Chapter 0258: Important Mission

"Thank you, Palace Master. Please help me convey my gratitude to Sister Shen." Wu Yu was fond of people as natural and unrestrained as him. 

Baili Feihong struggled to sit up like a weak and feeble man. He flicked aside the messy hair covering his forehead and stared at Wu Yu for some time. Suddenly, he clapped. "Great, great! You have already made it to the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. That's pretty fast. With your capabilities, ordinary fifth tier Jindan cultivators will not be a match for you. If that Zhao Xuanxian comes and give you trouble, you could probably put him down easily." 

Wu Yu didn't know Zhao Xuanxian’s current condition. "Definitely. If he is to trifle with me, I will definitely knock every tooth of his out of his mouth." 

Now that his status had risen in Shushan, Wu Yu's direct, decisive, and slightly arrogant attitude was gradually on display. 

"Haha, they are a couple, while you are just a lonely, single man. It's good to be a little careful." Baili Feihong laughed heartily. 

Wu Yu blushed with shame. All Zhao Xuanxian had was a beautiful and equally talented dao companion. Wu Yu didn't care about them at all. 

They had been defeated by his hands before. 

"Oh, right! As a palace master and hall master, I have a responsibility to pay attention to you, who doesn't have a master yet. What are you going to do next? Please be understanding. If Boss Lady Shen Xingyu asks about you and I can't answer her, she's going to whip my ass." 

His attitude was amiable and he didn't behave like a senior. However, it was comfortable to be with him. Therefore, Wu Yu was frank with his answer. "I have spent almost all of my merit points that I had a hard time getting in the past. I'm thinking that it's about time to go earn some merits to trade for resources. My improvements will be faster this way.” 

Baili Feihong chuckled. "Embarrassingly poor! Haha, I understand. I understand. We are all poor folk here. I understand that feeling. In that case, I shall not take up your time. You can go." 

Wu Yu wasn't naggy and was prepared to bid goodbye. However, a thought suddenly struck Baili Feihong as he clapped his hands. "Wu Yu, do you want a way to earn merit points in a faster manner? You should know that the missions available in the Flying Immortal Hall in Common Sword Domain won't give much. If you were to accept them, it would also take up a lot of time. It's a little inefficient." 

"Palace Master, do you have a better suggestion? As long as there is such a way, I definitely would like to give it a try." Wu Yu immediately stopped. What Baili Feihong had said was also something he was vexed about. He felt that the missions in the Common Sword Domain were a little easy and the merit points were a little low. 

Baili Feihong chuckled and said, "Over the years, my Battle Sword Palace has had the most ordinary dan disciples who advanced to the Huang sword rank. I caught up with a friend recently and he told me about his juniors who are going for a mission. They are still lacking a single member. If I'm right, the reward will be 500 merit points for each member. The reward could be considered high among Huang sword rank missions. His juniors and friends are all from my Battle Sword Palace. They are all talented young men who ranked in the top-100 on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals a few years back. Some of them are disciples of Heaven sword rank disciples. I can recommend you to them if you wish." 

500 merit points! 

That could be considered high! If Wu Yu were to accept missions in the Flying Immortal Hall, he would probably need a year to earn the same amount of merit points. Moreover, this was already taking into account his strength. 

Wu Yu was instantly attracted. 

"Can I take part in a mission of Huang sword rank disciples?" Wu Yu asked. 

Baili Feihong grinned. "Logically speaking, no. However, it wouldn't be a problem with me and Boss Lady Shen recommending you. Moreover, your reputation is pretty well-known. I just have to inform my friend about it and there shouldn't be a problem. Stay behind for a few days and wait for my update." 

Baili Feihong was always fast and quick when doing work. In just a while, he disappeared from Wu Yu’s vision. 

"What kind of mission is it to give out such a high merit reward?" Wu Yu pondered for a while but gave up quickly. 

He stayed in Heaven's Equal Peak and started his cultivation by consuming Golden Essence Pills. After expending approximately 50 Golden Essence Pill and enlarging his Jindan a little, Baili Feihong returned with radiant smiles. "There's a deal! In five days, go look for Hall Master He Taozi at He Tao Hall of the Violet Sun Sword Palace at noon. This man is a seventh tier Jindan cultivator and the commander of the mission. If he completes this mission, the reward he will get will be the highest, 1,000 merit points.” 

A leader at the seventh tier of the Jindan Dao Realm! He was even stronger than Zhang Futu. Clearly, this showed the importance of this mission. 

"How many people are there in total? What's the strength levels of the rest of the members?" Wu Yu asked. 

"He Taozi is the junior of my friend. I have not seen him and am not clear about his personality. There are four other members, and they are all sixth tier Jindan cultivators. They are also all younger than 50 years old." 

Wu Yu pondered for a while. Currently, he was only at the third tier. It seemed like he was indeed much weaker than the rest. He wasn't sure if he would become the burden of the team. 

Together with Wu Yu, there would be a total of six people. 

"Relax. With your performance at the Battle of Swords and Immortals, they will take good care of you." Baili Feihong chuckled. 

In that case, Wu Yu didn't delve into it and thanked Baili Feihong. After which, he started making his way to the Violet Sun Sword Palace. After all, the Violet Sun Sword Palace was a little far and was located at the most northern region of Common Sword Domain. Even if he rode his sword at maximum speed, it would still take quite some time to get there. 

