Chapter 0295: Void Lock

Wu Yu focused on it. The item that floated before the Void Bird was a rich grey color - a stone lock.

The Void Bird shielded the stone lock from Wu Yu's view with her wings. At the same time, she activated the spirit design on the stone lock. In that instant, the space around them changed.

Evidently, this was a type of spiritual immortal treasure.

The Immortal Treasure Spirit Design on the spiritual immortal treasure, under the activation form the Void Bird's eighth tier Yaodan essence, very quickly showed its effects.

From the Void Bird's exclamation, it seemed like she had long prepared this. She had been waiting for his arrival with the stone lock spiritual immortal treasure.

Wu Yu did not make a move. He knew that since his opponent had been well prepared, then she would not let him leave speedily.

As expected, when the stone lock triggered, a perimeter of 50 kilometers was caged in an invisible sphere. This was a solid, sealed sphere. Whether flying up into the sky, or burrowing deep into the mud, after 50 kilometers, one would collide into the barrier of this invisible sphere.

After the Void Bird successfully activated it, she breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled at Wu Yu. "This stone lock is known as the Void Lock, and it locks the entire space inside. Wu Yu, no matter what, you can't escape. The Void Lock can only be destroyed if you defeat me."

Wu Yu hefted the golden Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column on his shoulder and said with a half-smile, "And how difficult can it be to defeat you?" His stance brimmed with disdain. He was becoming more and more like the Unparalleled Monkey King.

"Pretty much impossible." The Void Bird hooted. Just as Wu Yu was about to attack her and smash the bindings of the Void Lock, the marsh beneath him started to shake, and more than 20 figures burst through into the Void Lock's enclosure.

These 20 appeared before the Void Bird, protecting her behind them.

Evidently, although the Void Lock controlled this space, and formed an impenetrable barrier that sealed off any hope of Wu Yu's escape, the Void Bird's control meant that her companions could enter easily.

Wu Yu's gaze swept across them. More than 20, and all demons!

With the Void Bird as the bait, more than 20 demons had lain in wait in the depths of the marsh. After the Void Lock activated, these 20 demons had appeared to surround Wu Yu.

Thronged by demons, sealed in by the Void Lock! Wu Yu had been the hunter, and now he was the hunted. This was why the Supreme Hunting Ground was an interesting place.

In truth, Wu Yu had already expected that his last nine Demon Injunction Orders would not be so easily obtained. If it were that simple, then accumulating 50 Demon Injunction Orders should have been much more manageable.

Evidently, after knowing that a certain martial cultivator was close to collecting enough Demon Injunction Orders, the demons would automatically organize themselves to set up a huge battle that was within the rules, but would guarantee the martial cultivator's loss. For anyone else, today would be a day where their life was in danger. But for Wu Yu, today was a day where there were many outcomes, some of which were even more frightening than death itself.

"Wu Yu, don't panic. We have been seeing you challenge us one by one, and it has been very troublesome. Today, we have gathered here to give you a chance to gain your freedom all at once. It seems like you only need nine Demon Injunction Orders, and we have more than 20 of our brethren here. That's sufficient for you. Our time is precious, and we won't waste words. Brothers and sisters, who will accompany Wu Yu first?" a long-haired red-clothed demon said.

Besides the Void Bird controlling the Void Lock that prevented Wu Yu's escape, everyone else could fight Wu Yu.

Of course, according to the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground, they would not gang up on Wu Yu. The Enforcers would stop them.

But they could fight him in turn, with the Void Lock barring Wu Yu's escape. Such a cruel plan was indeed a whole lot of trouble for Wu Yu.

If it was not Wu Yu, but any other martial cultivator, fighting nine or more demons consecutively would mean certain death.

If a martial cultivator could easily win, then they would be sent to the Seventh Hunting Ground. Because if they could easily win, it meant that they did not belong in the Sixth Hunting Ground.

"No wonder not many people can get 50 Demon Injunction Orders. The other martial cultivators don't have much motivation because they know that, firstly, the demons will not allow them to gain 50, and secondly, it would not be easy to leave alive even if they accumulated enough."

Wu Yu thought of Huang Yanwu. He had held no hope at all.

At this moment, Wu Yu was facing more than 20 eighth tier Yaodan demons, equivalent to eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivators. However, his face was cold, his gaze fiery. In terms of presence, he did not lose to them.

"Alright. Isn't it just these 20 odd? To me, all of them are trash who have come to gift me their Demon Injunction Orders." Wu Yu's golden gaze swept across all the demons.

