Chapter 0250: Killing God Void Sword

Looking at He Taiyao, who was pulling her bow and shooting her arrow, there was no doubt that she was from the race with countless years of legacies. Its meaning and spirit were all top quality.

In the eyes of the audience, she seemed to have become one with heaven and earth. Her person and her bow and arrow seemed to have combined and become one. Various spiritual arts surrounded the bow and arrow. They sunk into the Chasing Cloud Arrow, raising its offensive power!

Obviously, before Wu Yu could reach He Taiyao, He Taiyao would release her arrow!

It was said that when fighting the Tianyi Race, one must never let them get too far away. The ordinary martial cultivators were very balanced, the sword cultivators could be called the kings of close range battle, and the Tianyi Race were the overlords of long range battle!

Hence, the Tianyi Race had always wanted a genius that could balance both close and long range battles. That was why He Taiyao was training in the sword. This way, even if her enemies neared her, she would have extraordinary battle ability.

"Victory is set!"

Many observers said confidently.

In an instant, sparks flew!

He Taiyao smirked coldly and said the word “death.” The Chasing Cloud Arrow had already collected maximum power. Many dao techniques were concentrated on the Chasing Cloud Arrow. Once it was released, there would even be various additional effects!

In that instant, she released her arrow!

"The archery skill of the Tianyi Race is one of the strongest in the heavenly continent. It has been notable in the long stream of history!"

There was also a number of people who were here today to witness and admire the top attainments of this heavenly continent, or rather, art.


The Chasing Cloud Arrow left the bow. Its speed was instantly ten times faster than Wu Yu! That instant, Wu Yu felt icy coldness from his head to toe.

That instant, his gaze was like fire. Under the Immortal Ape Transformation, his strength was increased. Wu Yu had prepared early for this moment!

"Violent Art!"

A beastly roar shocked the heavens and rocked the earth!

In that instant, even his muscular arms seemed to have increased in size. His muscles clenched and his veins popped out!

Fortified transformation, a transformation of blood and flesh. Such a transformation was indeed very powerful.

At that instant, Wu Yu was like a giant beast!

Of course, this was only for an instant. Once the Violent Art was completed, it was the moment the Chasing Cloud Arrow left the bow. Now his muscular arms both grabbed onto the Yin Yang Dao Sword. Once the sword moved, the void seemed to move too!

The Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art had the pure yang sword, the enigmatic sword, and also the Heaven and Earth Void Sword! The so-called void was the combination of yin and yang. Now that yin and yang had gathered, under the control of Wu Yu’s Jindan essence and spiritual art, it birthed a mysterious yet terrifying change. When Wu Yu waved this sword, the heavens and earth void, the surrounding Qian Kun space actually wavered, twisted and gathered outside the Yin Yang Dao Sword. The had void actually gathered and formed into a sword! 

Because of this dao technique, the void had actually twisted into a sword!

"Killing God Void Sword!"

This sword was the true essence of this sword technique that was worth more than 400 merits. This was the moment where its power was truly displayed!

With the addition of the Violent Art, the space that was twisted into a sword was almost doubled in size compared to normal! The change due to the Violent Art could be called a miracle!

Wu Yu could not help but have expectations. There was a total of 72 styles of transformation. The others would definitely not be any weaker. If one day he could learn all these 72 Styles of Transformation, then he could really go up to the palace in heaven and also down to hell!

The remaining 70 styles, what miraculous effects would they have?

He felt that the Ground Demon Transformation Art would even be stronger than the Invincible Vajra Body and the Great Way of Immortality Art!

At this moment, time seemed to slow down. Wu Yu was within this dao technique, and it was like he could control this sword-shaped void in front of his eyes. When his Killing God Void Sword was enacted, that Chasing Cloud Arrow brought with it terrifying power and entered this space!


Dao techniques were mystical. Since it could control the void, then naturally it could slow down this Chasing Cloud Arrow!

There was a string attached to the end of that Chasing Cloud Arrow. It belonged to He Taiyao. She was controlling this string to change the direction of the Chasing Cloud Arrow. This was the unique ability of her immortal root. However, it was a pity. He Taiyao realized, to her horror, that after entering this sword-shaped void, not only had the speed of the Chasing Cloud Arrow slowed down, it was also no longer under her control.

The next moment was also no longer under her control!

"Destroy!" Wu Yu waved the Killing God Void Sword with explosive strength. He swung the sword around madly. The tip of the Yin Yang Dao Sword met with the tip of the Chasing Cloud Arrow!

The speed of the Chasing Cloud Arrow slowed down. Naturally, its power was reduced by a lot. Wu Yu's move resulted in a loud explosion. It shook the heavens and moved the ground. To their horror, everyone realized that the Chasing Cloud Arrow had actually been swept out of its original trajectory!

In the next instant, Wu Yu pierced straight with his sword-shaped void attack and rushed towards He Taiyao! He arrived instantly, and at that instant, He Taiyao retrieved the Chasing Cloud Arrow. The Killing God Void Sword hit the arrow!

The destructive power of that whole space crashed onto the arrow!

The Killing God Void Sword disrupted space. It used swords to control the Qian Kun space and dragged out sword will from within the space!

Naturally, being able to manipulate space would ensure that even the fastest attack could be dodged. Before long, everyone could only see the void shaking violently. Then, He Taiyao screamed in pain, fell, and flew backwards!

Wu Yu was using the Killing God Void Sword under the base of the Immortal Ape Transformation and the Violent Art. Even though this dao technique was almost pierced through when he used it to face the Chasing Cloud Arrow, it had at least maintained a certain level of damage potential and exerted this damage on He Taiyao! 


