Chapter 0312: Chen Fuyou

As the sharp sounds of applause rang out, a pleasant aroma wafted out from behind as well. This immediately drew everyone's attention.

Wu Yu, Li Yijun, Baili Feihong and the rest of the crowd in the Immortal Ascension Hall turned to look towards the hall's entrance. From the entrance walked in ten or so young cultivators. A majority of them did not wear sword lanyards, and were instead young girls that wore colorful and vibrant clothes. They were adorned with various pearl accessories. All of them were pretty, and like a flock of cheerful orioles, they chirped and laughed among themselves. Everyone could not help but focus their attention on them. 

These young girls were different from other female cultivators. They were far more dolled up, and were rather skilled with their use of makeup. They only powdered their faces slightly, yet that was enough to let them shine. Their perfect complexion was clear to all, and their youthfulness made other onlookers jealous.  

However, the most prominent member of the crowd was a man right in the middle. This young man was shorter than even the girls beside him. He had a clean appearance that resembled that of a prince, and his behavior seemed even more lackadaisical than Baili Feihong’s. He had his arms around the girls around him and walked with a swagger. He continued to tease these girls as he walked over. Once Wu Yu noticed him, he immediately started clapping with glee. 

This youth had a frivolous and arrogant appearance. He seemed to hold others in low regard. Upon noticing Wu Yu, he clicked his tongue and remarked, "What an awesome Great Dao Mystique. How interesting - when you're bored, you can make more of yourself to talk to, ha ha..." 

"Prince Chen, you're so mean. That mystique is clearly really impressive, why do you have to say such nonsense?"

"Yeah, Prince Chen, you're so rude."

The oriole like girls crowded around “Prince Chen” and teased him.

Wu Yu rarely came across aristocrats that behaved in this manner in the world of dao. He found it rather amusing that even Shushan had people like this. This Prince Chen seemed rather pleased with himself.

Upon seeing him, Li Yijun stepped forward. Fearing that ignoring this man would be a mistake, he asked, "Young disciple Chen, why have you come to the Immortal Ascension Hall?"

Prince Chen waved his hands and gestured a girl to step out from the crowd of beauties. He pointed to her and replied, "This is my precious younger sister. She wants to become a Huang sword rank disciple as well, so you have to pass her as well."

As the two were talking, Baili Feihong was starting to feel bored behind Wu Yu. He explained to Wu Yu, "This youth seems like the one known as Chen Fuyou. Apparently, he grew up in the Shushan immortal domain, and is rumored to be a Shushan Sword Sage's natural born son. Don't judge him just on his lazy appearance. He was apparently trained by his father and was also born with innate talent. While he is older than you by around 20 years, he has apparently reached the Jindan Dao Realm's ninth, or even tenth tier. Talent like this is ranked at the very front of all of Shushan. Together with his father's influence, there is no doubt that he will eventually become a figure of great importance in Shushan. You wouldn't want to get on his bad side."

Wu Yu did not underestimate him at all. Despite his grandiose gestures, Wu Yu could tell that Chen Fuyou was a very strong sword cultivator. It was obvious after some thought. With a Shushan Sword Sage as a father and the perfect environment for cultivation, how could one ever just end up as an average person?

"Actually, those born in the Clear Sky of Shushan, especially those in the Heaven Sword Domain or the Shushan Immortal Domain, are of higher ability than others. To them, the Common Sword Domain isn't even a part of Shushan, so when they come here, they are used to looking down on others. This doesn't just apply to Chen Fuyou. Basically all of them behave the same way, so it'd be great if you got used to it. Just bear with it." Baili Feihong still adhered to his duty. He knew that Wu Yu was an impulsive youth at heart, so he preemptively gave him such a piece of advice.

Chen Fuyou could go wherever he pleased, even on the Clear Sky of Shushan. He loved it when people called him “Prince Chen.” Many beauties often accompanied him as he swaggered around town.

As Baili Feihong was in the middle of warning Wu Yu, Li Yijun asked, "Young disciple Chen, may I dare to ask what mystique your little sister has learned? Would she be so kind as to give us a demonstration?" 

Of course, this was not Chen Fuyou's actual younger sister. She was just one of his many female companions. With just a single look, Li Yijun could tell that this girl was already a fifth tier Jindan Dao cultivator. However, her foundation seemed rather unstable, probably because she had cultivated using a large amount of Golden Essence Pills.

Hearing this, Chen Fuyou was slightly annoyed. He said, "A mystique only takes a matter of months to fix. I've given her a mystique already. In a few months or a year, she'll master it well. Why don't you let her rise to the Huang sword rank first? As for other matters, you can just leave them for me to handle."

He clearly wanted to break the rules.

While Chen Fuyou was no match for Li Yijun, Li Yijun did not see the need to offend someone of Chen Fuyou's stature. Furthermore, a Great Dao Mystique wasn't that difficult to obtain. The difficult part was obtaining one of high quality. This younger sister of Chen Fuyou was a dime a dozen. As long as he found a random Great Dao Mystique for her to cultivate, it would not be a difficult task. As such, Li Yijun did not object. He replied, "That sounds good to me. I'll just give her the Huang sword rank Disciple Amulet. I'll also register her as a Huang sword rank disciple and publicly announce it."

