Chapter 0301: Crimson Blood Demon

Second Hunting Ground. 

On a field shrouded in pitch-black darkness, Jiu Ying was moving deep underground. 

Based on Jiu Ying's habitual nature, he loved such dark and eerie environments. When in such an environment, his improvements were even more rapid. 

When he learned about the huge incident that happened on the Sixth Hunting Ground and that Wu Yu had left the Supreme Hunting Ground after defeating the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, Jiu Ying was initially shocked. 

After reacting to it, he smiled and thought to himself, "This is something I expect of him. The Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey wanted to kill Wu Yu? I'll remember this." 

In the middle of the night, Jiu Ying's large body lay deep underground. From time to time, he would lift one of his heads and look at the sky. Under his stern and cold gaze, any cultivators who happened to cross into his path by accident would immediately leave. 

There was, in fact, quite a number of prey who had challenged Jiu Ying. However, they soon noticed that although Jiu Ying was rumored to be weak, his personality, strength, and talent were unparalleled in the entire Endless Demon Seas. It was said that with his current strength, it would be an easy task for him to fight his way through the entire Supreme Hunting Ground. 

"I did not get to see him for the last time and didn't get the chance to spar with him. However, we will have lots of chances in the future.

"When you return to Shushan, you will definitely rise up the ranks rapidly. As for me, I'll think of a way to get out of the Supreme Hunting Ground. It might be one year, two years, or several years. When we meet again, let's see who has made greater improvements!" 

Over so many years, Wu Yu was the only one that Jiu Ying felt a connection to in respect of talents and qualities. 

In fact, Jiu Ying felt pressurized by him. 

"In just a while more, I'll reach the exponential growth period of my race. Let's see if Wu Yu can keep up with me.

"My father said that our race is the strongest in the divine continent and our bloodline is unparalleled. No demon in this world has better talent and bloodline than me. I can’t let this bloodline go to waste." 

Jiu Ying lifted his nine heads and looked straight ahead. Among which, the middle head mumbled, "We will spar when we meet in the future. Wu Yu, don't disappoint me." 

He had never really gotten a competitor before. 

However, he had found one this time. 


In the skies was the tumbling Endless Demon Seas. It was a real sea that spanned across the skies. It also allowed the region to be constantly gloomy and therefore nurtured the production of demonic aura, miasma, the scent of blood, and poison. Immersing in these would allow demons to breed rapidly. 

Being below the Endless Demon Seas made Wu Yu felt a little giddy. This was the paradise of demons. While here, even his Jindan essence was being suppressed. In fact, his physical body would rot and ferment if he stayed under such gloomy conditions for long periods of time. 

It was no surprise that demons had not been annihilated despite the human race's strong stance against them. 

As long as they entered the Endless Demon Seas and were shrouded in the tumbling miasma, it would be similar to mortals falling into the sea. They might die at any moment. 

Wu Yu was surrounded by boundless demonic aura. All he could do was grit his teeth while trying his best to keep up with Jiang Zhuyue. 

Along the way, Jiang Zhuyue barely spoke to him. Wu Yu asked a few questions, but he had ignored them all. Occasionally, he would chide Wu Yu if he made a loud ruckus. "If you draw demons stronger than me from the ruckus you cause, even I will not be able to protect you! That would be your own doing. If you are killed, I will say that I did all I could!" 

This Moon Chasing Hound wasn't patient with him at all. Although Wu Yu wasn't very pleased with him, he still required this demon to lead the way. Therefore, he simply shut his mouth. 

Time passed. There were countless times when he was alarmed and felt demons approaching. Some of them had a demonic aura so dense and powerful that it sent a chill down his spine. Wu Yu felt like he was a little lamb that had wandered into a pack of wolves. There were savage mouths all around him that could easily devour a foreign species like him any time. 

They moved constantly towards the south. However, they were making multiple detours away from the territories of strong demons. This was the safest route. Wu Yu could clearly feel that the density of the miasma in the skies was decreasing. This was a positive signal. 

However, Wu Yu was still cautious and did not let his guard down in this piece of land where demons were everywhere. The truth was, they did encounter some stray demons along the way. Among which, some were Yaodan Realm demons. When they saw Wu Yu, they were exceptionally thrilled. If Jiang Zhuyue hadn’t stopped them, they would have probably eaten Wu Yu alive. 

Within the Endless Demon Seas, there were all kinds of demons. Along the way, Wu Yu saw thousands upon thousands of demons, and barely any of them were similar in species. 

Other than beasts on the land, birds that turned into demons were common. Fish and shrimp in lakes and rivers, poisonous bugs in the eerie and gloomy forest, ancient trees and filth that accumulated for years could all become demons. When things aged, they all had the possibility of becoming demons. Those that had become demons were definitely not just limited to beasts on land and birds in the skies. 

In this Endless Demon Seas, there was basically no day. It was night at all times. 

Wu Yu followed closely behind Jiang Zhuyue as they traversed through the undulating terrains while hiding themselves within the dark shadows of the trees. Wu Yu barely made any sound. Nonetheless, Jiang Zhuyue wasn't accommodating with him. Throughout the days, Wu Yu had been rushing at his maximum pace. If not for his Jindan essence being to recover quickly, he would probably have died of fatigue. 

"You should be glad to be able to leave the Endless Demon Seas alive. Do you expect us to send you out on a sedan?" Seeing the fatigued Wu Yu, Jiang Zhuyue sneered. 

