Chapter 0299: My Own Heart

In Wu Yu's view, what those who came before him said about becoming one with his Jindan was equivalent to finding your true self. 

This was also the most important and fundamental step of cultivation of one's mind. However, countless seniors in the world of dao couldn't make this explicit. This was because explaining a breakthrough in one's mental development wouldn't be helpful at all. 

Moreover, this would differ from person to person. 

This mysterious feeling couldn't be described in words. If it was that simple, everyone would have become an immortal. 

Wu Yu was trapped within the Metallic Stone Hell and was being played wilfully by the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey. However, his spirit seemed to have left his body and seen his destiny. Rather, what he saw was himself struggling within the catastrophe and being unyielding and unresigned to his own fate. 

This figure was similar to the Unparalleled Monkey King amidst the golden, blazing flame. However, they had differences too. The Unparalleled Monkey King was more violent and pure. As for Wu Yu, he had an additional tinge of humanity and his own thoughts. 

"My existence originates from the heart." After a year of intense and diligent cultivation, Wu Yu's Jindan had been refined to the breaching point of his current cultivation level. What he was lacking was the tiny amount of dao to be assimilated into his Jindan. 

That tiny amount of dao and enlightenment were similar to catalysts. When they were added to the Jindan, the Jindan would experience a dramatic transformation beginning from the most inner core. 

His Jindan was initially frozen by the Metallic Stone Hell. However, when it underwent a metamorphosis, even the Metallic Stone Hell couldn't restrict a transformation like that. In that instant, Wu Yu seemed to have achieved resonance with everything around him. His body seemed like an ignited bomb. From the innermost core, the transformation swept throughout his body the moment his Jindan experienced a change. The power that had been held back suddenly erupted in an unprecedented manner. 


At that instant, the entirely white Jindan exploded into a white mist. However, it coalesced the next instant. Its size didn't expand. Instead, it contracted to less than half its previous size. Nonetheless, one could imagine how condensed the current Jindan was after Wu Yu had achieved becoming one with the Jindan and reached the fifth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. 

Wu Yu also instantly noticed that the color of his Jindan had undergone some changes. It had turned from white to faint gold. Within his Sea of Breath Meridian, the Jindan remained suspended and at equilibrium. It was filled with dao and seemed similar to other faint gold-colored Jindan. 

Only Wu Yu knew that the quality of his faint gold-colored Jindan was way beyond others. His faint gold Jindan was heavier than before, and the highest tier Jindan, like Nangong Wei’s, was inferior to Wu Yu's white Jindan. 

Through this metamorphosis, the Jindan essence within him that had been suppressed for a long time increased exponentially. The density of his Jindan essence was even greater than Wu Yu had imagined. Together with his Invincible Vajra Body, he suddenly erupted with strength. The violent strength easily broke through the Metallic Stone Hell. From the Jindan within Wu Yu's body, his body turned from gold to flesh as the gold shade faded. 

At this moment, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey was holding Wu Yu in his hands and was conversing happily with the other demons. He claimed he would bring Wu Yu to the Second Hunting Ground to let Jiu Ying see the piece of art that he had created. 

Suddenly, Wu Yu opened his gold-like eyes. The Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey instantly felt his Natural Mystique being overwhelmed, and Wu Yu, who was in his hands, was starting to regain his flesh and blood body. This happened in a split second. The next instant, Wu Yu was staring into the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey's eyes. 

Frankly speaking, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey was shocked by Wu Yu's stare. 

Wu Yu's next action was to smash his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column onto the head of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey directly. The Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey let out a pitiful cry, released his grip on Wu Yu, and was sent flying to the barrier of the Void Lock. The surrounding demons looked over and noticed that the head of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey had almost deformed. 

Naturally, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey only suffered some injuries. Its recovery ability was very strong. After consuming some immortal medicine, his dented head recovered rapidly. 

Nonetheless, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey's mind was dealt a huge blow by Wu Yu. 

At this moment, Wu Yu was shrouded in golden flames and was carrying that thick Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. It was as though he had risen from the ashes. Golden flames were raging in his eyes as dominance gleamed in his gaze. When the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey recalled how Wu Yu had broken out of his Natural Mystique and made use of the opportunity to severely injure him, he started to be a little wary of Wu Yu's gaze. 

As for the other demons who were laughing and joking joyously with the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey moments ago, they were now scampering and trying to get away. They had totally forgotten their tactic of exhausting Wu Yu through consecutive battles and their bold claims of being able to take Wu Yu down with just two to three demons. 

"You are impressive and quite capable to be able to break out of my Metallic Stone Hell." The Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey wiped away the blood on the edge of his mouth and glowered at Wu Yu. He lifted his Thousand Pound Column, smashed it back, and pivoted off the barrier of the Void Lock. He was like a huge, golden mountain and was using the deafening Metallic Monkey Roar as he charged towards Wu Yu. 

However, Wu Yu was faster than him. 

At that instant, his entire body seemed to have condensed into one. Within the Jindan in the Sea of Breath Meridian, higher quality faint gold Jindan essence erupted. Although he was just a fifth tier Jindan Dao cultivator, his Jindan essence had exceeded that of sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivators and could even be compared to seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivators. Coupled with his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body, the strength of his body had reached the pinnacle! 