"I expected no less of Li Yijun. Don't worry, I'll remember this favor of yours." Chen Fuyou laughed as he embraced the girl who was currently frolicking with joy. 

Li Yijun handed a new Disciple Amulet to the girl and recorded her relevant information. He remarked, "The matter is settled. Young disciple Chen, you can be at ease now."

Chen Fuyou laughed as he hugged the surrounding girls. He happened to notice Wu Yu behind Li Yijun, and remarked, "I just heard that this boy is the number one on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. Although the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals is a joke, the rank one always seems to be somewhat capable. I was in too much of a rush just now to check him out properly. What's going on with his mystique? Why does it seem like there's something special about it?"

Now that he had noticed him again, Wu Yu knew that things would become troublesome. 

As expected, Chen Fuyou stared at Wu Yu and said, "You there, what's your name? Yes, you. Come over here and let me take a good look. What was the name of the Great Dao Mystique that you just showed?"

Wu Yu did not move an inch.

The surrounding girls started to stir, "Hey, Prince Chen is calling for you. Are you deaf or stupid? Don't you know that should hurry up and come over here and reply to him?"

"You'd better not make him angry, or else he'll rid you off your position as a Shushan disciple and toss you into the Endless Demon Seas. Even crying for mercy would be useless then."

Chen Fuyou laughed as he lifted his head to look at Wu Yu.

Li Yijun interjected, "Young disciple Chen, this man's name is Wu Yu. He is my friend, so please let him off. He would not dare to show off anything in front of you."

"How dare you. How I, Chen Fuyou, want to do things is none of your business. So what if he's your friend? I just want to see the mystique he demonstrated just now to broaden my horizons. Don't you all respect me?" Chen Fuyou's face revealed a cold expression as he cut Li Yijun off to berate him. 

The group of girls also burst out in anger and started to curse.

"Oh heavens, you all dare to anger Prince Chen? You've all made a huge mistake! Especially that hall master. Do you think you have the right to call him ‘young disciple Chen?’"

"Yeah, why don't you look in the mirror. What are you even? I can't believe you dare to address Prince Chen as one of your fellow disciples. How shameful."

Wu Yu and Baili Feihong exchange glances with one another. Wu Yu was bored anyway, so he demonstrated just a small part of Unshackled Doppelganger. As expected, Chen Fuyou knew what was what. While he only caught a glimpse of it, Chen Fuyou understood how special this Great Dao Mystique was. This made him greedy for more. 

As the saying goes, counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir. Chen Fuyou’s status was about the same as Shen Xingyu’s, so Wu Yu was not that afraid of him. Since he was so overbearing, Wu Yu did not hold back either. He directly said, "Chen Fuyou, I'm fine with you checking out my mystique. However, there's no request in this world that should be fulfilled without a good justification, right? Why don't you offer something good in return? I'll show it to you then.”

He was not at all ignorant about his counterpart's strength. A full retreat would not be possible today. With such a personality, however, how could he let Chen Fuyou take advantage of him?

"Eh?" Chen Fuyou was taken aback. He did not imagine that Wu Yu would say such words. He was stunned for a moment, but eventually burst out into laughter that filled the whole room. The oriole-like girls also laughed with him. They looked at Wu Yu as though he was the village idiot.

"Prince Chen, it has been so long since someone dared to call you by your name."

"Yeah, this guy even wants something good from you. What are you going to give him?"

"Ge ge, this has to be the best joke I've heard this year. Is this fellow for real? Does he not understand that the number one on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals is no different from trash in the eyes of us geniuses from the Clear Sky of Shushan? Where would the descendants of the strongest warriors find the time to fight for number one in the Common Sword Domain?"

As the fervent discussions echoed around, Chen Fuyou was not angry at all. He was merely amused.

"Sure, let daddy give you something good. How about a Golden Essence Pill, do you want it?" Chen Fuyou took out a Golden Essence Pill and tossed it towards Wu Yu.


Wu Yu caught the Golden Essence Pill and crushed it. He eyes blazed with anger as he said, one word at a time, "One pill is not enough. I want 10,000."


At this point in time, Wu Yu did not seem like he was joking to anyone.

Baili Feihong let out a huge sigh. He knew that there was truly no one that Wu Yu feared.

Li Yijun was starting to get nervous as well. He could clearly tell how provoked Wu Yu was from his eyes. 

Chen Fuyou's smile slowly faded away and a cold expression appeared on his face. He asked, "You, are you being serious with me right now?"

"Of course, I just want to see if you, Chen Fuyou, actually have 10,000 Golden Essence Pills." Wu Yu was far too poor now. Since his counterpart had come looking for him, what harm would there be in asking for a little money? 

"Even if I give you 10,000 pills, do you think you'll walk out alive?" Chen Fuyou jeered.


Wu Yu did not back down and laughed back. "As long as you're no match for me, I can take it and leave in peace. Don't you want to see my Great Dao Mystique? Why don’t I give you a good look at it on the battlefield?"

"You brat, are you trying to challenge your grandfather here?" Chen Fuyou was amazed.


"The loser is the real grandson. Are you scared?" Wu Yu asked back.

Things were starting to heat up now.

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