Even though He Taiyao was under the protection of the flames surrounding her body, she was still impacted by the strong force. She was injured heavily and needed some time to recover!

Wu Yu kept the Yin Yang Dao Sword and transformed back into human shape. The whole process was quick and precise. It was wild and direct; there was no hesitation.

"He Taiyao!" Zhao Xuanxian was originally smiling and looked very relaxed. This instant change caused his whole face to drain of blood, and anger raged through him. He quickly caught He Taiyao. He Taiyao was now covered in sword cuts. If not for Wu Yu withdrawing his strike at the last part, she would have died. This point, many cultivators at the scene saw clearly.

When Zhao Xuanxian carried He Taiyao, his eyes turned into an even brighter shade of red. Blood aura spread through his body and shocking killing intent exploded from him. Even as the intent rolled across the heavens and earth, the hundred thousand people present were still more surprised by Wu Yu's moves!

Killing God Void Sword - strong, direct!

After this short surprise, everyone looked at Wu Yu, Zhao Xuanxian, and He Taiyao and started discussing.

Everyone was discussing.

"Everyone, have you seen clearly? What happened? What method did Wu Yu use to break He Taiyao's Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow? I heard that many Huang sword rank disciples cannot block He Taiyao’s arrow!"

"I heard someone saying that Wu Yu seemed to have fully understood the essence of the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art. He learned a sword move called 'Killing God Void Sword,' and that is the move he used to defeat He Taiyao."

"But, based on their Jindan essence difference, even if Wu Yu is on higher level when it comes to sword techniques, he should not be able to defeat He Taiyao! There is a huge difference of two tiers and the characteristics of their Jindans is almost the same! This is illogical!"

"I saw it too. That Wu Yu used some unknown dao technique to increase his physical strength by many folds in an instant."

The mystery of the Violent Art could not be seen by these people who were standing far away. To conclude, the mystery of the Fixed Body Art exceeded that of the Violent Art.

Of course, the cost was that both of his arms were numb and suffering from muscle ache. It would be difficult to use them again any time soon.

And obviously, the Galaxy Sword Sage wanted him to continue with the next battle and fight with Zhao Xuanxian!

"From the point of view of the Galaxy Sword Sage, Zhao Xuanxian is not even within his consideration. Obviously, I have to exceed Zhao Xuanxian by a lot before he will be satisfied with me!"

Wu Yu not only had to defeat Zhao Xuanxian, but exceed him by a lot, and this was extremely difficult! The first and second on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals were really talented. Wu Yu had used almost all he had to only defeat He Taiyao. Now he had to fight Zhao Xuanxian immediately after. And it was this Zhao Xuanxian who had received the legacy of the Heart Piercing Sword Sage, the recognized number one talent in the Common Sword Domain!

Wu Yu really did not expect that a year or so after coming to Shushan, he would be sent to this position via the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals to challenge such an existence.

From Zhao Xuanxian's current frightening killing intent, he not only wanted to defeat Wu Yu, he also wanted to kill him!

This young man was giving out a very strong killing intent. Wu Yu thought that martial cultivators of the righteous path who had too much killing intent were no different from the ghostly cultivators of East Sea. It was highly possible that this Zhao Xuanxian had killed many people. He was a person who killed without consideration. It was no wonder the Galaxy Sword Sage thought that his character was problematic.

He looked on as Zhao Xuanxian handed He Taiyao over to others to be taken care of. He asked her to rest and then walked towards Wu Yu with sky-rocketing killing intent. Wu Yu suddenly recalled one thing.

"The reason the Galaxy Sword Sage is able to stand at his current position is largely due to him receiving the legacy of the Celestial Sword Emperor. That Celestial Sword Emperor was the closest existence to an immortal in the ancient times.

"This Zhao Xuanxian became famous only after he received the legacy of Heart Piercing Sword Sage. While the Heart Piercing Sword Sage cannot compare to the Celestial Sword Emperor, he was still a terrifying existence of the Primordial Spirit level.

"I have the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. He is a true immortal! But this is something I can never let others know. Based on my current performance and many moves, as well as the Fixed Body Art and the Violent Art, someone will ultimately suspect that I have received some legacy. If that is the case, then I should learn from the two of them and announce to the world that I have received some legacy. This way, it will not be weird for me to use the Fixed Body Art or the Violent Art."

But Wu Yu was very clear that he could never tell others that his legacy was from an immortal.

He should look for a similar existence in history, someone that was also unfamiliar to the masses. Or perhaps he should fabricate someone, someone similar to the Heart Piercing Sword Sage, or someone a little more powerful.

With the cover of a legacy, if he used the Violent Art and the Fixed Body Art in the future, he could say that it came from the legacy. This way, he would not have to use them secretly. 

Just as he was thinking about this, Zhao Xuanxian was already standing in front of him. His black hair flew, and within the black hair was a pair of bloodshot eyes. He was like a fierce beast with his eyes set on Wu Yu.

"I can't kill you during the Battle of Swords and Immortals, but I can destroy you. You will be useless forever and be eliminated from Shushan," Zhao Xuanxian said, each word cold.

Wu Yu could not be bothered to listen to his nonsense. He raised his head. It seemed like the Galaxy Sword Sage still had no reaction, even when he defeated He Taiyao.

"Oh well, then I shall defeat this Zhao Xuanxian and let him see if I, Wu Yu, am good enough."

Unexpectedly, before they started the battle, Zhao Xuanxian's father, Zhao Tianjian, led a group of disciples from Punishment Hall and arrived at the middle of the battlefield.

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