Chapter 0293: The Nightmare of the Demons

He still decided to leave. As for Wu Yu, he was fighting to gather 50 Demon Injunction Orders. He couldn't possibly protect Huang Yanwu. 

In the Sixth Hunting Ground, their encounter was just a chance acquaintance. Wu Yu had given him more time to live, while he had given Wu Yu a stone with a secret hidden behind it. 

The secret of the stone was a knot in Huang Yanwu's heart that he wished he could eventually untie. 

Countless times, he wondered what would have happened if he had not backed away and instead explored the secret of the white egg. What could he possibly get? What would he become? 

However, life was just like this. A small decision could affect one's entire life. There's no medicine for regrets in the world, and time wouldn't flow backwards. 

After handing the source of this secret to Wu Yu, Huang Yanwu left in a light-hearted manner. As for Wu Yu, he felt something weighing on him and vaguely felt a little frustrated.  

It wasn't because of the stone, but his weakness up till this point. He couldn't help a person he wished to help dearly and could only see him off. This made him angry with himself. It was especially so as it had been a long time since he returned to Shushan. The more time passed, the more he felt the frustration in his heart would devour his rationality. 

Under such circumstances, it was hard for him to focus on refining his Jindan and trying to understand the Heavenly Dao! 

As such, Wu Yu only knew of a way to vent the frustration in his heart, and that was through battle. Only by venting the pent-up frustration in his heart in battle could he calm himself down, continue walking forward, and strengthen himself. 

Soon, he converted his thoughts to action. 

"When gathering Demon Injunction Orders, it's better to not use the Violent Art. This Transformation Art should only be used as a last resort to keep myself alive instead of using it in every battle. I would only become overly reliant on it. Moreover, if I win too easily, I will likely be sent to the Seventh Hunting Ground.  Most of the demons in the Seventh Hunting Ground are stronger, and that would only make it harder for me to collect the Demon Injunction Orders." 

He knew clearly that in this world that was filled with competition, one shouldn't show his trump card easily. Otherwise, it would only let others get the chance to decipher a counter against it.   For example, after Wu Yu used the Violent Art, his battle capabilities would decline substantially. 

After clearing his thoughts, Wu Yu retracted the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns and headed in the opposite direction of Huang Yanwu. From today onwards, he was going to start hunting demons! 

Few prey in the Supreme Hunting Ground would hunt down their hunters so proactively. 

Wu Yu simply revealed himself to attract the attention of the demons in the vicinity. He did not have an Enslavement Injunction Order on him, so it would be harder for demons to find him. However, his recklessness, or even arrogance of not hiding his existence, had made it much easier for demons to spot him. 

The truth was that the demons also had a cultivation base in the Sixth Hunting Ground. When the news of Wu Yu defeating the Sabretooth and the Demon Eye Speothos spread across it, almost all the demons in the Sixth Hunting Ground knew about his existence. 

Someone who was brought into the Supreme Hunting Ground by accident and was a friend of the son of Ying Huang, Jiu Ying.... 

As Wu Yu didn't have an Enslavement Injunction Order on him, not many demons were interested in fighting with him. Those who were interested were mainly recalcitrant and wanted to give it a try themselves to see how incredible Wu Yu really was. 

Therefore, the first demon whom Wu Yu attracted recognized him immediately. The demon asked, "So, you are Wu Yu? You don't even have an Enslavement Injunction Order on you. I've no time to play with you. Just scram." 

This demon was still in his human form, so Wu Yu couldn't tell what kind of demon it was. The general sense Wu Yu got was that this demon should be at the seventh tier of the Yaodan Realm and was weaker than the Sabretooth. 

Regardless, Wu Yu didn't care what kind of demon it was. 

"It isn't you who has no time to play with me. Instead, it is I, Wu Yu, who's going to get your Demon Injunction Order." 

After finishing his sentence, Wu Yu struck immediately. The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column shot out and appeared rapidly in his hands, trembling violently! 


Wu Yu charged to the demon at an astonishing pace. 

A seventh tier Yaodan demon didn't have any advantage to speak of against Wu Yu.  That was similar to the strength level of He Taozi. However, Wu Yu was way stronger than He Taozi at this moment. 


When the rod smashed down heavily, the demon crashed deeply below the surface. As the demon was hit on the head, it lost its consciousness directly. From the beginning to the end of the battle, the demon had only spoken a single sentence. Wu Yu took its Demon Injunction Order easily and left. 

If he had remained, he would be surrounded quickly. At this moment, he didn't want to be surrounded by demons. 

Battling with seventh tier Yaodan demons wasn't meaningful for Wu Yu. Basically, the majority of the seventh tier Yaodan demons were cultivating in the base. There weren't many who dared to leave the base to hunt down prey.  After all, the seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivators in the Sixth Hunting Ground had largely been eliminated. 

After succeeding, Wu Yu felt better looking at the three Demon Injunction Orders in his hands.


"The more of these I take, the closer I get to returning to Shushan." 

This almost became a belief of Wu Yu. Since then, he maintained a certain pace. With intervals of approximately ten days, he would move out silently to defeat a demon. He didn't care if the demon was at the seventh or eighth tier of the Yaodan Realm when he chose to fight. 

When he hid himself, it was very hard for others to find him, as he did not have an Enslavement Injunction Order in him. 

When he was cultivating in the depths of the swamp, refining immortal medicines, crafting spirit designs, or refining pills, life was peaceful. As he also maintained his battles with the demons, the progress was better than what Wu Yu had expected. With the assistance of some golden essence pills, Wu Yu noticed that he had gradually grasped the tip of the iceberg of becoming one with his Jindan.  

