Chapter 0253: Transformative Daoist

On Shushan, everything that had been demonstrated had to have a source, a reason for the actions.

At times, a legacy that one acquired was also a form of one's capital and strength needed to succeed. Zhao Xuanxian, who had inherited the legacy of the Heart Piercing Sword Sage, was such an example. Despite being a dan disciple, his position in the sect was greater than that of certain Xuan sword rank disciples.

This was one's talent and also something that symbolized them.  

Frankly speaking, within the long annals of history existed numerous individuals who had demonstrated heaven-defying talent at a young age. However, as they aged, they were unable to continue flourishing and eventually became no different from a commoner. 

In a place like Shushan, individuals like these were aplenty.

Thus, a genius talent seen today might not always hold such a position. If one were to possess a legacy, it was almost assured that their future was unfathomably bright.

Furthermore, ancient cultivators also left behind trials for those that inherited their legacies, ensuring that only the worthy received them.

Hence, every individual was rapt at attention, awaiting Wu Yu's answer.

Wu Yu quickly fabricated a story and after ensuring that there were no loopholes before explaining. "The legacy that I have obtained came from the eastern extremities, at the bottom of the East Sea. Once, when I was training, I had plumbed the depths and discovered an abyssal trench that seemed to be hidden away. This legacy was obtained from one known as the Transformative Daoist. I'm not sure if anyone has ever heard of him?" Truthfully speaking, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent never had someone named Transformative Daoist. 

As expected, the audience looked at each other in dismay, and looks of confusion appeared on their faces. It was clear that they had never heard of this Transformative Daoist.

If the legacy was from one of the ancestors from the Shushan immortal domain, such as the Celestial Sword Emperor or the Heart Piercing Sword Sage, there would inevitably be historical records, and it would be easy to discover information regarding the legacy.

However, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was just too massive, its history too ancient. There were not only numerous orthodox sects, but numerous ones that were not as orthodox. There had been tons of individuals who had approached the cusp of immortalhood, and as this was the case, Wu Yu was unafraid of fashioning this lie.

He continued to speak. "I presume no one here has heard of this individual. Indeed, he did not leave behind much information. I'm afraid he was an individual from the previous yuan and has been lost to the creeping throes of history." A yuan was over 120,000 years, and even Shushan had changed several hundred generations of sect masters over such a long period of time.  

Shen Xingyu's eyebrows creased slightly in a frown. "If the legacy was obtained in the eastern lands, it would likely have been an ancestor of Shushan. However, considering that it was from a yuan ago, it is impossible to have had everything recorded." 

Wu Yu nodded his head and replied, "This Transformative Daoist employs several dao techniques. The ones I utilised previously were just two of them. I believe everyone should no longer have any doubts." The majority of the audience nodded their heads. They were satisfied at Wu Yu's frank explanation. Explaining it himself would only bring benefits and not harm to Wu Yu.

"If I dare ask, just what realm did this Transformative Daoist reach?" Someone piped up.

Wu Yu had long made preparations to answer this. "Frankly speaking, I am unclear of it. However, based on what I have inferred, it seems he was able to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm."

This was also an important bit of information. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was an immortal, and if he were to say so, it would undoubtedly frighten everyone. This would also likely cause an enormous uproar. Thus, he had chosen to change the name of the legacy transmitter and also to adjust his realm downwards. This was necessary as it would prevent others like Zhang Futu from coveting what he possessed. 

Saying that the Great Sage was stronger than the Heart Piercing Sword Sage but weaker than the Celestial Sword Emperor was appropriate.

"Ah..." everyone in the crowd nodded their heads.

Someone of that realm was to be respected. After knowing of the Transformative Daoist's abilities, Wu Yu being able to beat Zhao Xuanxian was something to be expected. 

From thus forth, Wu Yu had become the strongest amongst the ordinary dan disciples, just shy of those in the Huang sword rank.

He was number one in terms of strength and talent!

What was important to him now was to obtain backing! 

This backing had to be given by the Galaxy Sword Sage.

After speaking so much, Wu Yu had finally explained himself. Now all that was left was awaiting the most important decision to be made. 100,000 individuals had their heads turned towards the sky, awaiting the Galaxy Sword Sage's decision.

"Wu Yu's performance today has been perfect. Furthermore, he has received the legacy of the Transformative Daoist. There's a one hundred percent chance that the Galaxy Sword Sage will accept him as a disciple."

"Yes! Wu Yu has demonstrated ability far beyond that of Zhao Xuanxian. If the Galaxy Sword Sage holds any interest towards the ordinary dan disciples, it has to be Wu Yu."

"When he first started off, Wu Yu had managed to defeat Li Canghai, which piqued the Galaxy Sword Sage's interest. Now that he has outperformed himself several times, this is definitely a done deal! Wu Yu's position will likely be on par with that of an Earth sword rank disciple!" 

"No, with Galaxy Sword Sage's growth, he will likely become one of the Shushan Sword Sages, entering the Shushan immortal domain. Wu Yu will definitely get to ride the waves and ascend to a position similar to that of a Heaven sword rank disciple. The entire Clear Sky of Shushan will be his proving ground."

All of the sword cultivators felt optimistic about Wu Yu's prospects.

Furthermore, there were individuals of the four major sword ranks within the crowd.

In the Common Sword Domain, the disciples of the 99 sword palaces had begun to see Wu Yu as their role model. In a year's time, he had climbed atop millions of disciples. Wu Yu was now a legend in Shushan.

Yet, at this point in time, even he was feeling extremely nervous.

