Chapter 0286: Sinner

The hatred in Chi Haiyin's heart was too deep. Wu Yu and Jiu Ying didn't wish to face him directly and thus chose to leave. 

With their speed, they easily shook Chi Haiyin off. 

The Supreme Hunting Ground was filled with forests, and one could see ancient trees in all directions. Wu Yu and Jiu Ying shuttled within the trees rapidly. They were silent when moving, and the only signs of them passing by were a few leaves falling off. 

Jiu Ying said, "Most of the humans here have deep hatred for demons. We probably have to look for another place to regain our peaceful days." 

Wu Yu nodded his head. At this moment, his priorities were in spirit designs and refining immortal medicines. He couldn't possibly clash with Chi Haiyin. Besides this, it wouldn't be appropriate for him to clash with another demon in front of Jiu Ying. 

At this moment, Jiu Ying's expression turned solemn and he said, "It seems like we are being targeted." 

Just as he finished his sentence, Wu Yu immediately felt stifling pressure from all directions. Suddenly, a large number of ancient trees around him fell, blazed by fire, frozen in ice, or ripped apart by strong winds. 

In just a short amount of time, the area around Wu Yu and Jiu Ying had become a large piece of flat land. 

Beyond the piece of flat land, humans started surfacing rapidly. There were approximately 20 martial cultivators, and they had Wu Yu and Jiu Ying surrounded.  

Wu Yu could see clearly that every single one of them was in a state similar to Chi Haiyin. In fact, most of them looked more desolated and wretched. Being in such a fiendish environment had shaped their characters, making them savage and driven by hatred. At this moment, they were just similar to savage beasts. 

Clearly, the miseries and trials they had been through in the Supreme Hunting Ground were much more terrifying than what Wu Yu had ever imagined. 

In a place like the Supreme Hunting Ground, those who survived had likely loitered around the edge of death multiple times. Therefore, they had a desire to live on that even Wu Yu didn't possess. 


Even Chi Haiyin had appeared among their ranks. 

The group stared at Wu Yu and Jiu Ying with hateful looks. Some of them even had bloodshot eyes. Although they didn't say a word, it was clear that a bloody deathmatch was about to erupt. 

"They caught up to us and even surrounded us. Clearly, Jiang Zhuyue exposed our identities and location to them." Jiu Ying was enraged. He looked around him attentively, hoping to get Jiang Zhuyue out. 

Although Chi Haiyin and the group of people didn't indicate if they know about the identity of Jiu Ying, Jiu Ying knew from their eyes that they recognized him. 

At this critical juncture when a fight might break out any moment, Jiu Ying immediately remarked, "Based on the rules of Supreme Hunting Ground, you guys aren't allowed to corner one from the demon race. I have no ill intentions towards you guys. Please do not act rashly." 

To protect the demon race, the Supreme Hunting Ground had rules that restricted cultivators from cornering and attacking demons together. They were only allowed to fight a demon alone. At the same time, the rules restricted demons from cornering and attacking the same prey. After all, each human and demon only had one Enslavement Injunction Order and Demon Injunction Order each. 

To his astonishment, before he could complete his words, the group of over 20 people growled and attacked at the same time. 

Among these people, there were sword cultivators, ghostly cultivators, and ordinary cultivators that specialized in different dao techniques. Most of them were fifth tier Jindan Dao cultivators who possessed Great Dao Mystiques. Although they wouldn't be a match to Wu Yu and Jiu Ying individually, the destructive force they created together and without regard of their lives was still something not to be trifled with!  

At that instant, Wu Yu and Jiu Ying felt as though they would be overwhelmed by their dao techniques. In the short time they had, they couldn't tell who had launched which attack! 

"Let me try!" 

Having getting into this trap, Wu Yu felt a need to explain themselves clearly. He had no intention at all to become enemies with any cultivators here. 

"Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column!" 

From within his Sumeru Pouch, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column flew out. It split into nine parts and smashed heavily into the ground from the air, surrounding Jiu Ying and Wu Yu. 

Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Design! The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns formed a huge circle that gave off dazzling gold rays that illuminated the skies! 

Bang, bang, bang!

Just as the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Design was formed, various dao techniques and Great Dao Mystiques clashed on it. At that instant, Wu Yu had to withstand storm-like attacks from all directions! 

The might of the attacks from 20 people at the same time was still horrifying. Wu Yu had to grit his teeth, eject his Jindan essence, and rely on the toughness of his physical body to maintain the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Design. This allowed him to barely withstand the first wave of dao techniques! 

Looking out, with Wu Yu as the center, a large area had been flattened completely. Even earth and rocks were destroyed! 

The cultivators were shocked by what Wu Yu had done. They stopped their attacks as they looked at Wu Yu in disbelief. 

"Who is this!? His cultivation level doesn't seem to be high. How could he be so tough!?" 

"How can there be such a demon-like existence in this world!?" 

While the crowd was shocked and confused, Chi Haiyin stared harshly and chided angrily, "Wu Yu, as a Shushan disciple, how could you shelter a demon!? You have let down your ancestors and deserve death a thousand times! You should be struck by lightning and never be allowed to reincarnate!" 

Tears streamed down Chi Haiyin's eyes as he growled. It was then that the other cultivators realized that this was a Shushan disciple! 

Under such circumstances, Wu Yu immediately said, "Various seniors, things aren't what you guys are seeing!  This demon beside me is Jiu Ying, the son of Ying Huang. However, he has a kind heart and has never killed a single human. He was only thrown in and trapped in the Supreme Hunting Ground because his elders want him to go against his nature and kill innocent people.  However, Jiu Ying still remains in the First Hunting Ground. This shows that he has now..." 

