Chapter 0304: Below

"Although the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu has a standing similar to Jiu Ying’s, his capability is just at the level of a junior demon. His Natural Mystique would definitely not be able to bring much threat to the sect. When I get back to the sect, I need to find someone who understands this Natural Mystique and can erase it." 

If this matter wasn't settled, it would be an eyesore and would constantly be weighing Wu Yu down. 

When he saw the Clear Sky of Shushan, the journey back to the Shushan Immortal Sect wouldn't take much longer. 

"I have informed Sister Shen about the incident of the Supreme Hunting Ground. I wonder if anyone in Shushan Immortal Sect is still paying attention to a person like me who has gone missing for more than two years.

“The most important thing is that Nangong Wei has probably grown up after three years. Where will she be? If she learns about my return, how will she treat me?” 

Because of this, Wu Yu had chosen to return through the Green Glass Sword Palace gate. This was the place he had entered Shushan for the very first time. 

The Clear Sky of Shushan was towering and domineering. Above it, there were clouds of nine colors, and wind and thunder surrounded the peak. At the middle of the mountain, countless steel chains extended out. The edges of these steel chains were connected to the huge, ancient, bronze swords that stood in the Common Sword Domain. At this moment, there were two in front of Wu Yu. 

Being back here again, Wu Yu was overwhelmed by emotions. After a nightmare-like existence in the Endless Demon Seas, he had finally returned to this place where he pined for even in his dreams. 

From a far distance away, he had been looking at it. The disciples of Green Glass Sword Palace, who wore green armor, were mainly responsible with registering the entrance and exit records of Shushan disciples. The one in charge was still the same person Wu Yu had met when he first came to Shushan. However, he was not the one in charge at this moment. He stood deferentially behind two cultivators. 

There weren't many people who came to receive Wu Yu. In fact, there were only two, and they were Shen Xingyu and Baili Feihong respectively. 

The purple dress of Shen Xingyu billowed in the wind, highlighting her well-endowed body. After seeing Wu Yu, her expression relaxed a little. She smiled faintly and watched as Wu Yu approached. When Wu Yu removed the sword below his feet and stood in front of her, Shen Xingyu gave him a hug. A beautiful scent entered in nose as Wu Yu embraced Shen Xingyu. What he felt was warmth that he had long missed. 

Baili Feihong laughed heartily at the side. He was unkempt and felt a little embarrassed after seeing Wu Yu. 

Shen Xingyu patted Wu Yu's back before looking at Wu Yu and saying, "I have seen your report on the matter through the Message Talisman. Your experience is really unbelievable. What is hardest for us to believe is that you actually made it out of the Supreme Hunting Ground. You have truly created a miracle. We know about the existence of the Supreme Hunting Ground but have never heard of anyone who managed to escape it." 

Baili Feihong, who was standing by the side, added, "Wu Yu, you look more mature after two years of life and death experiences. As the saying goes, ‘hardship hones a person.’ After experiencing that, you have made huge improvements. I believe you could call this a blessing in disguise?" 

Shen Xingyu gave Baili Feihong a stare before continuing, "You still dare to speak here? If you hadn't introduced this mission to him, how would he have gotten into such a mess?" 

Wu Yu interrupted immediately, "Sister Shen, this isn't the fault of Palace Master Baili. A despicable guy like Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain had to be killed. This is also karma for my cultivation route. Furthermore, this incident has passed. Since I have escaped from the brink of death, we should be celebrating it instead." 

"Yeah, Wu Yu is really sensible. Haha." Baili Feihong was really afraid of Shen Xingyu as he chuckled awkwardly. 

They had met by the arrangement of fate and yet the two of them were willing to be the only ones receiving him on the day of his return. From their words and expression, Wu Yu could feel warmth. However, he was still a little disappointed. When he looked beyond the two of them, there was still no sign of Nangong Wei. 

"Perhaps she didn't receive the news that I'm coming back. Or perhaps she has not returned from the place known as the Shushan Reincarnation Realm." 

Just as he was pondering about this, Shen Xingyu solemnly remarked, "Wu Yu, your disappearance this time was within reason and is forgivable. Although you broke the rules by not returning to Shushan for over two years, we have talked to Punishment Hall and agreed that you shall not be penalized. Furthermore, you have made a vital contribution in the incident of Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain. The Flying Immortal Hall has decided to award you with 2,000 merit points. You can go and collect these merit points at the Achievement Hall any time. Besides this, although you have been gone for two years and most people have forgotten you, it doesn't matter. Your future in the Shushan Immortal Sect is still long. This was just a brief interlude. After returning, you just have to remain at the Battle Sword Palace and continue your cultivation practice." 

2,000 merit points was a rather huge sum, and Wu Yu happened to really need them now. Shen Xingyu probably had played a part in getting these merit points. Otherwise, others would have long seen him as a dead person. 

"Thank you, Sister Shen." 

After conducting a quick scan, Shen Xingyu commented, "You probably have just entered the fifth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. That's the first step to the real cultivation path. Congratulations. You just have to get a Great Dao Mystique and you will have attained the requirements of a Huang sword rank disciple. You can then leave the Common Sword Domain and stay within the Huang sword domain. In other words, you will be allowed to enter the Clear Sky of Shushan. For your first Great Dao Mystique, you have to be careful when choosing. Those 2,000 merit points might prove to be of help. With your talents, you have to choose carefully." 

She was able to see further. Before Wu Yu had even entered Shushan. she pointed out what was the most crucial thing for Wu Yu at this moment. 