After such a momentous breakthrough, he should have passed the Galaxy Sword Sage's test... right?

Wu Yu was still feeling a little confident regarding it.

Of course, if he had become a third tier Jindan Dao cultivator, he would have managed to beat the two without resorting to the Violent Art or the Fixed Body Art.

Big Brother, do you..." Shen Xingyu was feeling quite confident and had a wry smile on her face.

At this point in time, the sky began to split asunder. A blast of radiant light arced outwards. This resplendence was even greater than that of the sun in the sky. It was as though there were two huge suns hanging amongst the clouds! 

The audience couldn't help but to be blinded as they hurriedly closed their eyes.

Only after a period of time did the light eventually subside.

It was at this point where everyone was filled with shock!

Someone suddenly exclaimed, "The Galaxy Sword Sage has broken through!"

"From today onwards, he has become a true Shushan Sword Sage! The youngest Shushan Sword Sage!  In these tens of thousands of years, he is the youngest!"

"Heavens! He truly has the makings of an immortal. He actually succeeded in breaking through today!"

"The title ‘Galaxy Sword Sage’ may have been given early, but it truly didn't matter in the end as he broke through!"

This sudden development had Wu Yu's blood boiling in passion at that sight. Even when he was presiding over the Battle of Swords and Immortals, he had unceasingly cultivated. The culmination of 10 months of time had led to a breakthrough, truly demonstrating the determination of this dao fanatic.

The starlight gradually dimmed.

As the Galaxy Sword Sage had finally broken through, this was an event worth celebrating. However, everyone was still awaiting the final decision. It was not a huge question, but everyone still stared at Wu Yu in envy.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

All one could see was that the lone star in the sky dimmed after shining like a supernova. In fact, it seemed to be getting even dimmer. After a while, the light completely vanished. The entire Mountain of Swords and Immortals was completely perplexed.

"Brother?" Shen Xingyu's smile disappeared. Looking around, it seemed as though he had already disappeared.

Everyone expected him to appear in front of Wu Yu, but what had happened defied expectations. 20 breaths of time had passed and the Galaxy Sword Sage did not reappear.

"He seems to have disappeared." An Earth sword rank disciple within the crowd spoke out.

"Indeed. He left."

"The Galaxy Sword Sage has taken his leave!"

Very quickly, this news spread.

In a moment, the entire Mountain of Swords and Immortals had been swept away by this news. 

Everyone looked at Wu Yu, albeit with a tinge of embarrassment. 

When everyone looked down upon him, he had used absolute strength to conquer the audience.

However, when everyone thought the world of him, the Galaxy Sword Sage had disappeared just like that?

Just what did this mean?

"Could it be that Wu Yu did not pass his test and was unable to catch his eye?" 

"I feel that Wu Yu is not bad. However, the Galaxy Sword Sage's foresight must be unfathomable, greater than ours by countless times!"

"Wu Yu seems to have lost face! Let him be arrogant! Now that the Galaxy Sword Sage does not see much in him, he is no different from the rest of us! As I previously said, the Galaxy Sword Sage is of a different pedigree. How could he let an ordinary dan disciple become his sole disciple?!" Very quickly, people began to figuratively kick Wu Yu when he was down. 

Of course, these were the individuals who had always disliked Wu Yu and were disciples of Futu Hall or were Zhao Xuanxian's close friends.

Zhao Xuanxian and He Taiyao had already awoken, and the two of them burst into large smiles.

Their raucous ridicule seemed to be endlessly carefree. 

To Zhao Xuanxian, it seemed as though Wu Yu was about to ascend to heaven but had fallen at the last step, plummeting into the depths of hell.

Even though he was faced with such a situation, Wu Yu's heart was still cool and collected. In fact, he even seemed to be a little relieved.

Coming to Shushan was not for him to find a master. Whatever a master could provide was just external help. To Wu Yu, this was not important, and he was worried that the Galaxy Sword Sage would only restrict his freedom.

Freedom was what was most important to him.

That was all. Now that the Galaxy Sword Sage had disappeared, he was not as dejected as others might think.

From the beginning, he had never actively sought to court the role of a disciple of the Galaxy Sword Sage. His situation was not the same as Feng Xueya’s.

Yet everyone revelled in his misfortune, and upon seeing his relaxed expression, they felt quite irritated.

"Wu Yu, I don't know what happened..." Shen Xingyu stood before him, a face of guilt. 

She seemed a little depressed, as her face was remorseful. Truthfully, she felt that Wu Yu had performed extraordinarily. However, she could not comprehend her brother's thoughts. Even from the beginning, she could not understand why the Galaxy Sword Sage had wanted to observe Wu Yu.

"No worries. Luckily, I got to meet you, Sister Shen, and was able to reach this step today. I will walk my own road in the future. This is of no matter. You brought me to the Battle Sword Palace, and I already feel limitless gratitude towards you."

Wu Yu indeed seemed a lot more composed and carefree than she had expected.

"Aren't you very disappointed?" Shen Xingyu asked.

Wu Yu shook his head. "Life has its ups and downs. I'm sure the Galaxy Sword Sage has had his own arrangements and reasons." Wu Yu did not feel that the Galaxy Sword Sage was fooling with him. Someone of his stature had no need to do so. He guessed that the Galaxy Sword Sage had felt that the two of them were not appropriate for each other.

Perhaps he felt that there was nothing more he could teach Wu Yu. At least with this ending, Wu Yu would not feel that he was unworthy of the Galaxy Sword Sage.

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