At this point, the cultivators around him smiled mockingly.  

"Son, you are too simple-minded. Demons are cunning!  How can you believe such words?  People like us, who were captured and brought into this Hunting Ground, have no chance of survival. It's better that he is the son of Ying Huang. If we work together and kill him, it will be a blow to the demon race and we will be able to let Ying Huang experience the grief of losing his son. Moreover, this demon has a bright future. If we allow it to grow, it will become another catastrophe for us!" 

"Don't ever believe demons! Wu Yu! Now that we have gone against the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground, we will definitely be put to death collectively!   We don't have much time left. If you aren't helping, get away quickly. Don't let our sacrifices be in vain!" 

"Wu Yu, we are begging you!" The group made a pitiful plea. Their faces were flushing red from their anxiety but they couldn't do anything against that solid Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column of Wu Yu. Moreover, they could roughly tell that Wu Yu didn't want to make them his enemy and he was simply deceived by the demon. 

The son of Ying Huang who wouldn't kill humans would indeed shake one's resolve. 

Wu Yu had a rough understanding by now. It must be Jiang Zhuyue who revealed Jiu Ying's and his location to the cultivators to attract them to deal with Jiu Ying. He wanted to force Jiu Ying into killing humans but wouldn't want Jiu Ying to know that this was all his arrangements. However, Jiang Zhuyue had underestimated the hatred for demons that these prey harboured. 

When they learnt about the news, they gathered togethered and made a collective decision. They wanted to kill Jiu Ying even if that would mean discarding their lives.  Now that this incident had developed to this stage, it had completely exceeded the control of Jiang Zhuyue. 

This could be considered as him carrying a stone and dropping it on his own foot. 

Jiu Ying naturally knew about the truth behind it as he growled furiosly, " Jiang Zhuyue, get here right now!" 

His angry roar propagated throughout a radius of ten thousand miles. The surrounding cultivators were all shocked. All they knew about Jiu Ying was that he was just a dozen plus years old. What they didn't know was that he was so strong.  Even if they worked together, they might not be able to kill him. 

"Wu Yu! Don't let us die in vain because of your compassion!  If that demon harms humans in the future, you would be the sinner!" 

These seniors were flushed from their anxiety. The tears that flowed out from their eyes were almost their blood. 

Wu Yu could fully understand how they felt. This was definitely a painful ambush. They had no wishes of living further. All they wanted was for the demon race to pay a price. Their actions weren't wrong. However, Jiu Ying wasn't at fault either! 

Therefore, not only did Wu Yu not release his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Design, but he also strengthened its defense as he swore to defend it to his death. 


"Wu Yu...." Jiu Ying took a glance at Wu Yu. He could hear the accusations Wu Yu was facing. Despite being in such circumstances, Wu Yu still chose to fully support him. This made Jiu Ying feel his heart aglow with warmth.  

Jiu Ying gritted his teeth and said solemnly, "In this lifetime, I will never forget the decision you made today." 

A question had been bothering Jiu Ying. Who was someone whom he could develop a strong friendship with or even see as his own brother?  Today, he found his answer. 

Seeing that Wu Yu didn't respond, the group of cultivators couldn't hold back anymore. They spewed curses as they were driven into insanity and almost spat blood from anger. Soon, they continued their attacks. 

"Various seniors, I, Wu Yu, am willing to use my life to guarantee!  The one you wish to kill today isn't the best choice. Moreover, if he wished to leave, no one could possibly kill him. At this moment, only a ninth tier Jindan dao cultivator could possibly stop him. None of us here could possibly achieve it!" 

Even so, Wu Yu could only try to persuade them. 

However, they had discarded everything. 

Jiu Ying's expression turned gloomy and he made some decisions. 

At this moment, the sounds of hounds howling propagated the air. Moon Chasing Hounds arrived from all directions.

They were finally here! 

Hearing the howls of these hounds, the cultivators could feel a chill down their spines. When they exchanged gazes, they could see the gloominess in each other's eyes. Clearly, they understood that their plan had completely been foiled by Wu Yu's obstruction. 

"Wu Yu, you shall be condemned as a sinner for eternity!" Chi Haiyin was the only Shushan disciple here. He went on his knees and seemed to be ready to give his life to atone for his sins. 


One of the Moon Chasing Hounds charged out from the surroundings. Even if it was a single Moon Chasing Hound, it was more than capable to deal with 20 cultivators! 

After all, they were the Enforcers of the First Hunting Ground. Just a Moon Chasing Hound was capable of controlling the entire scene. Moon Chasing Hounds were all at least at the seventh tier of Yaodan. The first Moon Chasing Hound that charged out was at least at the eighth tier of the Yaodan Realm! 

"Damn it! Damn you, prey! You guys sure are pretty brave!  How dare you guys attack our demon together!" That eerily black Moon Chasing Hound let out an angry roar. With the crescent on its forehead as the center, dull yellow flames shrouded his entire body. As the demon charged ahead for the kill, just its sharp claws and fangs would be sufficient to end the lives of many cultivators! 

That Moon Chasing Hound's first target was an old man closest to him. The old man held a pagoda in his hand as he readied himself to clash with that Moon Chasing Hound. However, the moment they clashed, the pagoda was knocked away! 

Truth be told, this Moon Chasing Hound wasn't any weaker than Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain. 

Seeing that the old man was about to be ripped into pieces by the Moon Chasing Hound, Wu Yu instantly retracted his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Design. As he did so, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns merged into one rapidly. 

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