Chapter 0288: Sixth Hunting Ground

The last ditch effort from a Shushan senior only resulted in laughter among the Moon Chasing Hounds. 

Wu Yu felt very conflicted to see this. However, this had nothing to do with Jiu Ying. 

Jiu Ying felt even more helpless. From the bottom of his core, he hated the Supreme Hunting Ground. Therefore, when the Moon Chasing Hounds started congratulating him, he chided coldly, "All of you, shut up!" 

Jiang Zhuyue signalled for the group to shut up before answering in a light-hearted tone. "Don't blame us for this. As a member of the demon race, we are sincerely happy to see the stubborn son of Ying Huang finally taking the first step." 

As for the other cultivators, they didn't attempt to ambush Jiu Ying. 

In their eyes, their deep hatred wasn't particularly aimed toward Jiu Ying, but toward all the demons. 

With things as they were now, Wu Yu could only signal to them and ask them to leave quickly. Otherwise, there might be complications. 

"Wu Yu, think about it. Don't let Chi Haiyin die in vain." Before the group of cultivators left, some of them reminded Wu Yu. Clearly, they had not let this hatred go. Even so, they wouldn't completely trust Jiu Ying. 

Wu Yu understood how they felt and thought. 

Seeing that the cultivators had left, Jiang Zhuyue did not just let this incident go. He said, "Jiu Ying, we have both given in regarding this incident. Now that you have obtained the Enslavement Injunction Order from Chi Haiyin, you are required to move to the Second Hunting Ground based on the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground. I can bring you there right away. What do you think?" 

For Jiang Zhuyue, as long as Jiu Ying remained in the First Hunting Ground, it would be troublesome for him. He couldn't wait to send Jiu Ying away from this place. 

However, Jiu Ying shook his head. He was too lazy to be bothered with Jiang Zhuyue. He threw the Enslavement Injunction Order towards Jiang Zhuyue and was prepared to leave to continue his cultivation and strengthening himself. 

Jiang Zhuyue clearly had expected him to behave like this. At this moment, he turned his attention to Wu Yu suddenly and said, "Oh, Wu Yu, you aren't simple! Not only did you withstand the attacks from so many prey, but you also managed to push back a Moon Chasing Hound at the eighth tier of the Yaodan Realm. In other words, you are too strong and shouldn't remain in the First Hunting Ground. Based on your strength, you should be moving to the Sixth Hunting Ground right away! This is an agreement between us before. I believe you wouldn't want to go against the agreement now, am I right? If you do, I won't be keeping my end of the bargain, even if you really gather 50 Demon Injunction Orders." 

Wu Yu was forced to display his strength previously. When he knew that Jiang Zhuyue had seen it, he understood that Jiang Zhuyue wouldn't give up the opportunity to separate him from Jiu Ying. 

With Wu Yu around, it would indeed be difficult for Jiu Ying to kill other cultivators. 

Jiang Zhuyue had indeed made a promise with Wu Yu from the beginning that once Wu Yu's strength had exceeded the corresponding level, he should not be remaining at the First Hunting Ground. This was also a rule for the entire Supreme Hunting Ground, and it added difficulty to the gathering of 50 Demon Injunction Orders. 

Indeed, if he wanted Jiang Zhuyue to keep to his end of the bargain, he couldn't possibly be breaking the rules first. 

Jiu Ying knew that the Sixth Hunting Ground would be dangerous for Wu Yu and therefore objected, "Jiang Zhuyue, are you really thinking of going against me?" 

Jiang Zhuyue shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. Reason was on his side in this matter. 

Wu Yu pondered for a moment before telling Jiu Ying, "If it's the Sixth Hunting Ground, so be it. I have to go up eventually, right?" 

This was the rule of the Supreme Hunting Ground, and it wasn't something that Jiu Ying could break at this moment. 

He gritted his teeth unwillingly. Since Wu Yu had displayed his strength, there would indeed be such a day. 

Jiu Ying was worried for the safety of his friend. However, the issue was that he wanted to remain in the First Hunting Ground or Second Hunting Ground. With his strength, he could easily make his way to the Sixth Hunting Ground. This would allow him to ensure Wu Yu's safety. However, this would also mean that he would have to kill humans! 

Conflict, struggle! 

"Wu Yu, please!" 

"Jiu Ying, isn't it your wish to continue down the path with your friend and exchange cultivation experiences? In that case, why don't you head to the Second Hunting Ground? After all, every demon has to rise up the Hunting Grounds slowly to the Sixth Hunting Ground based on the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground. Not everyone could be like Wu Yu, who has advanced so rapidly in one go!" Jiang Zhuyue laughed mockingly. 

"What are you so cocky about? For the 50 Demon Injunction Orders I'm going to get, one of them will be yours, Jiang Zhuyue!" Wu Yu looked coldly at him. 

"Hahaha.... Although I do not have a Demon Injunction Order with me, I might just carry one from today onwards. Wu Yu, I'll be waiting for your challenge." Jiang Zhuyue smiled.

Beside him, the pack of hounds broke into hysterical laughter. 

"Jiu Ying, our separation today is temporary. May we meet again in the future." Wu Yu wasn't naggy and bade his farewell to Jiu Ying. "I have a premonition that from today onwards, I will have to start my journey and kill without remorse!" 

"May we meet again. Be careful!" Jiu Ying was still feeling a little apologetic for the events today. He looked to Jiang Zhuyue and remarked, "If Wu Yu encounters any mishaps, you will be in deep trouble." 

Jiang Zhuyue waved his hands and answered, "He doesn't have an Enslavement Injunction Order with him. No demon would be interested in attacking him. However, I can't control his actions if he chooses to challenge other demons and dies in the process." 

