Chapter 0245: Warring Immortals Hall

As he said this, he was clearly setting Wu Yu up. By unhappy coincidence, Wu Yu had encountered Zhao Tianjian today. No matter how clearly he laid the evidence out, as long as this Zhao Tianjian said that he had murdered Zhang Futu, then Wu Yu had no way to argue back.

After all, debate was useless before Punishment Hall's authority.

Before, Wu Yu had not dared to directly use the Soul Devourer Talisman, and had instead gone to the Battle of Swords and Immortals to raise his reputation precisely because he was worried about such a situation. A pity that it had still come to pass.

Zhao Tianjian's overbearing attitude was intolerable. He clearly had a temper, and Wu Yu's youth only served to incense him further. With a steely gaze, he countered, "I'm very puzzled. The cause, events, and truth of this matter have all been laid out clearly. It was Zhang Futu who wanted to do me in. All my actions have simply been to protect my own life. But all of you have put the wrongdoing on my person, with no care as to the truth. What logic is this? I have never offended any of you before. Or have I done so in a way that even I do not know about?"

Zhao Tianjian was enraged now, and he roared, "Wu Yu, you dare to spout nonsense and challenge the authority of Punishment Hall!? Punishment Hall has always been a bastion of justice! How dare you sully it!"

Wu Yu countered, "All that I have said has nothing to do with Punishment Hall. I only hold fault with your judgment. I appeal for another to come from Punishment Hall. Let's see if it is someone as unreasonable as you, who uses their position to hide their personal gains."

This Zhao Tianjian must have taken a disliking to him, and Wu Yu could tell from the looks in the Huang sword rank disciples' eyes that they knew exactly why.

"Insolent! Deplorable! You dare to challenge the authority of Punishment Hall!? Wu Yu, your sin is compounded!" Zhao Tianjian was so worked up that even his beard was starting to curl.

But Wu Yu laughed. "It's already at the Sword Impalement Prison level, how much more can you compound my sin? What secret grudge do you bear against me to deliver such a harsh judgment? I am not satisfied! Besides, Punishment Hall is not just your word alone. Even if you deliver a judgment, you still have to deliver me back to Punishment Hall for a report. At that time, I will naturally make everything clear to your superiors."

Wu Yu was very clear of the Shushan Sect’s rules, and therefore was not deceived by Zhao Tianjian.

This had Zhao Tianjian gnashing his teeth. He itched to lash out, but such a rash action would definitely be investigated and serve to escalate the issue. He held his temper in check.

But he gave a chilly laugh. "You must not know who I, Zhao Tianjian, am. The judgments that I deliver do not need to be reported at all. For a traitorous disciple like yourself, this old man will deliver you to the Sword Impalement Prison immediately. Punishment Hall disciples of enforcement, take in this master-killing man!"

This old man was a cruel one indeed. He would not even follow normal procedure?

He would send Wu Yu directly to the Sword Impalement Prison and destroy his entire life?

The Huang sword rank disciples in white surrounded Wu Yu without another word. Perhaps because they did not know how many Soul Devourer Talismans Wu Yu still had, they were extremely timid. They surrounded him, but did not dare to approach. After all, if they were hit by a Soul Devourer Talisman, they would very likely die.

"Capture him!" Zhao Tianjian said with frustration.

On the side, Ye Caixie crossed her arms and laughed loudly, enjoying the show.

Just as the few white-robed disciple enforcers were about to act, and Wu Yu stood helpless, there was a flash of starlight in the distance. Someone was hurtling towards them on a sword! The Futu Mountain Range was on the extremities of the Common Sword Domain, and ordinarily, there would not be beings with such speed flying this way!

In a flash, a swirl of purple robes landed with a gust of wind. The woman's long hair danced in the breeze, and her lively expression immediately overshadowed Ye Caixie, compelling everyone's attention.

It was Shen Xingyu.

When she appeared, Zhao Tianjian and Ye Caixie's expressions changed to one of enraged defeat. They were grim and even a little wary. Who had alerted Shen Xingyu and brought her here?

Only Wu Yu recalled that Nangong Wei had left with speed, and had probably gone to find Shen Xingyu.

"Sister Shen." Wu Yu tamped down the frustration and anger in his heart. With Shen Xingyu present, he regained his composure.

Shen Xingyu looked around at those gathered, and finally her gaze landed on Zhang Futu's body. She was startled, and firstly asked, "What happened here? Tell me everything."

Shen Xingyu was an Earth sword rank disciple, and outranked Zhao Tianjian and Ye Caixie by a full realm. She also had the Galaxy Sword Sage as her senior, and her ability far surpassed the two.

Wu Yu spoke calmly, telling her the ins and outs of the entire story. Finally, he said, "I feel that this Zhao Tianjian has some grudge against me, or he would not be so biased against me thus. It seems like he can't wait to kill me with this opportunity."

"Cease your nonsense!" Zhao Tianjian said hoarsely.

