Chapter 0246: Baili Feihong

"That's right, Sister Chen. Who was it who told you about this?" Wu Yu asked just as Shen Xingyu was preparing to leave.

Shen Xingyu said, "Seemed like a little girl. She appeared out of the blue, spoke her piece, then vanished, almost as though she was afraid I would arrest her or something. People say that a little girl has been following you. It's that girl, right? Why? Is she someone you like?"

She was quite gossipy, and more than happy to hear these news.

Wu Yu understood now, and he said, "Indeed, she has been following me all this while. May I bring her along to Warring Immortals Hall? I'm afraid that she won't know that I've left here, and will be frustrated in her efforts to find me."

"Don't worry, we won't leave your little beauty behind. Tell Sister: when are you going to formalize your dao companion status?"

Wu Yu gave an embarrassed laugh. Nangong Wei was still young, and he had no plans.

Besides, the decision of dao companion was an important one, and it had to be someone who could keep up with his cultivation, and someone who he would be together with for life. Both would be in the same boat - they would either reach immortalhood together, or die together in the dust.

Dao companions depended on the appropriateness of the match. A genius and an ordinary person becoming dao companions would not last for long.

Shen Xingyu flew quickly on her sword, and when she broke through the cloud layer, Wu Yu could not even see the scenery clearly. It took all he had to keep his footing on the sword. Before long, the Mountain of Swords and Immortals was beneath them.

"We're here. Go and find her, I'll wait here for you." Shen Xingyu was liking Wu Yu more and more. Wu Yu was normally quite a low-profile person. But once something concerning life and death came up, he was all courage and resourcefulness. Even a martial cultivator like Zhang Futu had fallen by his hand.

Wu Yu quickly moved through the crowd. His appearance turned many heads, and some thought that he was back to challenge.

He flew around the Mountain of Swords and Immortals once, attracting much attention. Many were curious as to what this youth was looking for.

"That Wei Er, where has she gone to?" Wu Yu was a little distracted. He had searched for a long time, with no trace of her found. He had even looked at the places where she had hidden before, to no avail.

He owed much to Nangong Wei. If not for her, he would have been forcibly taken to the Sword Impalement Prison by those two Xuan sword rank disciples.

Wu Yu was a little flustered because he could not find her. "Could it be that the Galaxy Sword Sage found her because she had gone to notify Shen Xingyu, and she was sent back?"

She was from the Clear Sky of Shushan, and Wu Yu felt that this was a definite possibility.

Perhaps he would never see her again. Because of fate, this girl had spent more than a year with him. They were side by side virtually every morning and night. And now their sudden separation grated on Wu Yu's heart a little.

Thinking of the girl's passion, her vitality, her kindness....

"Perhaps she's just hiding, or waiting for me at Jindan Cave." He really could not find her, and Wu Yu would not waste too much of Shen Xingyu's time. He explained the situation to her and then headed for the Battle Sword Palace's Warring Immortals Hall.

The main thing was that he needed Shen Xingyu's introduction. When Wu Yu had free time later, he could go out to look for Nangong Wei on his own.

"Don't worry. That little girl cares deeply about you - she was so worried. If she hears that you've gone to Warring Immortals Hall, she'll definitely come and look for you." Saying thus, she made an announcement on the spot that Wu Yu would henceforth change halls from Futu Hall to Warring Immortals Hall, and that he could be found there in the future.

Truly, to Wu Yu, Futu Hall was too small, its level too low.

In truth, Shen Xingyu could not be bothered with others' gossip. She brought Wu Yu on her sword in the direction of the Clear Sky of Shushan. The nearer they got, the higher the elevation. This time, Wu Yu was almost at the base of the Clear Sky of Shushan - this was known as the closest place to the Clear Sky of Shushan! After arriving here, Wu Yu was overjoyed. In terms of spiritual qi, this place was about equal to Spiritual Sword Palace, and the key was that he did not have to spend merits.

The Battle Sword Palace had an intense environment of contest. A cluster of mountains reached into the clouds. On top, there were many golden palaces, and they shimmered with radiant sword light!

Each mountain peak was like a huge, golden sword. And the top of the palace was the sword tip, the point!

It was superbly sharp, and reached into the clouds!

Amongst them, Warring Immortals Hall was at the middle of the Battle Sword Palace. It was said that Warring Immortals Hall's tradition was to challenge immortalhood itself. The extremely strong battle environment meant that the sword cultivators from the Battle Sword Palace had far more fighting experience than those from other sword palaces. Exactly because of that, many talents headed there. Out of those who had passed the entry test, the Battle Sword Palace was the place that most people wanted to enter!

When Shen Xingyu reached the front of the Battle Sword Palace, she called loudly, "Baili Feihong, come out."

"Aiyee, my great aunt, you've come to see me!" She had just spoken when a man's voice called from the depths of Warring Immortals Hall. There was a flash of sword light, and a young man wearing a blue robe appeared before Wu Yu with a whoosh. This person was very unusual. Although he was a martial cultivator, his hair was disheveled and his clothes filthy. He looked bad, and his manner was frivolous as well. He was an “off” sort of person, and not as straight and sharp as sword cultivators were usually perceived to be. This was all topped off by the stench of booze emanating from him, and a huge jug of drink in his hand. Clearly a drunkard.

