Chapter 0267: True Culprit

In fact, this was the true reason he had returned to the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect.

He was deeply curious about Wu Yu.

Jiu Ying laughed. “I did not expect that I, Jiu Ying, in my life would meet someone who has the same ideals as me. Yet he is a sword cultivator from the most hated Shushan.”

“I do not think we have such similar ideals. To dissolve years of hatred between races is the most difficult thing to accomplish in this world. I have no way to ask others to not hate demons. All I can do is to restrain myself. It is not possible for your wish to come true.”

Wu Yu’s words were a blow for Jiu Ying.

“You are right, I realized that as well. Sometimes I’m just daydreaming. It is only me who agreed to such a thing. Multitudes of martial cultivators, multitudes of demons, all of them disagree.” Jiu Ying sighed.

Wu Yu felt that he seemed more real now that he could see things clearly. At this moment, he could clearly understand the feelings of this young demon. It was difficult to imagine that such a fierce-looking demon could have such honorable ideals. Wu Yu could not compare to the purity of his heart. At least Wu Yu had killed a number of demons before, while Jiu Ying had not killed any martial cultivators yet.

As for his view towards demons, Wu Yu knew that he was heavily influenced by the Ninth Spirit. However, he had admitted today that he felt that what the Ninth Spirit said was right.

To that woman, humans were scarier than demons. They were more cruel, bloodthirsty, and cold-hearted. For instance, Zhang Futu.

From then on, they travelled in silence.

Jiu Ying smiled at the end and said, “You have helped answer some of my questions. Wu Yu, I’m honored to have known you in my life.” 

Speaking of it, he was currently much stronger than Wu Yu.

“It is the same for me.” Wu Yu indeed trusted him without doubt now.

But he did not forget that his most basic identity was a disciple from Shushan. And Shushan forbade relationships with demons. If he disobeyed, he would definitely have to suffer punishment.

Jiu Ying’s speed was even faster than He Taozi’s! The Sky Fissure Sword Sect was not far from the Lan Ling Sect. The Lan Ling Sect was already annihilated. He Taozi shifted to the middle of the three nearby powers. He did not expect death’s shadow to come so quickly and loom over the Sky Fissure Sword Sect!

The Sky Fissure Sword Sect was built on an extremely high mountain peak called Sky Fissure Peak. That mountain peak was like a palm extending from the ground, and its five fingers extended into the sky. It looked like it was going to tear apart the sky. 

When Wu Yu descended from the clouds and reached a position where he could see Sky Fissure Peak, he realized that Sky Fissure Peak was surrounded in a blood red cloud. That area reeked of blood. Bloody fog covered the area and a strong, metallic, blood stench rushed towards them. It was unbearable. Obviously, something had happened here not long ago.

“Dead silence.”

Jiu Ying transformed into his human shape, retaining those muscular wings covered in black dragon scales, and flew towards the direction of the Sky Fissure Sword Sect. He sniffed at the bloody scent in the air and his expression was serious.

Wu Yu flew on his sword and followed closely behind. Obviously, at this moment, the other four disciples had not arrived yet, even though they were closer to the area than Wu Yu.

“Senior Brother He Taozi!”

There was a bloody scent but no sounds of battle. He did not see He Taozi either. Hence, Wu Yu shouted loudly when he approached the place. His voice instantly spread out and was sent towards the direction of the Sky Fissure Sword Sect, causing the trees below to tremble, and leaves to roll like the waves in the ocean.

He did not expect to have no answer at all!

Just as Jiu Ying had said, it was dead silence. There were no signs of He Taozi at all. Also, at the moment Wu Yu rushed over, the Sky Fissure Sword Sect's Sect Protecting Spirit Design had already been destroyed and removed.

“How can this be? Perhaps He Taozi left this place in pursuit of the demon? Since he summoned us here to kill demons, he would leave clues for us to follow!”

Wu Yu thought this in his heart. Soon after, he reached the place where the blood stench was strongest. He felt suffocated when he saw that this place was covered in pools of blood and bodies. It was like the Lan Ling Sect and Qingsang City. Even the way the martial cultivators died was the same as those in Qingsang City!

This scene of mountains of bodies and oceans of blood was disgusting and skin-crawling. Wu Yu was seething with anger after witnessing this scene. His blood boiled with anger. He did not expect that He Taozi’s guarding would fail to change fate. He could even conclude that all the disciples of this sect, including the Sky Fissure Sword Sect's sect leader, had died here.

Also, He Taozi’s disappearance was unaccounted for. He did not know if he was out chasing the demon or had met with some accident.

No matter what, after one round of checking the Sky Fissure Sword Sect, all he saw was this hellish scene. He never saw He Taozi again.

Jiu Ying frowned and said, “Your senior has most likely been killed. Your opponent seems to be much stronger than you have imagined.” 

Wu Yu blocked his way and asked coldly, “Don’t be nonsensical. That demon is not that strong. Jiu Ying, you are from the demon race and are definitely familiar with demons. Are you sure you do not know any cruel demons?” 

Jiu Ying was a little unhappy and said, “I said it, it might not have been done by us demons. Before you discover the truth, do not accuse.”

Wu Yu was equally frustrated and even irritable. He said, “If not demons, are you saying it’s a sword cultivator from my Shushan?

“Or other martial cultivators?”

Jiu Ying’s gaze turned cold. His irises narrowed. He saw one area suddenly and shivered. He said: “I understand! It's a ghostly cultivator!”

