Chapter 0249: Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow

But the others did not dare to stare at He Taiyao. After all, she was a woman from the Tianyi Race and she already had a dao companion. Just a few months ago, she became dao companions with Zhao Xuanxian, who was ranked first in the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. She was already Zhao Xuanxians woman.

Today, the perfect couple arrived together hand in hand, becoming the envy of many.

As for Zhao Xuanxian, Wu Yu actually knew more about him. He was Zhao Tianjians son and had rare talent from birth. His progress was speedy, and when he was 10 years old, he experienced something that changed his fate. He actually received the legacy of the Heart Piercing Sword Sage at a very ordinary place at Shushan. This legacy came from a senior from an unknown number of generations ago.

The Heart Piercing Sword Sage was said to be a killing sage of his era. He also had the qualifications to become immortal. It was rumoured that before he perished, he reached the Primordial Spirit level.

After receiving the legacy of the Heart Piercing Sword Sage, Zhao Xuanxian raised his cultivation level quickly. His talent was outstanding. He successfully defeated all his opponents and became the first in the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. At that time, he caused quite the fanfare.

Until today, Zhao Xuanxian was considered the strongest among the ordinary dan disciples.

Standing beside He Taiyao, Zhao Xuanxian seemed very civilised. He was tall and his black hair flew in the sky. He had the aura of a sword immortal. From head to toe, he could be considered perfect. The only part that caused people to be uncomfortable was his bloodshot eyes. It was because of this that he had this fierce and cruel killing aura. 

Comparatively, Wu Yu naturally knew that Zhao Xuanxian was scarier than He Taiyao. He knew that his true opponent today would be Zhao Xuanxian. However, he had to pass this test with He Taiyao first.

This young girl from the Tianyi Race was quite proud. Her head was lifted up high and she did not consider Wu Yu a threat. At this moment, she was still in Zhao Xuanxians arms. These two acted as though there was no one else around. They cuddled for awhile. Zhao Xuanxian smiled and took one look at Wu Yu. He then told He Taiyao, "Honey, I shall leave him to you. If he cannot even defeat you, then the Galaxy Sword Sage will know who is more suitable to be his disciple."

"Hubby, don't worry, I'll definitely beat this Wu Yu until he regrets coming to this world," He Taiyao said cutely.

"Then I'll watch your good performance." Zhao Xuanxian laughed lightly. He let go of He Taiyao and his hands folded behind his back. He gave them enough space for their battle. Only two people, Wu Yu and He Taiyao, were left on such an empty and large battlefield.

The discussions from the surroundings had not ended. There were even people who had started gambling on the winner of the battle. It was very noisy. Shen Xingyu could not hear anymore of this and chided them. It was only then that the deafening discussions softened down.

Wu Yu stared at He Taiyao. He then took out his Yin Yang Dao Sword and separated them, holding them in his two hands. At this moment, his Jindan essence rolled through his whole body and erupted in great waves. He did not want to say too many useless things before the battle. He wanted even less to boast. To him, the most important thing at the moment was to show his true abilities.

"Useless fancy moves." He Taiyao looked at him with disdain. Shortly after, a longsword appeared in her hand. This sword seemed to be bathed in strong sunlight. It was bright red and burning in fierce flames. When it raised its head, its flames rushed towards the sky and seemed to cover the sky.

Wu Yu had also asked about He Taiyao’s immortal treasure. It was a sword called the Hiding Sun Sword. It had been traded for over 500 merits, and it clearly overpowered the Yin Yang Dao Sword in aura alone. Obviously, the opponent was richer than him.

He Taiyao was skilled in many sword cultivator dao techniques. Of which, her best was called the Three-Headed Fire Dragon Sword Technique, worth 600 merits.

Other than this, she also had the skill of archery from the Tianyi Race. However, she did not use that often.

She was at the fourth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm and her Jindan was of unique quality.

To conclude, no matter in which aspect, He Taiyao suppressed Wu Yu. The two had not started their battle yet. But in this comparison, there was already such a great difference.

"Im younger than you by four years. A person like you is considered rubbish in my eyes. How can you compare to me, how can you compare to my husband?" He Taiyao smirked. She mocked him without reservations and hence many people heard her.


Wu Yu laughed coldly. He controlled a sword on the air, held two swords in his hands, and made a move swiftly. 

"Heng!" He Taiyao still looked down on him, but she also made her move quickly. Her Jindan essence surged up and covered her body. It burst into fierce flames that rolled out and gathered on the Hiding Sun Sword.


He Taiyao bathed in this fire. She was like a phoenix reborn. On one hand, she waved her Hiding Sun Sword, and on the other, she fired one spiritual art after another into the sword. Each time she fired one, a fire dragon head and half its body came out of the Hiding Sun Sword. They roared angrily and blasted great amounts of raging fire. Their claws waved and their fangs were bared. They were extremely fierce!

Three times a spiritual art was invoked. Three dragon heads grew out of the sword and rushed to the sky. They roared angrily and attacked Wu Yu from three directions.

"I only need one move to send you to the underworld."

He Taiyao laughed. She was very confident.

Wu Yu was spiritually calm. There was no way he had not attained something in these seven months. It was true that the levels of his Jindan essence, immortal treasure, and dao technique could not compare to that of his opponent. However, his physical body and his immortal root gave him the chance to turn the tables!

