feihong was still nervous. Wu Yu's actions this time seemed far too reckless and not well thought out at all. Given how helpless he was, all he could do was pass on the news to Shen Xingyu before he got up to leave for the Mortal Arena.

Even so, Shen Xingyu was in the Earth Sword Domain. It would take some time for her to rush here even if she wanted to. It would probably be too late by then. 


Together with his group of oriole-like girls, Chen Fuyou rode his sword towards the Mortal Arena. The girls tried to calm him down one after another. They advised him to just slaughter this idiot and call it a day. 

Chen Fuyou had never been challenged in such a way by a Common Sword Domain disciple. Simply punishing Wu Yu was no longer enough to quench his anger. While a battle in the Mortal Arena was a little too huge and unrefined for his tastes, this was the only place where slaughtering Wu Yu would appease his anger. 

Wu Yu, Baili Feihong, and Li Yijun followed closely behind.

The latter two were burning with anxiety, but Wu Yu was still brimming with confidence. The contrast between their respective sentiments was very clear.

"Wu Yu, you're no longer a child. I'm sure you're not stupid enough to let your emotions dictate your actions. We're not at the Mortal Arena yet. There's still a chance for you to change your mind. At most, Chen Fuyou will just beat you up. If it's not at the Mortal Arena, then he won't dare to kill you no matter what..." Li Yijun nervously said.

"Riches can only be obtained through risk. That's what I know." Wu Yu smiled at them. To be honest, the two of them were nervous out of concern for him. These two brother-like figures were definitely great people that were hard to come by. 

In just a moment's time, they arrived at the Mortal Arena that reeked of blood. From above, a huge steel stage was visible. Blood stains of previously felled cultivators embellished the entire stage. Both the stage and its wide surroundings were filled with a deathly aura.

This was the Mortal Arena - a place that struck terror into the hearts of those in the Common Sword Domain.

“Qin Fengling, come out!" Chen Fuyou shouted out at a palace in the distance the moment he landed beside the Mortal Arena. From the palace emerged a throng of merpeople. At the front was a female sword cultivator wearing a black sword lanyard. She had a gloomy expression on her face, probably because she had been at the Mortal Arena for a long time. Her heavy gaze was cold and stern.

Upon noticing Chen Fuyou, however, Qin Fengling immediately smiled. "I know who you are. Prince Chen has decided to grace us with his presence. My sincere apologies for not coming out to greet you earlier."

It was astonishing how quickly her attitude had changed.

This person was in charge of the Mortal Arena. Her powers were around that of Baili Feihong's, and she was a ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivator.

Chen Fuyou continued, "I need a big favor from you today. I want to battle with this Wu Yu in the Mortal Arena today. I'm sure you won't embarrass me by rejecting me, right?"

"Wu Yu?" Qin Fengling looked over. It was Wu Yu indeed. She had observed Wu Yu at the Battle of Swords and Immortals and had even wanted to take him in as a disciple. However, she was only at the Xuan sword rank, so Wu Yu definitely would not have held her in high regard.

Seeing how agitated Chen Fuyou was, Qin Fengling immediately knew what was up. It was definitely Wu Yu who had angered him, causing Chen Fuyou to have such murderous intentions.

"Wu Yu is a great talent. Perhaps he could even become a Shushan Sword Sage in the future. If he were to die here, people would naturally be curious about it. I will eventually become responsible for it then..." Qin Fengling had a huge headache to deal with. She knew that Wu Yu was definitely of great value and had innate skill that rivalled Chen Fuyou’s. On the other hand, Chen Fuyou was adored by his father and was someone who she could not afford to offend.

She felt that a great dilemma had befallen her.

Qin Fengling though of a quick-witted solution to solve such a conundrum. She asked Wu Yu, "Wu Yu, are you sure you wanted to battle Prince Chen in the Mortal Arena? You have to understand that once you're here, Prince Chen will not suffer any consequences should he kill you. The Mortal Arena is only governed by the rules of life and death!"

As long as Wu Yu was unwilling, the rules dictated that she could not intervene either. This would make things much easier for her. 

"Of course I understand. I don't wish to trouble you with much else. Just allow me to battle. I will bear full responsibility for my decision here." Wu Yu's unexpectedly curt reply made Qin Fengling feel like vomiting blood.

She muttered under her breath, "This is him walking straight to his own death. Everyone heard this, so I'm no longer to blame."

Even more importantly, she did not dare to offend Chen Fuyou. Without hesitation, she added, "Since the two of you have some resentful hatred for each other and have thought long and hard about this, I will not keep you two waiting any longer. I hereby allow the two of you to fight to the death."

She stepped back after these words.

Now things were just between Wu Yu and Chen Fuyou. Chen Fuyou took a quick glance at Wu Yu before rushing towards the vast battlefield of life and death.

"Wu Yu..." Baili Feihong's last call did not stop Wu Yu either. He felt extremely anxious, but it was to no avail. Shen Xingyu would not arrive so quickly either. 

"The two of you, please give me a moment. You first need to sign this Mortal Pledge."

Before fighting to the death, the proper procedures still had to be adhered to. This took about a quarter of an hour. The two of them signed the Mortal Pledge and recorded the details regarding their conflict. Even the wager of 10,000 Golden Essence Pills was recorded down, just in case Chen Fuyou wanted to go against his word. 

Only then did Qin Fengling realize that Wu Yu was using his life to wager for these Golden Essence Pills.

"This young man is truly mad!" Qin Fengling was so nervous that her heart started thumping in her chest.

News had probably spread from those who witnessed the conflict at the Immortal Ascension Hall. Numerous disciples in the vicinity had come to see what the commotion was all about. Before the fight even began, there were already hundreds of cultivators who had gathered. As time passed, more of them gathered. Wu Yu battling Chen Fuyou was undoubtedly an event that stirred the entire Common Sword Domain. 

"This Wu Yu, every time he does something, it becomes a big sensation!"

Chen Fuyou was far more impatient about this than Wu Yu. The moment the procedures were completed, he told Qin Fengling to back away. Glaring at Wu Yu, he scoffed, "Wu Yu, you've made a huge mistake. Your life ends here. Even in the depths of hell, the pain in your organs will surely make you regret what you've done. However, since you've signed the Mortal Pledge, I'm afraid there is no longer a chance for you to change your mind."

Wu Yu scoffed back, "I just have one thing to ask - have your subordinates prepared the 10,000 Golden Essence Pills?"

"Of course, it’s just that you'll be dead even before you can get a hold of them!" Chen Fuyou found that the more he exchanged words with Wu Yu, the angrier he became. 

As the crowd of onlookers grew larger, Chen Fuyou became unhappier too. He did not want to waste any more time. Even before Qin Fengling announced the start of the battle, he began to make a move.

On the way here, Li Yijun had already explained Chen Fuyou's various abilities in detail to Wu Yu. As a result, Wu Yu already had an understanding of his opponent's strongest spiritual immortal treasures, dao techniques, and mystiques. 

At this very moment, the shadow beneath Chen Fuyou's feet started to move. It rose beside Chen Fuyou and became a black shadow that matched his shape. 

"This is none other than the effect of the Immortal Root's Shadow Tree. The Immortal Root allows him to control a doppelganger-like shadow that is able to fight and kill. This is the reason that Chen Fuyou was so interested in my Unshackled Doppelganger in the first place."

This Shadow Doppelganger technique allowed Chen Fuyou to double his prowess. Its power was surely not to be underestimated.

It went without saying that this was not the full extent of Chen Fuyou's abilities.

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