Chapter 0306: Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi

The details of the matter were not that important. After all, Wu Yu was merely an ordinary dan disciple. Even if he was actually involved with demons, what real threat could he pose to an entity as imposing as Shushan? 

He was an ordinary dan disciple from the Common Sword Domain. To be honest, even an actual Shushan disciple would not pose enough of a threat.

As things were, it was Zhao Xuanxian and He Taiyao's turn to be embarrassed. Their carefully crafted verbal attack had been entirely shut down by Shen Xingyu. They were now caught in an awkward spot and could neither stay nor leave gracefully. 

Wu Yu could tell that they were caught in this awkward situation. He laughed, "Actually it is quite normal for the two of you to have such concerns. However, don't you think that the two of you have greatly overestimated me? I'm merely an ordinary dan disciple. Even if I was under a demon's control, what disturbance could I even cause? I have to say that you two have really wild imaginations. However, since the two of you are already here, you shouldn't just leave empty-handed. Let's just be open about things. If my guess is correct, you two are still resentful about your defeat last time. Now that you both have found a master and improved so quickly and are already sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivators, I welcome you to challenge me. Just come at me, I won't decline your challenge."

These words stirred up excitement among the crowd. Wu Yu and this pair were old enemies after all. The proud and arrogant Zhao Xuanxian had inherited the legacy of the Heart Piercing Sword Sage, whereas He Taiyao had the backing of both the Shushan Immortal Sect and the Tianyi Race. They were no mere mortals, yet they had still suffered the crushing blow of defeat by Wu Yu's hands back then. The frustration of their defeat had irked them for three years. If they did not defeat Wu Yu, they would never be at peace.

"That's right, if you want to pick a fight, just be direct about it! Don't speak ill of others like cowards!"

"Wu Yu is so strong-willed. Looking at Zhao Xuanxian and his wife frustrates me so much. They do everything as a couple just to make everyone envious. If I manage to find a partner someday, I'll be sure to show off as well."

"I can't believe the two of you are still holding hands. Such clinginess really irks me." 

Zhao Xuanxian's reputation in Shushan was worse than Wu Yu's. It was no surprise that so few people approved of him.

With such words from Wu Yu, Zhao Xuanxian would be considered no more than a cowardly stray dog if he did not accept the challenge. He had just been chided by Shen Xingyu as well. Just as his temper started to rise, he took a quick glance at He Taiyao and noticed that she was boiling with anger as well. This agitated him further. "I'll give you no time to rest. Be prepared for our revenge as a couple."

"No, it's just Wu Yu after all. He's all talk anyway, I can defeat him alone without you," He Taiyao interjected quickly. 

Wu Yu interrupted them. "Stop flirting around in front of such a huge crowd. Just hurry up and come at me together. I'll even let you two have the upper hand."

"How audacious of you, shut up!" Zhao Xuanxian's face was red with anger. He immediately unsheathed his spiritual immortal treasure longsword. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that his weapon had changed. It seemed much better than the one he had before and looked like it was worth over a thousand merits. Finding a new master really made one stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, He Taiyao rode her flying sword away, declining to engage in direct combat. However, she had already taken out her Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow that was once a threat to Wu Yu. After preparations were complete, she took aim at Wu Yu's eye, preparing to let lose a fatal arrow at a moment's notice. It was also clear that He Taiyao was much stronger than before as well. Not only had her Jindan essence increased, her archery skills had improved by leaps and bounds as well.

From Wu Yu's previous clash with the rank one of the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals, Zhao Xuanxian naturally understood how terrifying his opponent was.

"Even with our combined forces, I'm afraid that we only have a 70% chance of defeating Wu Yu. This time, we definitely can't show any mercy."

A golden opportunity flashed before Zhao Xuanxian's eyes.

"Dear, I'm thinking that he doesn't possess a Great Dao Mystique. Let's just use our Great Dao Mystiques to deal with him and attack at the same time!" Zhao Xuanxian and He Taiyao were so connected that even a single glance between them allowed them to know what the other was thinking.

In the meantime, Wu Yu still had yet to make a move. He simply watched the two of them expressionlessly.

Faint discussions echoed through the crowd.

"Zhao Xuanxian's improvement over these three years is rather frightening. He is unrivaled even among the Huang sword rank disciples. An ordinary seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivator is surely no match for him. Especially since he cultivated the Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi from the Heart Piercing Sword Sage and other similar Great Dao Mystiques. I'm sure that his destructive power is frightening now."

"He Taiyao is no slouch either; the Tianyi Race's Mortal Realm Limitless Sun is rumored to create an entire sun."

The tricks up Zhao Xuanxian and He Tai Yao's sleeves were unable to be kept secret in a place like the Shushan Immortal Sect. Wu Yu effortlessly learned what his opponents could do.

Hearing these comments only made Wu Yu more interested in Great Dao Mystiques. He could barely wait to get rid of these two and go work on his own Great Dao Mystique.

At the same time, he was also curious about the Great Dao Mystiques possessed by these two. Just how strong were they? 

The two-on-one battle began with He Taiyao. All of a sudden, a bright red flame surrounded He Taiyao's body. From the center of her eyebrows emerged a blueprint that seemed like a war-planning map. As the flames burned and soared towards the sky, Wu Yu suddenly realized that He Taiyao had exploded into flames and shattered into countless shards.

This was indeed a shocking scene.