However, Wu Yu was curious. Booze was a mortal thing. How were martial cultivators affected by it?

He took a whiff and found that the smell was cloyingly fragrant, although it did have a heady effect. What wine was this, that even his Jindan self could not stand against?

"Could it be that he used immortal essences with spiritual marks to brew wine?" Wu Yu guessed that this was the reason. Using immortal essences to brew wine - that seemed like such a waste....

Wu Yu understood that this was Baili Feihong, the palace master of the Battle Sword Palace. He was not old either, about the same age as Shen Xingyao. He was a 10th tier Jindan cultivator, and one of the strongest amongst the Xuan sword rank disciples. He was close behind Shen Xingyu.

"Great Aunt, why did you bring a pasty-face to see me?" Baili Feihong chuckled as he shot Wu Yu a look.

"He's called Wu Yu, and from now on, he will be the most famous talent at your Warring Immortals Hall. Give him the best treatment, you hear me! Smelly drunkard, it'll be the death of you one day," Shen Xingyu mockingly scolded him.

"You don't understand. It's said that three cups help open the way to fighting with natural grace. The pleasure of drink is one that you females don't understand. If there is no hope of becoming immortal for me, then why not become immortal in wine? To die in a stupor, flying high above." Baili Feihong's face was beet-red after drinking. He gave a huge belch.

"My ass." Shen Xingyu glared at him.

Baili Feihong looked at Wu Yu and said, "Little man, your name has been ringing loud recently. It gives my ear an itch to hear your name so loud, but you're someone my boss is watching. From now on, if there's any trouble at Warring Immortals Hall, or if you want to beat someone up, feel free to look for me, Baili Feihong. Oh, yes, don't come to me for money. I have no money."

He was an easygoing person, and Wu Yu took a liking to him immediately. As expected, encounters were a question of luck. They were both hall masters, but Zhang Futu and Baili Feihong were worlds apart. 

"Many thanks to the Hall Master." Wu Yu nodded.

"Alright then, let me arrange for the best peak for you. You can name it as you will. Follow me." Baili Feihong sketched a beckoning hand towards Shen Xingyu and Wu Yu and then led the way to a place called Hailstorm Mountain Range. Snow covered the ground and wind whipped it up to dance and swirl. But the richness of the spiritual qi there was undeniable, and there were even many craters on the ground that were spiritual qi springs, gushing forth dense spiritual qi that nourished all around it.

"That's it."

The trio landed on a huge mountain peak, one of the biggest in the vicinity. It was a grand mountain, and fairly high. Beside it was the Clear Sky of Shushan, and one could even fly from this mountain peak up to the Clear Sky of Shushan. Of course, anyone who flew without permission would be attacked by the spirit designs set in place, even if they were Shushan disciples.

This mountain was at least a hundred times larger than Kilovolt Peak, and Wu Yu called it Heaven's Equal Peak. From now on, he would treat it as the Heaven's Equal Peak from the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Baili Feihong waved a hand as he grandly announced, "Well, this Heaven's Equal Peak is yours from now on."

Wu Yu would definitely be able to reach Huang sword rank disciple status in the future, and perhaps even higher. This was definitely a place where Huang sword rank disciples had come before him.

Looking at Heaven's Equal Peak, he had a good feeling. Finally, his days of homeless wandering were over.  Perhaps at this time, he finally felt a sense of belonging to this vast Shushan Immortal Sect.

"From now on, I hand him over to you. If there's any trouble, I will make trouble for you," Shen Xingyu threatened Baili Feihong.

"Yes, yes! A little genius that my boss favors, I'll be sure to fawn all over him. You just rest your pretty little head." Baili Feihong nodded and bowed.

"Alright, then I'm leaving first." Shen Xingyu told Wu Yu not to worry about Zhao Tianjian, and bid him focus on improving himself and to fight for a higher spot on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. She left after that.

"Little Brother, you're such a comely one. If you need anything in the future, just call me and I'll be there. You go do your thing. Maybe after some time, I'll call you out for drinks," Baili Feihong said.

Wu Yu smiled and watched him swagger away. And then he was alone.

He sorted himself out at Heaven's Equal Peak, and then Wu Yu left Warring Immortals Hall for Jindan Cave. He guessed that Nangong Wei would be waiting there for him.

After all, it was where they had first met.

When he arrived, he waited for half a day but saw no sign of her. By this time, all those who had come to exchange greetings already knew that Wu Yu had moved from Futu Hall to Warring Immortals Hall.

News that Wu Yu had killed Zhang Futu had spread as well. Much of it had been spread by Futu Hall's disciples, and therefore were biased accounts. Therefore, many knew that Wu Yu had killed Zhang Futu, but not the reason why. They only knew that Shen Xingyu had protected him, and that Zhao Tianjian had gone on to kick up a big fuss at Punishment Hall without rest.

"Poor Zhang Futu. He brought such an ungrateful person to Shushan and met his own demise."

Wu Yu could vaguely hear such unfriendly comments.

"The one thing in this world that cannot be stopped is the tongue of petty people."

That was why after he could not find Nangong Wei, he reckoned that she would know to find him at Warring Immortals Hall. As a result, he returned to Warring Immortals Hall. This time, he shut himself away, and would not come out for nothing again.

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