Wu Yu was too lazy to care about him.

At this moment, Jiang Zhuyue's expression turned solemn. He looked to the skies above him and saw large area of tumbling, red clouds. His expression changed. 

The Endless Demon Seas was supposed to be black. However, a large area ahead of them was dyed blood-red. Underneath the blood red clouds, there was a strong scent of blood. One could vaguely see that there was a lake of blood ahead. This large amount of blood was dyeing the clouds above it red when it evaporated. 

"It's the territory of the Crimson Blood Demon right ahead. The Crimson Blood Demon is a well-known and powerful demon in our demon race. He isn't any weaker than your Heaven sword rank disciples. The lives that he has taken number in the tens of thousands. We are going to make a detour past the sea of blood. Don't make any sound. If you are discovered, don't blame it on me." Jiang Zhuyue snorted. 

"Crimson Blood Demon?" Wu Yu looked ahead and indeed saw a ferocious aura shrouding the place. Above the sea of blood, blood mist rose. It was as though countless souls were crying pitifully, giving Wu Yu goosebumps. 

A demon like this should indeed be avoided. 

"If the Crimson Blood Demon is so horrifying, why don't we make a bigger detour?" asked Wu Yu. 

"Rubbish. If we take a bigger detour, there would be stronger and more frightening demons that you cannot possibly withstand! Relax. As long as we make it past the sea of blood and travel a little more, there won't be much trouble left and you will basically be able to leave the Gloomy Dreams Sea safely," remarked Jiang Zhuyue coldly. 

If Wu Yu didn't have him to lead the way, he would have long trespassed into the territory of other demons. These demons who occupied territory and declared themselves king would not care if he had just left the Supreme Hunting Ground after gathering 50 Demon Injunction Orders. 

"Let's go!" 

Jiang Zhuyue didn't speak further. He transformed into his Moon Chasing Hound form and dashed ahead on a path away from the sea of blood but not too far away from the main route. Wu Yu followed closely behind and subconsciously looked towards that sea of blood. He seemed to be still able to hear the cries of the pitiful souls. A dense scent of blood was blown towards him by the wind. 

"It is said that the Crimson Blood Demon was a pool of blood left behind by an ancient cultivator. After years of accumulation, resentment grew and had its intelligence manifested. In the end, the pool of blood become a demon. This type of demon is the most unique in the demon race and is also the most horrifying," Jiang Zhuyue explained with lingering fear. 

It was a demon that had evolved from blood filth! 

The world was huge, and such strange encounters were indeed not just a myth. 

After explaining, the Moon Chasing Hound focused on hurrying on with the journey. Wu Yu was still in an upbeat state. When they were halfway through the detour, he acutely sensed that something wasn't right. It was as though something had its eyes locked on him and was just around him. He felt countless pairs of eyes staring at his back. Instantly, he felt a chill down his spine. He suddenly stopped and turned his head around abruptly. From the depths of the forest behind him, there was indeed bloody mist shrouding towards him. 


The Moon Chasing Hound noticed that Wu Yu had stopped in the middle of the journey. Just as he was about to turn around and reprimand him, he saw the bloody mist shrouding towards Wu Yu from the forest behind him. Jiang Zhuyue was greatly shocked and even his black head turned a little pale. Cold sweat broke out as he went down on one knee and said in a shaky voice, "Greetings, great Crimson Blood Demon! I'm just a small Moon Chasing Hound demon. I'm an Enforcer of the Supreme Hunting Ground under appointment by various demon kings. I'm on official duty today and have the intention to pass the sea of blood. I did not expect to disturb the great Crimson Blood Demon. I deserve death ten thousand times!" 

Looking at how horrified the Moon Chasing Hound was, it was clear that he wasn't joking. 

Wu Yu instantly knew that he was in deep trouble. 

In the blink of an eye, the dense, bloody mist reached them and formed and a tumbling circle that surrounded Wu Yu and Jiang Zhuyue. The bloody mist got thicker and thicker. Soon, their visions were shrouded in a world of blood. It was especially so for the circle surrounding them as the mist was so thick, it looked like waves circulating around them. That eeriness and scent of blood were truly frightening. 

"Why is there a human then?" 

Amidst the dreamy atmosphere, a dreamy voice of a girl sounded. The voice seemed to be a little confused and shaky. However, this made the Crimson Blood Demon more weird and hard to deal with. 


Upon hearing the Crimson Blood Demon, the Moon Chasing Hound answered hurriedly, "This human is a friend of Jiu Ying, the son of Ying Huang. He was erroneously brought into the Supreme Hunting Ground by Ba She. I'm under Jiu Ying's order to send this human out of the Gloomy Dreams Sea." 

"Son of Ying Huang? Is he that little child in the rumors that isn't willing to kill a human...." That voice sounded again. 

At this moment, blood mist shrouded and coalesced into a blood human in front of Wu Yu. That blood human was formed from flowing fresh blood. After which, it underwent a transformation gradually and grew flesh. The human form that was formed by drops of blood in front of Wu Yu was surprisingly a clean, young girl. One look at her and one could tell she was incredibly alluring. It was just that her eyes were totally red without any sclera, making her look absolutely frightening. 

Her eyes stared at Wu Yu as she laughed suddenly and said, "That little baby sure knows who to choose as a friend. This human would be highly nourishing and delicious." 

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