Chapter 0303: Blood Dragon of Mount Wu

Wu Yu rode on his sword above the white clouds in the skies. As he moved through the clouds, he was immersed in scorching hot sunlight and his body was filled with strength. 

While flying at high speed, raging winds howled and his clothes were billowing freely in the wind. At this moment, he was eager to get back. Therefore, he was moving at full throttle. Mountains below his feet moved rapidly behind him and disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye. 

Standing on his sword and looking down at the world, he was relaxed and carefree. 

The Endless Demon Seas and the Supreme Hunting Ground were shrouded in darkness at all times. Wu Yu had felt restraint under such circumstances. 

In the south, the sun hung high up in the sky. Birds and animals roamed in the forests, the plants were full of vitality, the rivers and mountains were vastless, and the chirping of birds and the aroma of flowers filled the mountains. Being back in a world like this, even the simplest aroma of flower lingering in the air was not easy to come by. 

Several dozen life and death matches were required in exchange for all this. 

Naturally, those several dozen battles had also brought huge changes to Wu Yu and pushed him into the ranks of a true cultivator. 

"Shushan! Shushan...."

The Common Sword Domain was vast and the Clear Sky of Shushan looked even more like the work of immortals. Countless sword cultivators filled the area. 

However, just when Wu Yu was close to the Clear Sky of Shushan, a scent of blood shrouded towards him from his back. This made Wu Yu's zealous mood fall to the lowest point in an instant. Clearly, someone had pursued him from the Endless Demon Seas. Moreover, Wu Yu was familiar with this scent of blood. 

He abruptly dove down to the ground and hid himself within a valley covered with lots of plants. 

However, it was clear that the other party was pursuing him. When Wu Yu noticed its existence, the other party would also have noticed Wu Yu. Therefore, the moment Wu Yu landed in the valley, he immediately saw a cloud of fresh blood swooping down when he turned around. The cloud of blood dispersed into bloody mist and made a sizzling sound. In the blink of an eye, the bloody mist had completely covered the entire valley. 

The valley, which was initially full of green plants, had become similar to the Endless Demon Seas in a very short amount of time as they were shrouded in the bloody mist. Countless trees withered rapidly as though they were dry corpses whose blood was sucked away. Within the valley, all the birds and animals had been reduced to corpses. Even that clear river had turned into a blood river in an instant. 

This was what a demon was capable of. 

Demons weren't simply animals. They were anything other than humans that had made it past the Spirit Ascension Realm and moved towards a new living realm. 

"Crimson Blood Demon!" 

While Wu Yu was keeping his guard up, the blood river ahead of him had indeed formed the shape of a beautiful and young girl. The demon was none other than the Crimson Blood Demon. When the Crimson Blood Demon saw Wu Yu, she revealed a chilling smile and said, "Today, I've brought a distinguished demon to meet you." Just as she finished her words, the blood river near Wu Yu started tumbling violently. Water erupted into the air before falling down. Beneath the river, a huge beast suddenly appeared. Initially, Wu Yu thought he was seeing a huge, red snake. However, he noted that he was wrong after taking a closer look. This was a demon that greatly shocked him. 

"Dragon?" Wu Yu almost blurted out. When it came to divine dragons, he was well versed in them. According to legends, divine dragons were a type of immortal beast and were auspicious signs. It was extremely difficult for mortals and even cultivators to see one. Wu Yu believed an immortal beast like a divine dragon would most likely have better bloodline than the strongest demon on the divine continent, Ying Huang. 

There were divine dragon carvings around his golden Demon Imprisonment Column. Naturally, this was just symbolic and had nothing much to do with divine dragons. 

The demon that emerged from the river was totally red, had regular dragon scales, and four limbs. When flying, one could see its dragon beard and teeth. It looked exactly the same as the divine dragons in drawings. It had a head like a cow, eyes like prawns, ears like elephants, neck and body like a snake, scales like fish, claws like a phoenix, and palms like a tiger. 

The only difference between this live divine dragon and the divine dragons in records was that it didn't have horns. 

Besides that, a divine dragon was an immortal beast. However, the dragon Wu Yu was seeing was extremely savage and bloodthirsty. In terms of cultivation level, this dragon was definitely inferior to the Crimson Blood Demon. However, its bloodline and majestic aura were a notch greater than the Crimson Blood Demon’s. In fact, Wu Yu felt that it was similar to Jiu Ying's! 

In that case, was such a majestic-looking demon an immortal beast? Who was he? 

Wu Yu soon recalled that he had heard of this distinguished demon while he was in the Supreme Hunting Ground for over two years. 

"Among the demons, the strongest king is Ying Huang, and his real form is the Nine-headed Dragon. Another famous king is Zhu Huang, who is said to have strength approaching that of Ying Huang." 

"Zhu Huang's original form is a Torch Dragon. He is a species of a divine dragon. However, his personality is cold and violent and therefore is not classified within the ranks of immortal beasts. Even the real divine dragons aren't willing to be seen with him. Therefore, he has fallen and become a demon. However, if one is considering the bloodline, the Torch Dragon might not be weaker than the Nine-headed Dragon.

"Zhu Huang doesn't have a descendant, but he does have a foster son. He is also his disciple. It is said that his age is two to three times that of Jiu Ying and that he is still at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. It is said that this foster son was brought here by Zhu Huang from beyond the divine continent. He is also a species of divine dragon. However, he is slightly inferior to a Torch Dragon. His name seems to be the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

“He is also a hornless dragon.”

