Chapter 0289: Sabretooth and Speothos

The Sixth Hunting Ground was definitely much gloomier than the First Hunting Ground. 

It was especially so with almost no solid ground below his feet. The Sixth Hunting Ground was almost entirely made of swamp land. The strong, rancid odor emitted by the swamp was nauseating. 

The mud and soil were tumbling, revealing the bones of humans from time to time. However, there wasn't any remains of a demon. Based on this, one could tell the huge difference in identities between the hunter and the prey in the Supreme Hunting Ground. Demons would basically never face any danger of death in this place. 

As for cultivators, their numbers were dwindling despite constant replenishment. It wasn't that they weren't sufficiently strong, but they were simply subjects for the trials of demons. 

Walking on the endless swamp amidst the grey fog, Wu Yu truly felt how horrific demons were. As there were too many demons, the surroundings were shrouded in demonic aura. In such an environment, it was extremely difficult to tell the location of any demon. 

"The entire Sixth Hunting Ground should all be swamp. Whether it’s cultivators or demons, they would be a target if they flew in the skies. Considering this, all the existences should be hiding within the swamp at this moment!" 

It was at least so as when Wu Yu looked around. He couldn't sense a single life. The skies were empty, while the swamp was constantly tumbling. Perhaps there might be demons fighting with cultivators within it. 

Wu Yu was walking on the surface of the swamp. A short time after he entered, he acutely sensed that there were sounds of battle coming from his side. Moreover, it was definitely an intense life and death battle. He hesitated for a moment before charging in that direction. 

"If the demon is on the losing end, I shall not care. If the cultivator is on the losing end, I will have to help him out!" 


Although Wu Yu knew about the hatred of the two races within the Supreme Hunting Ground, he would definitely stand on the side of humans in a life and death situation. He was moving very rapidly. With his physical strength, he simply needed to lightly tap the swamp’s surface for him to dart out like a golden ray of light without leaving any trails. 

The closer he got, the louder the commotion. 

"Clearly, the demons and cultivators in the surroundings can hear it. If this drags on and more demons gather, it will be greatly disadvantageous to the cultivators. After all, cultivators are restricted from surrounding and attacking demons together." 

Wu Yu didn't know how much he could help. Nonetheless, he would not back away after seeing what had happened. 


In the blink of an eye, he entered the area of the battle. The mud in the entire area was tumbling, and it was no longer possible to tell the swamp from the sky. 

In a radius of 50 kilometers, the mud under their feet was sent flying high up into the skies and splattered on the surroundings! 

The mud obstructed Wu Yu's vision. However, Wu Yu still managed to quickly spot the exact location of the battle. He came at the most critical juncture. This was because the cultivator was drenched in blood and barely breathing after the battle. He was knocked into the swamp and was sinking into it. At the sky above him, a demon that resembled a Moon Chasing Hound was charging down, attempting to sink its fangs into the cultivator. 

"Another Enslavement Injunction Order! We can now advance to the Seventh Hunting Ground!" A short distance away, a woman cheered enthusiastically. It was then that Wu Yu noticed that there were two demons here! 

The techniques of the demons were different from the techniques of cultivators. Most of the time, they were displayed on the demon’s physical body. In a close combat fight, although the destructive scenes weren't as incredible as what a cultivator was capable of, the destructive force was still incredibly huge. 


Under the huge impact, endless mud was sent into the sky. The cultivator that was knocked into it previously was sent into the sky from the impact and was about to be devoured by that demon. 

Without a second word, Wu Yu charged forward. The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column in his hand extended rapidly to over 10 zhang in an instant. Just as the demon was about to devour the cultivator, Wu Yu managed to knock him away! 

Dang! The demon bit onto the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column and almost disarmed Wu Yu with its monstrous strength. 

Wu Yu pulled back in a jerk and the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column retracted. After which, Wu Yu leaped ahead, appearing on the other end in the blink of an eye to retrieve the gravely injured cultivator. 

The cultivator was a middle-aged man. He was wearing a black and gold suit of armor and looked extremely valiant. There was a spirit design crafted on that suit of armor. To Wu Yu's astonishment, it was also a type of spiritual immortal treasure. 

Within the cultivator's body, the powers of that demon were destroying his body frantically. Wu Yu immediately retrieved an immortal medicine from his Sumeru Pouch that could stabilize one's injuries to their internal organs and suppress the demons' powers. After ensuring that the cultivator had consumed it, he took out another potent immortal medicine that could extend one's vitality and boost regeneration of muscles. These were all from Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain and therefore the effects were great. 

"Who's that!?" 

The moment he completed this step, two demons had surrounded Wu Yu, as he had expected. He finally got a clear look at them. The demon that was battling previously wasn't a Moon Chasing Hound but a more powerful and magnificent demon. He had black and white stripes throughout his body and a pair of fangs that extended down from his upper jaw like a pair of extremely sharp swords. The distinct appearance made Wu Yu recall seeing it in the records of The Lore of the Divine Continent. Its name was Sabretooth. 

It was not common for Sabretooths to become demons. No one really knew how long the demon in front of Wu Yu had cultivated to reach its current level. 

The other demon was in its human form of an enchanting young lady. She had a coat made of black fur, snow-white skin, and a tail behind her. From her, one could sense a form of uncontrolled wildness, and the sharp fangs that were faintly exposed behind her lips were shimmering in cold light. 

