Chapter 0291: Yan Huang Immortal Army

Nine huge pillars suddenly appeared within sight and surrounded the second Sabretooth. Wu Yu ignored the other Sabretooth and activated the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column as the illusions pounced towards him. 

The effect of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was even more outstanding on demons. With this suppression, a barrier was formed, trapping the Sabretooth within it. At the same time, the other Sabretooth smashed into Wu Yu. However, they simply turned into smoke and slowly dissipated. 

This showed that the Sabretooth Wu Yu had trapped with the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns was the real Sabretooth. 

This instant seemed to be the only instant Wu Yu could defeat the two demons. While the Sabretooth was struggling within the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, Wu Yu charged towards the clouds before leaping down. He split the Yin Yang Dao Sword with his palm into black and white swords! 

"Killing God Void Sword!

“God Eclipsing Void Sword!" 

The proficient dao technique of a sword cultivator fully demonstrated Wu Yu's identity as a Shushan disciple. The Killing God Void Sword was gathering the sword qi in the surroundings, shaking the space and piercing towards the Demon Eye Speothos. As for the God Eclipsing Void Sword, it was hidden within the Killing God Void Sword. It was formless, silent, and represented the real killing blow hidden beneath the surface!

The might of the combination swords art lay in the fact that the opponent wouldn't know about the existence of the God Eclipsing Void Sword! 

"Break!" The Demon Eye Speothos wasn't easy to deal with at all. While activating her Illusory Demon Reflector, she protected herself within a dull, blue light sphere. When the Killing God Void Sword clashed with it, the space started distorting and trembling violently. The Demon Eye Speothos was resisting the powers of the Killing God Void Sword with all her might while strengthening the effects of the Illusory Demon Reflector. This exacerbated Wu Yu's headache and almost caused him to drop his guard and let the Sabretooth out of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment. 


At this point, the might of the God Eclipsing Void Sword finally started showing. Tens of thousands sword qi rays flew rapidly ahead and pierced through the weakest part of the light sphere. It was completely unexpected as they pierced onto the Demon Eye Speothos in an instant. At that moment, the Demon Eye Speothos was hit by tens of thousands of swords, and she let out a pitiful cry. She was gravely injured by Wu Yu and was bleeding profusely as she fell from the sky. 

The God Eclipsing Void Sword was still a really domineering sword technique. The endurance of the Demon Eye Speothos was clearly inferior to that of the Sabretooth. Therefore, she was gravely injured with a single wave of attack. The effect of her Illusory Demon Reflector was also gone. Wu Yu finally recovered and his vision cleared up. 


Upon seeing the defeat of the Demon Eye Speothos, the Sabretooth raged even more frantically. 

"You are seeking your own demise!" 

Wu Yu turned his body in the air, looked solemnly at him, and remarked, "You are a loser and prisoner of mine. Yet you are still talking big!" 

The next instant, he retracted the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns and fused them into one golden column. Holding it in his hands, the current Wu Yu was domineering and looking down on the Sabretooth with disdain! 

His pair of golden eyes lit up and burned with raging flames. At this moment, Wu Yu was just like an immortal that had descended onto the mortal realm. 

Bang! Bang!

The Sabretooth pivoted off the swamp and charged forward. His speed was astonishingly fast and his claws were shimmering in dull, blue light. There were ancient symbols shimmering on them.


He had the intention to go for the kill! 

However, Wu Yu kept things simple and was still more explosive and decisive than him. 

Violent Art!

Now that the difference between his and his enemy's level was too great, the Fixed Body Art wasn't appropriate. Therefore, Wu Yu had been using the Violent Art more frequently. Although he hadn't used the Immortal Ape Transformation, his arms grew substantially thicker. The golden interior networks of his muscles were clearly visible. 

"Nine-Directional World Shatterer." 

Activating the other spirit design on the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, the power to shatter a world erupted. 

A single blow crashed down on the head of the Sabretooth from the skies. 