It went without saying that Wu Yu was aware that his opponent had not really burst into flames and died. This was just one of the special ways that a Great Dao Mystique could manifest itself. During the moment when He Taiyao exploded, countless shards started to burn individually and fly towards the sky. In no time at all, flames that were hot enough to boil a river started to engulf the skies. Many onlooking disciples felt the immense heat and started to retreat from it, causing widespread chaos in the crowd. 

Wu Yu was immediately swallowed whole by the bright red blaze.

In the blink of an eye, he seemed to have entered a world of fire. Countless flames surged towards his body and burned his skin. Wu Yu had forged his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body in the Subterranean Treasured Moon Furnace and had a high resistance to fire as a result. Despite this, he surprisingly still felt some pain from the flames.  The fact that the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun Mystique was able to cause him to feel some pain indicated that it was indeed not bad…

In other words, even if it was someone like Shen Xingyu, they would not be able to resist the power of these flames without the protective help of their Jindan essence. Even Jiu Ying would not be able to do so either.

To be honest, He Taiyao's Mortal Realm Limitless Sun was extremely powerful. However, when it was used against Wu Yu, its effects were rather weak. 

From afar, one could see that a huge, burning sun had emerged beside the Mountain of Swords and Immortals. Flames roiled and bubbled on the sun's surface, and even beyond a thousand kilometers, one would be able to feel the heat from this burning sun. It was as though a second sun had actually appeared in the world - a sun so hot that it caused even those that were miles away to be drenched in sweat. 

The Shushan disciples could not help but feel a tinge of regret. They felt that Wu Yu had somewhat underestimated He Taiyao and Zhao Xuanxian.

The truth was that Wu Yu was rather amused. Using fire to attack his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body was purely a mistake.

On the other hand, Zhao Xuanxian's Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi definitely deserved more attention. While Wu Yu was enveloped in the inferno of flames, a menacing blade pierced through the fire. A 10-foot-long golden blade appeared before Wu Yu. The sword qi around it was unhindered and was incomparably sharp. Zhao Xuanxian's Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi reminded Wu Yu of his own Great Dao of the Golden Sword, but the power of Zhao Xuanxian's technique was much scarier than his own. There was nothing that could not be cut by such an incisive sword qi. 

It went without saying that if it came into contact with Wu Yu, even his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body would be mangled.

Upon witnessing these two Great Dao Mystiques, Wu Yu was definitely impressed. The two of them had already showed the peak of their abilities, but, unfortunately, they had yet to deal with him.

At this time, Wu Yu and Zhao Xuanxian faced each other. Zhao Xuanxian gave a sinister laugh as he charged towards the center of the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun, where Wu Yu currently was. Wu Yu calmly drew out his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. Grasping it in his hands, he raised his head and locked eyes with Zhao Xuanxian. As Zhao Xuanxian's gaze met with Wu Yu's, Zhao Xuanxia suddenly felt dazed and confused. It was as though his eyes were set on fire.

"Ah!" Zhao Xuanxian cried out as he slashed his sword qi violently like a madman.

"The mystique isn't bad, but the user doesn't make the cut." Wu Yu laughed. As his opponent's Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi approached him, he blocked it with the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. As a result, Zhao Xuanxian was unable to attack him at all. At this very moment, Zhao Xuanxian's eyes were back to normal, but what he saw before him was a sight that caused him to shudder in fear.

Despite being under the effects of the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun, Wu Yu's effortless block was able to mitigate his killing blow.

"I have already made it clear to you. After you were defeated by me in the past, our skills only grew further apart. At this point in time, the disparity is basically night and day." With these concluding remarks, Wu Yu disarmed his opponent's sword with a single sweep of his column, and his next blow landed squarely on Zhao Xuanxian's head.


In this moment of extreme dismay, Zhao Xuanxian was struck by what seemed like a cannonball. From the upper part of the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun, he was smashed towards the ground and landed with a resounding crash.


The entire ground shook as blood flowed from Zhao Xuanxian's cracked head. He stared blankly at the sky and dared not move an inch of his body. Wu Yu had controlled his strength appropriately. He had no intention of killing Zhao Xuanxian, but he had broken Zhao Xuanxian's bones in order to ensure that he would only able to watch as a cripple.

"That was Zhao Xuanxian!" The concern that the crowd had for Wu Yu was replaced with a sense of fright. 

Zhao Xuanxian was defeated so easily. Even more shocking was that he was defeated even with the help of the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun.

However, the one who was most affected by Zhao Xuanxian's defeat was none other than He Taiyao. He Taiyao was outside of the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun and had been focused on controlling her mystique.

At this point in time, the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun started to shrink and she was unable to control it any longer. In an instant, Wu Yu appeared before her and poked her forehead with the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. With such a move, the Mortal Realm Limitless Sun disappeared entirely.

"You!" He Taiyao's soul left her body as she stared at Wu Yu blankly. In this moment, she felt like she was facing off with a warrior at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. This feeling of helplessness left her mind completely blank.

"Take your man and leave. Stop giving me trouble," Wu Yu said.

He Taiyao retreated in a hurry. She glanced at Wu Yu and Zhao Xuanxian, who was currently lying on the ground, and suddenly started to wail in despair. Unbelievably, she ignored Zhao Xuanxian altogether and made her leave, leaving thousands in the crowd confused over the absurdity of this scene.

Many people started to laugh out loud. It seemed like the relationship between those two wasn't that ironclad after all.

However, they were even more surprised by Wu Yu and saw him in a new light. In their hearts, Wu Yu was practically a war god now.

Wu Yu suddenly felt a certain gaze fixed on him. When he looked up, he thought that he caught a glimpse of a star in the sky.

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