Shen Xingyu's face was as cold as ice. She ignored Zhao Tianjian, and instead inspected the area. Very quickly, she had her answer. She turned to Zhao Tianjian and Ye Caixie, and snapped a remonstration at them. "Are you two blind!? The Minor Sealing Print Formation's remnants are still here. Zhang Futu's motive is plain for all to see. This was clearly Zhang Futu asking for it. He broke the rules of our Shushan and actually tried to harm his own disciple. Unfortunately for him, his ability was not up to his wicked ways. You, Zhao Tianjian, actually had right and wrong completely upside down. And you were going to send Wu Yu to the Sword Impalement Prison?" Towards the end, she was so angry that she was laughing.

Being reprimanded by Shen Xingyu like that, the Huang sword rank disciples from Punishment Hall lowered their heads.

But instead, it was Ye Caixie who lifted her head and screeched: "Shen Xingyu, you are not from Punishment Hall. You have no business interfering here! I advise you to leave quickly and not obstruct the affairs of Punishment Hall. Otherwise, Soul Hall and Punishment Hall will both report you for obstructing official business!"

Hearing this, Shen Xingyu gave a scoff. Although she stood a distance away, she managed to deliver a tight slap to Ye Caixie's face, causing Ye Caixie to howl in pain. She rolled on the ground a few times, and half her face was already swollen by the time she crawled to her feet.

"Shen Xingyu, you dare to hit me?!" Ye Caixie was trembling with rage, and her tears were welling in her eyes.

Wu Yu had not even seen her move, and had no idea how Shen Xingyu had managed to slap her.

"Of course I dare to slap a slut like you. What are you going to do about it? Report it however you want. You wanton slut, you sleep with men to improve your status. Go away and stop polluting my sight." Shen Xingyu was unperturbed and did not take Ye Caixie seriously at all.

"You!" Ye Caixie was mad with anger now, but she had neither the ability nor status to contest.

Wu Yu's eyes were opened now. Shen Xingyu's actions had showed him that, at Shushan, ability and status held sway above the law.

"Zhao Tianjian, I advise you to piss off. Get that muddled head of yours to stop finding trouble for your son. If he is truly capable, my brother will naturally take him as his disciple. There is no need for you to finish off his opponents for him here. If he were to find out what you are doing here, forget about him calling you father ever again," Shen Xingyu said ruthlessly.

"Hmph. Wu Yu killed his master. That is an undeniable truth. You just wait. Punishment Hall will come knocking again. We go!"

Zhao Tianjian led his retinue away, and also took Zhang Futu's body with him. He said no more, but took to his sword and quickly vanished in the sky.

Ye Caixie gritted her teeth, but she had no business staying here after Zhao Tianjian had left. She also fled the scene.

Wu Yu had not expected that Shen Xingyu would have such a domineering side. The slap just now had been a vicarious vent for Wu Yu's anger.

"Zhao Tianjian's son?" So that was the reason.

Shen Xingyu nodded, saying, "That Zhao Tianjian is a lucky one. Although his own ability is average, he gave birth to a son with superb talent. He is now first on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. In truth, that person is indeed one of the top geniuses of the entire Common Sword Domain, and my big brother had taken notice of him before. But in the end, the child's true nature was revealed - he is a cruel and wicked person, and his will was easily shaken. As a result, he was no longer watched. However, that guy has been very persistent, and has fixed the idea of becoming my brother's disciple as his goal. Other Heaven sword rank disciples that took a liking to him were rejected by him as well. It's said that he even rejected a Sword Sage."

So that was how it was. Wu Yu finally understood. So this Zhao Tianjian was trying to help his son clear an obstacle from his way.

"Zhao Tianjian is not a good man. And I'm afraid that the son he produced is a chip off the old block." This showed that the Galaxy Sword Sage not only looked for talent and ability, but also for character.

Shen Xingyu said, "But you need not worry. The evidence of this case is clear, and the crime was not yours. Shushan is a fair place. You only need to worry about your subsequent performance. If there's nothing else, I'm leaving first. The Mountain of Swords and Immortals still needs Big Sister there," Shen Xingyu said.

Wu Yu pondered for a moment, then said, "I'm afraid that Futu Hall is no longer a suitable place for cultivation."

Shen Xingyu looked around and said, "That's true. There are too many trivialities here which will bother you. Since Futu Hall does not even have a hall master anymore, I will take you to another sword palace. Happily, the palace master of the largest sword palace in the Common Sword Domain is a minor follower of my big brother. I'll just add you there."

"The largest sword palace?"

In his heart, Wu Yu thought, “It's good to be highly placed. Throw a stone and the person you hit happens to be the palace master of the largest sword palace in the Common Sword Domain.”

"The largest sword palace is known as the Battle Sword Palace. It has the longest history, and has produced countless geniuses in that time. It is still where the greatest talents of the Common Sword Domain congregate. Especially at Warring Immortals Hall, the biggest hall within, talent overflows. That Baili Feihong is not only the palace master of the Battle Sword Palace, but also the hall master in charge of Warring Immortals Hall. He's one of us, and from now on, there will be no one like Zhang Futu who will molest you."

Wu Yu was inwardly glad, and he hurriedly said, "Many thanks to Sister Shen."

Her words had immediately rocketed Wu Yu from the worst hall to the best one.The cultivation atmosphere there would definitely be far better. With the best spiritual qi in the entire Common Sword Domain, that would be an enormous help for Wu Yu!

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