"Bold words. I'll take point!"

From amongst the demons, a burly human form rushed out. A large thug with black skin gave a deafening howl. He rushed forth, bending over. His hands slammed down and his human form gave way to reveal a huge, black ox. The huge ox was well-trimmed, and its body was full of blood lines. It had a pair of sharp, gleaming horns. The thick nostrils breathed out thick, white smoke.

This was a Blood Horn Ox turned demon. It had brute force, potent Yaodan essence, and many inherited demon techniques. Just the eighth tier of Yaodan alone meant that it was of a superior type, and now, in its original demon form, the four legs thundered on the void, rushing out like an arrow from a bow. It charged at Wu Yu with frightening strength, and the horns emitted a cold glimmer with the sign of blood. It seemed like there was a demonic snake coiled around the horns, and evidently, this was a demon technique.

As the Blood Horn Ox charged, Wu Yu held the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column in a single hand. He waved it slightly, and his own prodigious strength sent it crashing into the Blood Horn Ox!

They had not expected that Wu Yu would still have such thriving battle will in such circumstances. It was as though he was not taking all these mighty demons seriously at all.


The Blood Horn Ox crashed into the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. In the brutal clash, Wu Yu smashed the Blood Horn Ox into the mud, and he leaped forth for the follow-up.

Instantly, the marsh exploded below, and mud flew into the sky, but it was locked in by the invisible Void Lock barrier. As the mud flew up, it splattered onto the inner surface of the invisible barrier, revealing where the limits truly were.

At this moment, the mud exploded, and the entire Void Lock shuddered. Evidently, Wu Yu's fight with the Blood Horn Ox had already reached the periphery of the Void Lock, and the many collisions had caused the Void Bird to frown and increase the amount of Yaodan essence in order to stabilize the Void Lock.

"What a terrifying battle. How violent."

"Although the Blood Horn Ox fights based on his foundation of brute strength, not many demons are its match in a head-on clash."

No sooner than these words had been spoken did an agonized howl come from the mud below. A huge, black ox was sent flying out, its body covered in blood. The huge body had been beaten out of shape, and Wu Yu appeared beside it. The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column in his hand had split into nine, and these nine columns battered against the Blood Horn Ox's body. Nine consecutive bangs, and the Blood Horn Ox thumped into the marsh with a tormented scream, splattering the air with mud.


Wu Yu rushed down, used the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column to lift up the Blood Horn Ox's Demon Injunction Order, and stored it in his Sumeru Pouch. He trodded on the Blood Horn Ox's body and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. He lifted his head, looking up at the sky. He gave a resolute and cold smile. "This piece of trash is settled. Who's next? On with it. Don't keep me waiting."

This level of arrogance and disdain made the demons sullen. They seethed inwardly. Originally, they were prepared to toy with Wu Yu, but had not expected this level of resilience. And now they had been shut down by Wu Yu. They were more than 20 strong. How could they possibly swallow this?

Of course, it was exactly because Wu Yu had bullied too many demons that they could not let this pass. That was why they had grouped up and prepared to take Wu Yu down. At least they wanted to slow the rate at which Wu Yu was getting Demon Injunction Orders - give him a few more years.

And now, quite a few wanted to fight.

They knew that Wu Yu was quite strong to have fought until this day. Especially in terms of his physical offense and defense, his speed, and recovery, they were all excellent. That was why the first fighter would definitely be stomped into the earth by Wu Yu. The problem was, their ceaseless gauntlet, especially when everyone was at the same level, meant that Wu Yu could not possibly maintain the advantage towards the end.

Actually, they could tell that just by fighting the Blood Horn Ox, Wu Yu had already taken light wounds.

They could not tolerate Wu Yu's belittling gaze!

He was clearly the prey. What business did he have being so arrogant?

As for who would go second, they had to consider this carefully because too many people wanted to go. In the end, they chose one who might even taken Wu Yu down in one hit.

Before they had even spoken, Wu Yu's Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was already whistling out!

"You are the 43rd!" Wu Yu's loud and liberal laugh immediately caused the demon to rage. He immediately took his real form, a scaled dragon. Although not a real dragon,he was said to have the blood of a dragon in his veins. He could control the wind and rain, and he was like a fish in water in the marsh. He almost seemed to become one with the marsh, and it was difficult for Wu Yu to even find him!


However, Wu Yu was still domineering. Without a word, he rushed into the mud, his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column thickening and lengthening. It reached more than 20 zhang in length as it plunged into the mud. And then it vigorously twisted. This created a whirlpool!

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