"As for the details of the mission, even I am not too sure. After all, every mission is kept confidential. Once you are there, He Taozi will explain to you. If you feel that it isn't suitable for you, you can request to drop out." Baili Feihong gave his final reminder. 

Naturally, since Wu Yu had made up his mind to go, as long as the mission did not require him to do things against his conscience, he would most likely not choose to drop out. 

Baili Feihong was kind enough to recommend him. Therefore, it was only natural that he wanted to do a good job and not tarnish Baili Feihong's reputation. 

Wu Yu was pretty envious of Huang sword rank disciples. Huang sword rank disciples could get on the Clear Sky of Shushan for training. Moreover, there was no restriction on their time outside Shushan. Wu Yu would likely take close to three months for this mission. If he exceeded the limit, he should still be fine if he stayed with the Huang sword rank disciples.


He rode his sword and took flight into the skies. He recalled the location of the Violet Sun Sword Palace from the Orientation Log but wasn't in a hurry to get there. Therefore, he only reached He Tao Hall of the Violet Sun Sword Palace on the morning they were supposed to move out. He Tao Hall had hundreds of disciples. Their mental strength and realms were clearly above that of Futu Hall, but still not a match for Warring Immortals Hall. 

Although that leader was young, he was already holding the position of Hall Master. 

When Wu Yu arrived at the He Tao Hall, the Jindan disciples of He Tao Hall spotted him immediately and stopped him ."Who are you and what are you here for?" 

"I'm Wu Yu and I'm looking for Hall Master He Taozi," Wu Yu answered. 

"Looking for our hall master? Wait a minute. Did you just say that you are Wu Yu?" That disciple was shocked and looked at Wu Yu from head to toe. He even took a few steps back. 

"I am." 

"Please, please follow me." That disciple stammered a little. After all, Wu Yu was ranked first on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. Finally, he brought Wu Yu to He Tao Hall. In front of Wu Yu, there was a palace made entirely out of wood. The palace looked extremely artistic. 

"Hall Master and a few other seniors are in it. Please enter." When Wu Yu arrived at the place, there was already a number of ordinary dan disciples crowding and looking at him. Among them, there were some fourth tier Jindan Dao disciples. 

Wu Yu was able to sense the sharpness of a few cultivators within this classical-looking palace. Indeed, when he entered after shouting, "Wu Yu seeks an audience!" he saw a total of five young-looking sword cultivators who were similar to him. They were all sitting on chairs with exquisite designs. One of them was in the middle. He should be He Taozi. 

To his left, there were two young men, and to his right were two young ladies.

Five of them, three men and two ladies. 

When Wu Yu entered, he took a quick glance at this group of people in front of him. At the same time, they were carefully scrutinizing him. 

Obviously, they might have already seen Wu Yu during the Battle of Swords and Immortals. 

Among them, the most eye-catching was naturally He Taozi, who was sitting in the middle with a solemn expression. This man looked the oldest among the group but still had the looks of a young man. Several strands of silver hair stood out from his head of black hair, making him look experienced. He was wearing a black sword lanyard with withered branches embroidered on it. His eyes looked a little gloomy and he looked to be disinterested in all things. When Wu Yu met his eyes, he could sense apathy from the person. 

He was the leader of this mission, and Wu Yu would be taking commands from him. Based on the rules of Shushan, only when 80% of the members opposed the leader could they make their own decisions in such a team mission. 

Based on this, He Taozi's authority for this mission was huge. 

Looking at the two guys on his left, they were all young and heroic. After all, they had all ranked in the top 100 of the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals in the past. One of them was wearing a black attire and looked cold and arrogant. When he saw Wu Yu, he seemed to be a little annoyed. 

The other one wore a white attire with clouds embroidered on it. He smiled faintly when he saw Wu Yu and seemed more amiable. 

As for the two ladies, they were way above average in terms of both looks and talents. Their figures were also alluring. Cultivators at their age were considered young. However, their age in the mortal realm would be similar to Wu Yu's parents. 

One of them wore an orange attire and had an enchanting look. Her figure was also a little more alluring. She seemed to be wearing a smile that could rouse anyone's heart at all times. When she saw Wu Yu, she smiled delicately and could make one go numb.

The other lady looked colder and arrogant. Basically, she did not even meet Wu Yu's eyes directly and was playing with a spiritual immortal treasure kept inside her sword scabbard. Her face was emotionless and she seemed to find this boring. 

Wu Yu didn't read too much into it. Stepping forward, he greeted his senior brothers and senior sisters. "I'm Wu Yu and I will be participating in this mission. I'll be in your care." 

The five of them were nonchalant. After Wu Yu completed his greeting, no one responded. In that instant, Wu Yu vaguely sensed that they were probably not very receptive of him. However, he couldn't possibly just leave, as Baili Feihong had recommended him here. 

It was mainly on He Taozi as he was the leader. After a short while, he finally waved his hand and said, "It's alright as long as you are here. Find a seat and sit down. After my briefing, we will set off." 

Although that's what he said, Wu Yu noticed that there weren't any other seats other than those five that they were sitting on. From this incident, it was clear that He Taozi didn't really have high regards for him. Wu Yu was not in the mood to argue with him and simply stood to a side. What he was more interested was to know the details of this mission! 

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