Chapter 0252: Victors' History

The river of blood reverted back to Zhao Xuanxian. The crowd could see that Zhao Xuanxian had been nailed by the Killing God Void Sword. His body's dao technique had failed, causing his flesh to collapse. Although he looked whole on the outside, his insides had been severely ravaged by Wu Yu's Killing God Void Sword. His organs had been scrambled.

He would need a very long time, or very good immortal medicines, in order to recuperate, and there might be lasting injuries.

Zhao Xuanxian's many years of glory and swagger had been cut off as swiftly as a kite's strings. He had lost before 10 breaths of time had passed, without a single notion that his doom had been impending. Forget the rest, even Zhao Xuanxian's father, Zhao Tianjian, was completely flabbergasted. He even forgot to go and catch Zhao Xuanxian.

Finally, it was Wu Yu who moved. His Argenti Chain flew out to catch Zhao Xuanxian, who was vomiting blood. Thanks to him, Zhao Xuanxian landed safely on the floor, slumping down. Only then did Zhao Tianjian howl miserably and rush forward.

"My son!" Zhao Tianjian lamented. Many stunned spectators had come to their senses now as well.

The result was too sudden for them to accept. Even Shen Xingyu nearby had an expression of intense shock. Her shining eyes widened as they regarded Wu Yu.

At that moment, Wu Yu looked around him. From the way people looked at him now, he truly understood that this was the best way to shut people up.

He had done it.

Cleanly, without a trace of sloppiness. And after it was done, his heart was still as calm as a still pond. This was the highest level of battle.

He luxuriated in the wordless gazes.

However, Wu Yu knew that after this battle, it was time for everything to be revealed.

Shen Xingyu's voice sounded with delighted surprise. "Congratulations, Wu Yu! You defeated Zhao Xuanxian while at the second tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, and have become the top rank on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. This result is likely unheard of since Shushan was established, and probably will never be replicated!"

Wu Yu's only flaw was that he was slightly older. If he was 10 years younger, just 10 years old, then he would’ve definitely shocked the entirety of Shushan.

After Shen Xingyu announced this, the result was clear. At this moment, Zhao Xuanxian came to his senses a little. Hearing this, he could not bear it, and immediately vomited blood three times.

He was helped away by Zhao Tianjian, gritting his teeth, his face pale. Not far away was He Taiyao, who was also recovering. Who would have thought that the pair of dao companions would both be wounded in their fulfillment of Wu Yu's success.

They had actually become stepping stones!

Zhao Xuanxian was not content. He did not even understand how he had been defeated! He could vaguely remember that Wu Yu had used some strange skill!

The crowd seemed completely satisfied with Wu Yu's exceptional talent.

Their murmured discussions could be heard.

"Who would have thought that this Wu Yu was actually at such a level? Zhao Xuanxian couldn't even stand a single attack of his."

"Did you see it clearly? When he defeated Zhao Xuanxian, he did not use Killing God Void Sword, but instead a curious dao technique. I saw that there was a moment where Zhao Xuanxian seemed like he could not move."

"So fearsome! That he can use such a technique... This Wu Yu is not just an exceptional talent, but he might also have some legacy...."

"It has to be said that although his morals are severely flawed, he is definitely a fearsome genius, and of much use to our Shushan. The only deficiency he has is that he is a little old, as though his improvement isn't that fast. But he was born to a humble background, so that's understandable."

"That means that the Galaxy Sword Sage will probably accept him as his disciple. Also, he definitely will not let Wu Yu go to the Sword Impalement Prison. Wu Yu is very valuable to Shushan. He is young and impetuous, but he could be tamed!"

Hearing these words, Zhao Xuanxian was red with anxiety. Although his wounds were severe, he was shaking with anger. He turned his rage on Zhao Tianjian. "You old geezer, aren't you holding the punishment decree!? Quickly, take Wu Yu away to the Sword Impalement Prison! What are you waiting for?!"

Hearing Zhao Xuanxian's words, some had also thought that this was the time for Zhao Tianjian to make his move. And it all depended on the Galaxy Sword Sage's decision.

If the Galaxy Sword Sage did not save Wu Yu, then Wu Yu was definitely dead.

Unexpectedly, when scolded thus by Zhao Xuanxian, Zhao Tianjian suddenly panicked. Before everyone, his countenance paled, and he hesitated.

Wu Yu had been a little worried about the punishment decree. But at this stage, Zhao Tianjian was not storming over to take him into custody, but stood there teetering. He naturally knew that there had to be some problem!

At this moment, a flash of white light came from afar and suddenly landed in Shen Xingyu's hand. It was a message talisman that cost 10 merits and could only be used once.

A line of small characters was written on the talisman. After Shen Xingyu finished reading it, her face froze, and she shot an angry glare at Zhao Tianjian. "Zhao Tianjian, how brazen you are!  You actually fashioned lies and transmitted false orders! The hall master of Punishment Hall laid down half a year of sealing as a warning. Who said anything about Sword Impalement Prison?"

So that was the truth of the matter! Before, Wu Yu had been a little down. He had not offended Punishment Hall - why would they listen to Zhao Tianjian? At Punishment Hall, Zhao Tianjian was also not of a status to cause the hall master to risk offending Shen Xingyu.

