Chapter 0290: Illusory Demon Reflector

Wu Yu had managed to stop them after sending off that cultivator. This was clearly a breach of the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground. 

The truth was that the Sabretooth and Demon Eye Speothos could now summon the Enforcers to deal with Wu Yu. 

Under normal circumstances and if he was any ordinary prey, such actions would warrant instant death, so as to serve as a warning to the rest. 

However, due to Wu Yu's relationship with Jiu Ying, the Enforcers of the Sixth Hunting Ground would also have to ponder deeply if they wished to kill Wu Yu. 

Regardless, it was clear that these two demons had no intention of summoning the Enforcers. Since they had been taunted by Wu Yu, they wanted to take this into their own hands. Since Wu Yu was the one who had broken the rules first, it would be fine for them to attack together.  

This was the territory of the demons after all! 

Wu Yu saw the developments with his own eyes. That demon lady had indeed turned into a wolf-like demon. However, she was smaller in size than the Sabretooth and had a pair of eerie-looking eyes. This made her look even creepier than the Sabretooth beside her. 

The two demons charged on the swamp from the left and right towards Wu Yu while locking him down within their field of vision. 

"That's fine. Although there are two of them, I can just flee if I can't win. That's not a big deal." Wu Yu was calm and composed. Facing opponents at the eighth tier of the Yaodan Realm and above, his inner self got agitated a little more. The desire for battle that he had kept in check for the last half a year, the boiling blood of his core that belonged only for the moments of battles, and the flames within him erupted all at once. Even the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column started trembling as the power of his physical body gathered. 

Previously, the Sabretooth suffered the humiliation of being knocked back by Wu Yu with a single strike. Currently, he was his most furious and violent moment. He lifted his head and let out a long a cry towards the sky. His eyes that were dyed red from the blood stared at Wu Yu. 


Without a further word, the Sabretooth charged ahead for the kill. Suddenly, endless mud that covered the skies swept and tumbled towards Wu Yu. 

As for the Demon Eye Speothos, she had hidden herself. Her eerie laughter was resounding endlessly within the surroundings. 

The two demons attacked Wu Yu together without holding back, as they said they would. 

Under extreme pressure, Wu Yu's blood that had been stilled for some time started boiling. 

His eyes had almost turned entirely golden. All the mud that was within his field of vision started blazing. When the mud eventually fell towards Wu Yu, it had been reduced to dust. 

"This little rascal definitely has lots of treasures with him to be so insanely strong." 

"This time, we are getting a good reward!" 

The Demon Eye Speothos seemed to be everywhere as her voice came from both the skies and under the feet of Wu Yu. 


However, the more fiery of the two was still that beast-like Sabretooth. In that instant, the body of the Sabretooth underwent huge changes. To Wu Yu's surprise, the Sabretooth stood up. His body had enlarged, and other than its head, which remained as the appearance of a wolf, the other parts of his body had transformed into a burly human frame. Naturally, his claws, fangs, and hair still remained on him. 

After transforming into his "werewolf" form, Wu Yu could clearly sense that the current Sabretooth had the ferocious capabilities of a demon and the agility of a human. In the aspect of strength, he had gained tremendous power. Coupled with his ample and dense Yaodan essence, he clearly exceeded Wu Yu substantially. 

"Why did you even use your Natural Mystique against a child? Are you really that eager to take the life of this child?" Demon Eye Speothos asked. 

This was just as Wu Yu had guessed. This transformation allowed the Sabretooth to be in human form while maintaining the ferocious abilities of a beast. His speed, defence, and attack had also increased by leaps and bounds. If the Sabretooth could attack with his physical body, Wu Yu would have additional things to be wary of besides the demon techniques that the Sabretooth might be hiding. 

This Natural Mystique was known as the Demon Wolf Transformation and was passed down through countless generations among Sabretooths. 


After using the Demon Wolf Transformation, the sharp claws and fangs of the Sabretooth were similar to spiritual immortal treasures. His speed was astonishingly quick. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Wu Yu and launched a storm-like barrage of attacks towards Wu Yu! 

Ting, ting, ting!

Wu Yu manipulated the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column while clashing with the Sabretooth. Countless intense and rapid clashes resulted in sharp collision sounds and sparks from time after time!   

Although Wu Yu's Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body far exceeded his opponent, his opponent far exceeded Wu Yu in terms of quantity of Yaodan essence. As a result, they were evenly matched in the short span of clashes. 

The brilliance of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column clashed incessantly with the Sabretooth's violent strikes, sending sparks everywhere. Wu Yu was relying almost entirely on his physical body strength to battle the Sabretooth in the sky to the ground and smashing aside the mud. 

Sabretooths were known for their cautious killing. While doing so, they integrated various demon techniques into their sharp claws and fangs. As long as one was hit or bitten, those eerie demon techniques would dig into one's body like a poisonous bug. Luckily, Wu Yu had a robust body. It was especially so with his Inner Vajra Buddha protecting his internal organs as it rendered the threats of such demon techniques almost useless. 

What he had to be worried about would be the destructive force of the Sabretooth. Once his guard was broken, even his body could be ripped apart! 


Wu Yu relied on his physical strength to withstand a wave of bite attacks from the Sabretooth. One end of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column grew incomparably huge. After turning one round in mid-air, Wu Yu split the mud below him into two. At the same time, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column collided heavily onto the two arms of the Sabretooth that were put up as a guard. 


The Sabretooth plummeted into the depths of the mud. Another thousand tons of mud were sent flying from the impact before falling down like rain. 