Wu Yu felt like he had just heard the world’s funniest joke and said, “The ghostly cultivators' base is at the East Sea. This is the west, the forbidden land for ghostly cultivators!”

“How can it be a ghostly cultivator.…”

Just as he spoke, Jiu Ying signalled for him to look towards the ground at the west side. Wu Yu saw that there were 10 piles of bodies, each pile containing about 10 bodies. These 10 piles of bodies seemed to be placed according to some strange ritual. Of them, four piles were right in the middle and were relatively close to each other. The other six piles surrounded them loosely.

For every pile of bodies, the heads were placed in the middle and the legs were in the surroundings, forming a circle. From afar, it looked like there were 10 bloody flowers blooming on the ground.

This scene almost suffocated Wu Yu. In reality. he knew very clearly that this might be a type of evil spirit design. And he knew even more clearly that demons were terribly weak in their talents for spirit designs and refinement of immortal medicines. There was, however, a group of people that had quite the accomplishments in spirit designs and could form such a bloody spirit design. There was at least a 90% possibility that it was a ghostly cultivator!

When he saw this scene, Wu Yu’s heart skipped a beat and he sub-consciousnessly realized that they had guessed wrongly at the start. This was no demon’s work. It was a ghostly cultivator!

It was precisely because ghostly cultivators were at the East Sea that they did not suspect them. They were even confused by the ghostly cultivator who shifted the blame to the demons….

Why did a ghostly cultivator come from so far away just to kill and take hearts?

Wu Yu could not understand this part. However, looking at these 10 piles of body below him, the map of Qingsang City and the nearest 10 powers surfaced in his heart. There was no doubt; the positions of these 10 piles of body was a perfect match for the positions of these 10 nearest powers. The most crowded 4 piles in the middle clearly included both the Lan Ling Sect and the Sky Fissure Sword Sect, as well as the four powers that He Taozi was guarding.

Qingsang City and the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect were at the edges!

The arrival of this ghostly cultivator was obviously linked to the special positions of these 10 powers. It was rumored that ghostly cultivators were especially adept at spirit designs. Many ghostly cultivators were deeply talented in spirit designs, especially in harmful ones. For instance, the one in front of Wu Yu’s eyes….

Just as he and Jiu Ying exchanged a look and felt that something was wrong, a sword light attacked from behind. Wu Yu turned back and saw that it was Su Qing, Ye Jingming – the group of four who caught up. They had just arrived and were very shocked by the situation here.

“Senior Brother He?”

“Where is Senior Brother He!?”

“How can this demon….”

Their faces paled and they approached Wu Yu. Just at this moment, they saw Jiu Ying, who was standing beside Wu Yu. The four of them were shocked and quickly retreated. They did not dare to go closer.

Wu Yu knew that they had misunderstood and quickly explained, “Senior brothers and sisters, I have confirmed that this Jiu Ying is not the demon that massacred Qingsang City and the Lan Ling Sect. The true culprit is another person, and we have already found clues that could lead us to the killer. Except, Senior Brother He Taozi is most likely already dead. When I arrived here, I did not see him. This may be a big matter. We have to inform the sect quickly and ask for reinforcements….”

“Wu Yu!” He had not finished speaking when Gong Yangxue screamed sharply. She looked at Wu Yu in disbelief and said, heart wrenching, “You have been tricked by this demon! Quickly, come to your senses! There are no other demons here! It must be this demon who tricked you into joining forces to attack Senior Brother He Taozi! And massacred the Sky Fissure Sword Sect. If you do not come to your senses, you might lose your life!”

Even though she was screaming, the four of them were still relatively afraid of Jiu Ying and hence, while they scolded angrily, they still dared not approach them at all. They even retreated more. Their faces were filled with hatred, pain, and panic.

Wu Yu said exasperatedly, “Don’t accuse without evidence. He came with me from the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect to prove his innocence. He is helping us to capture the true culprit. The culprit had lied to us. From the current situation, he seems to be adept at very cruel, bloody, and evil spirit designs. He kills and retrieves hearts. This should be the work of a ghostly cultivator. At this moment, we should not suspect Jiu Ying but let him assist us to guard the other martial cultivators first before making other plans!”

He had already made himself very clear.

But Ye Jingming and the others only shook their heads helplessly and looked at Wu Yu with horror.

“Wu Yu, you are already completely tricked by this demon! Demons are our archenemies, how will they help us....”

“If you are not tricked by this demon, you are in cahoots with this demon. That is already a serious offense!

“If the sect finds out, then your future is done for!” Su Qing said in a distressed tone.

“Quickly, let’s join hands to kill this demon. This is your chance to redeem yourself, Wu Yu!” Gu Hongming shouted loudly.

Seeing their pathetic expressions and nervous looks, Jiu Ying could not hold back his laughter. He looked at Wu Yu helplessly and said, “You see, there are such huge differences between people. We have caught the truth, yet they remain in this foolish trap. I cannot place any hope on this group of people. But looks like I have inconvenienced you. This thing has nothing to do with me. Since I’m so detested, then I shall not waste time here. Wu Yu, stay alive, and perhaps we will meet again.”

Jiu Ying was also angered by them, and was ready to leave right now.

Wu Yu could not stop him.

But at this moment, those 10 piles of bodies suddenly exploded into blood fog that instantly spread and covered the surrounding 500 kilometers. It trapped Wu Yu and the others within this blood sea.

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