After seven months of hard training, the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art had long been hammered into his blood and flesh. It was through nonstop training that he could have the speed and fierceness he had today. He slashed out an explosive pair of sword dao.

"Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike!

"Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike!"

One right and one left, it was like having two sword cultivators fighting with He Taiyao. The Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike was at the center. Hundreds of sword qi waves swept with heat waves. It was like piercing through with a fire dragon tornado. Loud vibration sounds erupted. The Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike was like the sea, spreading outwards and sealed the paths of the three fire dragons!

The two of them had actually chosen to have a head-on clash of dao techniques!


A loud explosion shocked the audience. Everyone was exclaiming over the terrifying offensive power of He Taiyao’s sword technique, but also at the same time witnessed Wu Yu’s improvement.

It was the same dao technique, but he could use it more naturally and quicker than before.

It was a pity that He Taiyao was much stronger in terms of Jindan essence. The three fire dragons, after being blocked momentarily, still tore apart the Voidbreaker Strike sword technique and crushed the hundreds of sword qi waves from the fire dragon tornado. Then they tore apart that enigmatic Yin sword qi. While they were heavily injured, the dragons continued to fly towards Wu Yu.

Vajra Transformation!

Wu Yu changed his body in an instant and became a six-zhang-tall Vajra Buddha. When he did not move, he was like a mountain. That fire dragon broke into pieces upon crashing into him. Wu Yu could not be hurt with just the hot flames.

While her opponent was not hurt, it was obvious that He Taiyao had the upper hand. Wu Yu had almost gotten hurt, which made it obvious who was on the losing end.

"You are actually not dead yet. You are just lucky. Your luck will run out next time!"

This time, even though He Taiyao said that, she did not persist in her attack and actually retreated. She flew towards the back and landed on a mountain. She stepped on a large granite rock barefooted and flipped her hair. She now looked at Wu Yu differently. In her eyes, fierce flames were ignited. It was like the cauldron of the volcano, heat waves spreading out into the surroundings.

"I didn't think that we’d be so lucky today to see the performance of the Tianyi Race’s archery skill."

"He Taiyao has the Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow. It is even more valuable than that Hiding Sun Sword. While she is at Shushan to practice her sword technique, she is actually even more talented in her race’s unique skill!"

"Wu Yu is already not bad to have her decide to use that archery skill. Basically, Wu Yu should be able to enter the top 20 of the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals if he risks his life."

In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu heard these discussions and knew what He Taiyao was going to do.

He looked up into that star in the sky. It was cold and dim, waiting for him to show off his ability.

He looked at his surroundings. He saw many looks of disdain. Perhaps in their hearts, his chances of victory were slim to none.

Perhaps in most people's hearts, he was just a joke.

There was even a theory that the Galaxy Sword Sage was simply using him to test Zhao Xuanxian.

Wu Yu could not stand these disdainful looks. His heart burned with anger and his urge to battle raged. His whole body heated up. At that instant, he had already completed the Immortal Ape Transformation and transformed into the golden Immortal Ape. He did not say anything and rushed towards He Taiyao like a streak of golden light passing through the heavens and earth.

"This is just the beginning for me! How can I allow you to take me lightly!?"

The disdain of a hundred thousand people, how should he get rid of such humiliation? 

Only victory, only victory!

His heart was set, his determination was set!

In the eyes of the audience, this move from Wu Yu, to rush towards He Taiyao, was simply an act of seeking death. It was like a moth flying to a flame!

Because at this moment, He Taiyao had already taken out her Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow and was equipped with them. It was Wu Yu’s first time seeing immortal treasures in the form of a bow and arrow. In the past, bows and arrows were often used in battlefields, but those bows and arrows could not compare at all to that spiritual immortal treasure in He Taiyao’s hands!

The bow and an arrow were quickly matched together. He Taiyao’s lips curled into a smile. She laughed coldly. When she pulled the Chasing Cloud Bow into a full moon shape, the sharp arrow head was already aimed at Wu Yu.

It was said that He Taiyao’s immortal root was the Chasing Sun Arrow Heart. Right now, spiritual waves could be seen on her body, and they melded with the Chasing Cloud Bow, spiralling around the tail of the Chasing Cloud Arrow.

In an instant, the Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow flashed across the heavens and earth. Wu Yu instantly felt the danger of death. It was aimed at the space between his eyebrows! In that instant, his scalp was numb!

"I did not expect the archery skills of the Tianyi Race to be this terrifying." Wu Yu was shocked to the core.

He took one look at that sharp arrowhead. He felt that as soon as He Taiyao released it, the Chasing Cloud Arrow would pierce through him.

Then he would definitely die.

It was not only Wu Yu. Most likely, everyone was astonished by this archery skill.

"If that's the case, I will not hold back anymore." Wu Yu quietly combined the Yin Yang Dao Sword. He held it with both hands. He was not intending to use his immortal root. His expression remained calm and he continued flying extremely quickly towards He Taiyao with both hands holding the sword.

Wu Yu originally did not want to use the 72 Styles of Transformation, but He Taiyao and Zhao Xuanxian were both too strong. He had no other way.

If he did not use it, then he would have no way to change his fate!

Even more so, he could not gain true respect from those who were belittling him.

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