Feeling the intense pain, that Sabretooth started to act even more frantically. He charged from the depths of the swamp and spat out a deluge-like liquid from his mouth. The liquid was green and corroded everything it came into contact with, including the mud and space. At this moment, the liquid swarmed towards Wu Yu like waves of the sea! 

At the most critical juncture, the Yin Yang Dao Sword suddenly appeared in his left hand. This was the combined form of the Yin Yang Dao Sword. With a change in expression, Wu Yu extended his hand and pierced forward. Manipulating the word, the Yin Yang Dao Sword flew out and seemed to suddenly merge with the surrounding space, vanishing into thin air. 

"God Eclipsing Void Sword!" 

This was the last main sword technique of the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art that was even above the Killing God Void Sword! 


When the Yin Yang Dao Sword disappeared, the space ahead of Wu Yu started trembling. One couldn't see it with the naked eye, but from the tremors of the void space, one could sense over ten thousand swords piercing the space and clashing with the deluge spat out by the Sabretooth. The might of the God Eclipsing Void Sword cleaved the deluge in the middle and the liquid smashed down onto the two sides of Wu Yu! 

As for the tens of thousands of God Eclipsing Void Sword energy rays that split the deluge, they landed on the Sabretooth’s body. Having just gotten out of the swamp, the Sabretooth was suppressed by Wu Yu once again. Blood spurt out from all parts of his body as he collapsed. 

"Wu Yu! You are incredible! But I'm still going to eat your flesh!" While falling, the Sabretooth finally admitted to meeting an opponent that even he feared. 

"Wu Yu, you still aren't capable!" Just as the Sabretooth completed his sentence and when Wu Yu took back his Yin Yang Dao Sword, the Demon Eye Speothos appeared out of nowhere in front of Wu Yu. Her pair of eyes instantly turned green and deep like the swamp. 


When Wu Yu met the eyes of the Demon Eye Speothos, he felt like something had dived into his eyes and then his brain. Suddenly, he felt like his head was splitting. 

"You are so fragile and yet you dare to offend us! You must be eager to die!" The image of the Demon Eye Speothos smiling casually seemed to have turned into a sharp spear that pierced towards his brain from his eyes. 

This was the first time Wu Yu had encountered an attack like this and thus didn't find it familiar at all!  At this moment, he didn't know how to defend against it. When he resisted the pain and forcefully met the eyes of the Demon Eye Speothos again, he noticed his headache get even more severe!  This was an attack from the Demon Eye Speothos that originated solely from her eyes. 

All she had to do was look Wu Yu in the eyes. 

The truth was that the Natural Mystique, Illusory Demon Reflector, of the Demon Eye Speothos was extremely well-known. What Wu Yu had not known was that this level of headache was just the precursor of the Illusory Demon Reflector!  Just as he was thinking about how to resist the pain from the attack of the Demon Eye Speothos, the mud below his feet erupted once again. The Sabretooth, who was severely injured by Wu Yu's attack previously, rose again. However, Wu Yu was seeing five Sabretooths this time. 

The five Sabretooths looked exactly the same. Even the injuries and blood stains on them were on the exact same spots! 

"Is this the Doppleganger Technique?" Wu Yu was shocked, questioning if he had underestimated the prowess of the Sabretooth.

At this moment, the five Sabretooth charged through the void space while howling. In the blink of an eye, they had appeared right in front of him. 

"Scram!" Wu Yu smashed the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column towards the Sabretooth closest to him. When his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column impacted the Sabretooth, it's entire body cracked and was reduced to mist! 


However, they were as real as they could get. Wu Yu had no way to differentiate them. 

There were still four Sabretooths attacking him. At this critical juncture, when he couldn't tell the real from the fakes, Wu Yu only had an idea in mind. That was forming the Vajra Buddha within him instantly and relying on the toughness of his body to withstand the attack of the Sabretooth directly. 

Indeed, three of them were fakes and there was only a single real body attacking the back of the Vajra Buddha with its claw. A long wound was left on Wu Yu's back instantly. From the claws, a green liquid was flooding into Wu Yu's! 


Not only did his body get injured, his head still felt like it was falling apart from the effects of the Illusory Demon Reflector!  Just as Wu Yu thought that he had broken free from the assault of the Sabretooth, he suddenly found five other Sabretooths when he turned around. Each one was vivid and as real as it could get. Even the demonic aura around each of them was completely the same, making it impossible to differentiate. 

"These aren't doppelgangers, but the illusion shown to you by the Demon Eye Speothos's Illusory Demon Reflector. You have to defeat the Demon Eye Speothos first!" Just as Wu Yu was completely pinned down and in perilous position, he suddenly heard a reminder. Without taking a look, he knew that it was from the cultivator he had saved previously. Apparently, he had not fled but had instead returned to the vicinity. 

No wonder!

So this was the Illusory Demon Reflector! Wu Yu had thought that they were the dopplegangers of the Sabretooth. Previously, he had no idea at all. Now that he knew about it, he had a plan to deal with it. 

"The real body is right in front of you right now!" The cultivator had experience battling the two demons. Clearly, the Demon Eye Speothos might have participated in the battle before. It was just that she was standing by the side and thus Wu Yu thought that she had not interfered. 

Now that the cultivator was beyond the control sphere of the Demon Eye Speothos, he could see the real Sabretooth. 

Wu Yu immediately looked ahead. The Sabretooth right in front of him was the second from the left. At the most critical juncture and when the pack of Sabretooths charged forward, he threw the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column with the slightest action! 

In the air, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column split into nine columns! 

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