"Alright." Naturally, Wu Yu didn't have to get his first Great Dao Mystique from the Shushan Immortal Sect. He was going to get the mystique from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

Speaking till this point, Shen Xingyu added, "Other than this, nothing will be a huge problem. However, there's another matter that I have to remind you of." 

Seeing that she looked serious, Wu Yu waited and listened attentively. 

Shen Xingyu said softly, "You described Jiu Ying as your friend in the Message Talisman. I can understand your thoughts. However, the issue is that the feud between the two races is too deep. If anyone asks in the future, you definitely cannot tell them about your relationship with Jiu Ying. It will be best if you pretend this demon doesn't exist. As for how you left the Supreme Hunting Ground, just make something up. No one has been there and returned anyway. Don't ever tell anyone that your good relationship with a demon is what allowed you to leave the Supreme Hunting Ground." 

Wu Yu was taken aback by her remarks. 

He naturally knew that Shen Xingyu cared about him. He also admitted that most Shushan disciples wouldn't accept him having a good relationship with a demon in this matter. If he was careless and allowed it to be known by many others, he would definitely drew the animosity of many people. 

Therefore, he nodded his head and said, "Thank you, Sister Shen, for your reminder. I understand and will definitely not say much about this." 

The truth was that he understood that he might not have the chance to meet Jiu Ying again after leaving the Endless Demon Seas. Although there were very few people who shared the same perspective in life, the feud between the two races was too deep. It wouldn't be beneficial to either of them if they were brazen and ignored how others would view them. 

Shen Xingyu lifted an eyebrow as she said, "You are smart and didn't let me down after worrying about you for two years. Oh, right, the timing of the Battle of Swords and Immortals has been adjusted. Today's the end of the external challenges for the new season of the Battle of Swords and Immortals and the internal battles are still ongoing. There are a lot of people there and we should announce your return in an official place. After all, you are the famous number one disciple in Common Sword Domain, and many people wish to replace you." 

"Let's go then!" 

Since Wu Yu was back, he wanted everyone to know about it. Otherwise, every single person he encountered on the way would be surprised by his sudden appearance. 

Wu Yu still had a very important reason to do so. As long as he appeared within the Mountain of Swords and Immortals, Nangong Wei would definitely hear the news of his return, provided that she had left the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. 

Now that the number one on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals had returned, the new batch of teenagers would definitely like to replace him. 

However, Wu Yu was substantially stronger than all disciples in the Common Sword Domain currently. 

He followed Shen Xingyu and Baili Feihong into Shushan before taking off on his sword while moving through the mountains. The clouds and spiritual qi of Shushan had a pure sensation. In this majestic world covered in snow, it was cold but filled with warmth from time to time. When he finally got back, Wu Yu felt a sense of belonging and love for this majestic and beautiful scenery. 

Sword-like mountains flashed past below his feet one after another. Various Shushan disciples were cultivating diligently. In the skies and on the clouds, there were also many sword cultivators flying on their swords. Everything here seemed so dreamy and peaceful. 

After briefly telling the two of them what he had experienced, Wu Yu heard the raucous cheers from the Mountain of Swords and Immortals. Around the towering mountain that pierced through the clouds in the sky, countless Shushan disciple were flying on their swords and circulating around it. The battlefield where sword cultivators sparred was incomparably majestic. 

Sword cultivators who were filled with youth and passion were fighting intensely to leave their names on that Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals! 

Shen Xingyu asked Wu Yu to stay behind for a while. With a shimmer, she turned into a stream of light and appeared in the middle of the battlefield. When she appeared, she immediately masked the brilliance of the teenagers engaged in battle. 

"Let's stop the battles for now. I have brought a surprise with me for everyone!" 

The crowd looked and noticed that the one who had spoken was Shen Xingyu, sister of the Galaxy Sword Sage, Shen Xingyao. She was definitely one of the authoritative figures in Shushan. Moreover, she said she had brought a surprise along. Therefore, no one had objections to her disrupting the battles. Most of the people were waiting in anticipation for the surprise she was going to deliver as they looked at her inquisitively. 

Just as the crowd went silent and was waiting, Shen Xingyu smiled at Wu Yu and gestured for him to step forward. 

Wu Yu understood her and immediately moved towards her on his sword. In a loud and clear voice, he shouted, "I'm Wu Yu and I have just returned today. Greetings to all my seniors and juniors." 

When the crowd caught a clear view of this person and verified his voice, they suddenly recalled Wu Yu, who had caused a huge uproar in this place three years ago. Compared to three years ago, the current Wu Yu looked more alert. Even his gaze felt more forceful. Despite facing a hundred thousand men, he didn't show any sign of fear or anxiousness. He was just like Shen Xingyu beside him, who controlled the entire crowd. 

"Wu Yu! It's him! Didn't he go missing for two or three years? Wasn't he killed by an extremely evil ghostly cultivator during a mission?" 

"I heard that he was dead and that even the Galaxy Sword Sage couldn't find him. Why is he back suddenly... I had almost forgotten about him...." 

"It's really him! I heard he was carried away by a terrifying demon. This piece of news was divulged by the Galaxy Sword Sage. If he has really gone to the territory of the demons, how did he make it back here alive...." 

However, no matter how others might doubt, the person in front of their eyes was undoubtedly Wu Yu. 

Once again, he basked in the limelight. 

Shen Xingyu had not explained Wu Yu's situation. Therefore, she remarked, "After the battle with the ghostly cultivator, Wu Yu was captured and brought to the Endless Demon Seas. However, he was blessed and eventually escaped from the brink of death after experiencing many life and death battles in the Endless Demon Seas. I believe that all ordinary dan disciples here should learn about resilience from the number one of the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals." 

She covered the issue lightly and had compressed Wu Yu's experiences over the last two years. 

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