The Sabretooth had approached at high speed but fell at a greater speed. He was just like a rubber ball that Wu Yu had smashed heavily into the depths of the swamp just as it approached. 

With the assistance of the Violent Art, Wu Yu naturally secured a complete victory. The Sabretooth had probably incurred injuries that were more serious than the Demon Eye Speothos’. Wu Yu had not really wanted to use the Violent Art. This was because his arms would ache severely and his battle strength would fall substantially after using it each time. If other demons were to target him during this period, his situation would be perilous. 

"Demon Injunction Orders! I might as well just take them." 

After shockingly defeating two opponents, he captured the Demon Eye Speothos first just as she was thinking about fleeing. As she was severely injured, Wu Yu was able to stop her escape by manipulating the Yin Yang Dao Sword. 

The Demon Eye Speothos turned into her human form and fell to the ground, acting pitifully. At this moment, she was a really attractive woman. 

She bit her lip and looked at Wu Yu with disbelief. "You are a Shushan disciple? Although you have the capabilities, aren't you afraid we will kill you? This is the territory of the demons! How dare you be so brazen!" 

"Spare me your nonsense and give me your Demon Injunction Order," demanded Wu Yu. 

"You aren't a prey. What do you need the Demon Injunction Order for?" asked the Demon Eye Speothos. 

"To leave this place, of course." 

The Demon Eye Speothos chuckled. "You are too naive. Now that you have entered the Supreme Hunting Ground, you won't be able to gather sufficient Demon Injunction Orders or leave the place unless you are a demon." 

Typically, the Demon Injunction Order would be hung around the body and not kept within the Sumeru Pouch. After searching for some time, Wu Yu snatched her the Demon Injunction Order. After which, he left the Demon Eye Speothos to look for the Sabretooth. 

That Sabretooth was lying in the depths of the swamp and had lost his consciousness. After collecting the Demon Injunction Order, Wu Yu felt that the movements in the surroundings were getting a little huge. Clearly, there was quite a number of experts who had heard the commotion and were on their way here. 

"Don't stay around. Leave immediately!" said the cultivator anxiously. 

Naturally, he was panting and couldn't flee far. Having the mentality of helping him to the end, Wu Yu didn't say a second word. He controlled the cultivator and brought him along as he escaped rapidly. 

After flying for an hour, the other party commented, "In the Sixth Hunting Ground, it would be very dangerous to not enter the swamp. Let's stop running and hide in it right away." 

"Is that so?" Wu Yu nodded his head. He also felt that his way of escaping could instead have attracted more attention. 

Therefore, he came out with a solution. Using the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns to surround him, he formed an enclosed area. This was just a small degree of manipulating the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Design. After which, the columns extended to the depths of the swamp. Only by doing so could he sink to the bottom of the swamp while leaving a certain degree of space. 

Soon, they were flooded by the swamp. Wu Yu continued to sink down. He had never expected the swamp to be so deep. It was as though it was an open sea. After a long period of time, they finally reached the point where the surrounding mud slowly turned into solid earth. 

Using the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns, Wu Yu propped up a large space so he wouldn't dirty himself. To his surprise, due to the presence of underground spirit veins, the spiritual qi in the atmosphere around him was very dense. Clearly, this was a very safe place that was suitable for cultivation. If others noticed him and started attacking, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns could withstand their attacks for a while. 

At this point, Wu Yu was finally assured that they were safe. 

Wu Yu felt that he was really lucky to be able to get two Demon Injunction Orders soon after he arrived at the Sixth Hunting Ground. He was very satisfied. Based on his own estimates, his strength should be within the upper echelon within the Sixth Hunting Ground. 

"I'm Huang Yanwu. Thank you, my benefactor, for your assistance." The pale and gloomy-looking cultivator greeted Wu Yu. 

"You can just call me Wu Yu. Rest well and focus on recovering. Otherwise, it will be hard to survive within this Hunting Ground," Wu Yu suggested to him. He knew that his abilities were limited. It wouldn't be possible for him to protect Huang Yanwu for a prolonged period of time, let alone prevent the humans in the entire Supreme Hunting Ground from being killed.