"You don't have an Enslavement Injunction Order? I recognize you, Wu Yu." Just as the Sabretooth was savage and infuriated, that demon lady spoke and calmed the Sabretooth a little. With its savage nature, it naturally wouldn't accept someone snatching his prey away after it had the prey where he wanted. 

"How did you recognize me?" Wu Yu was curious. He was trying to buy time for the cultivator recover from the brink of death by asking questions. At the same time, he was also looking for the possibility of escaping. 

He was up against two demons after all. Moreover, there was an injured person beside him whom the surrounding demons would definitely be eyeing. If he was careless, he might just end up falling here. 

The demon lady smiled and replied, "This... When my husband and I just entered the Supreme Hunting Ground, we heard of your name in the First Hunting Ground. Now that we have made it here by killing our way through, why are you here? Considering your strength, you are still far from the level of this Hunting Ground. What's the matter? Has Jiu Ying given up on you and sent you here for your execution?" 

The Sabretooth was extremely rabid as it growled, "He doesn't have an Enslavement Injunction Order. Who would waste time killing him?" 

The demon lady leaned on the Sabretooth and laughed in a coquettish manner. "Uhhh, it's still fine to make him fill our dental gaps after our meal. Alright, I shall not be joking with you further. Wu Yu, return us our prey and you can go. Jiu Ying is your friend and we aren't that silly to give you trouble." 

The other party was still rather courteous to Wu Yu. 

However, Wu Yu looked to his back and exchanged glances with that cultivator. The cultivator still had not recovered the strength to escape safely. Therefore, Wu Yu answered, "What if I don't?" 

The demon lady was slightly shocked as she continued, "In that case, we aren't people who are afraid of trouble. You can still be considered as half a prey. Based on the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground, battles here should be individual. Moreover, prey is not allowed to save other prey, just as demons cannot save other demons. You have broken the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground. Even if we devour you, it would still be within reason. Don't be foolish." 

The Sabretooth beside the demon lady stuck out its tongue and continue looking at Wu Yu as though he was just food for it. That's right. This was a hunting ground. It was possible for them to hunt their prey and even eat them alive. The rules here weren't much different from the rules of the jungle in the mortal realm. 

"I’ll give you three breaths' time to scram!" the Sabretooth growled. 

Hearing this, the cultivator behind Wu Yu heaved a long sigh and said, "Young man, run while you still can. I've acknowledged your kind deed. Today is my limit. To die in the hands of the Sabretooth and the Demon Eye Speothos, I'm not that bad after all. I cannot implicate you into this. This is the Supreme Hunting Ground. The outcome of a prey breaking the rules here is brutal.... Hurry and leave." 

"One!" shouted the Sabretooth in a low voice. 

Wu Yu took a closer look at the demon lady who was referred to as Demon Eye Speothos. Indeed, he noticed that her eyes were extremely unique with mystical qualities. A long time ago, Sabretooths and speothos often moved together. Speothos were in fact wolves borned with disabilities of shorter forelegs. However, they were extremely smart. Together with sabertooth wolves, their combination had brawns and brains. Once they allied together, it would be extremely difficult to deal with them. 

That Demon Eye Speothos laughed in a light-hearted tone and said, "You have some time remaining and it would be best for you to make the best use out of them. You are probably at the fourth tier of Jindan Dao Realm. For you to be thrown here, it's a rather cruel thing. My husband loves young and tender meat. If you aren't leaving, I'm afraid not even your bones will remain." 

She was using such a gentle tone while speaking about such brutal and bloody thing. As compared to the impatient Sabretooth, her words made one's hair stand more than the Sabretooth. 

"Two!" The Sabretooth continued his count. 

Wu Yu had no other way. He grabbed the arm of the cultivator behind him and exerted strength suddenly. Under the disbelief eyes of the demons, Wu Yu threw the cultivator out of the battle range with purely physical body strength. 

"Get as far away as you can." After completing his sentence, Wu Yu turned around immediately. In his hands, he held the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column horizontally while blocking off the path of the Sabretooth and Demon Eye Speothos. At that moment, he felt like a lone soldier fighting against all the enemies with a single weapon. 

"If you wish to get that Enslavement Injunction Order, you have to get past me," Wu Yu looked at them with taunting eyes. 

The Sabretooth and Demon Eye Speothos were completely stunned. It was as though they were looking at a newborn child waving his fists around. At that moment, the Demon Eye Speothos chuckled and held on to her stomach. After which, she instructed the Sabretooth, "Go get that Enslavement Injunction Order. I'll play with this silly child for a while before catching up to you with an extra dish for the night."

"Roar!" Without a second word, the Sabretooth charged furiously towards that cultivator. He was charging towards Wu Yu and clearly wasn't wary of Wu Yu at all. 

At that very moment! 

Wu Yu exerted strength from his entire body. That Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column rapidly grew to be incomparably thick. After spinning in the air, it smashed towards the approaching Sabretooth. Although the other party was quick, Wu Yu's attacking speed was faster. The Sabretooth race was considered to have a physical body at the pinnacle of toughness. At this juncture, its solid forehead clashed directly with the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column!


A piercing shriek pierced the atmosphere as the Sabretooth was knocked back to the Demon Eye Speothos. Taking a closer look, one would be able to see that its forehead had cracked. Blood was spurting out and it dyed its entire face red in a short period of time. However, this made the Sabretooth look even more savage. 

It was then that the two demons finally understood why Wu Yu was sent here. 

"No wonder he's a friend of Jiu Ying. How horrifying!" the Demon Eye Speothos remarked glumly as she gradually transformed from her human form into her demon state....

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