Chapter 0244: Punishment Hall's Heaven Surpassing Sword

Wu Yu was not intimidated by her. Instead, he said sincerely, "Madam Soul Sword Guard, I just want to make two points. The first, Zhang Futu is no longer my master, hence this has nothing to do with the crime of killing one's master. Second, it is the truth that I killed Zhang Futu. However, the premise is he tried to murder me. His ability is much higher than mine. I killed him only after putting my life on the line and gaining this chance of survival. Please investigate and uncover the truth."

Ye Caixie scoffed, waved her hands, and said, "A murder is a murder, there's no excuses. Forget it, this is Punishment Hall's business, I've already used the Message Talisman to inform the people from Punishment Hall to come here. Now what I want to study is how you killed Zhang Futu."

She seemed to dislike Wu Yu and was making things difficult for him.

Except the Soul Sword Guards could only investigate. The ones to really decide Wu Yu's end would be the Punishment Hall in the Common Sword Domain.

That Message Talisman was a type of magical talisman. It could directly transmit a short message to a specific position, a specific person. Compared to travelling long distances, this Message Talisman was much faster and more convenient.

Except Message Talismans were very expensive. The price of one talisman was 10 merits. The average person could not afford it.

That two Huang sword rank disciples checked for a long time and interjected at this moment. "Zhang Futu was most possibly killed by a type of talisman. This talisman is very valuable and specializes in attacking the soul and will."

Wu Yu replied, "That is the Soul Devourer Talisman. I found it at an ancient battlefield at the Southeast Thoroughfare. I heard it’s worth over 400 merits." Ye Caixie was mildly surprised and said, "So this is the Soul Devourer Talisman! Then that makes sense. Even if one is a sixth tier Jindan cultivator, he would die if he fell trap to the Soul Devourer Talisman unwittingly."

Once she found the murderer and his killing method, she had completed the work of the Soul Sword Guard. She would hand these over to Punishment Hall. They would be the ones to actually punish Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was a little vexed by her absolute lack of interest in the truth that he spoke of. He said, "Madam Soul Sword Guard, it is true that I killed Zhang Futu, but this was under a very important premise. I used the Soul Devourer Talisman in order to survive...."

Just as he explained to this part, Ye Caixie rolled her eyes and said, "It's useless telling me, you need to tell Punishment Hall. Besides, you have no proof for what you said. You do not even have evidence. Do you have witnesses? You have nothing. Who will believe you?"

Wu Yu was starting to get upset. He pointed to the Skeleton's Cuff, which was still within Zhang Futu's grasp, and said, "That is the evidence...."

"Zhang Futu is dead, so the blood bond immortal treasure is no longer effective. This Skeleton's Cuff has no master now. Who knows, you may have placed it in his hands after he died. Lame." Ye Caixie could not bother with him. She waved her hands and said, "Stop with your excuses, wait for Punishment Hall to arrive and determine your fate."

Indeed, he could only wait now.

But the disciples from Futu Hall surrounding them did not stop.

Of them, Zhou Xuan and Zhi Ying were the noisiest. That Zhou Xuan kneeled in front of Zhang Futu's body and kowtowed until his head was bleeding. It was very sad-looking. He cried and shouted, "Master! I feel so worthless for you! I told you that this Wu Yu was a betrayer. He's heartless! You brought him here from the slums at the East Sea and let his talent be shown. Who knew that he would look down on you and think that your ability is pathetic and embarrassing for him!  Even after dissolving the master-disciple relationship, he still thought of you as an eyesore and actually took your life today! And he still spun such a lie!"

"My master, Zhang Futu, was an open person. He trained for 200 years and had never done anything bad. He also tried his best to instruct his disciples. He invested so much in us. No one expected you, Wu Yu, you thief, you heartless person, to cruelly kill your master. I, Zhou Xuan, vow today to kill you in revenge for Master!"

Zhi Ying's tears fell as she said, "Brothers from Futu Hall, this betrayal killed your hall master. Can you still sit well?" 

"Let's kill him!"

In an instant, the crowd was fired up.

But while they screamed loudly, none of them actually dared to make a move against Wu Yu. These people were very smart. Now that Zhang Futu was gone, they only wanted Wu Yu to be severely punished by the sect. But they would not make any moves.

Ye Caixie crossed her arms, pushing her breasts up. They almost popped out, yet she did not feel seductive and mocked, "Listen carefully. Are you speaking the truth, or is the truth being spoken by these few hundred people? I think the people from Punishment Hall will know in their heart which party is more trustworthy."

Wu Yu looked at Zhou Xuan's group and said lightly, "Petty people are indeed troublesome."

Petty people were like ghosts. Now that they had grabbed this chance, they would naturally want Wu Yu to suffer the worst.

Punishment Hall was near the Achievements Central Hall and was part of the core of the Common Sword Domain. The people within were powerful and feared by almost everybody! After a day, the people from Punishment Hall finally arrived. The one who came was an elderly man wearing a pure white sword lanyard. His eyes were bright and his physique strong. While he was old, he was energetic and moved with grace. People who controlled punishments had this type of intimidating aura without showing anger.

Behind him was a few more white-robed Huang sword rank Punishment Hall disciples. Upon their arrival, that whole group from Futu Hall kept quiet in fear.

The people from Punishment Hall were colder and more stern. It was as though fierce sword qi was speeding by their side, and it would pierce through whoever they looked at. 