Holding the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column with both hands, he descended from the skies with an angry roar. His voice shook the surroundings and even overwhelmed the Metallic Monkey Roar. Even though he had not used the Violent Art and his strength wasn't as great as before, the current Wu Yu was way superior to his former self. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Two golden apes clashed and crashed consecutively within the Void Lock. The Thousand Pound Column and Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column collided violently and displayed their durability and might. Shockwaves erupted time after time and almost shattered the Void Lock. The other demons had turned deathly pale and only felt that Wu Yu seemed to be even more violent than before. It wasn't just in his appearance, but also in his will and spirit. It was also his will and spirit that allowed a smaller and weaker Wu Yu to have a more domineering vibe than the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey. 


In this clash, the Metallic Stone Hell was inferior in all aspects. Relying on his Invincible Vajra Body, Wu Yu had even more insane defensive strength. He could even take the attack of the Metallic Stone Hell with his bare body. However, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey wasn't able to do the same. After Wu Yu had broken through his Metallic Stone Hell, he had used various demonic techniques. Among which, some were horrifying immortality arts. However, Wu Yu was able to break them simply using violence. 

In the end, Wu Yu's final three strikes landed heavily on the body of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey. This drenched the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey in his own blood as his bones and even spine were broken. 

"Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment!"

After three consecutive smashes, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey cried pitifully. However, he was still looking for an opportunity to turn the tables around and didn't give Wu Yu an opening. With his strong Jindan essence as support, Wu Yu separated his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column into nine columns and rapidly planted them around the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey. Having been gravely injured, the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey couldn't move under the suppression of the nine columns. 


As Wu Yu charged within the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns, he had two additional swords in his hands. One was black while the other was white. They were none other than the Yin Yang Dao Sword. The swords glowed and rapidly dashed through the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns. At the instant the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey was suppressed, two streams of sword energy sliced deeply on the arms of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey. After two large cracking sounds, the arms of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey separated from his body. Fresh blood spurted out rapidly. The Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, who was arrogant and haughty previously, suddenly cried out desperately. His body curled up from the pain and shivered intensely. 

Wu Yu stood right in front of him. Using his Yin Yang Dao Sword, he flicked the Demon Injunction Order up and grabbed it with his hand. This would also signal the end of the battle. 

"Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, I'll be taking my 48th Demon Injunction Order!" Wu Yu put away the Demon Injunction Order and smiled faintly. 

Naturally, Wu Yu wouldn't kill him. First, the conditions for him to have the idea of killing the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey had not been reached. Next, he had to thank the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey for pushing him towards finding his true self. He had to thank the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey for not breaking his neck the moment the Metallic Stone Hell was executed. 

"Huff...." The eyes of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey were bloodshot now. He was trembling from the intense pain but also felt a tinge of fear. Just like this, he stared daggers at Wu Yu. 

"Oh, right, I can't let them get away. I'm still missing two." After risking everything and fighting desperately, one could say that he had returned from the brink of death. Now that he had escaped the dangers of death and had defeated the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, he naturally knew he had more important things to handle. 

Today, he wanted to go all the way and not squander an opportunity like this. 

When Wu Yu flicked the Demon Injunction Order of the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey up, the remaining dozen plus demons left in the surroundings felt like they were suffocating. At that moment, they had forgotten to leave and that they had helped the Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey before. All they did was look in shock at the development. Some even rubbed their eyes in disbelief and wanted to disprove what they had just witnessed. 

"Is this a joke....?" 

"So Wu Yu was in a desperate state previously and made a breakthrough.... For him to achieve a breakthrough in battle, that's the hardest thing to achieve, but the most valuable. How is he so lucky to achieve it...?" 

The truth was that Wu Yu wasn't just lucky. Before this battle, he had put in sufficient hardwork and thought. Over the past year, he had crafted countless spirit designs and refined immortal medicines. All of these were just for the moment of enlightenment today. 

At this moment, Wu Yu held the Yin Yang Dao Sword in his hand and suddenly appeared in front of the demon crowd. His eyes locked to one of the demons ahead of him. Ignoring the rest, he immediately executed the God Eclipsing Void Sword with the two swords in hand. 

In less than ten breaths, Wu Yu had obtained his 49th Demon Injunction Order. 

The demons were completely petrified by Wu Yu. At that instant, they dispersed immediately. However, the crux of the matter lay with the Void Bird. Due to his anxiety, he contracted the Void Lock, causing many demons who wished to escape to crash into the barrier wall. 

"Continue! Don't you dare release the lock." Wu Yu appeared in front of the Void Bird and gave her the fright of her life. 


At that instant, Wu Yu had become the hunter, while the demons had been reduced to his prey. He caught up with a demon and managed to get their Demon Injunction Order before the Void Bird started releasing the Void Lock. 

Easily, 50 Demon Injunction Orders had been gathered and Wu Yu now had sufficient Demon Injunction Orders. 

At this point, the Void Bird finally released the Void Lock completely, turned into her bird form, and escaped. 

To play it safe, Wu Yu caught up to another demon and got his 51st Demon Injunction Order. Finally, the hunt had ended. 

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