Chapter 0287: Soul and Body Disintegration

"Nine-Directional World Shatterer!"

The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns quickly merged into a golden rod and appeared in Wu Yu's hand. Using his physical body, Wu Yu pivoted off the ground at an astonishing speed. 

A flash of gold light blitzed through and Wu Yu appeared in front of the Moon Chasing Hound. The Nine-Directional World Shatterer instantly clashed with the sharp claws of the Moon Chasing Hound! 


The ray of golden light exploded. 


Several thousands of ancient trees in the surroundings collapsed instantly. The majority of the cultivators were sent flying back as they rolled several times on the ground! 

When Wu Yu landed heavily, cracking a large area of the ground, that Moon Chasing Hound let out a shriek and flew back. Fresh blood was oozing out of its claws. While clashing with Wu Yu's physical body and Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, that Moon Chasing Hound surprisingly held the disadvantage. 

Naturally, this was partly because Wu Yu's attack was too sudden. 

The Moon Chasing Hound fell on an ancient tree. His eyes turned blood-red and dense demonic aura filled the atmosphere around him. His body was expanding rapidly as though he had turned into a Heavenly Hound[1] that was about to devour the moon. 

Only when Jiu Ying stepped ahead of Wu Yu and looked solemnly at that Moon Chasing Hound did it give up on attacking. However, it still stared harsly at Wu Yu. 

That Moon Chasing Hound naturally wouldn't have expected to be at the losing end in a clash with Wu Yu. Now that he had reacted to the situation, his blood-red eyes subsided and were surprised and shocked. 

Equally shocked was the group of more than 20 cultivators. They had incomparably despised Wu Yu's actions previously. However, they had not foreseen that Wu Yu would save them. The situation was changing a little too quickly, so many people had not reacted to it yet. 

Other than that Moon Chasing Hound, other Moon Chasing Hounds arrived one after another. Behind the group, crescent moon marks appeared from the darkness. Those were all Moon Chasing Hounds, and the most stunning-looking of the group was none other than Jiang Zhuyue. 

The pack of demons swarmed forward. All of them were at least at the seventh tier of the Yaodan Realm. Although there was only a dozen plus of them, they could easily crush the cultivators! 

This made Chi Haiyin and the rest even paler. Wu Yu's rescue was just a side show. They clearly understood that their crazy plan had failed after seeing so many Moon Chasing Hounds around them. Based on the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground, their outcome would be even more pitiful.... 

At this moment, they heard Jiu Ying's angry roar towards the pack of Moon Chasing Hounds ahead of him. "Jiang Zhuyue, this is all your doing! If my father learns of your actions today, you will definitely suffer a terrible death! Even my father couldn't force me. Now that you have done so... Great, you have the guts!" 

Hu hu.... 

While Jiu Ying was speaking, the pack of Moon Chasing Hounds transformed into their human forms and walked towards Jiu Ying. Every single one of them was solemn and serious. With Jiang Zhuyue as the leader, the group was scrutinizing the cultivators behind Wu Yu. After exchanging a few gazes with Wu Yu, Jiang Zhuyue suppressed his killing intent and said, "Jiu Ying, I don't know what you are saying. The Supreme Hunting Ground has its own risks. These prey didn't know what they were up against and infringed upon the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground to attack you jointly. Based on the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground, they shall all be killed on the spot. The rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground are to be adhered to strictly and they must die. Otherwise, other prey will harbor ideas of leaving things to chance." 

At this juncture, he naturally wouldn't admit to his doings. 

However, Wu Yu could tell that although Jiang Zhuyue seemed courageous, he wasn't as composed as before. Clearly, he was just forcefully putting on a composed look in front of them. 

Wu Yu sneered and looked to the group of cultivators. "Everyone, please tell Jiang Zhuyue if you guys had gathered here only after the Moon Chasing Hounds informed you about the identity and location of the son of Ying Huang?" 