In terms of age, Wu Yu was indeed a junior. 

Huang Yanwu sat on the floor with his legs crossed. His complexion had gotten better now, but he would still need to expel the demon technique the Sabretooth had injected into him. 

However, he wasn't in a rush. Therefore he asked, "I heard that you are a Shushan disciple. Why didn't you have an Enslavement Injunction Order on you?" 

This matter had greatly baffled him and therefore he couldn't hold back from asking. 

Wu Yu answered simply, "I'm a Shushan disciple and can be considered to be a friend of the son of Ying Huang, Jiu Ying. I was brought into the Supreme Hunting Ground by mistake. However, I still need to collect 50 Demon Injunction Orders to leave this place. The only difference from you would be that I do not have an Enslavement Injunction Order on me. Other than that, my fate is pretty much the same as yours." 

He wasn't very optimistic about his fate. Just as the Demon Eye Speothos had said, he had demonstrated strong capabilities. This might make the demons wary. However, if he had not displayed them, how was he going to collect the Demon Injunction Orders needed for him to leave? 

Wu Yu was also anxious to get back to the Shushan Immortal Sect. 

"So that's how it is." Huang Yanwu nodded his head and went on to introduce himself, "I'm from Yan Huang Imperial City and used to be a member of the Yan Huang Immortal Army. During one of my missions, I was unfortunately captured by the demons. I have been here for over 30 years. Even I can't believe that I have survived till today...." 

Speaking of this, Huang Yanwu laughed helplessly. 

"Yan Huang Immortal Army?" Wu Yu recalled that this was the core strength of Yan Huang Immortal City. They were cultivators responsible for guarding the cities and heading out for missions. However, they were managed in a military format. One could consider them to be an army of cultivators. Wu Yu was interested in them and was surprised to learn that Huang Yanwu was a member. 

The strength of the Yan Huang Immortal Army was horrifying. With the strength of Huang Yanwu, he was probably just a soldier. Above him, there were still centurions, chiliarchs, generals, commander-in-chief, and others. They were managed strictly under a military regime to protect Yan Huang Imperial City. Countless forces had attacked Yan Huang Imperial City throughout history, but they were always pushed back by the Yan Huang Immortal Army. Based on Wu Yu's conjecture, a well-managed army of cultivators, coupled with battle strategies, would be incredibly strong in battles. He estimated that the offensive strength of the Yan Huang Immortal Army should be insanely strong too. 

After all, in a large scale clash between sects, the people were basically in a state of disunity. They charged forward all at once and weren't under any control. Those who wouldn't follow the battle strategy laid out were the majority. 

Wu Yu was raised in an army and had fought wars for his kingdom since young. He was well versed in military arts and therefore had some understanding in this aspect. 

"As a Shushan disciple, you are using the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column from our Yan Huang Imperial City instead of a sword. It seems like you do understand a little about Yan Huang Imperial City. Am I right?" asked Huang Yanwu. 

So he had recognized the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. 

Wu Yu shook his head and answered, "My understanding is just rudimentary." 

It was rather awkward to have met under such circumstances. This was because Wu Yu wasn't even in control of his own life and death. He also didn't know how he could help Huang Yanwu. 

Martial cultivation was plunder. Only the strongest ruled! He wasn't sufficiently strong now, so how could he act heroically and rescue these people? 

Huang Yanwu had been here for several dozen years and had come to the realization of his eventual death. Therefore, he was able to look past the predicament he was in. He said, "Your situation is a little better than ours. I heard a little about the rumors of Jiu Ying here. He will probably ensure your safe departure from this place. As for people like us, our death was almost certain the moment we were thrown in here. For the people in the outside world, I'm just a person who died in battle 30 years ago. Since I have no more ties left in this world, it doesn't matter if I die now or later. Once I recover a little more, you can just let me out of here." 

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