Chapter 0307: Heaven Dao Mystique

It had to be the Galaxy Sword Sage, Shen Xingyao.

Otherwise, there could not possibly be such a star in daylight.

However, the star winked just as Wu Yu noticed it, and then flickered out. He had probably already left.

"He's still watching me?"

Wu Yu had vaguely heard that when he had been carried away by Ba She, Shen Xingyao had actually gone to find him.

Until now, Wu Yu had yet to meet this person even once, and he had no idea how he viewed Wu Yu. But from what it looked like, it seemed like he had no evil intentions.

While he was looking at Shen Xingyao, the Shushan disciples of the Common Sword Domain were cheering for his strong performance. Two talented sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivators who had once been the cream of the Common Sword Domain crop. And even unleashing their Great Dao Mystiques, they had been helpless before Wu Yu.

Wu Yu's simple violence had easily beaten the two, and shaken many ordinary dan disciples. And even many disciples of the four major sword ranks gasped while watching.

Zhao Xuanxian and his companion were considered elite talents in the Shushan Immortal Sect, but they were like grains of rice compared to Wu Yu.

"As expected, even though he disappeared for two or three years, this Wu Yu is still the same as the Wu Yu back then. Disdainful and domineering, and arrogantly treating the masses."

"Given his current level, he will definitely turn heads even when he reaches the Huang sword domain and enters the Clear Sky of Shushan!"

"On the Clear Sky of Shushan, there are too many disciples of the four major sword ranks - including the progeny of the Shushan Sword Sages - who do not take the ordinary dan disciples who made it there by our own efforts seriously. When Wu Yu goes, he will definitely be a huge shock to them."

"He will vent the anger of our generation."

At this moment, only praise was being concentrated on Wu Yu. As for Zhao Xuanxian, even if he had come to his senses, he could only continue to feign unconsciousness in the face of such hostility against him.

In that moment, it was not his body that had been broken the hardest. It was his heart. After being so easily beaten by Wu Yu, his three years of preparation had been wasted effort. Against this opponent who flew way above him, and completely suppressed him, his heart was deeply crushed. And an even bigger failure was that He Taiyao had actually ditched him and escaped.

"Everyone, I have returned today, and I will look forward to everyone's care in the future as well. Wu Yu will not intrude further. Farewell."

His homecoming reveal had caused a huge stir. As long as this news traveled to the Clear Sky of Shushan, Wu Yu would be very satisfied.

"Let's go." Shen Xingyu was rather satisfied with this performance. It gave her face, and now she took Wu Yu away on her sword. Baili Feihong had returned to the Battle Sword Palace first.

Along the way, Shen Xingyu's bright eyes turned to regard Wu Yu with a flirtatious look, smiling. "My good little brother, you are truly a surprise. Don't tell Big Sister that your current fighting power is already nipping at the heels of a seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivator, even eighth tier?"

"If I work a little harder, it should be possible." Wu Yu smiled slightly in response. Actually, he was being humble. Right now, it was his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body that was too strong, that caused such an overwhelming effect.

"You are truly a miracle. But your future is still a long way ahead of you. Big Sister is waiting for you to reach the Clear Sky of Shushan. Only at that time will you truly be considered to be shining in Shushan. Perhaps one day, you too could become a Shushan Sword Sage! At that time, the entire divine continent will be yours to traverse."

She did not know that Wu Yu only had one eventual goal - to become immortal.

Shen Xingyu chatted casually with Wu Yu along the way. Speaking with a beautiful person was never boring, but Wu Yu was instead thinking of Nangong Wei. He wanted to quickly return to Warring Immortals Hall. If Nangong Wei had heard news of his homecoming, she would definitely come to find him.

However, Shen Xingyu first brought Wu Yu to Achievement Hall to redeem his 2,000 sword cores, and then to the Yi Treasure Vault to sell the unwanted treasures. From there, he earned roughly another 1,000 Golden Essence Pills. In addition to the roughly 2,000 Golden Essence Pills he had left, he had roughly the equivalent of 5,000 merits. Even to Shen Xingyu, this was quite a fortune.

"Now that you have these merits, you can go to the Mystique Hall to get a very good mystique. Great Dao Mystiques are usually very expensive. The simplest ones begin at 1,000 merits." Shen Xingyu had come this time as well to help Wu Yu barter and help him get a suitable Mystique.

However, Wu Yu shook his head. "Sister Shen, there is no hurry in this matter. I first want to see if there is a suitable mystique in the Transformative Daoist's legacy."

Shen Xingyu nodded. "If there is a legacy, it would be best. Wu Yu, what matters most right now is for you to practice a mystique and become a Huang sword rank disciple. As for the rest, they can all wait. With the status of a Huang sword rank disciple, you will be considered one of Shushan's core disciples, and you can conduct your affairs outside more easily."

Wu Yu naturally understood this logic. He had to become a Huang sword rank disciple in order to return to the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom and the Heavenly Sword Sect.

"Then I will not bother you. There's still one Message Talisman from before. And I have a few core-tail talismans here. If there is any trouble, you can look for me anytime."

She kept the tail talismans, leaving the core talismans with Wu Yu. Wu Yu was extremely grateful as he received them. To be able to meet such a nice “sister” like Shen Xingyu who took care of him was indeed his fortune.

