Chapter 0302: Return

When the Crimson Blood Demon approached him, Wu Yu felt like he was immersed and drowning in a bottomless sea of blood. That dense, bloody smell penetrated into his body through every pore. As it conflicted with Wu Yu's own blood, the feeling was unbearable. 

However, what was most horrifying was still the threat of the Crimson Blood Demon. 

This demon that had evolved from blood filth had the appearance of a beautiful and young girl. The blood on her formed a long, red dress around her that fluttered as she moved. Her eyes, where blood was still flowing, looked frightening and listless. Every action of hers brought about great pressure to Wu Yu. 

After demons had ruptured the Yaodan, they could also form the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. From here onwards, their cultivation details were almost entirely similar to humans’. The Crimson Blood Demon was probably at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. In fact, she was likely to be in the tier close to Shen Xingyao. 

Wu Yu knew deeply that his life and death would be easily controlled in the hands of this old demon. 

Facing an existence of this level, resistance was futile. All he could do was watch what the Crimson Blood Demon wished to do to him after he was stopped. 

Survival of the fittest was the rule of this world. If he died here today, it would be his fate and he couldn't blame it on anyone. 

Luckily, that Crimson Blood Demon wasn't in a hurry to take Wu Yu's life. She circled around Wu Yu and was in deep thought. After which, she exclaimed in surprise, "I've heard about your doings in the Supreme Hunting Ground. To have a physical body like yours as a meagre fifth tier Jindan Dao cultivator, even I'm envious of you. You will definitely become a huge enemy for the demon race in the future. Now that you have trespassed into my territory, you have to give me a good reason for not drinking your blood, right?" 

As she finished her words, she licked her bright red lips with her tongue. Greed gleamed in her blood-red eyes. 

The truth was, when Wu Yu heard this question, he knew immediately that he wouldn't be in grave danger today. 

If she really wanted to kill him, she probably wouldn't be wasting her time talking to him. Giving some thought to it, if he were to die here, Jiu Ying would find out eventually. 

Wu Yu didn't take long to answer, "You are wrong in this aspect. I'm similar to Jiu Ying in the view that there are both kind and evil humans and demons. It is just that the feud between the two races has gone too deep over generations. Jiu Ying wouldn't declare humans as his enemy and, similarly, I wouldn't be the enemy of the demons." 

"Hehe," the Crimson Blood Demon sneered. 

"Kids like you guys are always spouting such innocent words. Do you think that your reasoning isn't understood by the two races? However, the truth is that the feud between the two races has long exceeded your imagination and, more importantly, the scope of your control," said the Crimson Blood Demon with disdain. 

Wu Yu answered righteously, "Because of this, we have not demanded others to follow our path. All we are doing is managing ourselves well and acting according to how we feel." 

This response did shock the Crimson Blood Demon a little. She kept her smile as she replied, "In that case, remember what you said today and don't ever forget about it. Some day in the future, you will realize how hilarious the words you have said today sound." 

Wu Yu's dao would naturally not be shaken by her. 

He was secretly relieved. When the other party talked about "some day in the future," it meant that he wouldn't be in dire danger today. 

"Perhaps," answered Wu Yu. 

"Do you think that I'll let you pass so easily today?" To Wu Yu's surprise, the other party smirked coldly. Moving like a bolt of lightning, she stretched her fingers and tapped on Wu Yu's forehead. Her speed was truly too fast. When Wu Yu reacted to it, his body could no longer move. That finger had firmly grabbed on to him. The moment the finger touched his forehead, Wu Yu felt like his entire body was being ripped apart by the Crimson Blood Demon. 

From the other party, a rather violent object entered his brain and even his spiritual world instantly. After which, it divided into billions of little spikes and pierced towards all parts of his body. In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu felt as though he was being dissected by the Crimson Blood Demon. 

However, the instant the Crimson Blood Demon touched Wu Yu and revealed a smirk, Wu Yu felt his spirit tingle. As he was easily crushed by the Crimson Blood Demon, he suddenly felt the existence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his body! 


The existence that resembled a rod reaching into the skies suddenly rembled. Instantly, a violent wave of golden rays swept forward and devoured everything that had infiltrated his body from the Crimson Blood Demon. At this moment, Wu Yu realized that what had infiltrated his body was, in fact, droplets of blood from the Crimson Blood Demon. In fact, it might also be what made up the body of the Crimson Blood Demon. 

What was she trying to do? 

She seemed interested in entering Wu Yu's body. 

Luckily, the actions of the Crimson Blood Demon were resisted by the Ruyi Jingu Bang. This had finally allowed Wu Yu to escape from such a perilous situation. 


The Crimson Blood Demon was shocked. Before she could detect anything, she was smashed into smithereens by an incredible force that had suddenly appeared in Wu Yu's body. The droplets of blood were expelled and dyed the surrounding ancient trees red. 

Hu! Hu!

However, the droplets of blood coalesced into a human form once again the next instant. They became the innocent-looking girl with red eyes once again. It was just that her complexion was deathly pale. 

She was silent and her red eyes moved quickly but remained locked on Wu Yu.

On the other hand, Wu Yu was surprised. He had not expected the Ruyi Jingu Bang to protect him! 

"What's the matter?" He was actually a little confused about what had happened. 