This white-robed old man was Zhao Tianjian. He was someone important from Punishment Hall. No one in Punishment Hall dared to offend him. It was because this was the death of a Huang sword rank disciple that he was alerted. When Ye Caixie saw that it was Zhao Tianjian who came, she covered her mouth and smiled. She said to Wu Yu, "Perhaps this is karma. Your luck is not very good."

From this statement, you could tell that Zhao Tianjian would not be easy to handle.

Once Zhao Tianjian arrived, Ye Caixie quickly welcomed him. She whispered in his ear and explained everything in a few sentences. The surrounding disciples from Futu Hall saw that the key personnel had arrived and immediately started their act. Each and every one of them looked extremely upset and relayed Wu Yu's terrible actions in detail. They exposed his ambitious heart and then compared it to how Zhang Futu had so patiently and sincerely taught him. After the slander of more than 10 people, Wu Yu was almost definitely fixed with the image of a betrayal.

Of the many disciples, Zhou Xuan's performance was the best. He cried until he coughed blood.

When Zhao Tianjian heard what Ye Caixie said, his gaze pierced onto Wu Yu. It became colder and colder. This person was expressionless. After listening, he told Wu Yu, "I heard that you are quite famous now. A popular person in Shushan. Compared to the slums that you came from, your ego must have inflated and you thought that you could ignore the laws. Wu Yu, Shushan is Shushan. You have talent and can have your way in those small sects. But at Shushan, even the Galaxy Sword Sage has to abide to the rules of sect. You are too reckless this time and have destroyed your talent and future. I feel pity for you. According to the rules of Shushan, you will be locked in the Sword Impalement Prison for the crime of killing your master. Every day, you will suffer the pain of sword impalement until you die. As the old adage puts it: a master for a day, a father for life. This Zhang Futu was pitiful to actually bring a person like you here."

Wu Yu was actually a little shocked. He thought that the people from Punishment Hall should be cognizant of the rights and wrongs. Why was it that this Zhao Tianjian, upon listening to Ye Caixie's words, could come out with the truth without investigation or questioning? 

Why was it that in an instant, everyone was against him? Perhaps he had offended them somehow and he himself was not aware. He only knew that at the moment, too many disciples in the Common Sword Domain were jealous of him. But this should have no relation with these two people!

Wu Yu tried to calm down and said sincerely, "Senior, that is not the truth. Let me share my entire experience from top to bottom and let everyone be the judge of whether it was right or wrong."

Luckily, Zhao Tianjian still gave him the chance to speak and hence Wu Yu started with meeting Zhang Futu at the Heavenly Sword Sect. Then he explained how after he entered Shushan, he went to Jindan Cave, the Demons' Abyss, and eventually escaped Shushan in order to hide from Zhang Futu. It was only when he had the Soul Devourer Talisman that he dared to return. He was actually ready to battle to the death with Zhang Futu, but he did not expect to meet with the Battle of Swords and Immortals. Hence, he used the Battle of Swords and Immortals to make Zhang Futu give up. However, he did not expect that upon returning to Kilovolt Peak today, Zhang Futu would still make a move against him and even wanted to betray Shushan.

After listening, Ye Caixie gave him a round of applause and said, "I did not expect you, Wu Yu, to have such a brilliant performance at the Battle of Swords and Immortals. You have immeasurable potential; even your ability to spin stories is perfect. You have logic and reason, a start and end. You are impressive."

This woman was really innately cruel. She loved to turn the truth inside out with her words. Wu Yu was not concerned with what she had to say. The key was still Zhao Tianjian. He had already explained everything very clearly.

"You can find the Soul Controller Pill and Skeleton's Cuff on Zhang Futu's body. And you can also see that he does not have many merits left. All these are evidence. I hope Senior will clear my name."

Actually, to explain to this point, many disciples from Futu Hall who were originally unclear of the truth knew that Wu Yu was probably telling the truth. A few white-robed punishment hall disciples also thought about it and could distinguish the truth.

Wu Yu thought that he could probably pass this tribulation peacefully, but he did not expect Zhao Tianjian to be unmoved. Zhao Tianjian said, "At a young age, yet so scheming. To get rid of Zhang Futu, this master who cannot match your talents, you even prepared things such as the Soul Controller Pill and a Skeleton's Cuff. You are really astonishing. I guess you also used such schemes and tricks to get the attention of the Galaxy Sword Sage. Wu Yu, ah, Wu Yu, it is good to have talent, but you are not using it in the right way. Our Shushan never lacked talents; hence, once a genius is discovered to have bad intentions, Shushan will not feel pity at all. You have made a grave mistake today and committed the crime of killing your master. The few hundred people here can be witnesses. Hence, I judge that this case is closed. Punishment Hall has decided to escort Wu Yu to the Sword Impalement Prison immediately."

Wu Yu was shocked.

The so-called sprouting rubbish with a straight face was probably exactly like what Zhao Tianjian had done.

But this was weird. Wu Yu had not offended him and was even respectful towards him. Why was he forcing Wu Yu to death upon their first meeting?

"Senior, Zhang Futu and I have long dissolved our master and disciple relationship. This cannot be considered as a crime of killing one's own master!"

He kept wanting to punish him and even wanting him to die horribly. This was too exaggerated. The Sword Impalement Prison was a place where they punished the extremely evil and fierce demons.

However, Zhao Tianjian said, "You really are evil. He was your master for a day, that means he will be your master for life. Do you think that you will not be punished for killing him by saying your relationship had dissolved? Wu Yu, take a look at your own conscience."

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