Chapter 0243: The Sin of Killing your Master

The brilliant starlight gleamed off the snow.

A beautiful scene, and Zhang Futu was sprawled on the ground, his eyes wide. He looked at Wu Yu with resentment, but just like Huang Lingyun, his breathing very quickly ceased and he became a corpse.

And then he was still. Their environment was also still.

When Zhang Futu died, Wu Yu could clearly feel his surroundings change. A silent, barely perceptible change in the way things around him moved, and even the starlight seemed to shift to a different angle. The flickering light on the snow was not the same as the still scene before.

This meant that, without control, the Minor Sealing Print Formation had been banished. Zhang Futu's understanding of spirit designs was not deep, so he could not make the spirit design operate independently.

All of this had happened very quickly. By the time Nangong Wei had come to her senses, Zhang Futu was already no longer breathing. She looked with alarm at Wu Yu, and then at Zhang Futu. Panicking, she said, "Who would have thought that this would happen. We're in trouble now...."

When Zhang Futu died, the Disciple Amulet on his body had taken leave of his flesh, morphing into a shadow that was impossibly fast, flying towards the Clear Sky of Shushan and disappearing in a flash.

"This Disciple Amulet will fly to Soul Hall. Big Brother, the people of Soul Hall are coming, and then we won't be able to leave. How about you escape from here first?" Nangong Wei's face was red with worry.

Wu Yu shook his head, saying, "This is my Kilovolt Peak, and it would be useless to run. Besides, I was simply acting in self-defense, and I might not be punished. The best way forward now is to remain here and explain myself clearly when the people of Soul Hall arrive."

He was still fairly calm.

After all, he had considered such a situation before, and he had already decided on the best method of resolution.

However, Wu Yu said to her, "You should leave quickly so you're not embroiled in this mess. Don't let the people of Soul Hall see you. You can't let them know you're with me, right?" That was his logic.

But without hesitation, Nangong Wei decided. "No, I will stay and tough it out with you."

Wu Yu laughed. She was really cute. But he still told her, "This matter is complicated by every additional person that is involved. That benefits neither you nor I. Even if I am punished, and you are not involved, you can still help me from outside. Be good and listen to me. Leave quickly."

Seeing Wu Yu so serious, Nangong Wei was torn. As she struggled, tears began to well in her eyes, and she was on the verge of crying.

"Leave quickly. Or there will be no more time. And don't worry. I'm someone important now. I won't be punished so easily."

"Alright...." Only then did Nangong Wei back off. She finally took to her sword at Wu Yu's insistence and left at speed. But Wu Yu could see that she was flying towards the Mountain of Swords and Immortals.

Perhaps she had gone to find Shen Xingyu.

At this time, Shen Xingyu was perhaps the one who could help Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu did not feel that he was in the wrong, so he stood there levelly, waiting for the law enforcers to arrive.

Wu Yu did not touch Zhang Futu's things. If he did, it would only muddy the issue later.

Because the Minor Sealing Print Formation had been there, the momentous events at Kilovolt Peak had not roused much of a commotion. Wu Yu sat on a boulder to wait. Before long, the sun rose, and the scattering of morning rays danced golden beams across his skin.

Suddenly, Wu Yu could feel the presence of a huge force approaching. It was not only him, but even the others of the Futu Mountain Range were alarmed.

Wu Yu lifted his head to see that people from the Clear Sky of Shushan had come, and there were three shadows speedily approaching from the distance. They were wearing black sword lanyards and emanated a powerful pressure.

"Someone's headed for Kilovolt Peak!"


"No idea, but probably here to look for Wu Yu."

"That's right, Wu Yu's just returned. But they seem menacing. Come on, let's go see what's up."

A few of the bolder disciples mounted their swords and flew to high ground, looking down at Kilovolt Peak. Although they did not enter the territory of Kilovolt Peak, they could still see the goings-on clearly.

On Kilovolt Peak, there was a total of five people. One was prone on the floor, one stood beside, and three more dressed in black were just approaching.

Wu Yu was currently facing these three in black sword lanyards. They were stony-faced and had their hair tied up in a severe bunch. They were the Soul Sword Guards of Soul Hall, and they were responsible for collecting the Disciple Amulets of deceased disciples, as well as determining their cause, time, and place of death.

The two behind were Huang sword rank disciples, and on the old side. They looked about the same as Zhang Futu. In the middle was a woman in a black robe who looked about the same age as Shen Xingyu. She had an ample and alluring figure, and the broad sword lanyard could not hide her lush charms. Only her cold face marred the perfection, and one did not dare to meet her eyes. This should be a female disciple from the Xuan sword rank, and their leader on this mission.

After the three arrived, they paid no attention at all to Wu Yu, after seeing that he was but a second tier Jindan cultivator. They went to confirm the identity of the deceased. After checking, one Huang sword rank disciple said, "This is the Green Glass Sword Palace, Futu Hall, and the deceased is the hall master of Futu Hall, Zhang Futu. Time of death: last night. Cause of death: temporarily unknown. Doesn't look like death by dao technique. Something is odd."

