Chapter 0285: Chi Haiyin

The Moon Chasing Hounds returned to human form, and the leader was the skinny-looking but tough Jiang Zhuyue.

"Jiu Ying, it's been close to half a year, and no signs of a commotion. I think you two are not at all intending to leave the Supreme Hunting Ground." Jiang Zhuyue had actually been watching him all the while, and therefore was not in a good mood.

Jiu Ying looked up, a sinister presence in the dark. He said, "I am free to choose how I progress. Just mind your business; no need to meddle with something that has nothing to do with you, Jiang Zhuyue."

Jiang Zhuyue's face was stiff, and he shot a glance at Wu Yu with a dark laugh. "This human bragged that he would earn 50 Demon Injunction Orders, and yet hasn't even obtained a single one. His boast has fallen flat. Do you still want me to escort you out of the Gloomy Dreams Seas?"

The pack of hounds bayed their laughter. Many of them were actually old demons of more than a millennium. They had seen much, and had probably encountered more humans than Wu Yu himself.

Wu Yu smiled thinly. "Remember this well: when I reach the target, don't you dare shirk it. Or you might not have enough ability to see me safely out of Gloomy Dreams Seas."

Jiang Zhuyue chortled. "Nonsense. Since I, Jiang Zhuyue, have said so, then I will naturally do it. If you can obtain 50 Demon Injunction Orders, then I will see you out of Gloomy Dreams Seas unharmed."

"Can all present bear witness?" Wu Yu was using such taunts to lure Jiang Zhuyue obediently into his trap. Right now, Jiang Zhuyue saw him as a third or fourth tier Jindan Dao cultivator who was not worthy of much attention.

His mission was to send Jiu Ying to a higher hunting ground. Right now, Jiang Zhuyue had been here for close to half a year, and many of the adult demons were starting to grouse against Jiang Zhuyue's competency. After all, many of the adult demons were watching Jiu Ying's performance.

"Of course."

The pack acquiesced lightly.

Jiang Zhuyue could not be bothered with Wu Yu. He stared at Jiu Ying and asked, "Are you sure you will not hunt prey?"

"None of your business. Scram." Jiu Ying was too lazy to reply. He had a clear goal in his heart. Whether he killed or not was not something he was concerned with.

"Keh, you will see blood before long." Jiang Zhuyue was a little disappointed and irritated to anger. The son of Ying Huang himself did not dare to hunt. This was the biggest joke amongst demons, and the demons themselves did not dare to spread this word beyond them. Such was the shame they felt.

Saying thus, Jiang Zhuyue turned back into a Moon Chasing Hound, then the pack morphed into black shadows that yipped as they left, vanishing in a flash.

The pack followed Jiang Zhuyue, causing a ruckus in the dark forest.

"Boss, Jiu Ying is still so pathetic. What should we do?"

"Yeah, if this mission does not succeed, we're in for some bad days. I have no idea what that Jiu Ying is thinking. He's the son of Ying Huang, and has such a good bloodline... But he's so craven!"

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Jiang Zhuyue. "Since he's so unruly, then we have no choice but to act. Although Ying Huang wishes for him to act on his own accord, and not because we forced him, I have a good idea. We will let the prey in the Supreme Hunting Ground know that the son of Ying Huang has entered the Supreme Hunting Ground. Anyone who can obtain Ying Huang's Demon Injunction Order will be considered as having earned 10 Demon Injunction Orders!"

"10! That's a little too much!" a Moon Chasing Hound yelped from the side.

Many prey could not even earn 10 Demon Injunction Orders in decades. A majority of them would be killed before getting that far.

After all, the hunters at each hunting ground were slightly stronger than the prey. The demons had designed it thus.

However, all the prey who still lived truly had respectable survival skills.

Jiang Zhuyue laughed. "If not 10, how can we stir the prey to a frenzy? Besides, we will tell them that whoever tells Jiu Ying about this 10 Demon Injunction Order notice will be killed."

It was best for Jiu Ying not to know about this. Although Jiu Ying was not very assertive right now, his position put him far above Jiang Zhuyue, so Jiang Zhuyue did not dare to truly cross him.

"Moreover, we will tell all the prey about Jiu Ying's position. Let's go!"


In a flash, the Moon Chasing Hounds had dispersed to all different directions to spread the news.


After the Moon Chasing Hounds had left, Wu Yu stood up and said, "Looks like that Jiang Zhuyue will use some cheap tricks to force you to kill." He had a premonition that they would not be left to carefree cultivation.

However, he loosened his body. He had not fought for half a year, and was a little restless. His body was made for battle.

"He dares!" Jiu Ying seethed inwardly but was helpless. He had a resolve within him, but it seemed like the entire demon tribe was against him.

From the bottom of the Supreme Hunting Ground where Wu Yu stood, he looked up, unable to see any “prey” for now. But he was clear that the so-called prey would be martial cultivators who hated demons deeply. They were living in harsh circumstances.

As one of them, Wu Yu naturally wanted them to leave alive, but he had passed his naive phase, and knew that he could not achieve it.

That was why his heart was conflicted.