Zhao Tianjian hurriedly fell to his knees, crying. "Maligned! I did not say anything about the Sword Impalement Prison! I only said that he would be punished and sealed! ‘Sword Impalement Prison’ were not words that came out of my mouth."

As he cried, Wu Yu recalled that he had indeed not explicated “Sword Impalement Prison” in his announcement. But the problem was that he had muddied the first section and had implied Sword Impalement Prison.

Sealing and Sword Impalement Prison were as different as night and day!

Sealing was merely a prohibition of movement. It was the most simple form of reprimand against disciples. During the period of sealing, one could cultivate, but not leave or earn merits, or trade for treasures. It was just half a year of cultivation.

As for the Sword Impalement Prison, it was punishment for the most heinous of crimes and for demons. One would be killed by swords that pierced one's heart.

Shen Xingyu laughed coldly. "You did not say it, but when you announced Wu Yu's misdeeds, you added your own personal agenda to it, and swapped right for wrong! Punishment Hall has discovered the truth. Zhang Futu coveted Wu Yu's legacy, and intended to kidnap Wu Yu out of Shushan. Wu Yu was forced to kill him with the Soul Devourer Talisman. Although his action was not right, it was the only option available. As a result, Punishment Hall decided on the lightest recourse, sealing him for half a year. In order to help your son defeat Wu Yu, you not only spread lies, but also ruined the just image of Punishment Hall. As a result, Punishment Hall has decided to strip you from all your duties. You will enter the Firesword Prison as a warning to others! Effective immediately!"

Zhao Tianjian's face grew paler and paler. Perhaps only now did he realize how major his transgression was. But it was already too late. The sentence from Punishment Hall had already taken effect, and he would be escorted away immediately. Punishment Hall stood on no courtesy.

From the side, Zhao Xuanxian shouted at Zhao Tianjian in rage, "Is there some sickness in your brain!? Do I need your help? Why don't you go and die!"

Zhao Tianjian's old tears fell. "I... I just wanted to affect his emotional state, and give you better control over the battle. I thought the Galaxy Sword Sage would take you as disciple......"

"Damn your mother! Go and kill yourself in Firesword Prison. Don't let me see you again!" Zhao Xuanxian was faint from anger. At this moment, his rage got the better of him, and he swore. For him, this was a good thing.

This drama was a confusing mess, but in the end the truth was out.

Punishment Hall was well trusted in Common Sword Domain. Before, everyone had treated Zhao Tianjian as the spokesperson of Punishment Hall, and now Zhao Tianjian himself was being judged by Punishment Hall. More, he had confessed to his own lies, and that he had tried to demoralize Wu Yu in battle for his son to take the victory. This meant that the matter of Wu Yu and Zhang Futu was now clarified.

For Wu Yu, the sully on his name had finally been cleared.

"I was foolish!" Zhao Tianjian knelt on the ground, lamenting as he embraced his son.

But no one showed him sympathy.

In truth, from his perspective, if Zhao Xuanxian had won Wu Yu, then the Galaxy Sword Sage might favor Zhao Xuanxian instead, and all that he had done would be brushed aside. Victors always wrote the history books, and no one would pay too much attention to him.

The problem was that Zhao Xuanxian had lost, and so he could only become the scapegoat now. Three years in Firesword Prison was a small matter. He would suffer a little, and his reputation would take a huge loss. Hereon, he would be too ashamed to face anybody.

To add salt to the wound, he had even dragged his son down.

In short order, Zhao Tianjian was taken away by people from Punishment Hall, who were also about to take Wu Yu away. However, everyone was waiting for the Galaxy Sword Sage's decision. In truth, if the Galaxy Sword Sage wanted to take Wu Yu away, he did not even need to serve the half a year of sealing.

"So this is the truth. Zhao Tianjian was imbecilic as well. To think he would actually tell such lies."

"The crucial thing is that Wu Yu knew that he was being framed, but he did not argue. He used his ability to speak. That he shows such aplomb at such a young age is rare indeed. He can go so far on the dao because he is neither arrogant nor rash."

"This means that Wu Yu indeed outshines Zhao Xuanxian by far. It seems like the Galaxy Sword Sage will definitely take Wu Yu as disciple. This Wu Yu has really shot to success!"

"I'm afraid that even the Clear Sky of Shushan will have to pay attention to his movements now."

Sunshine after the rain. Shen Xingyu was not at all worried. She came to stand before Wu Yu, all smiles. "Congratulations to you. But there were two things about your performance today that made me suspect. My good little brother, is it not time to share the secret of your genius?"

Shen Xingyu was actually giving Wu Yu a chance.

Now that Wu Yu's name was on everyone's lips, many people were curious about everything about him. If they wanted to track down his beginnings, nothing would be hidden. He might as well say it himself.

After he said it, Shushan would instead protect him. At least within Shushan, no one would dare to cross Wu Yu again.

At this moment, Wu Yu took a deep breath, and turned to face the crowd. "My brethren, seniors, and elders, Wu Yu has indeed acquired a legacy. This legacy has come from the eastern extremities."

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