From the time of their arrival, they did not suspect Wu Yu at all.

But Wu Yu knew that if he chose to deceive and conceal the truth from them because of that, then the consequences would be severe when the truth came to light. Here at the Shushan Immortal Sect, lies seldom lived for long.

"Hall Master is dead!" Seeing this, and hearing what the Soul Sword Guards said, the disciples around them paled and cried out in alarm.


"He said it! Hall Master is dead! Look, the hall master isn't even breathing!"

A few people lost their heads, and their loud shouts traveled far and wide. Soon, many disciples of Futu Hall heard this grave news, and the entire Futu Hall was in an uproar. Disciples rushed out of their own mountains, flying over on their swords.

"Those are the Soul Sword Guards of Soul Hall!" Very quickly, some had identified the newcomers. This meant that the disciples who had just arrived could basically confirm that Zhang Futu was dead.

Instantly, hundreds of disciples were filled with pain, loss, anger, and frustration.

Wu Yu had not expected that Zhang Futu's death to cause such an uproar. No wonder he had to bring Huang Cheng to the eastern extremities the other time when he wanted to kill him. Only then would Shushan not care about the loss of an ordinary dan disciple.

"Hall Master is dead!"

"Master, Master!" Wang Fu and the others appeared, and a few assistant hall masters had come as well.

Zhou Xuan and the others were immediately incensed upon seeing Zhang Futu's corpse. They knew that with Zhang Futu dead, they would have no one to lead them, and even Futu Hall would have a new hall master assigned!

To them, it was as though their world had crumbled down, and all three were thrown into abject misery.

Instantly, all the disciples were wailing.

"Nobody come over!" As the Futu Hall disciples swarmed forth, the Xuan sword rank female disciple snapped irritably, frowning.

She pulled out a jet-black plaque and said, "I am Xuan sword rank Soul Sword Guard Ye Caixie. To all the disciples of the Futu Hall: guard well your actions. You may not leave Futu Hall. You may not cause a fuss. Any who withhold pertinent information will be punished."

Once they heard “Xuan sword rank,” the entire Futu Hall was shocked into silence. 

Ye Caixie's presence had cowed them all. An angry woman was a frightening sight.

She turned to Wu Yu and said, "You were the closest. Tell me, did you see who killed Zhang Futu?"

Instantly, everyone was focused on Wu Yu. In truth, no one here suspected Wu Yu, until Zhou Xuan called out, "Madam Soul Sword Guard, this person must have called aid to assassinate my master. He's the criminal!"

"Oh?" Ye Caixie had not expected such a clue to surface. She turned a cold eye on Wu Yu, standing before her. Her own neckline plunged very deeply, and her white chest on display made one a little dizzy.

Wu Yu calmed himself and said, "The truth is that Zhang Futu wanted to use the Soul Controller Pill and the Skeleton's Cuff to control me, and kidnap me away from Shushan. He wanted to steal my talent. As a result, I had no choice but to kill him in self-defense, to protect myself."

His words caused a huge stir. Wu Yu had personally confessed, and the Futu Hall disciples couldn't care less about how he was able to kill Zhang Futu now. Instantly, everyone was in an uproar. Emotions ran high, and if the Soul Sword Guards had not been present, he would definitely have been lynched.

It seemed like Zhang Futu still had some authority within Futu Hall.

"Keke." Even Ye Caixie was taken aback. She eyed Wu Yu again and said more mildly, "Little brat, if you talk nonsense again, I will slap you. Since you're trying to shield the culprit, then you must know who the true culprit is. Spit it out. If you know the laws of Shushan, you should know that the death of a Huang sword rank disciple is a major affair. Care that you are not cast out from Shushan."

She spoke coldly, her attitude forceful and pressuring. Her eyes bore down on Wu Yu, sharp as swords.

Wu Yu gave an exasperated laugh. "I've said it very clearly. Zhang Futu planned to kill me. I had long prepared against the day that he would turn our relationship sour, and today I barely succeeded and lived. Also, I am not a little brat. I am called Wu Yu."

Hearing Wu Yu's opening words, Ye Caixie was about to laugh. But after hearing Wu Yu's name, she froze. She narrowed her gaze further and said, "You are that Wu Yu who has called the attention of the Galaxy Sword Sage? I recall it now. It seems like you had come from a small place called Futu Hall, and your original master was the hall master of Futu Hall, a sixth tier Jindan dao cultivator. Which is this...."

As she spoke, she turned towards Zhang Futu's corpse.

At this moment, she was completely thunderstruck. She looked at Wu Yu with new understanding and laughed cruelly. "It looks like you have committed the sin of killing your master. At Shushan, this is a sin of the highest order!"

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