"That demon tried to take over your body. The Blood Demon is indeed capable of doing so. If she had entered your body, you would definitely have been controlled by her. Clearly, she soon discovered the existence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang and wished to take a closer look. However, she was expelled instantly. She was pretty lucky. If she had acted more wantonly, even her soul might have dissipated," said Ming Long in a sleepy tone. 

No wonder.

Wu Yu couldn't help but feel fearful. If it wasn't for the Ruyi Jingu Bang, wouldn't he have been in grave danger? He finally understood how cunning the Crimson Blood Demon was. She first pretended she wouldn't be making things tough for Wu Yu so as to lower his guard. However, she struck suddenly and crushed Wu Yu's spirit the next instant. 

At this point, the Moon Chasing Hound looked at the scene, baffled. As for the Crimson Blood Demon, she stared coldly at Wu Yu, not saying another word. 

"Why does she want to control me? What's her plan?" Wu Yu was baffled. 

"You are pretty good. Seeing that you are honest, I shall not make things difficult for you and will let you walk out of here alive." The Crimson Blood Demon suddenly waved her hands before turning into waves of blood and subsequently bloody mist that dissipated in the forest. The forest that was shrouded in the bloody mist previously had finally regained its peace. Only by looking far ahead could one see dense, bloody mist rising from the sea of blood. 

Within the sea of blood, countless small demons were swimming and playing. When the Crimson Blood Demon returned, those small demons laid in front of her neatly and were incomparably reverent. 

"She's letting you go?" The Moon Chasing Hound was tongue-tied and looked at Wu Yu in disbelief. 

Although Wu Yu didn't know the reason behind her decision, he was still in a hurry to leave this place since he was let off. After such a long journey, he did not really need the Moon Chasing Hound to lead the way for him further. He had roughly understood how to leave the Gloomy Dreams Sea by himself. 

"Ming Long, what is the Crimson Blood Demon thinking?" 

Ming Long rolled her eyes as she replied, "How would old mother here know? I can't read her mind." 

Wu Yu couldn't be bothered to ask her anymore, but he also couldn't come up with an explanation himself. Nonetheless, he was moving more rapidly than before. To finish his mission quickly, the Moon Chasing Hound also picked up his pace. Luckily, there was close to no demons for the latter part of the journey. Therefore, Wu Yu finally made his way out of the gloomy Endless Demon Seas after a dozen plus more days. He could finally see the sunlight. When he was immersed in the sunlight, Wu Yu felt as though he had come back to life. As the sun rays fell on him, they nourished his body and set his body ablaze in golden flames. Wu Yu was completely immersed in flames and looked just like a human-shaped sun. 

After spending so long in the Endless Demon Seas, even his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body was about to rot. At this moment, Wu Yu stretched and heard crisp cracks coming from all parts of his body. His physical body was also rapidly recovering to his pinnacle state. 

"This is where I truly belong." Wu Yu was sincerely emotional. After going through so many obstacles, he had finally made his way out. 

Although he wasn't on the brink of tears, he was still a little emotional to see the sun again after spending more than two years in the Supreme Hunting Ground and experiencing countless life and death situations. 

The key was that he couldn't wait to return to the Clear Sky of Shushan! 

After more than two years, did people still remember him? 

Behind him, the Moon Chasing Hound transformed into his human form and remarked in a harsh tone, "Now that I have brought you here, my promise to you has been fulfilled. I have done everything that could be expected of me. As for what happens next, it will be good if you conduct yourself well. If you lose your life, it's none of my business!" 

Wu Yu answered, "Speaking of which, I have to thank you for bringing me here. Goodbye." 

Although the Moon Chasing Hound had a bad temper, he had kept his end of the bargain. If Wu Yu didn't have his guidance along the way, he wouldn't have made it out alive even if he had ten lives. After all, if demons saw a cultivator roaming around in the Endless Demon Seas, they would likely devour him before asking why he was there. 

"Tsk!" The Moon Chasing Hound naturally hated Wu Yu. Bringing him here was the limit of his tolerance. As he sneered, he transformed back into the black hound form. In the blink of an eye, he dove back into the Endless Demon Seas. Wu Yu watched him leave. When he looked at the tumbling miasma of the Endless Demon Seas, that gloomy and endless world seemed to be a nightmare. He probably wouldn't forget about it even after years passed. 

He then looked towards the direction of the Clear Sky of Shushan. 

"Wei Er, I'm finally going to fulfil our promise." 

It had been three years. What kind of changes had she experienced? 

Wu Yu could no longer wait a moment further. 

In his hand, he still had the Message Talisman given to him by Shen Xingyu. The truth was that he could have used it the moment he left the Supreme Hunting Ground. However, he had endured the urge to do so until now. First, it was because Message Talismans of cultivators could be easily intercepted within the Endless Demon Seas over long distances. Secondly, Wu Yu felt that he would only make her worry when she received the Message Talisman. It wouldn't be of much use as she wouldn't risk her life to go into the Endless Demon Seas to save him. 

Now that he was out, he finally could explain the situation to her. After which, he would just have to return to Shushan. 

As such, he summarized what happened to him over the two years and reported to Shen Xingyu as he made his way back. After writing approximately a hundred words, he sent the Message Talisman out. 

As he saw the tail light of the talisman disappear from sight, Wu Yu couldn't help but wonder how Shen Xingyu would feel upon hearing news from him after disappearing for two years. She would likely be happy about it. 

As he took off into the skies on his sword, Wu Yu felt free and unrestrained instantly. 

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