Jiu Ying, as a demon, could understand him. "I'm sorry that you had to see a place like the Supreme Hunting Ground."

Wu Yu shook his head. "This is all history, and nothing to do with you or I. The Shushan Immortal Sect has a similar place."

"For the two races to kill each other - what purpose could there be? Why not join hands and share the world," Jiu Ying said.

Of course, this was but the wish of two youngsters. Reality would always be far more complex than what they imagined.

About half a day had passed. Wu Yu was drawing an Immortal Treasure Spirit Design and was in the midst of extreme focus. He suddenly discovered a commotion outside, and the slight falter in his concentration caused the spirit design and immortal treasure to be destroyed together.


Wu Yu left the cave, emerging in the deep abyss. Jiu Ying was already in his human form, standing on a pitch black boulder. His black robe swirled in the night, and his demonic aura rolled forth. His face was naturally pale.


A dark blue bolt of sword qi came lancing from afar, rushing towards Jiu Ying. Jiu Ying flicked it away with a single finger. This attack was completely unable to harm Jiu Ying.


With a heavy cry, a sword cultivator in blue robes stepped out on his sword. He soon reached Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. This sword cultivator was covered in filth, his hair unkempt. But even so, he still looked extremely noble and heroic! His sharp eyes and keen sword were the marks of a quality sword cultivator!

Only, perhaps because life in the Supreme Hunting Ground was extremely tough, he exuded a heavy stench of blood. Although covered by his clothes, one could see that he had struggled on the brink of death countless times. His body was covered in many dark wounds, and some would stay with him for life, such as those caused by demons' Natural Mystiques.

Wu Yu guessed that this person was a Huang sword rank disciple of Shushan.

The sword cultivator was trained on Jiu Ying, ready to fight him. But the moment he saw Wu Yu, a fellow Shushan disciple, he immediately sensed his own Disciple Amulet on him. And yet Wu Yu stood with Jiu Ying, defenseless. That completely nonplussed the sword cultivator.

"You are a Shushan disciple?" The blue-robed sword cultivator stared at Wu Yu with wide eyes.

Wu Yu had no idea how to deal with him. He raised his hands and said, "Senior, I am called Wu Yu. I am an ordinary Dan disciple of the Battle Sword Palace."

The blue-robed sword cultivator said, "I am Huang sword rank disciple Chi Haiyin. Were you captured and sent to the Endless Demon Seas as well? Why are you...."

He could clearly feel that there was no animosity between Wu Yu and Jiu Ying.

Wu Yu explained, "Senior Brother Chi, this demon is my friend. He is different from other demons, and was forced to come here. He has yet to kill a single human. There is no cause for enmity...."

"Blasphemy! Deplorable!" Hearing this, Chi Haiyin trembled with rage. His angry eyes glared at Wu Yu. "As a sword cultivator of Shushan, you should be killing demons on sight! And yet you team up with demons, and even call them your friends! Wu Yu, how can you face the ancestors of Shushan?! You must know how many brethren of Shushan died horrendously on this Supreme Hunting Ground! How many brethren were toyed with by demons, were eaten by demons! Even my dao companion died on this hunting ground. We have a debt of blood with demons as vast as the sea, and you actually call them your friends!"

Chi Haiyin's eyes were wild, and the sword in his hand shook.

Wu Yu could feel the hatred and pain in his heart. In truth, Wu Yu could almost see the scene that he had just described. He was naturally angry, but all that he had described existed also in the Demons' Abyss.... Besides, no matter what, at least Jiu Ying was innocent. He too was resisting.

But facing Chi Haiyin, Wu Yu had no way to express all of this. Against the heartbroken and despairing, he had no rejoinder. Because Chi Haiyin was not in the wrong - he had reason enough to hate all demons.

Jiu Ying bowed to Chi Haiyin, saying, "I am sorry. These things are beyond my capabilities. There is too much hatred between the two tribes, and things are too complicated. I am helpless to change anything."

However, Chi Haiyin completely dismissed the apology. He laughed loudly, his eyes wild. He did not wish to belabor the point. He attacked, his sword slicing towards Jiu Ying.

"Wu Yu, if you are still of Shushan, then stand aside and do not interfere. Don't forget that the blood of Shushan runs in your veins!" Chi Haiyin said in a low roar.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth. At this moment, Chi Haiyin had already attacked Jiu Ying. Naturally, he was not Jiu Ying's match, and Wu Yu could only throw Jiu Ying a look.

"Let's go."


This place was exposed, so they could not stay any longer. He and Jiu Ying moved together, quickly quitting the field. They vanished into the dark, and Chi Haiyin chased with all his might. But he discovered that he had not only lost Jiu Ying, but even Wu Yu had vanished from his sight with ease.

"That Battle Sword Palace disciple was clearly only a fourth tier Jindan Dao cultivator! How is he so fast!?" Seeing them disappear, Chi Haiyin's bloodthirst did not dissipate, but there was a sliver of doubt in his heart.

However, he only hesitated for a moment before pursuing in the direction that they had escaped in.

His pain and sorrow filled his heart, and his tears fell down his face.

"Ying Huang, today, I will let you know the pain of losing a child!"

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