The Sixth Hunting Ground wasn't his territory after all. 

"I'll go to the Second Hunting Ground with you guys." Jiu Ying had made his decision. Now that Wu Yu was leaving the First Hunting Ground, it was pointless for him to remain in the First Hunting Ground. He was still worried that his friend would face grave dangers because of him. Therefore, he wanted to look for a way to head to the Sixth Hunting Ground too. Nonetheless, he made up his mind to not go against his nature while doing so. 

Jiu Ying had a straightforward heart and didn't require many reminders from Wu Yu. 

As such, Jiang Zhuyue and the pack of Moon Chasing Hounds reverted into their demon forms and separated. Jiang Zhuyue brought Wu Yu and Jiu Ying to their respective Hunting Grounds. It was said that every Hunting Ground had a channel that led to other Hunting Grounds. The landscape of the Supreme Hunting Ground was extremely complicated, and Wu Yu couldn't get a good glimpse of it. This was clearly the work of profound spirit designs. These spirit designs might just be real spirit designs crafted by Primordial Spirit Realm experts and not just some pseudo spirit designs. 

After some time, several large, bronze doors appeared in front of them. These bronze doors were embedded on the walls of a mountain. There was a total of nine doors with markings of two to 10 on them that corresponded with the various Hunting Grounds. 

Wu Yu had the premonition that these bronze doors were the cruxes of the spirit designs of the Supreme Hunting Ground. 

"Jiu Ying, please." Jiang Zhuyue opened the door to the Second Hunting Ground first and invited Jiu Ying in. Jiu Ying turned to Wu Yu and said, "Be careful, Wu Yu. I'll definitely let you leave the Gloomy Dreams Sea safely. Believe me!" 

He was resolute, and Wu Yu naturally believed him. 

After finishing, Jiu Ying entered the Second Hunting Ground. When the door to the Second Hunting Ground closed, only Jiang Zhuyue and Wu Yu remained. At this moment, Jiang Zhuyue was opening the door to the Sixth Hunting Ground while scrutinizing Wu Yu. "I can tell that your physical body strength is exceptional. In fact, you could be called a monster to have such capabilities. You are probably a well-known figure in Shushan. You might even be a disciple of the Seven Immortals of Shushan!" 

Wu Yu answered coldly, "You overestimate me. I'm just an ordinary dan disciple without a master." 

Jiang Zhuyue didn't believe him. He opened the door to the Sixth Hunting Ground. His eyes were fixed on Wu Yu as Wu Yu walked towards the Sixth Hunting Ground. Suddenly, he said, "If I ere to kill you today, it would definitely be a huge loss for Shushan. It's a shame that Jiu Ying has become friends with you. He would give me lots of trouble if I did that. However, I am sure that the feud between humans and demons will never be gone. You guys are young now and might feel that both of you are in the same situation. However, I'm telling you now that there will be a day when both of you fall out and become enemies. At that time, Jiu Ying will be slaying the humans personally! Therefore, you can put your beautiful dreams to rest!" 


Wu Yu was too lazy to entertain him and walked directly into the bronze door towards the Sixth Hunting Ground. After he got in, Jiang Zhuyue snorted and slammed the door shut. At that instant, the atmosphere changed. As a prey, Wu Yu was heading towards a higher level Hunting Ground. Ahead of him was a pitch black tunnel. All Wu Yu could see was a little dot of light ahead of him that was the exit. 

He felt that he was in the middle of a mountain. It was just that the mountain was extremely mysterious and complicated. Even the soil on it had various mysterious designs. From the exit ahead of him, he could sense a strong, savage atmosphere. Clearly, the battle atmosphere of the Sixth Hunting Ground would be a lot fiercer and tougher than that of the First Hunting Ground. 

It was said that in the Sixth Hunting Ground, seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivators were the minority. Most of them were eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivators. The corresponding demons should be a little stronger to hunt the human cultivators. Most of them were continuing their challenges after they advanced from the Fifth Hunting Ground. 

The truth was that there was a base in each Hunting Ground that was specifically established for demons to cultivate. Only demons could enter, and cultivators couldn't. Most of the demons were cultivating within the base. Occasionally, they would come out to hunt if they achieved something. 

In the Endless Demon Seas, many demons were sent to the Supreme Hunting Ground when they were at the fifth tier of the Yaodan Realm. They would only leave after completing the challenge at the 10th Hunting Ground and defeating 10th tier Jindan Dao cultivators. 

Throughout this process, their battling capacities would be greatly enhanced. 

To leave the Supreme Hunting Ground while not making things difficult for Jiu Ying, Wu Yu charged ahead quickly. Although the tunnel was long, Wu Yu managed to get out rapidly. The atmosphere around him brightened up all of a sudden. Just as he got out, he was surprised to find himself in mid-air. There wasn't any mountain behind him or a bronze door. 

In front of him was a swamp area shrouded in fog. He couldn't see far ahead due to the demonic aura that filled the atmosphere. There were definitely lots of demons hiding within the swamp. The sudden appearance of Wu Yu was indeed a little too attention-grabbing. Recalling that most of the demons here would be close to the limits he could handle, he immediately hid himself. Wu Yu disappeared amidst the fog while moving ahead within the Sixth Hunting Ground. 

He didn't have a Demon Injunction Order with him at all, and this was indeed an issue. 

"I can't rely on Jiu Ying no matter what. I've got to get myself out and back to Shushan." 

He had just managed to integrate himself into Shushan. His disappearance was definitely a shock. It was especially so as Wu Yu greatly missed Nangong Wei. It has been over a year since she had gone in. Was she fine now? 

Keeping his anxiousness to get back to Shushan close to his heart, Wu Yu moved silently within the swamp while looking for demons. 

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