After he spoke, he winked at the group of people. He hoped they could understand what he was trying to signal. Although this would be a risky move, Wu Yu was trying to save them! 

Some of them managed to pick up what Wu Yu was trying to convey. Since they were going to die anyway, and after giving it much thought, they noticed that the son of Ying Huang had conflict with the Moon Chasing Hounds. They naturally hoped that the demons would clash in a fierce battle among themselves! 

With their eyes still red, Chi Haiyin stepped forward and said directly, "That's right. Otherwise, why would we gather here? I'm guessing they are doing this because Jiang Zhuyue wishes to kill the son of Ying Huang!" 

With him taking the lead, the other cultivators also admitted to it. 

Jiang Zhuyue's expression changed instantly as he growled angrily, "Jiu Ying, don't listen to these despicable prey! They hate me to their cores and naturally would think of ways to harm me! Considering your status, I wouldn't have the guts to harm you. Moreover, this group of trash couldn't possibly harm you in any way. They would simply be enough for you to warm up!" 

Having said this, he left himself leeway. If his superiors were to pursue this incident, he could say that he had only done so to induce Jiu Ying to start killing. It was just that it was beyond his expectations that this group of prey would be so daring. 

"There's no point in arguing with him. However, we can't let him kill these people today." Just this incident alone would ensure that Jiang Zhuyue wouldn't have a peaceful day in the future if Jiu Ying really wanted to pursue it. However, Wu Yu still had to rely on Jiang Zhuyue to guide him out of the Endless Demon Seas. He naturally understood that the important matter was that Jiu Ying was fine today. What was more important to him was that the seniors that he had obstructed today would be fine. Otherwise, he wouldn't have a peaceful mind. 

Hearing what Wu Yu had said, Jiu Ying roughly knew what to do. He turned and said, "Jiang Zhuyue, don't ever look down on me. You can say confidently that whatever you have done is right. However, there will be a day when I grow up. Whether I kill humans or not, you will just be an ant-like existence at my feet! Therefore, I'll advise you against having such thoughts and ideas anymore." 

At this point, Jiang Zhuyue's expression had paled. He admitted to himself that this idea of his was indeed a trashy one as he had really forced Jiu Ying to react impatiently. 

Although Ying Huang was disappointed with Jiu Ying recently, Jiu Ying was still his son after all. Even if Jiu Ying didn't kill a human and just relied on his bloodline, he would be very strong. When that day eventually arrived, Jiang Zhuyue would have a tough future...

Luckily, Jiu Ying changed his tone suddenly and said, "I can forget about the incident today. However, you are the one who caused this and this had nothing to do with them. You shall not target any one of them in particular. If I learn that you did otherwise, I believe you should know about the consequences, right?" 

Jiu Ying could only extend his protection to this extent. After all, this was the Supreme Hunting Ground. He still didn't possess the ability to dismantle the Supreme Hunting Ground and allow them to leave the Endless Demon Seas. 

For Jiang Zhuyue, if he were to kill so many prey today, leading to a huge decrease in the number of prey in the First Hunting Ground, his superiors would definitely question him for the cause. At that time, his stupid decision would also be exposed. This would also be disadvantageous to him. In this case, he went with the flow and answered, "This incident started because of me, and I shall let this go. However, for the prey to continue living, I believe you guys should know how to shut your mouths. Am I right?" 

Jiang Zhuyue stared at them eerily. In the First Hunting Ground, Jiang Zhuyue had absolute control. Under Jiu Ying's request, he might not be able to kill all of them. However, it would be entirely fine for him to kill just one or two. 

The cultivators had never expected to continue living. 

Jiang Zhuyue's gaze was clearly signalling for them to scram off. 

It was clearly the actions of Jiu Ying that allowed them to have a chance of survival, considering the circumstances. Looking towards Wu Yu, they saw him heave a sigh of relief and look back at them. At this point, they knew that this was also because of Wu Yu's hard work. 