Three months later, Wu Yu's name was known throughout the entire Sixth Hunting Ground. In a short span of three months, 13 demons, including the Sabretooth and the Demon Eye Speothos, were defeated by Wu Yu and had their Demon Injunction Orders snatched away. 

The truth was that Wu Yu had a hard time winning the latest 10 battles. All of his opponents were eighth tier Yaodan demons. Some of them were even stronger than the Sabretooth, with even creepier abilities. Considering how Wu Yu had made it a point to not use the Violent Art, every battle was highly exhausting. Eventually, Wu Yu had to rely heavily on his physical body advantage to win and snatch away their Demon Injunction Orders. 

After each battle, he had to recuperate for approximately 10 days to fully recover. His will was determined as he would always craft spirit designs and try to seek out clues to dao enlightenment while healing his injuries. Wu Yu found that doing so with pain affecting his focus seemed to be more effective.  

Naturally, Wu Yu didn't win every battle he fought. He even lost badly in three battles and was severely injured by the opponent. Luckily, he was able to rely on his stronger physical condition to escape from the battlefield. After all, he didn't have an Enslavement Injunction Order in him, and there were thick layers of mud that could be used as cover. 

Wu Yu was grateful for the three complete defeats. He was able to get more out of these battles. With these valuable battle experiences, he had identified areas where he wasn't as great.  It was also because of his mixed record that he had not been sent to the Seventh Hunting Ground. 

Once he was determined to be much stronger than the demons in one level, he would be sent away immediately. Wu Yu was dangerously close to this boundary. 

He had also encountered the Enforcers of the Sixth Hunting Ground. These Enforcers were similar to cultivators at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm or similar to Earth sword rank disciples in Shushan. Perhaps because of his relationship with Jiu Ying, they had not done anything to Wu Yu despite bumping into him several times. After all, what Wu Yu was doing and the battles he had were within the rules. He also deserved the Demon Injunction Orders that he had gathered. 

As such, Wu Yu fought mechanically to gain experience and was using these battles to calm the frustration in his heart. More importantly, he used these battles to understand deeper meanings of dao. After which, he would craft spirit designs, heal his injuries, refine immortal medicines, and refine his Jindan. He led a very busy life and had devoted fully himself to battle so as to be able to return to Shushan as soon as possible. 

Wu Yu noticed that despite his rise in cultivation level not being as fast as before, his improvement over this period of time was what leaps and bounds truly meant.  At this point, he vaguely understood what the dao meant to cultivators. That was a mysterious feeling that couldn't be described in words. 

In the fourth month, Wu Yu found Huang Yanwu's corpse in the swamp. He wasn't able to persist and had died in battle. 

Wu Yu kept his corpse. If he could leave this place, Wu Yu wanted to bury him near the Yan Huang Imperial City so as to truly send him home. 

However, this corpse made Wu Yu even more frustrated. He needed more battles to quench the fury in his heart and desire for more strength! 

After that incident, Wu Yu's name had shaken the entire Supreme Hunting Ground. He was just like a demon. Regardless of victories or defeats, he constantly taunted demons. Demons who were spotted by him couldn't even escape. Together with his terrifying physical body, he was just like an existence that couldn't be killed. No matter how grave his injuries were, he would appear after a dozen days or so and continue his quest to gather Demon Injunction Orders like a maniac. 

However, he didn't win all his battles. This was because Wu Yu insisted on not using the Violent Art. When he encountered fearsome demons, he would most likely lose. These demons were largely capable of reaching the Seventh Hunting Ground. The most terrifying thing about some of these demons were their Natural Mystiques. Over this period of time, Wu Yu had witnessed all sorts of Natural Mystiques. 

The strongest thing about the demons were their Natural Mystique. 

In ten battles, he was able to win seven but would lose three. 

He was different from other prey. A loss would have meant death. However, the demons were still a little wary about Wu Yu. Therefore, they did not chase him down. Because if so, coupled with the fact that Wu Yu's body was gradually evolving towards the state where he couldn't be killed and couldn't be vanquished, his endurance and recovery speed were rather astonishing. His ability to escape was also exceptional. Therefore, even if he lost three battles, he still could retreat. If he really couldn't, he would just employ the Violent Art to crush his opponent. 

It was also because of this factor that he had not been sent to the Seventh Hunting Ground. Moreover, the Demon Injunction Orders in his hands were gradually piling up. 

As this went on, everyone understood that the chances of Wu Yu getting out of the Supreme Hunting Ground were getting higher and higher.  Perhaps Jiu Ying knew about Wu Yu’s situation. Therefore, he had objected the idea of sending Wu Yu to the Seventh Hunting Ground. 

As such, the Enforcers of the Sixth Hunting Ground had not done so. Since it didn't concern them if Wu Yu got out of Supreme Hunting Ground or not, they wouldn't want to offend Jiu Ying because of this. 

Jiu Ying seemed to have remained in the Second Hunting Ground. At this moment, the Enforcers of the Second Hunting Ground were the most anxious. 

As such, Wu Yu could be considered as the nightmare of the Sixth Hunting Ground. Those demons that had once defeated him were gradually being defeated one by one by his hand and had their Demon Injunction Orders snatched away. 

Wu Yu remained deep underground most of the time. Using the peace he got in exchange of battles, he insisted on cultivating diligently. 

As such, a year and three months had passed. He made a rough estimate and noted that it had been two years since he had come to the Supreme Hunting Ground. 

The Demon Injunction Orders in his hands now totalled 41. 

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