Seeing his grateful expression, Shen Xingyu smirked. "Touched? Actually, Sister here has taken a liking to you. You have such talent and potential, so I take care of you so that a good sprout like you isn't trampled upon."

Although she said that, Wu Yu still had to thank her. In this vast Shushan, she was one of the few people whom Wu Yu respected. Just like Su Yanli from the Heavenly Sword Sect, she had rendered so much help to Wu Yu while he was still weak. Of course, Shen Xingyu was even warmer.

In this vast Shushan, Shen Xingyu was a synonym for all kinds of good things.

After parting from Shen Xingyu, Wu Yu returned to Warring Immortals Hall, Heaven's Equal Peak. The snow had thickened considerably after two years of neglect, and many arctic plants had blossomed, such as the snow pine. It was hung with many icicles, gleaming like a jeweled tree.

After returning to Heaven's Equal Peak, Wu Yu walked within the vast palace, devoid of any human presence. No matter how light his footsteps, there would be echoes.

He constantly looked out towards the far away mountains and icy plains, waiting silently.

"If Wei Er has left the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, and has heard the news of my return, then she will definitely come within 10 days."

He was still young after all. And having been apart for three years, he still had some longing for her. He killed time while he was waiting. Time passed, but still she had not come. Looking out, the mountains and rivers were beautiful, but there was no one.

After 10 days, Wu Yu was feeling quite agonized. Nangong Wei had not shown himself, and he had even gone out to seek news. But within the Common Sword Domain, there had been no news of her. No one knew about the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

"She must still be in the Reincarnation Realm. That's even better because she would not have been waiting for me after hearing the news that I was missing." Thinking thus, Wu Yu felt a sense of relief. Since there was no point in waiting, he would not wait anymore.

In the early morning, he sat cross-legged on the peak of Heaven's Equal Peak. He looked out at the thousands of kilometers that was the Common Sword Domain. Through the clouds, he could see many Shushan disciples flying around on their swords. Sword light flashed everywhere.

"Ming Long, how can I acquire the Great Dao Mystique of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal?" Wu Yu was wondering if Ming Long would raise more terms again....

In his vision, the little girl actually appeared, stretching lazily. She said, "Finally, an imbecile like you asks. Granny here thought you didn't want to know. You've even neglected the business of cultivation."

Ming Long looked at him imperiously.

"Clearly a little girl, but calls herself ‘Granny.’" Wu Yu was already very familiar with her, and teasing was normal.

"Oh, you little brat, you're rebelling in front of Granny? Do you not believe that I will braise you and steam you?" Ming Long waved her arms, about to pinch his face.

After carrying on for a while, she spread her hands. "Honestly, in the business of this Great Dao Mystique, even if you gave me excellent terms, I am helpless."

"Why?" Wu Yu frowned. He had to get the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's Great Dao Mystique at all costs.

"Very simple. Great Dao Mystique is different from ordinary dao techniques. It leaves too heavy a mark on the bloodline. And the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was an immortal, and his Great Dao Mystique must be amazing. Even if you knew the secret, ordinary people could not possibly cultivate it successfully. It is like the Ground Demon Transformation Art. Only personal teaching is possible. Therefore, the only method is that you must find a way to come into contact with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Back then, I was the same. Only then could I shrug off my previous mystique and start cultivating anew."

Every martial cultivator had a limit to the number of mystiques they could master. If later on they found a better Mystique, they could only cultivate anew after removing the brand of the previous Great Dao Mystique. It was very draining, and many would not do it unless the Great Dao Mystique they later stumbled upon was too good to pass up on.

Hearing Ming Long say thus, Wu Yu relaxed. At least he didn't have to owe her anything. He had no idea how much he owed her now.

However, Ming Long immediately shattered his confidence. "Don't celebrate too early. The Ruyi Jingu Bang is a godly level object. You won't get the Great Dao Mystique just because you want it. To think that back then, Granny spent 30 years getting on the good side of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, day and night. And back then, it was just a sudden chance where I was granted permission and instruction to finally begin cultivating the first Great Dao Mystique."

30 years!

This completely shocked Wu Yu.

"Why didn't you say earlier?" Wu Yu felt that she had spoken of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's Great Dao Mystique very casually before.

Ming Long rolled her eyes, snapping back, "Why didn't you ask earlier?" 

Wu Yu was not even 30 years old yet. He didn't have 30 years to spend on getting a Great Dao Mystique. By the time he was done with this, Jiu Ying and the other geniuses of his level would already be at Shen Xingyao's level.

Ming Long chuckled. "30 years is a long time to a brat like you, but it's just a flick of a finger for Granny here. That Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's mystique is a Heaven Dao Mystique, it's the mystique of immortals! How can it be so easily obtained? Although you might spend 30 years here, in the long run, after 100 years, your opponents will be far below you. Why, thinking of giving up?"

Wu Yu was indeed a little conflicted.

He was very clear that an immortal's mystique would be even more awesome than any other mystique in the divine continent. But the problem was, the time cost was just too high. 30 years did not mean anything for Ming Long, but to Wu Yu, spending 30 years on this would cost him too many other opportunities.

How to deal with this was indeed a huge problem.

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