The dragon in front of Wu Yu didn't have horns. Clearly, he was the foster son of Zhu Huang and had the bloodline of a divine dragon similar to Zhu Huang. His name was the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu! 

Wu Yu recalled the rumors that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was the arch nemesis of Jiu Ying! This was understandable. One of them was the foster sun of Zhu Huang, while the other was the son of Ying Huang. This concerned the contest between the descendants of the strongest two kings of the demons. Jiu Ying had a kind and gentle personality. As for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, he was greatly influenced by Zhu Huang. Although he wasn't particularly old, he was famous throughout the entire divine continent. Most of the cultivators would know of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, but did not know about Jiu Ying. 

Within the demon race, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu also greatly suppressed Jiu Ying. Most of the demons had higher regard for him. Given time, he would definitely be able to crush Jiu Ying and gain absolute control of the demon race. It was said that this was the reason why Ying Huang wanted Jiu Ying to change his personality. 

Wu Yu had not expected someone like this to be with the Crimson Blood Demon and even pursue him. Wu Yu instantly felt like he had fallen from heaven to hell. 

However, he remained composed and calm. 

At this moment, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu flew out from the blood river and circulated before Wu Yu. Its dragon scales and physical body gradually transformed to a man from his divine dragon form. This was a young man with blood red eyes and hair. His blood red hair reached his waist and billowed freely with the wind. The glow in his blood red eyes was bright and sharp. He was wearing a loose, white-colored long robe that made him seem creepy with his blood red eyes and hair. 

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had narrow but long eyes and thin but bright red lips. One look at him and one could tell that he was someone who was numb to killing people. 

When meeting his eyes, Wu Yu felt that Jiu Ying was indeed inferior in terms of presence and aura, in which the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was even stronger than a demon like the Crimson Blood Demon. 

Obviously, this was also because Jiu Ying was still young. 

When their eyes met, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu immediately asked with a soft voice that even sounded like a woman’s, "So you are Wu Yu. Do you know who I am?" 

His voice was gentle as he approached Wu Yu. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of him. 

Wu Yu calmed himself and answered, "Of course I know. However, what do you want from me to pursue me to this place?" 

 "Nothing. I just wanted to meet a unique talent from Shushan like you." 

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu smiled faintly. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and flicked his finger lightly. A small, blood-red word was instantly imprinted on the back of Wu Yu's hand. Wu Yu was shocked and raised his hand immediately to take a look. On the back of his hand, a "dragon" word with an ancient aura appeared. 

It was roughly the size of the tip of a finger. Wu Yu couldn't sense its existence at all and could only see it with his eyes. However, he was unable to remove it. 

"What have you done?" The actions of the other party were baffling. Wu Yu naturally didn't feel that he was a match for him. Despite being suppressed, he couldn't strike and fight. 

"Hehe. It's just a souvenir. You don't have to worry about it. Since you can recognize me, I shall not stay behind for long. Goodbye, Wu Yu. We will meet again." That Blood Dragon of Mount Wu transformed into his divine dragon form, flew into the skies, and left rapidly. The Crimson Blood Demon simply smirked, dispersed into a cloud of blood, and shrouded the divine dragon. In the blink of an eye, the two of them entered the black sea of miasma. 

"What is this?" Even with Wu Yu's understanding of his own body, there was nothing he could do about this word. The bright red color of the word was also gradually fading. Soon, only a faint mark was left. Wu Yu had tried using his Jindan essence to attack and erase it. However, his attempts were futile. This symbol was definitely not something water could clean off. 

"If it isn't a demon technique or spirit design, I'm guessing that it's the Natural Mystique of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu." Ming Long seemed to be taking joy in the misfortune of Wu Yu as she laughed. 

"Natural Mystique? With such small movements?" It was because the actions were small and different from those of other Natural Mystiques Wu Yu had seen that made him careless at that moment. 

"Natural Mystiques don't have to have huge movements. Some Great Dao Mystiques could be executed before you notice anything. Those are the really scary kind!" 

"Do you know how to erase this thing? He made a trip here just to execute this. He must be harboring a plot." Wu Yu felt a little bottled up. He naturally wouldn't know what the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was up to. 

"Sadly, your old mother here is helpless about this." Ming Long acted nonchalantly as though this was none of her business. 

Wu Yu tried various methods, but they were all unsuccessful. That faint mark didn't affect him at this moment, but it couldn't be erased. 

"Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!" Flames raged wildly in Wu Yu's eyes. Clearly, he had been manipulated like a chess piece by the other party. 

"We shouldn't stay here for long. Let's go. Perhaps there will be people who know how to break this when we get back to Shushan." At the thought of this, Wu Yu took off on his sword and was on his way back to Shushan again. 

Looking down, the valley that was initially covered in green plants had become a desolate and deathly place where no living things, including plants, could survive. 

His annoyance and hatred for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and the Crimson Blood Demon had increased a little more. 

Along the way, Wu Yu kept staring at the mark. He had the feeling that this mark would react one day and bring about unimaginable consequences. When the day arrived, that Blood Dragon of Mount Wu would definitely hide in a corner and laugh. 

"They... What do they want to do?" 

This question had been weighing on Wu Yu until the day he finally saw the towering Clear Sky of Shushan that reached into the clouds! 

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