Giving it much thought and looking at the relationship between Jiang Zhuyue and Jiu Ying, coupled with the rules of 10 Demon Injunction Orders issued by Jiang Zhuyue previously, they could roughly tell that what Wu Yu had claimed previously wasn't false. The son of Ying Huang was indeed a little different... 

However, this wasn't what everyone was thinking. Among the group of over 20 cultivators, only a dozen plus managed to catch on. For some, they were still immersed within their deep hatred. 

One example was Chi Haiyin. He had long made preparations for death. In fact, living on was worse than death. His only desire to continue living on was to let the demons pay the price! 

Even after Jiu Ying gave him an opportunity to continue living, he wasn't grateful at all. This was because what he wanted wasn't his life, but revenge and retribution! 

When Jiu Ying and Wu Yu had their backs facing him while negotiating with Jiang Zhuyue, Chi Haiyin found an opportunity. Currently, he was the closest to Jiu Ying. 

At that instant, the other cultivators were all ready to leave. Chi Haiyin lowered his head and gave a savage smile. Suddenly, he sprung forward! 

"Chi Haiyin!" The instantaneous change shocked everyone. 

Chi Haiyin had turned into a man shrouded in blood all of a sudden. His blue spiritual immortal treasure longsword was covered in blood instantly and seemed to possess the ability of curses. The next instant, he lunged his longsword towards Jiu Ying. 

"Soul and Body Disintegration!" 

"Forbidden dao technique!" When the crowd noticed, they couldn't help but gasp and turn as white as a sheet. 

On the body of Chi Haiyin, multiple blood-red skull marks appeared. He had become one with his sword as his body shot towards Jiu Ying at extreme speed. 

"Demon, die!" Wu Yu had only turned around after hearing Chi Haiyin's painful and struggling voice. 

Everything happened in an instant. The moment Jiu Ying turned his head, he was facing an assassination. His expression changed and he grew out his wings instantly, blocking himself out. Fanning his wings, he created horrifyingly strong gusts with his Yaodan essence. At that instant, Chi Haiyin's sword had not reached Jiu Ying. Instead, he was sent flying back by the strong gust. 

Chi Haiyin's Soul and Body Disintegration had failed in the assassination. 

"Ugh... The Son of Ying Huang deserves death...." Chi Haiyin was covered in blood while being sent flying back. Suddenly, his entire body exploded. His blood and remains fell down to the ground like rain. 

Chi Haiyin had died. 

It wasn't Jiu Ying that thad killed him. The source of his death was him executing a forbidden dao technique at the expense of his own life. 

Everyone's eyes popped wide open as they looked at the sudden change in shock. Jiu Ying was even more flustered and immediately apologized to Wu Yu! 

He had not expected Chi Haiyin to assassinate him in such a way the moment the problem was resolved. He was a senior of Wu Yu after all. 

Wu Yu wasn't one who disregarded facts. Chi Haiyin's death wasn't the fault of anyone. If there was one to blame, it would be the historical feud between the two races and the Supreme Hunting Ground. 

"Get away while you can. Don't stay behind any longer." Wu Yu could only look to the rest to ensure that no one would act like Chi Haiyin. 

At this moment, after the death of Chi Haiyin and his body disintegrating, a black order appeared and landed in the hands of Jiu Ying. This was none other than the Enslavement Injunction Order. The spirit design within it would differentiate the demon that killed the prey and ensure that the Enslavement Injunction Order would fall in the hands of this demon. 

Jiu Ying was shocked to receive it. At that moment, he did not know what to do. He hated this object and immediately threw it to the ground. Jiang Zhuyue and the rest witnessed all of his actions. 

Instantly, they broke into laughter. 

"Congratulations, Jiu Ying, for getting your first Enslavement Injunction Order! You can now advance to the Second Hunting Ground!" 

"Our son of Ying Huang has finally made the first historic step forward! Congratulations!" 

1. Note: A Heavenly Hound was a mythical beast in Chinese mythology that was said to be the cause of eclipses in the past

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